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Vlog 22: The Browns fail a trade with the Bengals for McCarron

Shout out to the Browns being the Browns and failing to execute a trade with the Bengals for quarterback A.J. McCarron. They were supposed to give up a 2nd and 3rd round pick for the quarterback and failed to confirm with the NFL.

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Vlog 11: White NFL players join movement

Michael Bennett made the statement that white players needed to join the movement and during the last week they have done it. Justin Britt (Seahawks), Derek Carr (Raiders), Chris Long (Eagles), Seth DeValve (Browns) and others have some solidarity backing their brothers.

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Vlog 8: Watkins to the Rams, Elliott gets six games and quarterback play

Sammy Watkins traded to the Los Angeles Rams, Ezekiel Elliott gets suspended six games, Mitch Trubisky and Deshaun Watson impress in during first game action and Brock Osweiler and Mike Glennon look real bad in first action.

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Believeland: The Blessing and The Curse

By: Jasmine Lewis/@all_thatJas
There are no fans quite like diehard Cleveland fans. Now that may be the Northeast Ohio heritage coming out of me, but nothing and no one can convince me otherwise.

Got a problem… fight me! Now that, that’s out of the way, THERE ARE NO FANS QUITE LIKE DIEHARD CLEVELAND FANS. It takes a special kind of commitment, tenacity and resilience to allow yourself to be heartbroken year after year after year after year.

For much of our existence in the sports world, heartbreak has been our reality. We had the Cavs, our super annoyingly long-term relationship; we loved them, but it seemed the longer we were together, the further away the idea of a ring got. We had the Browns and Indians, our age-old marriage; we had our honeymoon phase, even our glory years if you will, but had no hopes of seeing a rekindle anytime soon.

And we had the Lake Erie Monsters; our new fling. It seemed fun but unsure if it was genuine and if anything would come of it. In a nutshell, if Cleveland sports were relationships, we would need counseling and plenty of it. As if we weren’t already in a perpetual state of hopelessness, ESPN broadcasted it to the entire world in the “30 for 30: Believeland”. The laughing stock of Ohio became the laughing stock of the country.

And then something amazing happened. 2016! There was an avalanche of blessings in Cleveland. Euclid native, Stipe Miocic became the UFC heavyweight champion. The record season holding, championship defending, first ever unanimous MVP having, Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead against none other than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After 46 years and the heartbreaking “Decision”, we finally got a chip. The Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup. We were at an all-time high, basking in the glory of successful sports stories. And then NFL season started. The Browns were being even more Brown-esque than usual. Started the season winless. (Still winless, btw.) We were willing to sacrifice them for the Cavs championship we won a few months prior.

But the Cleveland Indians… boy oh boy, did the Indians shock us all. October 19, we had a 3-1 lead against the Toronto Blue Jays and we showed Golden State what you do with a 3-1 lead. We closed it out to go onto the World Series. The only thing better than a Cavs championship is a Cavs championship and an Indians championship in the same year. So we watched… and we watched, after four games, we were up 3-1.

No sweat, we already proved we knew what to do with the 3-1 lead. But something happened. Those blessings dried up. I don’t know if it was karma for all of the 3-1 jokes we had made since June 19 or maybe the sports gods knew Cleveland would spontaneously combust if we got another chip this year, but we blew it.

We. Blew. It. We blew a 3-1 lead. The Cavs came back from a 3-1 lead and the Indians blew a 3-1 lead, in the same year. The pain was painful.

That’s obvious. But at least this year we got to experience more than pain, we experienced joy and then pain. We are coming for 2017 with everything we have.

No matter the outcome, any game, any sport, we won’t stop believing. We are believers and Cleveland is The Land we love. Believeland: the Blessing and the Curse.

Cleveland Browns trade out of 2nd spot

When the St. Louis Los Angeles Rams traded with the Tennessee Titans I told my friend the Browns should do the same if they were smart. I personally didn’t think they would because hey they are the Cleveland Browns, but too my surprise they listened to me (lol) and traded back.

With Hue Jackson on board and the signing of Robert Griffin the Browns have hope at the quarterback position for the first time in a long time so why draft a quarterback 2nd? If Jackson can make Dalton a good quarterback I don’t see why he can’t make Griffin good again and that’s no slight to Dalton we just all know Griffin was only slightly rated below Andrew Luck coming out, but many have seemed to forget that.

Trade Breakdown

Cleveland Browns get:

1st round pick (8th)

3rd round pick (77th)

4th round pick (100th)

1st round pick 2017

2nd round pick 2018

Philadelphia Eagles get:

1st round pick (2nd)

4th round pick 2017

The Eagles are lined up to get Carson Wentz with the second pick, I guess when you have Sam Bradford as your quarterback you have to gamble. They are giving up a lot for this kid so they better hope he pans out.


Watch: The Browns brown on Monday Night Football

I just want to say sorry to my good friend Donald Hancock, you are a good person and you don’t deserve stuff like this happening to your favorite team.

As it looked like the Browns would beat the Ravens on Monday Night Football a blocked(by Brent Urban) Travis Coons field goal turned into a 64 yard touchdown by Will Hill to secure defeat for the Browns.

Man this has to be rough.

Dear Cleveland Browns, It’s Time to Hand the Keys to Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel won his first game as a starting quarterback. Yes it was against the Tennesee Titans, but just as of last week, the Titans looked like world beaters. During the game, Manziel did some great things. He also did a few things that made head coach Mike Petine gray hair count increase a bit. Manziel’s numbers weren’t off the charts (8/15 172 yards 2Tds), but the main thing is that he didn’t turn the ball over. In Manziel’s previous performances, ball security was his major issue. Like in all sports, whenever you win the turnover battle it increases your chances at winning. With Manziel things will get better by the week kind of like it did in his early stages at Texas A&M.

Manziel didn’t start off his collegiate career playing like Johnny Football until he became more seasoned at the quarterback position. A few early losses to LSU and Florida made him work a bit harder, but the rest was history after he received his first few history lessons. I know the SEC is nothing like the NFL, but with anyone they get better with more reps. The Browns have invested in Manziel, which means that he should remain being the starting quarterback. Josh McCown is what we know him to be, and that is a journeyman quarterback that has a few good games here and there. McCown is best suited to be the backup quarterback, and he would serve as a great mentor to Manziel as he takes his lumps on the field.

In this day and age, quarterbacks that are drafted in the first-round usually come out the gates starting. The Browns have taken the old-school approach, by brining Manziel along slowly. I may be in the minority, but I feel that it’s time to hand the keys to Manziel. He may fail or he may flourish, but they would never know if he is relegated to the bench. The Browns have been searching for a quarterback since Uncle Charles died on the porch in the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony famous rap video “Crossroads”, and they may finally have their guy in Manziel. The Browns don’t need him to play like Johnny Football, but they need him to make a few timely throws and not to turn the ball over—as he did this past Sunday.

If it makes sense, the Browns normally don’t so it’ll be interesting if coach Petine goes with Manziel for the long haul. If he doesn’t, the Browns may need to consult with Kevin Costner to get them on the right path– hey, it worked in the movie Draft Day. All in all the Browns franchise will still be pedestrian with McCown at the helm, and it very may be the same with Manziel. The question is that, how would they know if he doesn’t see the field on a full-time basis?

NFL Report: Christmas in July

It’s so close I can smell it! The longest wait in all of professional sports, the NFL offseason, has almost reached its conclusion. With what started as an exciting, eventful spring, quickly turned to a lacklustre, dull summer. With the NFL taking a backseat to much more crowd pleasing stories and social media trends these past few months, I feel a brief recap is in order, followed by an 8 part series in the coming weeks before opening kickoff consisting of what I predict will happen this upcoming season. Enjoy.

After a controversy ridden playoffs, culminating with a questionable play call which resulted in the villainous New England Patriots winning their 4th Vince Lombardi trophy, the 30 remaining teams outside the Super Bowl 49 festivities exited the metaphorical gate with ferociousness. The Seahawks weren’t far behind, trading for red zone threat, Jimmy Graham and resigning corner stone, Marshawn Lynch, further deepening their Offensive core complimenting an already lethal defense. One team that also made some waves but did it on and around Draft Day was in my opinion, the Cleveland Browns. Snagging Dwayne Bowe, Brian Hartline, Randy Starks, Donte Whitner and even making the bold move of switching Terrelle Pryor to WR, should all result in a Browns playoff push, dependant on the QB carousel. Mix that with the kind of draft they had and you have a recipe for major success.
On the subject of the Draft, it should be noted that most teams had very competitive results. Each team had their strengths and weaknesses coming into the offseason and on paper it seems the management and coaching from almost every team did exactly what needed to be done. From Baltimore’s fulfillment of their ever absence WR core, to the Jets’ absolute cleanup of defensive studs, to Oakland whom landed a future pro bowler in Amari Cooper and added three workhorse linebackers. Though much can be made of draft rankings and projections of rookies, one can not properly gauge how well a team will do based on the players they selected in the draft.
One situation that can not be overlooked in this article is the rapidly increasing player suspensions that all take effect on the first week of the regular season. High profile names such as LeVeon Bell and Antonio Gates will be sitting the first few games out due to substance abuse violations, the most shocking name on the list of offenders though, the “DeflateGate” ringleader, Tom Brady. The Pats gunslinger will have to sit the first four games of the regular season, a daunting scenario Belichick and Co, would rather not endure to start the year, especially after the loss of a corner stone on defense, Darrelle Revis.
In other news, Ray Rice is still in search of a team to call home. While many teams would be the perfect suitor for the RB, none have pulled the trigger on a deal with him yet. In Denver, Peyton Manning made the decision to return for one final year, a sure fire way to boost his teammates coming into the 2015 season. Could the Broncos have a storybook ending to Peyton’s career? A la Ray Lewis? Numerous trades were made which will ultimately change the landscape of many divisions. Ndamukong Suh landed in Miami while Haloti Ngata filled the gap left by Suhs’ absence in Detroit. Drama ridden Brandon Marshall took his services to The New York Jets, a move that no one really saw coming. Leaving the Windy City is one thing, to go to the mediocre Jets is another.
All in all, it’s shaping up to be an ultra intense 2015 season. With so many alterations to franchises the stage is set for an unpredictable five months of football. This was just a minuscule preview, stay tuned for an in depth look into the 8 divisions and the predictions I have for each squadron.

Cleveland Browns will rock new uniforms for the 2015 season

A few weeks ago a small piece of the new Cleveland Browns jersey was leaked and on Tuesday the whole uniform was let out of the bag. I personally don’t like them and if they didn’t have Cleveland written on the front of the jersey I would think the new uniforms would be tight. Sometimes its a minor detail that can mess up everything.

Check out their new uniforms, do you like them?
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Cleveland Browns new jerseys revealed (front) pic.twitter.com/FJQKzKE6OA

— Darren Rovell(@darrenrovell) April 14, 2015

Johnny vs Everybody

Every year the media bloodhounds sniff out at least one NFL eligible college player whom they can focus in on and microscopically pick apart the life they lead, whether it be on or off the field. Sometimes we witness a few different athletes in the proverbial spotlight of the NFL world. It proves that no one is safe and that eyes are always on you in the social media age.

A few years ago we experienced the “Johnny Football” hysteria. A former Heisman trophy winner, Johnny quickly rose to stardom as the quarterback at Texas A&M. Known on the football field as a quick footed mobile play caller, off the field the image of Mr.Football was a much different story. A life filled with partying and very incriminating photos were an everyday routine for the freshman. Word spread like wildfire of his 2012 arrest, months before he was slated to become the starter, causing critics to swarm. He was cited for possessing a fake ID, something most underage Americans have. Though very minimal of an offence, the football community grabbed their pitchforks and came chanting.

With the world now watching like hawks, Johnny was in a complicated situation. Under heavy scrutiny he adjusted well. Breaking record after record in his rookie year he went on to win the Heisman. Showing talent that few possess, with athletic feats such as scrambling and hurdling massive opposing Dlines, Manziel dejected criticism due to spectacular play and unheard of stats.

Questioned since the world became aware of him, Manziel will now have to prove his current employer wrong once again. An apparent disbelief of his talent is evident in Cleveland, especially after a 4 year contract was inked in free agent Josh McCown’s name. A QB that is now playing for his 9th NFL team, with a horrible stat line, is anything but the answer for this lowly Browns squad.

Yes, Johnny has recently entered a rehabilitation program, this just shows his attitude is beginning to change, a trait that no one has seen from this troubled star. The public eye can be a dangerous place for people, certainly a 22 year old with the world on his shoulders would be no better off. To hold a clipboard on the sidelines your entire rookie year in the NFL and than thrown to the wolves near the end of the year can’t and shouldn’t be used to judge a quarterback. The Oline gave up by week 12 and the WR core was without another trouble stricken player, Josh Gordon. I firmly believe that if they allowed Manziel to take the team and run with it, literally and figuratively, after the preseason, Cleveland fans would most likely have experienced a postseason run.

At this point in time with your franchise missing out on postseason ball since the early 00’s, you have to take a chance. Placing Manziel in a category with Tim Tebow is illogical and unfair. Though I do believe Tebow could still be behind center in a few NFL markets, Johnny is heads above with his abilities.  His off field activities will begin to diminish if his rehabilitation truly is a self appointed act, not a publicity stunt.

This offseason will be interesting, the AFC North will continue to get tougher. Cleveland has long watched from the outside, last year coming within games of a spot. If coach Pettine can come back down to earth and deny what the media says, accepting Johnny for his talents on the field and not his mistakes off of it, there’s no telling what that Browns team can do. A chance to grow and a staff that believes in him, Manziel will be amongst the best. A theory that will soon be challenged, come this 2015 season.