The Appreciation of Tim Duncan

I will be the first to say that I use to HATE Tim Duncan when his Spurs had their title runs in the 2000’s. Growing up I was a huge KG fan( still a KG fan) and I would hate when people would say that Duncan was the better power forward. My excuse like many Garnett fans would always refer that KG never had any true help compared to Timmy D.

That may be true, but I don’t want to take away what Duncan did as a player.

Yes Duncan has always had a lot of help. Whether it was David Robinson, Sean Elliot, Derek Anderson, Manu Ginobili, or Tony Parker Duncan has never suffered from playing on terrible teams.  As I’ve gotten older I finally realized how good Tim Duncan actually was and still is good till this day. Duncan possess a killer instinct that often goes unnoticed. Duncan’s Spurs were the only team to beat Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers during their peak years.

Bank shots are boring, jump hooks are boring, being an anchor of team defense is boring as well, but being boring got Tim Duncan 4 NBA Championships, 13 All-Star Games, 2 MVP’S, 3 Final MVP’s and a host of other awards.

Now that I am older I see how great of a player Tim Duncan actually is. Duncan’s Spurs are clearly the best team in the West and may be primed for another run at the title. No matter if the Spurs win or not I know that I had the opportunity to watch one of greatest players in NBA history play during his career.

2012-13 College Basketball Preview #15 Michigan State Spartans

#15 Michigan State Spartans


The Spartans finished the season at 29-8(13-5) with a loss in the regional semis to Louisville


Draymond Green 16.2pts 10.6reb 3.8ast
Brandon Wood 8.8pts 2.8reb 1.9ast

Keith Appling 11.4pts 2.9reb 3.8ast
Adreian Payne 7pts 4.2reb .3ast
Branden Dawson 8.4pts 4.5reb .1ast


Gary Harris SG 6’4″ 195lbs
Kenny Kaminski PF 6’7″ 230lbs
Denzel Valentine SF 6’5″ 205lbs


It will be hard for the Spartans to replace everything they lose with the lost of Green but Appling and Payne will be the best candidates to do so. Appling will have to be the leader on the court that Green was, while Payne will have to increase his scoring, rebounding and all around inside play for the Spartans to be successful. They will get a lot of help from sophomore Dawson and freshman Harris who is an athletic wing that will make an instant impact for the Spartans. Tom Izzo does a great job of getting the best out of his team and they usually get better as the season goes on. That’s why MSU are always a favorite to win the Big Ten and compete for a Final Four and this season should not be any different.

#16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

2012-13 College Basketball Preview #16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

#16 Notre Dame Fighting Irish


The Irish finished last season at 22-12(13-5) and lost in the south 2nd round to Xavier


Tim Abromaitis 14pts 7reb 2.5ast


Eric Atkins 12.1pts 3.2reb 4.1ast
Jerian Grant 12.3pts 2.9reb 5ast
Jack Cooley 12.5pts 8.9reb .8ast


Cameron Biedscheid SF 6’6″ 190


The Fighting Irish had a surprisingly successful season in the Big East last year and this year should be better. The Irish had hopes on returning Abromaitis but the NCAA denied him a sixth season but Notre Dame returns everybody else including Scott Martin who was granted a sixth season due to injuries. Atkins and Grant make up a talented duo in the back court that will take the Irish far in the Big East. Cooley is relentless inside and should average close to a double double this year. Notre Damn is good enough to win the Big East and be a Dark horse in the NCAA tournament.

#17 Texas Longhorns

Bosh means more to the Heat than people realize

When the Miami Heat’s big 3 formed two seasons ago we all didn’t give Chris Bosh his proper respect. It was easy to dog Bosh because of his mannerisms and some of the interview quotes he gives us. Who can forget him breaking down crying in the hallway after the Heat lost last year in the finals?

All jokes aside Bosh is the piece that allows James and Wade to do their thing on a night in and night out basis. He is their only scoring big man, with a consistent face up game or able to drive by slower defenders. With Bosh out , if Wade or James does a pick and roll now who does the defense have to concentrate on?

During game 1 in the semifinals versus the Pacers , Bosh pulled an abdominal muscle and is out indefinitely, everyone says at least for the Pacer series. The Pacers are a good team in if the Heat can beat them without Bosh it will make their road to the NBA Finals that much tougher. In the weaker Eastern Conference this is not what the Heat ordered.

If the Heat are lucky enough to make the NBA Finals they will have no shot to win it all if Bosh isn’t able to play. We all know Haslem, Turiaf, Pittman and Anthony don’t have enough on the offensive end to make the defense respect them in a half court game.

Bosh is taking the biggest backseat out of the big 3, he was a 20 and 10 guy for the Raptors. He’s gone greatly underappreciated by everybody but now we will all see his importance to this team. I bet Bosh is rehabbing saying, “Do you miss me now?”

Internet Thugs vs The Professional Athlete

In this day and age the professional athlete is more accessible compared to years past. With Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook professional athletes reach out to their fans. I think that it is cool to follow your favorite athlete on Twitter or Instagram, but some people tend to go overboard. Internet thugs are at an all-time high.

I am on social networks a lot and I often see how people talk to the athletes. Recently the wife of Steve Blake with the Los Angeles Lakers received death threats after Blake had missed the potential game winning shot in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Families of athletes have to suffer enough from fans so it sucks to see someone have direct contact with them in a negative manner.

The shot Steve Blake missed at the end of the Lakers/Thunder game that caused him and his family to receive death threats

Incidents like this are b.s. I feel that even though that these people are celebrities and millionaires respect is something that should be for all people no matter what their net worth is.

Athletes such as Lebron James, Chad Ochocinco, and Steve Nash are on social networks often and they interact with the fans. Fans can go overboard and it is a shame how some people talk to these athletes. I know for a fact if Charles Oakley was around this day and age people would not be harassing @Oak34NYK( Not a real twitter page). Keyboard courage is the worst it is something that needs to be stopped, but it will only become worse the more the athletes are accessible to their fan bases.

From the athlete’s perspective social networks helps to build a brand to gain popularity, endorsements, groupies (hey you never know), or etc. It sucks that they have to deal with idiotic fans.

Memo to the Internet Thugs: Would you say what you would tweet to the athlete to their face? Let me answer that for you! No, I know you wouldn’t! Internet Thugs you all need hugs!

Front Office weekly rundown: 5/18/12

We are back for another weekly rundown. This week hasn’t been to busy but feel free to get caught up with some of the few things that have happened in the last seven days.


Miami Heat Forward Chris Bosh pulled his abdominal muscle in the 1st half of Game 1 versus the Indiana Pacers. Bosh will be out the entire series and has no set date to return. This a huge loss for the Heat.

Miami Heat Forward LeBron James won his 3rd MVP Award.

Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Kyrie Irving won the Rookie of the Year Award.

Indiana Pacers GM Larry Bird won the Executive of the Year Award. Bird is the first person to win a MVP, Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year Award.


Philadelphia Eagles OT Jason Peters ruptured his achilles tendon again. The good news for him is it will only push his rehab schedule back three weeks.

Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy got PAID. McCoy received an extension of 5 years at 45 million dollars with 20.8 million guaranteed.


Cincinnati Reds 1B Joey Votto had a 3 home run game. Not quite Josh Hamilton but hey show Joey some love.

Los Angeles Dodgers CF Matt Kemp pulled his hamstring and that has led him to the 15 day DL.

Toronto Blue Jays 3B Brett Lawrie will be suspended for 4 games for arguing a streak three call with an umpire. During the discussion Lawrie took off his helmet and spiked it, on the bounce back it hit the ump in the thigh. This sounds like a young man’s mistake, I wonder if he yelled YOLO?


Virginia Commonwealth University will be going to the Atlantic 10 Conference in 2012-13.

Ohio St. Forward JD Weatherspoon is transferring to Toledo.

We are done with this weeks rundown feel free to drop a line to tell us how you feel about this weeks rundown. Til next week, Peace.

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2012-13 College Basketball Preview #17 Texas Longhorns

#17 Texas Longhorns


Texas finished at 20-14(9-9) with a loss in the east 2nd round to Cincinnati.


J’Covan Brown 20.1pts 3.4reb 3.8ast


Jonathan Holmes 7.1pts 4.8reb .5ast
Myck Kabongo 9.6pts 3reb 5.2ast
Julien Lewis 7.8pts 3.6reb .8ast
Sheldon McClellan 11.3pts 3.3reb .6ast


Cameron Ridley C 6’10” 230lbs


The Longhorns return a talented foursome of sophomores lead by Kabongo. Last year Brown was the do it all player for Texas and this year Kabongo will have to step into that leadership role. He was highly recruited last season and this season should be one of the best point guards in the country. Lewis and McClellan give them the firepower needed on the wings while Holmes looks to continue to improve inside with help from one of the top recruits at center in Ridley. The Longhorns will compete for a conference championship but might be a year away from national championship contender.

#18 San Diego St. Aztecs

Does Donovan McNabb Deserve Another Shot?

In recent news there have been reports stating that Donovan McNabb is making an attempt to end his NFL Football Career on a better note. McNabb has lost weight and has hired a quarterback coach to get his mechanics in order. In McNabb’s last stint with the Minnesota Vikings he looked and played as if he was eating too many bowls of Campbell’s Chunky Soup rather than looking the former All-Pro Quarterback that we were used to seeing.

It is hard for me to see McNabb holding a clipboard behind a young quarterback so that takes several teams off of his potential list. The Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals may be two realistic options for McNabb. These are two teams who are solid in most areas that also have questions about their quarterbacks. Bringing in McNabb to either one of the teams would be harmless, because it would not be rattling the confidence of a young quarterback.  Though the Cards are paying Kevin Kolb a hefty salary he really did not perform on the field last season, but he was rewarded a roster bonus this off-season so that will ensure some security.

A lot can happen between now and the opening day of football season. The injury bug may bite really hard on a few teams and McNabb may receive a few calls.

McNabb may be up in age, but there are several success stories of players who have rejuvenated themselves after a bad outing as a player. Randall Cunningham with the Minnesota Vikings and Kurt Warner with the Arizona Cardinals come to mind. Not saying that McNabb can have an off the charts run as those two did, but I feel that he can go out in better fashion.

True Freshman wins the MAC Championship 110m hurdles

Over the weekend my homeboy B shot me a text that stated “Jay(His brother) won the MAC Championship with a 14.30 his fastest time, which was also in the top ten at Miami of Ohio All time.” I could hear the excited me through the text, so when I checked the race out I could totally understand why he was happy.

JaShawn Combs won the MAC Championship in the 110 meter hurdles at Central Michigan. JaShawn won with a personal best time of 14.30 seconds.

JaShawn Combs is a freshman from Dayton, Ohio. JaShawn graduation from Stivers High School. You know I have to show Ohio and my city some love.

Check out the race. (He is third from the bottom.)

JaShawn is only a freshman, so we wish him the best for the three years he has left in eligibility.

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