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Vlog 4: Summer ’17 has been terrible for the Cleveland Cavaliers

I have a few vlogs already prerecorded that I numbered on the video like a rookie and this one will be out of order, but with how hot these Kyrie Irving trade talks are I had to give my two cents. So check my video out and meet me in the comments if you have thoughts about Cavaliers.

LeBron and Draymond take jabs at each other on social media the day of Golden State’s parade

With the Golden State Warriors celebrating in front of their fans in Oakland after taking care of the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1 in the NBA Finals, forward Draymond Green wore a shirt that said, “Quickie” with a Q that was the style as the letter in Quicken Arena, the Cavs home.

If you think it is petty? It is, but this level of petty has been 365 days in the making after coming back from a 3-1 deficit LeBron James wore a shirt that said, “Ultimate Warrior” during the parade in Cleveland, super throwback wrestler, but also a great jab at the Warriors for blowing 3-1 lead. James also used current Warriors as decoration for his Halloween party this past year.
Fast forward to Draymond wearing the shirt, LeBron clapping back twice and Draymond having choice words for the super team argument.

I wanted to make sure all the petty moments were done between the two before I posted so that is why I waited. Check out the jabs back and forth, I guess this gives more fuel to the Cavs-Warriors rivalry and gives us something to talk about.

…. That's what she said, HUH?!?!? 🤔🤔😂😂.

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Them dubs finally made him go bald!!! Congrats bro @kingjames

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The last one is the only that I don’t know if LeBron sent out!

LeBron and KD have a rap song together?

With the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors playing in their third straight finals and Kevin Durant now forming a super team with the Warriors a snippet of a LeBron and KD song has been released. Yes, it is a rap song and yes, they say it is from 2011, so whoever (I don’t feel like researching) released it must want some attention?

If you haven’t heard this intro check it out.

Do you think LeBron and KD make a “What A Time To Be Alive” or “Watch The Throne”? hahaha I kid!

Video: Kyrie Irving goes crazy for 42 points in Game 4 of the ECF against the Celtics

If you didn’t see the game yesterday, just know that Kyrie Irving put the team on his back when LeBron James picked up 4 fouls in the first half. Irving finished the game with 42 points and gave the Celtics whatever they wanted. If the Celtics could’ve prevented Irving from going crazy they might’ve won Game 4, but since they couldn’t we have a masterpiece of 42 points to talk about check out the highlights below.

No Thomas, no problem Avery Bradley hits game winner to down Cavs

I went to sleep the Cavs were up 5 points to begin the 4th quarter I personally thought the Celtics were having a good job good effort game. With no Isaiah Thomas and the Cavs being at home I thought no way they win and boom Avery Bradley hits a three to steal game 3 111-108 in Cleveland.

We know the Cavs will win the series but how did they let the Celtics win without IT? Some things you will never understand, but much props to the Celtics for not folding.

Avery Bradley with the game-winner against the Cavs. 🔥🔥🔥

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The NBA Playoffs have been predictable, for the Cavs and Warriors

So at the beginning of the season everyone thought Golden State and Cleveland were on a collision course to playing in the NBA Finals for three seasons in a row. With the Cavs being in the weak Eastern Conference and being the place that LeBron James calls home you had to agree they were the favorites in the East. In the West the Warriors added Kevin Durant to the same team that has Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Seems like a video game right?

The Cavs played like crap in the second half of the season, but we all knew that was because of injury, rest and inserting new pieces to the equation. Kevin Love was out for a few months due to injury as well as J.R. Smith, they had to incorporate new members Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, Derrick Williams and Andrew Bogut (Bogut only got to play a few minutes before suffering a season ending injury). They even allowed the Celtics to claim the number one seed in the East, but it hasn’t mattered because they have swept the Pacers and Raptors. They will face the winner of the Wizards-Celtics matchup that is currently 3-2 Celtics, but will make easy work with whichever teams survives their current series. So, unless something crazy happens this season the Cavs will be going to the finals.

In the West, the Warriors have had a good season, they dealt with Kevin Durant escaping a season ending knee injury. They struggled for a hand full of games to adapt without KD, but once they found stride it was the worst thing that could’ve happened to the league because now they remember how to play without KD on the floor. (Losing Harrison Barnes and adding Durant isn’t fair) JaVale McGee has been very solid off the bench, something before the season nobody predicted. Like the Cavs, the Warriors have swept the Trail Blazers and Jazz and are waiting on the winner of the Spurs-Rockets series that the Spurs are currently up 3-2. I personally think the Rockets would be a more interesting matchup for the Warriors because of their style of play, but even with that said I couldn’t see it going past five games.

So like most predicted before the season, the Cavs and Warriors will be facing each other for the third time in a row in the NBA Finals. The question is who gets the tie breaker? The series is knotted at one. Can the Cavs handle the all-star studded Warriors? Of is LeBron and his all-star crew kryptonite for Golden State? In June we will find out because neither the Wizards, Celtics, Spurs nor Rockets can stop this third NBA Finals matchup. The writing is on the wall pleighboi.

Believeland: The Blessing and The Curse

By: Jasmine Lewis/@all_thatJas
There are no fans quite like diehard Cleveland fans. Now that may be the Northeast Ohio heritage coming out of me, but nothing and no one can convince me otherwise.

Got a problem… fight me! Now that, that’s out of the way, THERE ARE NO FANS QUITE LIKE DIEHARD CLEVELAND FANS. It takes a special kind of commitment, tenacity and resilience to allow yourself to be heartbroken year after year after year after year.

For much of our existence in the sports world, heartbreak has been our reality. We had the Cavs, our super annoyingly long-term relationship; we loved them, but it seemed the longer we were together, the further away the idea of a ring got. We had the Browns and Indians, our age-old marriage; we had our honeymoon phase, even our glory years if you will, but had no hopes of seeing a rekindle anytime soon.

And we had the Lake Erie Monsters; our new fling. It seemed fun but unsure if it was genuine and if anything would come of it. In a nutshell, if Cleveland sports were relationships, we would need counseling and plenty of it. As if we weren’t already in a perpetual state of hopelessness, ESPN broadcasted it to the entire world in the “30 for 30: Believeland”. The laughing stock of Ohio became the laughing stock of the country.

And then something amazing happened. 2016! There was an avalanche of blessings in Cleveland. Euclid native, Stipe Miocic became the UFC heavyweight champion. The record season holding, championship defending, first ever unanimous MVP having, Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead against none other than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After 46 years and the heartbreaking “Decision”, we finally got a chip. The Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup. We were at an all-time high, basking in the glory of successful sports stories. And then NFL season started. The Browns were being even more Brown-esque than usual. Started the season winless. (Still winless, btw.) We were willing to sacrifice them for the Cavs championship we won a few months prior.

But the Cleveland Indians… boy oh boy, did the Indians shock us all. October 19, we had a 3-1 lead against the Toronto Blue Jays and we showed Golden State what you do with a 3-1 lead. We closed it out to go onto the World Series. The only thing better than a Cavs championship is a Cavs championship and an Indians championship in the same year. So we watched… and we watched, after four games, we were up 3-1.

No sweat, we already proved we knew what to do with the 3-1 lead. But something happened. Those blessings dried up. I don’t know if it was karma for all of the 3-1 jokes we had made since June 19 or maybe the sports gods knew Cleveland would spontaneously combust if we got another chip this year, but we blew it.

We. Blew. It. We blew a 3-1 lead. The Cavs came back from a 3-1 lead and the Indians blew a 3-1 lead, in the same year. The pain was painful.

That’s obvious. But at least this year we got to experience more than pain, we experienced joy and then pain. We are coming for 2017 with everything we have.

No matter the outcome, any game, any sport, we won’t stop believing. We are believers and Cleveland is The Land we love. Believeland: the Blessing and the Curse.

Watch: Nike’s Cleveland “Worth the Wait” Commercial

After the Cleveland Cavaliers broke the streak and brought home their first NBA title ever. Nike like any great marketing firm fired off a dope commercial about the joy in Cleveland.

I’m not a Cavs fan, but you can’t knock this commercial or the genuine emotions shared by their fans.

Check out the commercial.