Despite Recent Struggles, Carmelo Anthony Deserves Respect For His Basketball Legacy

Carmelo Anthony is not an NBA all-star this season. I repeat one of the most dynamic scorers in NBA history was not selected for this years all star game. Meaning players, coaches, and fans did not feel he was in the top twelve best players in his conference. 

 The New York Knicks are 21-28 and currently sit in 11th place in their conference. Carmelo’s name has been thrown around in more trade rumors than Meek Mill diss records exist.
Comparisons exist in most things in life.

 Whether it be by brand, era, location etc… we constantly compare things often times those which are incomparable. With Carmelo however this is not the case. Unlike Kobe and Mike or Shaq and Olajuwon players whose careers may have overlapped but never actually facing each other in their primes, Carmelo is compared to someone who plays his position and was taken in the exact same draft (2003) he was. 

LeBron James is generally recognized as the best player from that draft, the best player in the NBA currently and the best player of his generation. Rightfully so, LeBron  has earned that spot but it should not diminish Carmelo’s greatness. Career averages of 25ppg 7rebs 3asst over a 13 year career with playoff battles versus the Lakers and Spurs and 3 gold medals equate to nothing but respect.

However as an aging star still putting up stellar numbers 23ppg 6rebs 3asst (he scored a season high 45 points against the Hawks last night) shooting 36% from three point range the Melo man’s name has been swirling around trade rumors.

 Every night it seems he’s answering questions from the media about his feelings on being traded and if it’s time for New York to blow it up and rebuild. He’s answering questions about why teams aren’t accepting him in trades specifically the defending champ Cavs giving up Kevin Love for him which is a bit bizarre. 

 All I’m saying is a hall of famer does not warrant this type of treatment. That said, it’s time to put some respect on his name.

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