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Can Carmelo Anthony rebuild in OKC? 

It just did not work in New York. Fun while it lasted I guess. Flashes of Kristaps Porzingis being great in the future, (Jeremy Lin) Lin-sanity, brief appearances in the playoffs after a long drought, but I think even Carmelo Anthony would admit this is not the legacy he wanted to leave in New York. I for one am excited on what is to come for “hoodie Melo”. He’s definitely has got some bulletin board material to motivate the next chapter of his career.

Last season Carmelo and other NBA stars see LeBron James went back and forth with then Knicks president Phil Jackson. Jackson at one point even saying Melo should probably continue elsewhere. The Knicks again had a terrible season in which they missed the playoffs and Carmelo had one of the worst statistical seasons of his career. Melo had one of the lowest outputs ever offensively which had some fans of the NBA questioning his value since scoring is his best attribute and felt he never expanded his game to involving his teammates and playing defense. He was also blatantly not on the Knicks radar for building for the future. Then ESPN drops its players ranking where he’s disrespectfully listed as the 64th best player in the NBA just behind rookie Lonzo Ball who hasn’t played a game yet and I’m a Laker fan but be serious. Have you seen the footage of him giving all the stars in the league work this summer all while wearing a hoodie?

Fast forward to this summer post Phil Jackson being fired and we see a whirlwind of trades happening throughout the NBA. Paul George setting up shop in Oklahoma, Chris Paul joining Harden in Houston and Jimmy Buckets (Butler) taking his talents to Minnesota. Stars all around the league changing the dynamic powers of the NBA. All except the one we thought would for sure be traded. Yesterday news broke that Carmelo added teams to a list he would accept a trade to. Last week we received confirmation he’ll be heading to Oklahoma to join Russell Westbrook and George creating another super team if those exist (see Cavs, Warriors finals back and forth lol). Let the fireworks begin.

Watch: Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James Sends A Powerful Statement at the ESPY’s

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James took center stage in the opening portion of the ESPY’s. The four megastars used the platform to promote social change. Touching on matters such as gun violence, racial profiling, community involvement, and other prevalent issues, were brought to the forefront. Oftentimes big time athletes are afraid to touch on social issues in fear of losing fans, money, and endorsements, so this was refreshing to see.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below.

Kudos to the banana boat crew.

NBA All-Star: The injury bug has hit current All-Star’s hard

The NBA All-Star game will be in the big apple this weekend and now the starters and reserves have been revealed. We will highlight the original picks for both conferences in this article, but days after both teams were picked a few of the stars were hit with the serious injury bug that will keep them out of the game.

This is a bummer for the players and the fans, but it is a blessing for a few players that were snubbed earlier in the process and now picked to become an All-Star. Honestly there are a handful of players that still deserve to play this weekend, but that isn’t what this post is about.

Original Starters for the Western Conference:

Steph Curry (Warriors), Kobe Bryant (Lakers), Anthony Davis (Pelicans), Marc Gasol (Grizzlies) and Blake Griffin (Clippers)

Original Starters for the Eastern Conference:

LeBron James (Cavs), Carmelo Anthony (Knicks), Kyle Lowry (Raptors), John Wall (Wizards) and Pau Gasol (Bulls)

Original Reserves for the Western Conference:

LaMarcus Aldridge (Trail Blazers), Kevin Durant (Thunder), Tim Duncan (Spurs), Klay Thompson (Warriors), James Harden (Rockets), Chris Paul (Clippers) and Russell Westbrook (Thunder)

Original Reserves for the Eastern Conference:

Paul Millsap (Hawks), Al Horford (Hawks), Chris Bosh (Heat), Kyrie Irving (Cavs), Jimmy Butler (Bulls), Dwyane Wade (Heat) and Jeff Teague (Hawks)

So now we have displayed the original team, but injuries to Bryant, Griffin, Davis, Anthony, Butler and Wade have changed who might be playing in this year’s All-Star game.

Bryant is out for the season with a torn rotator cuff and has been replaced by DeMarcus Cousins (Kings).

Blake Griffin is out for 2-6 weeks with a staph infection in his right elbow and has been replaced by Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers).

Anthony Davis hurt his shoulder and Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs) is replacing him.

LaMarcus Aldridge is currently playing with a hand injury, but there are no reports that he will sit out the All-Star game.

Dwyane Wade has a hamstring injury that will keep him out and will be replaced by Kyle Korver (Hawks).

Carmelo Anthony has a balky knee that has been giving him trouble and he’s contemplating sitting out the All-Star game. We will monitor that situation.

Jimmy Butler has a strained shoulder that may keep him out of the All-Star game. So we will keep an eye on this situation.

Hopefully nobody else has to sit out the game due to injury. The NBA does a great job putting on an excellent show during their all-star festivities and I look forward to watching this weekend.


Knicks Choose Rebuilding Path, Dump Shumpert, Smith

The New York Knicks lead the NBA with 32 losses, and only have 5 wins near the midway point of the season. Now, President Phil Jackson has signaled that the team is building for the future. On Monday night, the Knicks dumped G J.R. Smith‘s large contract onto the Cleveland Cavaliers, while also relinquishing G Iman Shumpert. In return, New York received three players that they will waive, and a 2019 second round pick from the Oklahoma City Thunder, who received G Dion Waiters from the Cavs. Overall, the Knicks freed up cap space for this upcoming off season, and added a draft pick.

Overall, this was a good way to jump-start the future for the Knicks. They needed to move Smith and Shumpert to free up some playing time for budding young G Tim Hardaway, Jr. Outside of G Shane Larkin and Fs Cleanthony Early and Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks’ entire roster will need to be revamped. Of course, the team should have one of the top picks in the NBA Draft due to their record, which will allow them to add an impact player, such as Duke C Jahlil Okafor or Kentucky C Karl-Anthony Towns.

The Knicks will also be able to add an impact player via free agency, as they will be one of the team’s with the highest amount of cap space this off season. There are a number of options that could be intriguing for the Knicks, such as Clippers’ C DeAndre Jordan, TrailBlazers’ F LaMarcus Aldridge or even former Knick, G Jeremy Lin.

While New York will waste the rest of what is already a lost season, there is reason to have hope now. Phil Jackson is trying to paint the picture, and has opened the door to the future with this trade. The Knicks should be a much improved and interesting bunch to watch come October.

NBA Free Agency: Will the Chicago Bulls Strike Out Again?


Since the Michael Jordan era ended the Chicago Bulls have looked to fill the void of No.23. The Bulls have been fortunate to have good NBA drafts, but in free agency, not so much.

The bad luck of the Bulls free agency run began in the year 2000 as the team was in hot pursuit of a then 20 year old Tracy McGrady. During that off-season the Bulls seemed as if they were the front runner to land McGrady, but he bolted to Orlando to team up with Grant Hill.

Fast-forwarding to 2010, a guy by the name of LeBron James was believed to be a target of the Chicago Bulls in his drama-filled free agent frenzy. James met with the Bulls and even put in for a number change to the NBA the previous season, which caused even more speculation that he would be a member of the Bulls.

We all knew who wore 23 in Chicago, and when James inserted the number change to 6 it was obvious there were only two places where that would make sense, and that was Miami and Chicago. We know the ending of that story as James took his talent to South Beach, and the Bulls were left with Carlos Boozer and a bottle of bigen. The Bulls did have the best record in the NBA that next season, but they lost big on landing James.

As the Bulls look to retool their team to find a counterpart for Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose the Bulls are back in familiar territory, which is chasing free agents. The Bulls have struck out big time in the past, and they are looking to change that fate as they look to sway Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony to join forces with them.

I will say that history is not on the Bulls side, but it seems as if the Bulls players are actively recruiting the free agents. If I were Melo I would stay far away from Chicago, but what do I know? On the other hand Love is the perfect fit in Chicago, because his style of play would mesh better with a healthy Derrick Rose. The next few days will be very interesting to see if the Bulls strikes out yet again on another big name free agent acquisition. If the Bulls fail to land Love or Anthony it is just a matter of history repeating itself in free agency failures.

If they do land either Love or Anthony it will be jubilation for Bulls fans and something that has been a long time coming for a long time. This next week will be interesting, and if I am a Chicago Bulls fan I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Will Carmelo Anthony Stay in New York?


With free agency looming this summer, and the Knicks having a sub par season it seems like a perfect time for Carmelo Anthony to leave Gotham City. Carmelo Anthony will miss the playoffs the first time in his career. This season was a huge disappointment for the Knicks after finishing second in the Eastern Conference during the 2012-2013 season. Prior to the season many experts had the Knicks as a legitimate threat in the East, but they finished far from what was predicted. Though, expectations may seem high when looking at the Knicks roster they have many holes on their team despite having one of the highest payrolls in the NBA.

The Knicks have four front court players making over $10 million per season (Stoudemire, Bargnani, Chandler, and Anthony) and they have blindly invested money in back court mates Raymond Felton and J.R. Smith. Despite all of the money tied up in the players mentioned the Knicks need to find a way to get a point guard and a big man that can clean the glass. Many thought Iman Shumpert would be a good player, but he has regressed as a player since coming into the NBA. The Knicks do have a promising player in Tim Hardaway Jr, and Championship connoisseur Phil Jackson in the front office, but is it worth hanging around in New York?

It may seem like a no brainer to leave the Knicks, but I think Melo should think twice about leaving. The Knicks can pay Melo more than any other team, and with the contract that Melo will command there will be minimal financial room to add any other quality players. Anthony did mention that he may be willing to take a pay cut, but I can’t see that happening. The Knicks have a playoff roster despite not making the playoffs. I know Mike Woodson helped changed the culture in New York after the mess Mike D’Antoni created, but a new coach is needed if Anthony comes back.

New coaches always bring new energy, and a new focus, and guys such as Lionel Hollins, Mark Jackson (if fired), and Stan Van Gundy could provide that for the Knicks. A new coaching regime, a few minor tweaks, and a few quality veterans can at least get the NYK back in the playoffs.

As great as a player Carmelo is the pressure of winning a championship isn’t really a topic of discussion for Anthony. Anthony not having a ring in his career at this point doesn’t scream failure as it would if LeBron James was still ring less. As long as Melo makes the playoffs, and continues his scoring binge people will be somewhat satisfied. With that said I don’t see Melo entering an environment such as the Chicago or the Lakers, where it is almost Championship or bust every season.

I think Melo can take the pressure, but he doesn’t have to take on that type of responsibility while in the “Big Apple”. The Knicks haven’t won a title since the 1970’s so that feeling isn’t there just yet.

I honestly feel that Melo will remain a Knick. He’s flourishing off the court with endorsements, and his wife Lala Anthony is continuing to build her brand in the bright New York City lights as well. Despite not making the playoffs this season Melo still had an All-NBA type season. I think Knicks fans can relax and look forward to seeing Melo for a few more seasons.

In the words of my main man Jalen Rose “Keep getting them checks Melo”, and there won’t be a need for the Anthony family to pack up another Uhaul.

My All-Time Big East Basketball Team

Note: This is a post I did orginally 11/11/11 for My Big East Contest

Everybody, the day that I have been talking about for the last month or so has finally arrived, I finally received my first task in the Big East biggest fan contest. My 1st task is to pick an All-Time Big East Dream team, the players can be current or from the past. My team can’t be compiled of more than 12 players and I can only pick players who actually played in the Big East. Trust me the last rule was important, because I wanted to add Dwyane Wade and Kenyon Martin to my list so bad, but both players played for Marquette and Cincinnati when both teams were in Conference USA.

When I first received the email that told us to create a Big East Dream Team I made a list within five minutes, then I asked a few friends what they thought of my list in then a little doubt crept in.  I eventually stuck with 11 of my original 12 picks. This was hard to narrow down because Big East basketball is rich with history and great players. Well, I gave it a shot in here the 12 players I would assemble on my team.

My Starting 5:

Patrick Ewing, Center, Georgetown(81-85) Ewing is the best big man to ever step foot in the Big East started a legacy that a lot of big men would follow. Without this intimidating national championship winning 7 foot monster Georgetown probably doesn’t land Mourning, Harrington, Mutombo and Hibbert in the future. Ewing controlled the paint on both sides of the floor and also led the Hoyas to a National Championship Title.

Derrick Coleman, Foward, Syracuse(86-90)DC was a big man who could score anywhere after he passes half court, a walking double double had a very smooth game for a 6’10” forward. DC made it cool for big men to be left handed and have handles. Left handers stand up.

Carmelo Anthony, Forward, Syracuse(02-03)
As a true Freshman Melo came to Syracuse in brought home a National Championship. This man is a threat to score soon as he leaves the locker room, with is inside-outside combination during his one year in the conference he averaged a double-double.

Ray Allen, Guard, Connecticut(93-96)At UConn, Ray was a prototype of a sweet, smooth and efficient game. Ray could dunk on you, shoot your face off from 3 or cross you up if you didn’t respect his dribble while making it all look effortless. The Allen vs. Iverson battle’s were priceless.

Allen Iverson, Guard, Georgetown(94-96)Iverson was the best person I’ve ever seen play in College, with ankle breaking handle that could electrify the crowd on command and a freakish scoring ability from a short slender stature nobody in there right mind can keep the man called “A.I.” off of this list.

The Bench:

Chris Mullin, Guard/Forward, St. John’s(81-85)The lucky lefty was robbed of a lot of points in college, why? Because he played before their was a 3-point line. Of course you have to a guy that can do everything good, All-American and Wooden Award winner. I’m a lefty also so him and DC fill my left hand quota.

Alonzo Mourning, Center, Georgetown(88-92)Zo is the next best big man to grace the Big East behind Ewing this is my opinion use the comment section to disagree. Zo like Ewing was an ultimate paint controller on both ends of the court. Zo was the defensive player of the year and an All-American. Zo put in work and this who I would like to control the paint if Ewing is tired, in foul trouble or if I want to twin tower attack.

Kemba Walker, Guard, Connecticut(08-11)Walker is the youngest player on the list. With his scoring ability, leadership and heart it’s no way I can leave him off of the list. Did anybody think the Huskies were going to win it all in 2011? In the main reason was a beast named Kemba Walker, I’d take him on my team any day.

Richard Hamilton, Guard, Connecticut(96-99)Hamilton has a smooth game, he also led the Huskies to the Nat. Championship,the most outstanding player of that tournament also and an All-American. Hamilton was a clutch player just check the highlights of the tournament. I developed a mid range jumpshot because of Hamilton, that’s enough right there to pick him besides his accolades.

Ed Pinckney, Foward, Villanova(81-85)Pinckney led Nova to one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history when they took down the Hoyas in the Nat. Championship game. Every team needs a player who has led a overachiever for leadership. Ed was a consistent scorer the Nova in one of their all time greats.

Billy Owens, Forward, Syracuse(88-91) Billy O was one of the 1st point forward style players I remember. Owens was a pure beast who could break the press with his handle or get points in the paint. This former All-American is a must have on my team for his versatility alone.

Donyell Marshall,Guard/Forward, Connecticut(92-94) At UConn Marshall was a scoring machine point-blank. The 1st image of UConn I remember is Marshall hanging 30+ points on multiple teams. Marshall was a problem on the court and I would want the other coaches to worry so I’d take him on my team.

How do you like My Big East Dream Team?  I personally feel like I did a great job for as many great players I had to pick from, so bring the slander or bring the praise. It was hard to pick 12 let alone a starting 5 but I went with the players l personally liked the most. Feel free to comment and tell me who you agree or disagree with. Also, don’t forget Vote for J. Smith @ My Big East Volvo.

NBA All-Star Weekend: Rising Stars Challenge

Tonight many young NBA players get to showcase their talent to the rest of the world. The teams will be coached by Chris Webber and Grant Hill. These young players are taking their first step into becoming NBA All-Stars. Before becoming perennial All-Stars players such as Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, and LeBron James started in this showcase. I like the Rising Stars Challenge, because the players are hungry, and are fighting to make a name for themselves. Take a look at a few highlights from previous games of the players that are now starring in the big game this Sunday.