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Can the Bengals get over the hump this season?

To be honest the Cincinnati Bengals have one of the most talented teams in the NFL top to bottom at every position (except one) and they have been to the playoffs the last four seasons. They have been the model of consistency or mediocrity depending on how you look at it because they haven’t won when it counted most.

On the flip side is every year they have had Andy Dalton the Bengals have made the playoffs, but also every year they haven’t won a game in the playoffs either. Coach Marvin Lewis has yet to win a playoff game during his 13 year tenure with the club and yet he still is employed (I promise he has dirt on the owner nobody can tell me differently). Lewis is a solid coach, but this year for him and his quarterback could be do or die for both of them especially for the head coach if they make the playoffs this town won’t be happy with a one game exit Paul Brown Stadium might implode with the anger that would surface.

Andy Dalton isn’t an elite quarterback, but he isn’t terrible either, if good Andy shows up in the playoffs the Bengals can beat anybody, but if bad Andy appears the Bengals can lose to anybody also. The good thing for the Bengals right now is that all of his weapons are currently healthy, I know that could change in the future, but with Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert and A.J. Green back in the fold it should make “The Red Rifles” job that much easier. Plus the two headed monster in the backfield that is Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard they can control the ground game also.

The Bengals have a very deep defense in all phrases. Vontaze Burfict is out for the first six weeks, but that should help the linebacking core in the long run. Will Dre Kirkpatrick be able to continue on his late season run to be a staple in the back end of the defense? With Geno Atkins back at 100% and reacquiring Michael Johnson the defensive line should apply a lot more pressure this year.

Can the Bengals turn the corner? They have the talent to do so, but if they don’t make any noise in the playoffs this team or at least this coaching staff could get blown up. I think they can be a 9 or 10 game winner this year because they have a hard schedule. Will they be able to make the playoffs for the fifth time in as many years? Only time will tell, because Cincy has some antsy fans.

The Bengals FINALLY win an important Prime Time game

Coming into the Cincinnati Bengals versus Denver Broncos game last Monday Night, we had many questions and not enough answers about the Bengals. On Monday night we got a few answers.

The last time we saw the Bengals play after 4 pm was against the Cleveland Browns at home on Thursday Night Football November 2nd and we all remember seeing the Brian Hoyer led Browns Mike Tyson knockout the Bengals 24-3. The Bengals avenged the beating by winning 30-0 in Cleveland, but it wasn’t in prime time so I took that with a grain of salt. What we all saw November 2nd was a team whose quarterback couldn’t make a throw in bad conditions and one who seemed to be out of place (again) when the lights were on.  I think Andy Dalton had a QB rating of around 1 against the Browns on Thursday Night Football and if you watched the Bengals under the lights in previous years that game really wasn’t an aberration.

On Monday Night something was different even after Andy Dalton tried to turn into “Prime Time” Dalton right before our eyes with a pick 6 to start the game. What was different? The Bengals were able to stick with the running game to the tune of 37 carries and 207 yards. Rookie Jeremy Hill ran for 147 yards and a touchdown on 22 carries, his lone touchdown was on an 85 yard run that answered “Prime Time” Dalton’s pick 6.

Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson did a great job in giving Dalton easy passes in spite of another so-so performance, but it seems they have found the formula to get a win or two in the playoffs. The less Dalton throws the better chance the Bengals have to win. Monday Night was a huge win for Cincinnati; it locked them into the playoffs and proved they can win a big game.

The Bengals defense played great ball, confusing and picking off Peyton Manning four times. If the defense and running game shows up this might not be the last big game the Bengals win.

Now can they beat Pittsburgh on the road to win the AFC North? And secure at least one home playoff game? Oh and the big elephant in the room can they finally win a damn playoff game? Will it be four years and no wins? Only time will tell, but we can’t take anything away from the Bengals performance last Monday!

The Cincinnati Bengals prove me wrong and give Dalton big bucks before the season starts

Right after writing the Bengals wouldn’t give Andy Dalton a new contract before the season started, a week later Mike Brown and crew make me look like a fool. It’s all good because they should’ve listened to my approach, but who am I? All of Bengals Nation probably agree with me, do the Bengals have a Nation?

dalton-andy-over16Andy “Red Rocket” Dalton signed a six year deal worth up to $115($96) million to become the face of the franchise. The details haven’t been released yet, but I bet it’s very similar to the deal San Francisco just game their quarterback Colin Kaepernick. If the deal gives the Bengals multiple ways to escape without penalty even though Dalton might be getting a tad overpaid it’s a smart deal for the Bengals. I guess the Bengals didn’t want to be handcuffed like the Ravens were a few years back when Joe Flacco self-placed a bet on himself during his contract year and won the Superbowl. I know a lot of people thought Dalton would get between $10-$13 million per year for however long, but he has shown the brass that he is the guy to lead them where they haven’t been in a long time.

If Dalton thinks the pressure was immense to win a playoff game before the contract, now all the fingers will be pointed to him if the Bengals don’t win in the playoffs this year. The Bengals have too much talent not to win at least one game in the playoffs. I’m no Vegas expert, but they have to be a favorite to make it to the AFC Championship game this year.

Click the link for full details, it is attached to the post. I would like to thank the Bengals for not listening to me and making me look like a fool (lol).  Do you think Dalton is worth the coin? Hey, Bengals fans lets hope this doesn’t turn into a Carson Palmer type situation, minus the injuries, nobody wishes injuries.

Will the Bengals pay Andy Dalton before the season starts?

AndyDaltonEveryone knows that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is heading into the last year of his four-year $5.2 million deal. The big question is will the Bengals make him the face of the franchise before the season starts? Making him the face of the franchise means giving him top-tier money.

From the outside looking in  it seems that talks haven’t been oven hot between the Bengals and Andy’s agent, but what do I know? We’ve all seen the Colin Kaepernick deal which is top-tier money, but if he doesn’t pan out to the level the 49ers expect they have an escape clause every year. For those looking in, I would think that would be a perfect deal to rope in Dalton with, but who knows what Mike Brown is thinking.

Dalton has led the Bengals to the playoffs all three years he’s been in the NFL, but the Bengals have yet to win a playoff game. He also holds the record for most passing touchdowns in a season and passing yards in a season for the Bengals, but the fact he has no deal shows the Bengals brass have doubts. Dalton is a solid player, but doesn’t seem to have that “IT” factor. He is great with short and intermediate passing, but his deep ball is probably one of worse in the league. He’s proven he can win games in the regular season, but he still has silly mental lapses in terms of interceptions and yet no playoff wins.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but if I were a betting man I’d say the Bengals will not extend Dalton before the season starts. That is not ruling out the Bengals signing him in the offseason. If they are smart they will use Kaepernick’s deal as the barometer if they are not sold on Dalton being the man in Cincinnati for the next 10 years. Will Andy get his $100 plus million? Only time will tell.

It’s time for the Bengals to say goodbye to Andy Dalton


I remember when Jay Z said “Men lie women lie, numbers don’t.” For the most part that can be true, but in Andy Dalton’s case it is a very big LIE. On paper Andy Dalton has pretty good numbers that tend to blind some football fans.

This season Dalton threw for over 4,000 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions. If you were looking at stats, and never watched any of Dalton’s games you would think he was one of the top Quarterbacks in the game. All is well with Dalton until you actually see him play. On paper Dalton has better numbers than Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Alex Smith. The numbers lie once again, because Dalton is not in the same class as the quarterbacks mentioned.

Dalton is the model of inconsistent play, and gives Bengal fans a roller coaster ride throughout the season, word to my man J.T. (http://bit.ly/1aq7cqN). Yesterday’s playoff game was the prime example of how Andy Dalton can give you inconsistent performances. In the first half Dalton was pretty efficient throwing the ball. He threw his first playoff touchdown, and he didn’t have any head scratching moments. In the second half, where it mattered most Dalton had one fumble, two interceptions, and several errant throws. At one point I thought the Bengals would need Dwight Howard to catch some of Andy’s passes.

The turnovers were a big deal, but the lack of resilience was the bigger problem. In other games this weekend quarterbacks such as Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck committed turnovers in big moments, but they were able to bounce back and lead their teams to victory.

It’s been three years, and the Bengals are dealing with the same issues. I know the NFL is a passing league, but why is Jay Gruden allowing Andy to throw 51 times in the playoffs? Dalton should be a game manager due to his discrepancies in the passing game, but he is put in position to be a gun slinger. I know when you have weapons such as A.J. Green and Marvin Jones you want to use them, but it’s not the best benefit for the team to have Dalton throwing more than thirty passes in a game.

The more you allow Andy to drop back to throw it improves your chance for disappointment. The Bengals have a quality team top to bottom, and should be on their way to Denver to play Peyton Manning & Co. I know people want to point the finger at Marvin Lewis, but Dalton is the reason why they are sitting at home.

The Bengals need to find a solution quick, fast, and in a hurry. Either sign a veteran QB (e.g, Michael Vick) that can compete for the job with Dalton, or draft a QB in this years draft. By doing that it could buy the Bengals some time with the Andy Dalton experiment. I also think the offensive philosophy has to change as well. I don’t know the end result, but change is needed fast. The Bengals players and fans don’t deserve to be put in this situation year after year. The jig is up on Andy Dalton, and it’s time to say goodbye to him.


Andy Dalton breaks Bengals single season touchdown and yards records

daltonI know Andy Dalton catches a lot flack and rightfully so, but on Sunday he broke the team record for passing touchdowns recently held by Carson Palmer. Palmer set the record in 2005.

Dalton finished the season with 33 TD’s jumping over the record of 32.

Dalton threw for 4,296 yards also claiming the record from Palmer.

Dalton had a rollercoaster game on Sunday, but he lead them to a big win keeping the Ravens out of the playoffs.

Check out the play that allowed him to claim the record.

The rollercoaster that is Andy Dalton

Cincinnati Bengals v San Diego ChargersDisclaimer:  I want to say Andy Dalton, helped ease the pain of the Carson Palmer situation when he was drafted in 2010. Ok, now that is on the table let’s get to the meat of this post.

Nobody has had more pressure on them leading into the 2013 season than Andy Dalton. Rightfully so, the Bengals have made the playoffs two years in a row, but haven’t won a post season game. They had ample opportunities to beat the Texans in the playoffs last year, but two key throws missed by Dalton altered the outcome. Both throws should’ve been touchdowns to A.J. Green, one was overthrown and the other was underthrown and it led to their demise.

With 2012 behind them and being the young lion in an older division (looks at Ravens and Steelers) all of the experts have pegged the Bengals the team to beat in the AFC North and some think the Bengals have Super Bowl talent. They are right, but the “HUGE” question coming into the season is can Andy Dalton be the person who can lead the Bengals to the promise land? H*** of a question for a franchise that has never won a Superbowl in its entire existence.

With around two thirds of the NFL season in the books we have answered some questions but not all. The Bengals are 1st in the AFC North ,but at times it has been in spite of their 3rd year quarterback. The division is theirs to lose, but if they are going to make that trip to New Jersey this February Dalton must take a lot of the bumps out of this rollercoaster ride that has been the 2013 season.

Some people in the Cincinnati area call Dalton “The Red Rifle” and part of the problem with him is he doesn’t have one of the strongest arms and tends to be late or hang the ball up too much on deep throws. Can your QB lead you to the Bowl without having a rocket arm? Yes they can, but they must still make timely deep throws to get the respect of the coverage.

Each game for the starter has been an adventure, sometimes he looks like a top tier player and at other times he looks like it’s his first day under center for the Bengals. He was the AFC Offensive player of the Month in October, but before then he had a rocky road and currently he is having a rough patch. The last two games against the Ravens and Browns he looked very mediocre. He’s gotten his Schaub on, got sacked for a safety to lose the game and even completed a miracle Hail Mary.

The Bengals have the weapons on offense to get this done and one of the best defenses in the NFL, but it’s all on the triggerman if the people in Cincinnati want to experience something they have never experienced before. A lot of pressure on the 3rd year quarterback, but this is a “what have you done for me lately” league and it’s put up or shut up time in Cincinnati.

Dalton to Green hail mary forced OT

After a rough after noon a few prayers were answered as Dalton hit Green for a 51 yard TD as time expired. The Ravens secondary had a Bronco esqe moment but were lucky enough to win on a field goal by Justin “Terio” Tucker.

Man the last two weeks have been rough for the Bengals. They still are in first place but they better start winning the games they can control or the Ravens and Browns may take over the division.

Not only did the Bengals lose on a safety but Atkins is out for the season

I’m going to be the first to say the Bengals gave that game away. Dalton made some bad throws but he also made some good throws his receivers let him down in a big way. Sanu dropped a ball that turned into an interception late in the 4th quarter which could’ve been a sealing drive.

The Bengals loss on a safety in overtime, on the play Cameron Wake came up the middle like a bat out of hell, it was like he was moving at lighting speed. Dalton had Marvin Jones wide open on the drag route as soon as he snapped the ball because the corner fell down, he had a great shot at the first down but at worse you don’t lose on a safety. I won’t put this fully on Dalton because it should’ve even went to overtime, but when all else fails hit your hot route.

With the Bengals losing 20-22, they also lost one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL Geno Atkins for the season with a torn ACL. Get healthy big dog, I’m happy Geno got paid before the injury because we all know how the NFL will do you.

The Bengals are still in a good position but with a lot more division games coming up they can’t hand away the games they have in the bag.