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Vlog 13: Hopkins and Stafford get new deals and Haden gets a new home

De’Andre Hopkins signed a five year, $81 million extension with $49 million guaranteed last week, I guess that holdout helped last season.

Matthew Stafford signed a five year, $135 million extension making him the highest paid player in the NFL. $95 million is guaranteed and he received a $50 million signing bonus.

Joe Haden was released by the Cleveland Browns and signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Haden signed a three year deal for $27 million.

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Watch: Kam Chancellor seals Seahawks win with strip of Calvin Johnson

I’m pretty sure the Michael Jordan cry face will be used for the great Calvin Johnson while at the goal line he was stripped by Kam Chancellor. With the strip Kam sealed the win for the Seahawks and showed the world why he is worth the money he was holding out for (He didn’t get it, but you get the point).

Lions fans, man I have no words. Seahawks win 13-10.

Watch: Calvin Johnson show the world he still has amazing hands

During the first half of the Lions Broncos game while being guarded by Aqib Talib, Calvin Johnson showed the world why we call him Megatron when he made an amazing play on a ball that would’ve been a pick six if he wasn’t so good.

Hey Matthew Stafford you owe Calvin some money bro.

Is Ndamukong Suh Worth the Money?

Guest Blogger: Gibran Arnold
As the news broke that Ndamukong Suh signed with the Miami Dolphins for $60 million guaranteed I began to wonder. Is he worth that much? Could a DT lead his team to a superbowl? Would I have paid that much for a DT? My answer is NO! Football is made up of two type of people. People who play for the game and people who play for themselves. Suh is one who plays for himself. In his case, he left a team that were only a couple players away from making a huge step in making a run to the Super Bowl. Offensively you have one of the better QBs and WRs in the league in Golden Tate, Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford. They need a little help on the offensive line, but no major needs. Depth on the offensive is a concern, but that’s something they could address in the draft.
The Lions also have a young good hungry defense that ranked 1st in the league in stopping the run. You have all the makings of a team on the cusp of making a run in the post season, but what does Suh do? He bolts to a mediocre team with a good pass rusher in Cameron Wake and an unproven offense. The wide receivers are inconsistent as well as quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Suh proves that he left for one reason and one reason alone and that was for the CASH. Suh plays for Suh and not for the sake of the team.
He could have gotten paid by staying in Detroit and finishing what he started there, but he chose otherwise. So if Miami does not make the playoffs could we blame Suh? I say yes. Suh wants to get paid like the man, and with being the man you get the blame like the man.

Suh being Suh puts wrench in Lions playoff outlook

Detroit Lions star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was suspended for one game because of him stepping on Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers ankle/calf area twice within a short period of time. During the game when I saw the play live I knew there was no way Suh would get off for the incident. Check the video below.

The problem with the one game suspension for the Lions is that it comes during a playoff matchup against the Cowboys. If there was a game the Lions needed Suh this would be the game against a run first offense with a strong offensive line.

Suh has applied to for an appeal so it is possible he will play, but with his history they may deal the appeal, but for the sake of the fans watching the game hopefully he will be able to play. I say that to say I don’t condone what he did to Rodgers it was dirty, but we don’t want to see the Cowboys steamroll the Lions because they are handicapped by a big lose. I say that to say this, if Suh can’t play he can only blame himself.

The Lions will be an underdog with Suh playing or not. Suh having a relapse certainly didn’t make any Cowboys fans sad. I’m pretty sure the Cowboys players will send Suh a thank you card, I know I would especially the entire offensive side of the ball.

Do you agree with the suspension? Yes, No or indifferent? Let us know in the comment section.

Suh won the appeal and will play in the playoffs. He received a fine for the amount of 70k.

Ravens Justin Tucker hits game winning 61 yard field goal

The Ravens beat the Lions 18-16 on Monday Night Football. These teams must have read Ron’s post.

Both teams are battling for playoff spots in theit respective conference’s. Justin Tucker who may be becoming my new favorite place kicker showed up big in the bright lights of Monday Night Football hitting 6 field goals including a game winner from 61 yards.

I know Bengals and Lions fans cringed watching this one go through the uprights.

Checkout the video.

Week 10: NFL Games of the Week


I’ve been on a roll the past week going 5-1 on my selections. I don’t know if that is pure luck or if my crystal ball is starting to work. I don’t want to get ahead of myself just yet, because week to week the games get even more unpredictable. The Vikings and Redskins kicked off the week in entertaining fashion, and I look forward to seeing many exciting games this weekend as well. Take a look at our selections for this week, feel free to comment.

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints are very hard to beat playing at home. After coming off of a disappointing defeat last week against the Jets I think they will be too much for the Cowboys. With Rob Ryan playing against the team that fired him I think that the Saints defense will look to create a lot of turnovers this week. Saints win big.

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

The Bears have looked pretty well without Jay Cutler, and if he is expected to come back this week against the Bears then Chicago Bears fans should be excited. The Detroit Lions seem to be for real, but I think their cornerbacks could be very vulnerable against Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall. The Lions beat the Bears at home, and now it’s the Bears turn to return the favor.

Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco 49ers

This game takes me back to the late 1990’s when the Panthers and 49ers use to duke it out. The Panthers would have the Niners number with former 49ers Head Coach George Seifert leading the charge. Today, the game isn’t a rivalry like it once was, but it is a huge game for both teams. Cam Newton has played great as a game manager, and he has limited his turnovers. The same has benefited for Colin Kaepernick. Since the 49ers receivers were not healthy in the beginning of the season, Coach Harbaugh decided it was time to go back to smash mouth football, and the Niners have won four straight games. Mario Manningham returns to the lineup, but I doubt he makes a huge impact. Michael Crabtree has returned to practice, but will not suit up. All in all I think it will be a great game, but I have my Niners winning the game.

Megatron Put on a Show for the Ages



I had the opportunity to be in the building this past Sunday to watch the Lions and Cowboys game. Prior to buying the tickets I had a feeling that the game will be pretty entertaining. My wife is a Cowboys fan so I felt it was the perfect opportunity to go to the game. Being the 49er fan that I am I knew we had a week off facing off against the Jaguars, so I really didn’t sacrifice much with my missing my team lol.

I will say the game was more than entertaining than I thought would be. The Cowboys and Lions traded blows the whole game. Dez Bryant, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson, and Matthew Stafford made big plays throughout the game. It was  interesting to see the lack of adjustments made by Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin after Megatron went for over 200 yards in the first half.

The end of the game was very dramatic, and Matthew Stafford scored on a one yard run, catching the Cowboys off guard as he faked them into thinking he was going to kill the clock. and the Lions came out on top, due to a one yard run by Matthew Stafford.

Halftime was pretty cool as well. The Lions did a tribute to the 50 best players in the past 50 years, so it was pretty cool to see Barry Sanders, Chris Speilman, Herman Moore, and Robert Porcher in person.

A few guys were arrested and escorted out due to a Cowboys Lions beef at the game that may been similar to a the Bloods and Crips at the time. It was a very hostile environment for Lions fans since they were nearly outnumbered by Cowboys fans.

Back to the game……

Calvin Johnson put on a show for the ages and came within 7 yards of breaking the NFL single game receiving record with 329 yards, but beat the Lions team receiving record. Johnson also had 14 receptions and one touchdown.  As a football fan I can say that I got my money’s worth after viewing an instant classic. Megatron’s big game seemed so effortless, and it looked like he was playing against children while out on the field (Sorry Brandon Carr).

It was a packed house, and it was a sight to see the Cowboys fans inside of  Ford Field celebrate prematurely thinking they had the game in the bag. With Ford Field having about half of the crowd being Cowboys fans there were a lot of sad faces. The game is not over until there are all zero’s on the scoreboard, and when the zeros were on the scoreboard the Lions had more points that Jerry’s boys.

All in all it was a great experience. We were able to witness history with Megatron, and we also got to see Dez Bryant throw a fit on the sideline (which I support, Dez was open the whole game).  This is a game that many people will remember for the rest of their lives. Memo to Cowboys fans, there will be better days. You guys can’t blame Romo for this one.



Week 8: NFL Games of the Week


After going 1-5 the past few weeks, I am feeling like I am in Tampa Bay Buccaneers mode as of now, searching for an answer.  It is at the halfway point of the season so there is still room for improvment. This week is crucuial for several teams that are trying to take the next leap. With it being at the midpoint of the season teams can get a step closer to the playoffs or a step closer to the first selection of the NFL Draft. There are several entertaining games this week to keep an eye on. Take a look at our selections.

Dallas Cowboys @ Detroit Lions

Both teams are 4-3 and are looking to take the next step.  I feel that that the Cowboys are playing pretty well, but they will miss Demarco Murray and Demarcus Ware in this contest. Without Ware on the field it gives Matthew Stafford confidence to stand in the pocket to deliver the ball. The Lions lost a heartbreaker last weekend to Cincinnati, and will look to bounce back. I think Tony Romo and the offense will hold their own, but withoutWare they will miss the pass rush making the defensive backs even more vulnerable. Lions win a close one.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are playing solid, and they are flying under the radar. The New York Jets are playing good as well. Geno Smith is getting better each game, but his progress may be halted, due to playing against the Bengals D. The Defense of the Bengals will look to feast on the rookie and make several big plays. I don’t think there will be too much offense in this game. Mike Nugent may have to lead the Bengals to victory. Bengals win in a close game.

San Francisco 49ers @ Jacksonville Jags (Wembley Stadium)

Roger Goodell has done a good job in expanding the NFL fan base. With this game being in London it gives fans to see a NFL game in person. I feel bad that the fans get to watch the Jags, but hey at least they get to see my Niners. I have the Niners winning big, and the Jags will be one step closer to the No.1 pick in the draft. I don’t know if should blame MJD’s dreadlocks, or the lack of a quarterback for the demise of the Jags.

NFL Week 7: Games of the Week


I had a rough week due to my bad predictions. After going 3-0 in the previous week I bottomed out going 0-3 in last weeks predictions. I don’t know what was wrong with my crystal ball, but I think I have the remedy to fix it. Like the weeks before there are many games that will keep you entertained this weekend. Let’s see if the prediction Gods are on my side, let me get a few right this time around. Here is a look at our selections for NFL Games of the week, enjoy!

Cincinnati Bengals @ Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson is back in the fold, and the Lions are continuing to fly under the radar. The Bengals have won some tough games as of late, but think they will fall short against the Lions on the road.

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

This game could spell the the end of the Michael Vick era in Philly. Vick has been playing well, but Nick Foles has been just as efficient. I am a huge fan of Vick, so I hope it’s not the end for him. The Dallas Cowboys have been impressive despite being 3-3. I think Dallas will continue that trend, and defeat the Eagles in a close one.

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts (Sunday Night Football)

Peyton Manning returns to the house he built. Andrew Luck is now renting out the Lucas Oil Stadium, but that is Peyton Mannings building no matter what. Manning will be emotional as he will be getting a tribute presented by the Indy Colts. Peyton Manning is a competitive person, and will look to make a point to Colts GM Jim Irsay who took Luck to replace him. I think Manning has a huge day, and has the last laugh of the feud between him and Irsay. Broncos win big!