Vlog 1: NBA Free Agency

J.T. Smith, the E.I.C. of The Front Office News talks about big deals in NBA Free Agency. Check out what J.T. had to say, feel free to share and/or leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Vlog 1: NBA Free Agency

  1. Lay off my boys bro Lol! Nah you are right though I felt that it was foolish to draft Frank Ntilikina if we knew Phil wasn’t going to be around after the draft, especially since Ntilikina was presumed to be a system PG. Going into the draft I wanted Dennis Smith JR, but hey who am I. On another note what is your take on the current state of your franchise with Magic leading the charge and with Lonzo in tow? What is a realistic stat line for him in year 1?

    1. haha.. Yeah Smith, Jr or Monk would’ve been perfect for y’all..
      I didn’t like them trading Russell, but I did like them getting rid of that Mozgov contract.. but I see what Magic is doing.. I see Lonzo around 15-16 points, 8-9 assists, 5-6 rebounds and 1 steal a game..

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