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Can Carmelo Anthony rebuild in OKC? 

It just did not work in New York. Fun while it lasted I guess. Flashes of Kristaps Porzingis being great in the future, (Jeremy Lin) Lin-sanity, brief appearances in the playoffs after a long drought, but I think even Carmelo Anthony would admit this is not the legacy he wanted to leave in New York. I for one am excited on what is to come for “hoodie Melo”. He’s definitely has got some bulletin board material to motivate the next chapter of his career.

Last season Carmelo and other NBA stars see LeBron James went back and forth with then Knicks president Phil Jackson. Jackson at one point even saying Melo should probably continue elsewhere. The Knicks again had a terrible season in which they missed the playoffs and Carmelo had one of the worst statistical seasons of his career. Melo had one of the lowest outputs ever offensively which had some fans of the NBA questioning his value since scoring is his best attribute and felt he never expanded his game to involving his teammates and playing defense. He was also blatantly not on the Knicks radar for building for the future. Then ESPN drops its players ranking where he’s disrespectfully listed as the 64th best player in the NBA just behind rookie Lonzo Ball who hasn’t played a game yet and I’m a Laker fan but be serious. Have you seen the footage of him giving all the stars in the league work this summer all while wearing a hoodie?

Fast forward to this summer post Phil Jackson being fired and we see a whirlwind of trades happening throughout the NBA. Paul George setting up shop in Oklahoma, Chris Paul joining Harden in Houston and Jimmy Buckets (Butler) taking his talents to Minnesota. Stars all around the league changing the dynamic powers of the NBA. All except the one we thought would for sure be traded. Yesterday news broke that Carmelo added teams to a list he would accept a trade to. Last week we received confirmation he’ll be heading to Oklahoma to join Russell Westbrook and George creating another super team if those exist (see Cavs, Warriors finals back and forth lol). Let the fireworks begin.

A Farewell to Adrian Peterson As Member of the Minnesota Vikings

It’s been a rough couple of years for me as a Minnesota Vikings fan to say the least. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of purple and gold. Being a Laker fan is in my DNA, my dad rocked with the Showtime Lakers, and he still believes Magic is the GOAT. My grandpa rocked with Wilt, West and Baylor, and I carried the family tradition rooting for Kobe Bryant. My high school colors were also purple and gold. The colors were fitting, and it just was always there. Right now my focus is on another purple and gold team I happen to love though, that featured arguably one of the best running backs in NFL history–Adrian Peterson. It’s likely we’ll lose running back Peterson for good, our franchise player since 2007.

Somewhat controversial at times, but undeniably talented Peterson was the face of the organization before President Obama came into office (feeling old yet?). Personally but probably factually also, Peterson has been the reigning top back in the league since being drafted in 2007 out of Oklahoma. There have been others who challenged the title (Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Jamaal Charles, Marshawn Lynch) but none had his longevity. The odd thing about him was he bounced back from serious injury better than ever. The average NFL career span is only a few years and even shorter for a running back. They literally have a collision on each possession. Not to mention the position is becoming increasingly extinct as the league is transitioning to a pass 1st 2nd and 3rd league.

He’s ran for 11,747 yards all in Minnesota. There is a lot of tread on those tires and he will be 32 years of age tomorrow, ancient for a starting running back. He’s coming off of a right lateral meniscus injury that shortened his 2016 season in which he rushed for only 72 yards. With those things I completely understand why management cannot afford to pay what he’s asking for to bring him back it just does not make sense. Farewell Adrian I hope you rush for 2,500 next season where ever you end up.

Despite Recent Struggles, Carmelo Anthony Deserves Respect For His Basketball Legacy

Carmelo Anthony is not an NBA all-star this season. I repeat one of the most dynamic scorers in NBA history was not selected for this years all star game. Meaning players, coaches, and fans did not feel he was in the top twelve best players in his conference. 

 The New York Knicks are 21-28 and currently sit in 11th place in their conference. Carmelo’s name has been thrown around in more trade rumors than Meek Mill diss records exist.
Comparisons exist in most things in life.

 Whether it be by brand, era, location etc… we constantly compare things often times those which are incomparable. With Carmelo however this is not the case. Unlike Kobe and Mike or Shaq and Olajuwon players whose careers may have overlapped but never actually facing each other in their primes, Carmelo is compared to someone who plays his position and was taken in the exact same draft (2003) he was. 

LeBron James is generally recognized as the best player from that draft, the best player in the NBA currently and the best player of his generation. Rightfully so, LeBron  has earned that spot but it should not diminish Carmelo’s greatness. Career averages of 25ppg 7rebs 3asst over a 13 year career with playoff battles versus the Lakers and Spurs and 3 gold medals equate to nothing but respect.

However as an aging star still putting up stellar numbers 23ppg 6rebs 3asst (he scored a season high 45 points against the Hawks last night) shooting 36% from three point range the Melo man’s name has been swirling around trade rumors.

 Every night it seems he’s answering questions from the media about his feelings on being traded and if it’s time for New York to blow it up and rebuild. He’s answering questions about why teams aren’t accepting him in trades specifically the defending champ Cavs giving up Kevin Love for him which is a bit bizarre. 

 All I’m saying is a hall of famer does not warrant this type of treatment. That said, it’s time to put some respect on his name.

New Year’s Eve Was A Time To Forget For Ohio State and Washington

Saturday December 31 was a tough time to be a Washington Huskies or Ohio State Buckeyes fan. As an alum it kind of put a small damper on my New Year celebration (just a little). 

 Both programs had high hopes going into the playoffs. The Huskies looking to prove they can play with top programs and the Buckeyes looking to continue being one of college footballs powerhouses.

 No moral victories earned on Saturday, though the Huskies earned respect as they competed with Goliath Alabama in what many felt would be a blowout they just could not get there offense going. The Buckeyes on the other hand may have set their conference back with the performance they gave.

There are about 7 college football programs that are downright spoiled. I’ll go with Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Michigan and USC. These Schools have rich football history and tradition and expect a National championship every year. 

 Two or three loss seasons are seen as failures. They do not have rebuilding seasons or down years and they beat their rivals by hundreds of points. Celebrated coaches get walking papers if they ever let the competition gain on them.
Ohio State lost to Clemson 31-0. That’s right Brutus was whitewashed. OSU never got on the board. One of the worst parts of this loss was that Clemson gave OSU bulletin board material and still beat them decisively. 

 They talked about not being worried about the competition and even badmouthed JT Barrett’s abilities. Then they went out and seemingly backed up all the chatter. OSU couldn’t run the ball, pass the ball or make a fg. Defense can only play its part for so long. 

After the game I had a chat with my dad where he was upset saying if this happens again it may be time for Coach Meyer to go. I love my dad but with all due respect he’s crazy. Urban literally has a better record than any college football coach in as many games since joining the Buckeyes. Fire him and go in what direction?

 Everybody just relax and take your lumps, we all fall. In the words of pops “you win some, you lose some but you live, you live to fight another day.”

Fear the Beard: The Appreciation of James Harden

We knew the defending Western Conference champions adding Kevin Durant to the mix would make them arguably the biggest match up nightmare ever, but who saw Klay Thompson dropping 60 points in three quarters off eleven dribbles. 

 Like my man on Coming to America said “That boy is Good!“ Russell Westbrook is doing something we haven’t seen since the entire league hooped in Chuck Taylor’s averaging a triple double as well as Anthony Davis doing everything for the Pelicans outside of mopping the court after games. 

 Now, those things are all amazing but today I must issue an apology and show love and my appreciation for Mr. Harden.
I’m well aware of who James Harden is, or so I thought prior to this season. The spark off the bench who was traded to Houston from Oklahoma. I thought he was a slasher who only went left (see Manu Ginobili) but in Houston his offensive game blossomed averaging 26 ppg 5 rebs and 6 asst and he proved to be an All-Star in his own right. 

 I’ve always been a fan of defense and to say he didn’t play any was an understatement. 

 Let’s be clear YouTube mixes exist showing him on opposite ends of the floor when his man has the rock. I digress that is all in the distant past now.

 Currently under Mike D’Antoni famed for big O little D and giving Steve Nash the keys to the ship, James is giving the rest of the NBA 28 ppg 12 asst 8 rebs and a steal. That is special no matter what takes place at the opposite end of the floor and for the record the defense has improved. 

 Currently he has Houston sitting at the 3 spot out west with the leagues longest active win streak despite losing Dwight Howard in the off season. I’ve heard rhetoric that he’s going to have big numbers because he’s ball dominant and my counter to that is who else should have the rock? I apologize James, please continue to cook opponents on a nightly basis in route to a possible MVP trophy. 

The Trend of Sitting Bowl Games To Protect NFL Futures Will Continue to Grow

We are in the midst of bowl season, the icing on the cake for college football each year.

College football could very well be the best product strictly speaking about sports on the market right now with how it is presented to the fans. Each week the season is on the line unlike any other sports out there. 

With the major pro sports, teams can suffer long losing streaks and go on to win championships or even lose consecutive games and still win a series.

The only other sport comparable in that regard would be college basketball (March Madness) because it’s one and done however that last a few weeks not months and still the regular season isn’t as important. 

In college football one or two losses can keep you from even competing for a championship and in some cases even going undefeated isn’t enough (Western Michigan). With all of this at stake a new phenomenon is happening that could possibly dim the awe and shine usually surrounding the college football bowl games.

Two huge stars in the college football world Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey have chosen to sit out the final game of the season for their respective teams. Both players happen to be running backs, all positions in football are physical however this position may experience the most stress on the body. 

Both of these players are exceptional at what they do and are expected to be taken high in the NFL draft a few months from now.

These players have dealt with big injuries in the past and are not willing to risk injury again as their teams are only eligible for lower level bowl games and no playoff. It’s been reported their teammates and coaches are okay with it but some fans do not like the door this opens up. If  your favorite team was headed for a big game and the star quarterback was projected as a top NFL pick and chose to sit out how would you feel? Does it end here or do pro athletes continue the new trend?

If your team is 0-12 and your star linebacker in a contract season decides to shut it down because they are not playoff bound how would it affect you? 

If they are injury prone would it matter? Isn’t every athlete injury prone? After witnessing grueling injuries to Jake Butt, Adoree Jackson, and Keller Chryst during bowl season, players in the future will likely follow the footsteps of Fournette and McCaffery. Once upon a time players used bowl games to showcase their talent. With the inflation of meaningless games, its become an exhibition-like matchup, that’s worth skipping.  

The Unexpected Metoric Rise From Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is arguably the best receiver in that National football league. Entering his 7th season in the league all of which he spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers since being drafted in 2010, you have to wonder how many teams, scouts and personnel cringe knowing they passed on him? Since coming into the NFL, Brown has posted three consecutive seasons going for over 1,500 yards and appears to be headed for another with the start he has had so far.

It may come as a surprise, but business has not always been boomin’ for No. 84. Mr. Brown was drafted 195th in the sixth round. There were 21 receivers drafted before him and with the exception of Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant maybe all were mistakes. Of course no one really knows how these players are going to progress and turn out but that doesn’t stop the casual fan from wondering how all of these teams could have got it wrong or made the same mistake?

Was it a slower 40 yard dash time then needed or small hands? Maybe it was a character issue stemming from college or smaller stature in the wake of everybody looking for the next Calvin Johnson? Whatever the case may be, Antonio has proven his value in this league.

Pittsburgh is currently looking like true contenders to win the Super Bowl this year with Antonio being their biggest threat. An amazing a player passed on by most can dominate the league at his position while also providing some action returning punts and kick offs.

The best way to exhibit revenge is to have success. With that said, he’s doing just that. Going forward, continue to make them pay Mr. Brown, I’m sure the other teams in the NFL regret their decision.

Despite Adversity The Minnesota Vikings Are Getting It Done

The Minnesota Vikings entered into the 2016 season with high hopes. Coming off a season in which they won their division in 2015, and suffered a tough playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks the Vikings had Super Bowl hopes this year. Still stings thinking “what if” as the Vikings held a 9-0 lead going into the fourth quarter eventually losing 10-9.

Let us not forget Blair Walsh’s 27 chip shot field goal miss with only 22 seconds left in the game. Despite the heartbreaking loss the team appeared to be moving in the right direction. Sports and injuries go hand and hand but nobody could’ve predicted how hard the injury bug would hit the Vikings.

A little over a week and a half before the 2016 season was set to begin the Vikings starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with a season ending leg injury. Initial reports were that it was a non contact injury and also that it was so severe he could have lost his leg.

Absolutely a freak injury no one planned for. Desperate for someone to replace Bridgewater this season the Vikings traded for now journey man Sam Bradford who has some success in the league but so far an underwhelming career surrounding the hype that followed the number one draft pick coming out of college. While continuing the trend, superstar Adrian Peterson went down in week two of the season with a season ending leg injury. With Peterson has been the leader of the Vikings since arriving in Minnesota a decade ago, it was expected that it would be a huge drop off.

To recap the Vikings lost their promising young quarterback, best player and running back yet through the 1st quarter of the season and they are currently unbeaten. With a suffocating defense, a few young receivers, and Bradford under center, the Vikings are getting it done.

The Appreciation of The Men’s USA Basketball Team

The United States Men’s Olympic Basketball team has done exactly what is expected of them so far during the tournament and exhibition games, and that is win. Some wins may have resulted into a few scary moments as was seen versus Serbia and Australia, and other wins Team USA looked as if they were a well-oiled machine. To no surprise that is a reoccurring theme in the modern day Olympics. USA dominated in 1996 and again in 2000. Something in 2004 changed what we are seeing today.

In 2004 in Athens, Greece USA received a wake up call. We were once again informed that we could no longer just compile players who didn’t fit a team game a few weeks after the NBA finals and send them to the games without a plan. It’s difficult to imagine now, but a team featuring prime Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, Amar’e Stoudemire and young stars Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and some guy named Lebron James had a disappointing performance in the games and took home the bronze medal. The US lost to Puerto Rico, Lithuania and Argentina (the most ever by a US basketball team).

I’m aware it’s unrealistic to think that other countries that focus on competing in these games year round are not capable of producing the same level of talent as the US. With basketball being invented in the US, one of the four major sports in the US and the NBA being the most competitive basketball league in the world it is realistic to think we should be the team favored to win each year. Despite the criticism surrounding this year’s team, they were still viewed as a favorite.

With 7 of the top players in the league absent (Westbrook, Harden, Curry, James, Davis, Leonard, Paul) the US has still managed to dominate all exhibition games and to win all games in pool play during the Olympics. The result’s may not be Dream-team like, but the reality of a winning Gold Medal is still forthcoming despite a large amount of criticism.

Thoughts on Michael Jordan’s Stance on Social Change and Gun Violence

Less than a week ago Michael Jordan created quite a buzz for reasons non-related to basketball. He released a statement to The Undefeated where he detailed his displeasure with the way African Americans in the US have been subjected to police brutality as well as the backlash police departments have been faced with regarding random acts of violence.

Michael discussed the pain his family felt after losing his father to gun violence during his career and that recent news had moved him to no longer stay silent. Even in retirement from the game he loved Michael has remained incredibly relevant in a way no athlete or former athlete ever has. The reasons for that relevancy have always caused controversy for an athlete who never really caused any controversy on the court.

Many people in the media and public opinion in general had contrasting thoughts on Jordan’s statements. I heard many people say “why now” after all these years of glaring silence. I heard people say including Jordan brand athlete Carmelo Anthony “it’s about time” welcoming Jordan’s seemingly long overdue social political stance.

I also heard those making the argument that by donating money (2 million dollars, 1 million a piece) to the Internal Association of Chiefs of Police (Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund Jordan again did not make a political stance. By donating money to police and the NAACP equally, he would remain exempt from judgment or ridicule either way therefore again not making a stance.

Personally, I feel it’s a lot of unfair pressure to put on today’s athletes expecting them to live up to the social/political platforms that Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and many others did furthermore because an athlete as great at a sport does not mean they are obligated to speak on tough societal matters.

However I do feel the issues that Jordan may have remained silent on throughout the years were more social/cultural and I feel those with a status and voice should speak on said issues especially when they open platforms for discussion as this one has.

I could care less about who the man wants to vote for but asking him to have an opinion on Chicago’s inner city isn’t asking much.