• As of Thursday, Target joins MLS and Minnesota FC as corporate sponsor

    Target joins MLS and Minnesota United as official partner

    Jan 31 • MLS, Other • 224 Views

    AT&T, Wells Fargo, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Allstate, Etihad Airways, Audi.

    Now – Target.

    On Thursday, the league announced Target as their latest addition of corporate sponsors. On top of the league-wide deal, MNUFC will suit up with the iconic red and eye bulls-eye displayed on the front side of their kit.

    Target is already involved in the action sports scene, but partnering with MLS signifies its largest push into the sports world.

    “There are so many things that drew us to soccer – it’s multicultural, watched and played by families and is growing immensely in popularity,” Rick Gomez, Target senior vice president of Marketing said in a statement.

    This partnership will include “brand integration across platforms, including broadcast, digital, video, content, in-stadium and on-site activation at marquee MLS events,” per MLS.com.

    Target currently holds naming rights partnerships with two Minnesota sports facilities: Target Field and Target Center – home of the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Timberwolves, respectively.

    When it comes to the kit sponsorship, on field branding and in-stadium activation rights is also included in the bundle. The Target brand will be on display at TCF Bank Stadium throughout the inaugural season.

    Minnesota United will commence playing in MLS this March, after years of playing in the United Soccer League. The team has already sold more than 8,000 season ticket deposits and will join the Eastern Conference with ex-Orlando City coach Adrian Heath.

    “We look forward to helping launch Minnesota United FC to the world and bring soccer to the Twin Cities, which has been Target’s hometown for more than 50 years,” said Rick Gomez, senior vice president, Marketing, Target. “Target has a long history of supporting our local teams and are proud to be part of Major League Soccer’s expansion into the Twin Cities this year.”

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    Video: Aaron Rodgers hits Randall Cobb with a Hail Mary touchdown before the half against the New York Giants

    Jan 9 • NFL • 222 Views

    Everybody is going to point at the boat situation with O’Dell and crew, but it was just Aaron Rodgers going Aaron Rodgers on the Giants defense sometimes you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. This weekend the Giants happened to be at Lambeau Field and that wasn’t the place to be. They caught the fade and Rodgers hit Cobb for a 41 yard Hail Mary before the half and teams and players had flashbacks.

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    New Year’s Eve Was A Time To Forget For Ohio State and Washington

    Jan 6 • NCAA • 234 Views

    Saturday December 31 was a tough time to be a Washington Huskies or Ohio State Buckeyes fan. As an alum it kind of put a small damper on my New Year celebration (just a little). 

     Both programs had high hopes going into the playoffs. The Huskies looking to prove they can play with top programs and the Buckeyes looking to continue being one of college footballs powerhouses.

     No moral victories earned on Saturday, though the Huskies earned respect as they competed with Goliath Alabama in what many felt would be a blowout they just could not get there offense going. The Buckeyes on the other hand may have set their conference back with the performance they gave.

    There are about 7 college football programs that are downright spoiled. I’ll go with Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Michigan and USC. These Schools have rich football history and tradition and expect a National championship every year. 

     Two or three loss seasons are seen as failures. They do not have rebuilding seasons or down years and they beat their rivals by hundreds of points. Celebrated coaches get walking papers if they ever let the competition gain on them.
    Ohio State lost to Clemson 31-0. That’s right Brutus was whitewashed. OSU never got on the board. One of the worst parts of this loss was that Clemson gave OSU bulletin board material and still beat them decisively. 

     They talked about not being worried about the competition and even badmouthed JT Barrett’s abilities. Then they went out and seemingly backed up all the chatter. OSU couldn’t run the ball, pass the ball or make a fg. Defense can only play its part for so long. 

    After the game I had a chat with my dad where he was upset saying if this happens again it may be time for Coach Meyer to go. I love my dad but with all due respect he’s crazy. Urban literally has a better record than any college football coach in as many games since joining the Buckeyes. Fire him and go in what direction?

     Everybody just relax and take your lumps, we all fall. In the words of pops “you win some, you lose some but you live, you live to fight another day.”

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    Fear the Beard: The Appreciation of James Harden

    Jan 4 • NBA • 219 Views

    We knew the defending Western Conference champions adding Kevin Durant to the mix would make them arguably the biggest match up nightmare ever, but who saw Klay Thompson dropping 60 points in three quarters off eleven dribbles. 

     Like my man on Coming to America said “That boy is Good!“ Russell Westbrook is doing something we haven’t seen since the entire league hooped in Chuck Taylor’s averaging a triple double as well as Anthony Davis doing everything for the Pelicans outside of mopping the court after games. 

     Now, those things are all amazing but today I must issue an apology and show love and my appreciation for Mr. Harden.
    I’m well aware of who James Harden is, or so I thought prior to this season. The spark off the bench who was traded to Houston from Oklahoma. I thought he was a slasher who only went left (see Manu Ginobili) but in Houston his offensive game blossomed averaging 26 ppg 5 rebs and 6 asst and he proved to be an All-Star in his own right. 

     I’ve always been a fan of defense and to say he didn’t play any was an understatement. 

     Let’s be clear YouTube mixes exist showing him on opposite ends of the floor when his man has the rock. I digress that is all in the distant past now.

     Currently under Mike D’Antoni famed for big O little D and giving Steve Nash the keys to the ship, James is giving the rest of the NBA 28 ppg 12 asst 8 rebs and a steal. That is special no matter what takes place at the opposite end of the floor and for the record the defense has improved. 

     Currently he has Houston sitting at the 3 spot out west with the leagues longest active win streak despite losing Dwight Howard in the off season. I’ve heard rhetoric that he’s going to have big numbers because he’s ball dominant and my counter to that is who else should have the rock? I apologize James, please continue to cook opponents on a nightly basis in route to a possible MVP trophy. 

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    The Trend of Sitting Bowl Games To Protect NFL Futures Will Continue to Grow

    Jan 3 • NCAA, NFL • 197 Views

    We are in the midst of bowl season, the icing on the cake for college football each year.

    College football could very well be the best product strictly speaking about sports on the market right now with how it is presented to the fans. Each week the season is on the line unlike any other sports out there. 

    With the major pro sports, teams can suffer long losing streaks and go on to win championships or even lose consecutive games and still win a series.

    The only other sport comparable in that regard would be college basketball (March Madness) because it’s one and done however that last a few weeks not months and still the regular season isn’t as important. 

    In college football one or two losses can keep you from even competing for a championship and in some cases even going undefeated isn’t enough (Western Michigan). With all of this at stake a new phenomenon is happening that could possibly dim the awe and shine usually surrounding the college football bowl games.

    Two huge stars in the college football world Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey have chosen to sit out the final game of the season for their respective teams. Both players happen to be running backs, all positions in football are physical however this position may experience the most stress on the body. 

    Both of these players are exceptional at what they do and are expected to be taken high in the NFL draft a few months from now.

    These players have dealt with big injuries in the past and are not willing to risk injury again as their teams are only eligible for lower level bowl games and no playoff. It’s been reported their teammates and coaches are okay with it but some fans do not like the door this opens up. If  your favorite team was headed for a big game and the star quarterback was projected as a top NFL pick and chose to sit out how would you feel? Does it end here or do pro athletes continue the new trend?

    If your team is 0-12 and your star linebacker in a contract season decides to shut it down because they are not playoff bound how would it affect you? 

    If they are injury prone would it matter? Isn’t every athlete injury prone? After witnessing grueling injuries to Jake Butt, Adoree Jackson, and Keller Chryst during bowl season, players in the future will likely follow the footsteps of Fournette and McCaffery. Once upon a time players used bowl games to showcase their talent. With the inflation of meaningless games, its become an exhibition-like matchup, that’s worth skipping.  

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    Video: Warriors Klay Thompson scores 60 points in 29 minutes versus Pacers

    Dec 6 • NBA • 318 Views

    If you live on the east coast you probably were sleep or maybe watching that snoozer of the Monday Night Football game between the Colts and the Jets, or maybe you were tuned in, but for those who weren’t I’m posting the Klay Thompson show below in this post. He scored 60 points in 29 minutes against the Indiana Pacers on a soft Monday night.

    Check out Jon B’s, Klay’s performance.

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  • Karl Anthony Towns

    Video: Karl Anthony Towns does Embiid and Luwawu-Cabarrot dirty

    Nov 18 • NBA • 511 Views

    The Minnesota Timberwolves Karl Anthony Towns wasn’t playing any games with the Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot on Thursday night. First Towns pump faked Embiid out of his shoes and then he put Luwawu-Cabarrot on a poster. I know Towns is 7 foot tall, but the skill it took for him to complete this whole process could be an article by itself.

    Check out the play that had the internet hype last night.

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  • Video: Tony Romo gracefully talks about his role on the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott

    Nov 16 • NFL • 291 Views

    For years the running joke on the Internet has been Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys fans would cringe when their star quarterback would get injured because I would replace him and they wouldn’t win ( joke but I’ll take the check). This year when Romo got hurt they replaced him with Dak Prescott and haven’t looked back. The writing is on the wall that this is Prescott’s team now, but it was good that Romo didn’t take to the media to show his displeasure.

    Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

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    Video: Kansas Frank Mason buries Duke in last seconds

    Nov 16 • NCAA • 231 Views

    Kansas Jayhawks guard Frank Mason was strapped with foul trouble in the first half, but in the second half he made the play of the game. Tied at 75, Mason made a pull up jump shot to seal the win for the Jayhawks beating the No. 1 ranked Blue Devils.

    Check out the play.

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  • May 23, 2012; Philadelphia, PA USA;  Philadelphia 76ers former guard Allen Iverson before the start of game six against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs at the Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

    Watch: Allen Iverson Takes A Shot At The Mannequin Challenge

    Nov 14 • NBA • 258 Views

    With the mannequin challenge taking over social media, many have partaken in the creative concept. To be honest, I am a fan of it. I think it’s pretty cool, and it takes some talent. I know if I partook in it, I would be Harlem shaking just as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did in his attempt to join the wave.

    Since the challenge has become a phenomenon, several NBA players, college teams, and celebrities have been seen in the national spotlight because of it. To no surprise, the challenge made its way to an NBA arena, and it happened to occur when Allen Iverson was present.

    The video basically entails that when you are Allen Iverson, you do what the hell you want to do.

    As you would have thought, Iverson remained true to himself while people next to him stood motionless as the camera glanced over the cluster of people. At first, Bubba Chuck appeared confused, but when the camera inched near him, he gave the camera some entertainment.

    The video explains Iverson to a tee. It continues to show that no matter what trends people join, Iverson will stand out, because he is his own person.

    If you missed the hilarious video, check it out below.

    All Hail, A.I.

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