• Brian “Wolverine” Dawkins retires

    Apr 24 • NFL • 292 Views

    Monday via Twitter former All-Pro Safety Brian “Wolverine” Dawkins announced he was turning in his pads for good. Dawkins played in the NFL 16 years, controlling the back-end of the secondary. Check out the tweet he laid on the masses to announce he was retiring.

    During his 16 years, Dawkins played for the Philadelphia Eagles (13 years) and Denver Broncos (3 years).

    The Wolverine was a 2nd round pick out of Clemson by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1996. He went on to be a 4x All-Pro, 9x Pro-Bowler and made the 2000s NFL All-decade team.

    Dawkins was the heart and soul of the Eagles defense. The Eagles safety play still hasn’t recovered from letting Dawkins go, when you lose a great player it’s not an easy fix. He is the franchise leader in games played and interceptions for the Eagles with 183 and 34 respectively.

    Dawkins finishes his career with 1131 tackles, 37 interceptions, 26 sacks and 42 forced fumbles (the most forced by a defensive back).

    One of the most feared defenders to ever play the game but besides being great on the field he did a lot to help off of the field. He was a major player in the United Way campaigns, named “Father of the year” by the American diabetes Foundation, donates funds to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and helps countless non-profit organizations in his spare time.

    On 4/23/12 the great Brian “Wolverine” Dawkins chose to hang up his cleats on his own terms at 38 years of age. He will surely be missed on the field but with all of the good he does in the community he will have a lot more free time on his hands to help with more organizations of his choice, which honestly won’t be a bad thing in today’s world. We at The Front Office want to say we appreciate your love and passion for the game, enjoy your retirement sir you deserve it.

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  • World Peace elbows James Harden after dunk!

    Apr 23 • NBA • 324 Views

    Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest was having a good Sunday afternoon before getting ejected out of the game in the 2nd qtr, he had already totalled 12 points, 5 rebounds and 3 steals. After getting a breakaway doing over Serge Ibaka, Metta started pounding his chest, Harden ran by bumped him a little bit and got caught with an elbow. Metta was hype he got his dunk off on Ibaka who finished with 7 blocks, even though Ibaka was trying to block him LeBron style who would guess he would be able to get a dunk off on him during a game? He was hype after the dunk, maybe the elbow was on purpose, maybe it wasn’t but I think instant replay makes it worse. Check out the what happen during the Lakers-Thunder game on Sunday and voice your opinion.

    Check Metta’s tweets after the game.

    Metta should only get a 2 game suspension if they are going to come down on him for the elbow and we hope Harden will be ready for the Thunders playoff push because he is a key cog in the Thunder machine and The Front Office doesn’t like injuries.

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  • Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez retires

    Apr 23 • MLB • 1222 Views

    With everybody who has retired over the past few years it marks the end of the athletes who I grew up watching as a child. Today at 2 pm Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez will have a press conference with the Texas Rangers to announce his retirement. This shows my age, I remember having his rookie card as a child (I lost it, hangs head low I was young ).

    Pudge was the best I’ve ever seen play with my own eyes, Mike Piazza is 2nd (only because of his offense he was marginal behind the plate) and don’t give me flack about Johnny Bench because I wasn’t around when he was the best behind the plate. Pudge was a complete player hitting above average, hitting for power and a cannon for an arm.

    The man we call Pudge achieved many accolades: 14x All-Star, 13x Gold Glover, 7x Silver Slugger, 1x AL MVP and 1x World Champion.

    During his 21 years he played with the Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Washington Nationals.

    Pudge finished with 2844 hits, 331 home runs, 1332 runs batted in and a career .296 batting average. Most of his damage was done with the Rangers and Tigers, he played for the Rangers a total of 13 years and Tigers a total of 5 years. Not many players putting up numbers like this and the fact that he played Catcher makes his final totals that much more impressive.

    We will never see another player like Pudge, so we at The Front Office just want wish him the best for his future endeavors after baseball, you will surely be missed behind the plate.

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  • Pat Summitt’s Impact on Women Athletics Will Live on Forever

    Apr 20 • NCAA • 350 Views

    When people think of Women’s basketball on any level it is hard to ignore the accomplishments of the great Pat Summitt. Summitt won 8 NCAA championships and coached countless All-SEC and All-American performers. Summitt stepped down as the head coach of the University of Tennessee due to early onset dementia. Though Summitt’s health forced her to leave the game early she will always be remembered for her impact on the sidelines, but also having a huge impact on the world of sports.

    It took the sports world a while to recognize Women’s Basketball. With Pat Summitt one of the leaders of the forefront she helped the game expand its popularity. Coaching at Tennessee, Summitt had a factory of players who went on to become great pros and coaches. Players such as Kara Lawson, Candace Parker, Tamika Catchings, and Chamiqua Holdsclaw are just a few names to mention. What we see in college basketball today with the so-called “super teams” were implemented years ago by women’s basketball program at UT.

    Women’s basketball is still gaining popularity, but without Pat Summitt being apart of it I would be afraid to see what it would be like today. Coaches such as Geno Auriemma and Tara VanDerveer have what it takes to propel NCAA Women’s Basketball onto another level. Though the game is expanding more than ever due to the popularity of Skylar Diggins and Brittney Griner we all have to remember who helped lay the foundation.

    Watching the University of Tennessee will be odd without Summitt on the sidelines. The game of Women’s basketball will lose a legend, but it has also opened the door for Holly Worlick to create her legacy.  Summitt deserves more than a pat on the back for what she has helped accomplished. She has left the women’s game in far better shape than it was in the 1970s. Though Summitt will be not in the public eye as much her impact will be everlasting.

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  • Delonte West gives Gordon Hayward a Wet Willie

    Apr 19 • NBA • 269 Views

    Man, only Delonte West would pull this off. I’ve never seen this done in a basketball game in the NBA, NCAA or street ball. I wonder how Gordon feels about being the recipient? So, far Gordon is the only Wet Willie recipient in a live NBA game. If you haven’t seen this clip check the link out!

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  • Moyer’s fountain of youth

    Apr 19 • MLB • 298 Views

    Since I was a young buck collecting baseball cards I remember Jamie Moyer playing for the Mariners. He was on a dope team that had my favorite player Ken Griffey, Jr , Randy Johnson and  Edgar Martinez, just to name a few people. I didn’t know what year he was in nor did I know how many years he had been playing. All that mattered back then was he was on Griffey’s team.

    Fast forward almost twenty years later Moyer is still pitching in the majors, which is amazing in itself. Never known for amazing stuff aka not a power pitcher, he is still using his craftiness to get hitters out.

    On Tuesday Moyer became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to ever record a win, not only did he get the win he went 7 innings to accomplish the goal. Moyer is now 49 years young, a lot of early 20’s pitchers struggle to win even with god given great abilities, which makes his feat even more amazing.

    Moyer has been pitching in the majors for over a span of 25 years, he sat out last year. Playing for the Cubs, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners, Phillies and Rockies. Over the 25 year span he has racked up over 250 wins (268 to be exact).

    Who knows how Moyer will finish the season with his current team the Colorado Rockies, but right now whatever he is drinking must have came from the fountain of youth, because hes channeling his skills from years past.

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  • Who is the “Key” to the Bulls playoff run?

    Apr 18 • NBA • 223 Views

    The Chicago Bulls are in line to be the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference for second year in a row. The Bulls have been battling injuries from reigning MVP Derrick Rose and his sidekick Loul Deng but they still have a 46-15 record during the lockout shorten season. In one word Coach Thibs is a beast.

    During the lockout shorten off-season the Bulls made one major move, that was signing former Detroit Piston Guard Richard “RIP” Hamilton. Even with Hamilton being a little long in the tooth this was a major improvement over last years starting shooting guard Keith Bogans. Much respect to the Bulls for making the Eastern Conference Finals with Bogans as a starter, I bet that was harder than it looked.

    Hamilton has battled a lot of injuries this year hisself, which is the main reason he is only averaging 11.5 ppg this year, lowest since his rookie year. He has only played 23 games and counting. RIP is known as a great off the ball scorer which will come in handy during playoff time.

    The Bulls have a solid team, if everybody is reasonably healthy during the playoffs, Hamilton will be the key to get them over the hump. RIP has been to the promise land before, which may help the Bulls.

    The Bulls lost to the Heat in 5 games last year in the ECF partly because they had no help in the backcourt for Rose so the Heat were able to switch defenders at will on Rose. Why? Because nobody cares what Bogans or Brewer is doing on offense and if you want to play Korver at 2 guard they just abuse him on defense. This year if whoever has to play the Bulls won’t be able to tee off on the Rose because RIP will be in the fold relieving some of the pressure.

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  • Is Brandon Weeden Worth the Risk?

    Apr 17 • NFL • 306 Views

    The former Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback may be the third most polished quarterback behind Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but he has one knock on him that he cannot shake away. That one cloud is hovering over Weeden’s draft stock is his age.

    Many people say “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number”, but in this case drafting a 28 year old quarterback may be risky business. One point that favors Weeden is that the shelf life on a quarterback is longer than most positions in the NFL, but coming into the league at almost 30 draws several red flags. At Oklahoma State University Weeden put up godly numbers against a pretty high level of competition. Weeden matches all of the measurables across the board of an ideal quarterback, but at the end of the day he is an elder statesmen entering the draft.

    Drafting Weeden in the first round may not be wise, but he could be a steal in the later rounds. With the rule changes to protect the quarterback the NFL the career expectancy of a NFL quarterback may be even longer.

    A team will take a chance on Weeden, because his skill is too much to shy away from. If I am a GM I would not take a chance on him unless it is in the third round or lower. It may sound idiotic, but there are many reasons why I would stay away from him. Not all rookie quarterbacks are as fortunate as Cam Newton and Andy Dalton who looked the part as a NFL quarterback day one stepping on the football field.

    For many quarterbacks it can take two to three years for them to develop. With Weeden coming from a spread offense he will have to operate under a traditional setting which can put a cog in his development. Sitting Weeden for two to three years would put him at age 31. Being 31 years of age is not old in real life, but in the game of football that’s when players begin to look over their shoulders.  Yes, you have guys like Kurt Warner and Jeff Garcia who got on board late and had pretty good careers, but with these guys they were a low risk high reward, because they went undrafted and were picked up via free agency. It will be interesting on draft day to see where Weeden ends up. Some team may take him high, but others will be cautious. It’s too bad Weeden can’t pull a Danny Almonte if so he would have zero worries.

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  • A Rod ties the great Ken Griffey Jr.

    Apr 16 • MLB • 397 Views

    On Friday April 13th 2012, wow on Friday the 13th Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez tied Ken Griffey Jr. on the all time home run list, hitting his 630th home run that afternoon.  His long ball off of the Angles Ervin Santana places A-Rod in a tie for fifth place overall on the list. A-Rod is 36 years of age and barring any major injury to slow him down he really has a legitimate shot at passing Barry Bonds on the time list and becoming the new home run leader. We have some people who don’t like him and others that do, because he got caught using steroids, I’m a fan of him, if you use steroids that’s on you in my opinion, plus I feel steroids saved baseball anyways which I wrote about last year. The crazy thing about this is we may get lucky enough to see two people break the home run in our lifetime.

    Good luck A-Rod keep chugging along!

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  • Say it ain’t so Skip!

    Apr 13 • Media • 304 Views

    Earlier this year Ron did a post calling Skip Bayless a diabolical hater, which most would agree with. (Points to myself)

    We all know Skip feels himself a little bit too much but his recent Grammy nomination, increased press, exc., exc. has gone to his head so much he lied about his own sports history. Everybody goes on random Twitter rants where you might say some questionable things it’s almost human nature, but as a part of the media we should not lie about our sports past or anybody else’s matter of fact. I mean if you weren’t a star you weren’t a star it is a part of life everybody can’t be Jordan or most of would be. Skip went on to call himself Pistol Pete esqe during his rant and said his coach didn’t like him because shot too much. All this sounded cool but we found out from multiple sources it was a haux. Skip averaged a whopping 1.4 ppg on a team he allegedly led to the state title in Oklahoma, his senior year.

    Skip’s H.S. Info. and twitter rant s/o to blacksportsonline for the information

    On First Take former NBA player and current journalist Jalen Rose, did his research and called out Skip on national tv. Some people think it was wrong, some don’t. I feel you shouldn’t lie about your sports past because there is always somebody who can verify the truth. Jalen called him out so Skip has to lay in the bed he made. Check out the priceless face Skip makes as Jalen calls him out on First Take.

    Skip’s breakdown of his tweets..

    Just keep it real with us “Water Pistol” Pete that’s all we ask. Lol

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