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Watch: Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James Sends A Powerful Statement at the ESPY’s

Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James took center stage in the opening portion of the ESPY’s. The four megastars used the platform to promote social change. Touching on matters such as gun violence, racial profiling, community involvement, and other prevalent issues, were brought to the forefront. Oftentimes big time athletes are afraid to touch on social issues in fear of losing fans, money, and endorsements, so this was refreshing to see.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below.

Kudos to the banana boat crew.

NBA Free Agency: Who Goes Where?

The free agent period of the NBA begins at midnight ET tonight, and there is plenty of buzz as different star players may be making franchise altering decisions in the next few days. PFs LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love are the top two players available, and both seem to be on the move. C Marc Gasol, G Goran Dragic and restricted free agents G Jimmy Butler and F Draymond Green are just a few of the key, impact players available. Former NBA Champions and aging veterans are on the market, such as G Dwayne Wade and C Tyson Chandler, who are each looking to capitalize on one last big contract in the twilight of their careers.

Free Agency may be bigger now than it has ever been, especially in the NBA. It’s going to be exciting to watch the flurry of action that shall unfold in the next few days. For now, here is my take on where some of the key free agents will be suiting up next season:

PF LaMarcus Aldridge – San Antonio Spurs

Portland Trail Blazers v Houston RocketsSurprised, huh? You shouldn’t be, especially after Aldridge just finished a nine-year stint in Portland, which isn’t a huge market itself. In fact, Aldridge just spent almost an entire decade getting stranded in the Western Conference by the likes of teams like these Spurs. It is said that Aldridge has called PF Tim Duncan one of his heroes, so it would be fitting to play with Duncan in what could be his final season, having the chance to play for a championship and then continue to carry the torch for the team in the coming seasons. A future core can be built around Aldridge and SF Kawhi Leonard, which would be enticing enough to lure a free agent play-maker in the future once the contracts of PG Tony Parker, G Manu Ginobili, and the formentioned Duncan are off the books.

PF Kevin Love – Los Angeles Lakers

This is another move that I think is a no-brainer. Love obviously isn’t returning to Cleveland, after sending mixed signals about wanting to play with F LeBron James all season long. Now that the Lakers have the cap room to offer Love a max-deal, he will gladly take his ticket home. Love, of course, is a former UCLA Bruin, and it has been long rumored that he had been interested in playing for the Lakers. The chance to play with G Kobe Bryant, along with the young talents of F Julius Randle and G D’Angelo Russell bode well for the team’s short and long term future.

C Marc Gasol – New York Knicks

marc gasolThe Knicks HAVE to make a splash, especially after making a questionable call and landing F Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth overall pick in the draft. Not only would signing Gasol get the fans and NBA world back on the Knicks’ side, it would really improve their basketball team as well. As many know, president Phil Jackson is pushing the triangle offense, and Gasol’s skill set is that of the ideal big man to operate successfully in the triangle. Teaming up with F Carmelo Anthony would probably be the best shot that Gasol would have at an NBA Championship at this point in his career, and I’m sure that his brother, F Pau Gasol, is telling him to trust what Phil Jackson says in delivering wins.

F Greg Monroe – Boston Celtics

This is my big free agent surprise. It is believed that Monroe is no longer wanted by Pistons’ president Stan Van Gundy, so Monroe has the ability to seek out the max-deal he seeks elsewhere. While I don’t believe he will find that kind of money on the open market, I do believe the Celtics could ante up and make a move on a big man that they desperately need while trying to take their team to the next level. Monroe would instantly become the No. 1 option on offense for Boston, and would be its highest paid player. Not bad for a guy like Monroe.

The easier predictions:

Gs Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic stay in Miami

G Jimmy Butler returns to Chicago

Oh…. and,

F LeBron James remains a Cleveland Cavalier

Enjoy the the rest of the NBA off season, and be sure to keep up with our coverage of everything NBA and sports!

Dwyane Wade Has Become the Derek Jeter of the NBA

The NBA Playoffs will kick off this weekend, and for the first time in a long time the Miami Heat will be missing in action. Over the past four seasons the Heat made it to the NBA Finals and walked away with two championships, and it was a historic run that the game of basketball will never forget. Fast forwarding to this season, the expectations of the Heat were low. With the best basketball player in the world in LeBron James no longer on their team it was easy to give the Heat a pass for not being a good team. 

Many would figure that a team that is bringing back 80% of their core players could garner a playoff spot in the lowly Eastern Conference. Well, that didn’t happen. With an unexpected non-basketball injury to Chris Bosh it put a big damper on the Heatles’ playoff hopes. Even with Bosh out, you would figure that a Dwyane Wade team with Luol Deng and Goran Dragic would make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, but that didn’t happen either. Everyone knows if this situation happened with any other superstar like a Carmelo Anthony all hell would break loose in the media. This comes to show you how loyalty, longevity, and championships can protect a player at all costs. The player im talking about is Dwyane Wade, who is close to untouchable when it comes to criticsm. At this point in Dwyane Wade’s career he is what Derek Jeter was to the Yankees. 

Like Jeter, Wade is a proven champion and is a first-ballot hall of fame whenever he decides to retire from the game of basketball. Both Jeter and Wade established their legacies early in their careers by winning titles and playing for a high level for many years. It’s even ironic that both of them won championships by taking secondary roles by playing with polarizing superstars in Alex Rodriguez and LeBron James. Both Jeter and Wade are close to be untouchable when it comes to criticsm, and their shortcomings were and are often blamed on those around them. 

In reference to this year’s basketball season its been a clear of example of Wade showing that he is the Teflon Don of the NBA ( Word to Ed The Sports Fan). People have accepted that Wade is an often injured player that is still efficient when he is healthy. The problem is that Wade hasn’t played more than 70 games since the 2010-2011 NBA season. This past year he played in 62 games and averaged 21.5 points and 4.8 assists. It’s no secret that Wade can still play, but I’m sure the Heat would have loved if Wade played at least 70 games to sure up a playoff bid for them. Wade has brought the Miami Heat three championships and is a rare player in this era of basketball that played all of his years with one team. As Jalen Rose would say, Wade is fully entrenched in the Miami Heat Mafia, and everyone knows that if you are in any type of mafia you are untouchable. 

Wade is a global sports icon like Derek Jeter who can do no wrong in the eyes of the sports media. So what if Wade takes FMLA time during the season and rest his knees on nights when he doesn’t feel like suiting up. I guess it comes with the territory if you are a champion who is loyal. Many can’t say they have entered this territory, but it’s safe to say that Dwyane Wade is the Derek Jeter of the NBA, and after looking at Wade’s basketball credentials that’s perfectly fine when you have won championships in many ways, displayed loyalty to teammates, coaches, and the front office through the good and bad times of being apart of an organization. 

NBA All-Star: The injury bug has hit current All-Star’s hard

The NBA All-Star game will be in the big apple this weekend and now the starters and reserves have been revealed. We will highlight the original picks for both conferences in this article, but days after both teams were picked a few of the stars were hit with the serious injury bug that will keep them out of the game.

This is a bummer for the players and the fans, but it is a blessing for a few players that were snubbed earlier in the process and now picked to become an All-Star. Honestly there are a handful of players that still deserve to play this weekend, but that isn’t what this post is about.

Original Starters for the Western Conference:

Steph Curry (Warriors), Kobe Bryant (Lakers), Anthony Davis (Pelicans), Marc Gasol (Grizzlies) and Blake Griffin (Clippers)

Original Starters for the Eastern Conference:

LeBron James (Cavs), Carmelo Anthony (Knicks), Kyle Lowry (Raptors), John Wall (Wizards) and Pau Gasol (Bulls)

Original Reserves for the Western Conference:

LaMarcus Aldridge (Trail Blazers), Kevin Durant (Thunder), Tim Duncan (Spurs), Klay Thompson (Warriors), James Harden (Rockets), Chris Paul (Clippers) and Russell Westbrook (Thunder)

Original Reserves for the Eastern Conference:

Paul Millsap (Hawks), Al Horford (Hawks), Chris Bosh (Heat), Kyrie Irving (Cavs), Jimmy Butler (Bulls), Dwyane Wade (Heat) and Jeff Teague (Hawks)

So now we have displayed the original team, but injuries to Bryant, Griffin, Davis, Anthony, Butler and Wade have changed who might be playing in this year’s All-Star game.

Bryant is out for the season with a torn rotator cuff and has been replaced by DeMarcus Cousins (Kings).

Blake Griffin is out for 2-6 weeks with a staph infection in his right elbow and has been replaced by Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers).

Anthony Davis hurt his shoulder and Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs) is replacing him.

LaMarcus Aldridge is currently playing with a hand injury, but there are no reports that he will sit out the All-Star game.

Dwyane Wade has a hamstring injury that will keep him out and will be replaced by Kyle Korver (Hawks).

Carmelo Anthony has a balky knee that has been giving him trouble and he’s contemplating sitting out the All-Star game. We will monitor that situation.

Jimmy Butler has a strained shoulder that may keep him out of the All-Star game. So we will keep an eye on this situation.

Hopefully nobody else has to sit out the game due to injury. The NBA does a great job putting on an excellent show during their all-star festivities and I look forward to watching this weekend.


What will happen to Wade?


Unless you live under a rock, you know that all of the talk surrounding sports is the NBA free agency. Most folks are focused on LeBron James and The Decision part two. However, I have been spending my time trying to figure out what will happen to D. Wade.

It’s obvious that Wade is trying to be a leader and keep his team together. Many folks want to know why he would do such a thing.  I think the short answer is that he wants to win a few more championships before he retires. Dude opted out of $41.8 million over two years. After that contract was up he could have possibly re-signed with his current team, or signed for some additional cash with another team.

Many will argue that D. Wade didn’t contribute much on the court during the playoffs, but I don’t think anybody can argue that by opting out he is making a major contribution to the Heat organization.  In my opinion he did it to make sure the Heat had enough money to make the moves they needed to this offseason, including keeping Bosh and James. Bosh has been offered a max deal by the Rockets and James has not made a decision yet. If both James and Bosh decide to walk, where does that leave Wade?

NBA Playoffs: The Monitoring of Dwyane Wade May Have Paid Off


I know it’s early into the playoffs, and the Heat are playing the Bobcats, but Dwyane Wade has looked pretty good thus far. Dwyane Wade was just recently a top 5 NBA player just a few seasons ago, but those days are far gone.

In all honesty Dwyane Wade has the best part-time job in the world, but when on the floor he is very effective. In 54 games this season Wade averaged 19.0 ppg, which is his lowest average since his rookie season, but he is shooting close to 55% from the field.

At times, this season it appeared that Wade was on vacation in the Bahamas
more than he was on the hardwood. Despite the “vacations” and injuries Wade seems to be playoff ready.

Wade is no longer “Flash”, but he can show flashes from time to time. This version of Dwyane Wade is a lot smarter, and he takes better shots and picks and chooses his spots better than his early days. It also helps to have LeBron James and Chris Bosh to shoulder the load with.

Dwyane Wade has been criticized for using too many of his FMLA days during the regular season, but Erik Spoelstra and the Heat knew it was important to save Wade for the playoffs.

Through two playoff games Wade has looked rejuvenated, and the plan of resting Wade during the season is looking like a brilliant move. I know it’s early in the playoffs, but if D-Wade can continue to show flashes of “Flash” the Heat will popping champagne bottles in Club Liv during the month of June.

NBA All-Star Weekend: Rising Stars Challenge

Tonight many young NBA players get to showcase their talent to the rest of the world. The teams will be coached by Chris Webber and Grant Hill. These young players are taking their first step into becoming NBA All-Stars. Before becoming perennial All-Stars players such as Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, and LeBron James started in this showcase. I like the Rising Stars Challenge, because the players are hungry, and are fighting to make a name for themselves. Take a look at a few highlights from previous games of the players that are now starring in the big game this Sunday.

The Mastermind of Dwyane Wade


Prior to teaming up with Chris Bosh and LeBron James Dwyane Wade was everything to the Miami Heat. The Future Hall of Famer brought them a championship in 2006, and has been one of the top five players in the NBA for majority of his career.  Pat Riley and D.Wade were the brains behind bringing in LeBron James and Chris Bosh to form this super team. Four years in to playing with this version of the Heat they are aiming to make their fourth finals appearance and winning a third championship ring.

Each year gets tougher to repeat as a champion. Other teams improve, and then you have to deal with the mental aspect of repeating as champions, and the physical toll it takes on a player’s body to play deep into the postseason for consecutive years. 

In Dwyane Wade’s case he isn’t “Flash” in 2006, but he shows flashes of being flash (word to Jalen Rose).  I often joke that Wade has the best part time job in the world, but when looking at the big picture it’s the perfect plan the way the Heat are managing Wade’s minutes and games played.  Wade knew that his body couldn’t take a pounding year after year, so he recruited James to do the heavier lifting.  It was very unselfish, and masterful that Wade took a back seat to LBJ. When you are playing with the best player in the world, you have no choice but to step back.

 A lot of players of Wade’s stature wouldn’t have taken a step back.  I call Wade the mastermind, because he sees the big picture. By Wade taking the backseat to LBJ he can enhance his legacy by winning more rings and brand by being unselfish and having no problem with being the best player on the Heatles. This season Wade may have taken a vacation or two during the season to the Bahamas, but when he’s been on the court he’s been highly efficient. Wade is averaging 18.4ppg, 5 rpg, and 5 apg, and is shooting 54%. On paper the numbers may be lower than usual, but the impact is there when he plays. If Wade can duplicate those numbers or even improve slightly in the playoffs the Heat will ride off into the sunset with a three-peat.

The Miami Heat team is a veteran group and can win under any circumstance so it doesn’t make sense for them to run out of gas during the regular season trying to win the No.1 seed in the Eastern Conference. They’ve proven that they can win tough games on the road in the playoffs, and as of now health is more important than anything.  Looking at the standings the Heat are 2.5 games behind the Pacers.  I’m no math major, but Dwyane Wade has missed fifteen games, and the Heat is only 2.5 games back. I can bet you that the Heat would have a convincing lead over the Pacers if “Flashes” played more games.

 Dwyane Wade knows that his health is not what it was once when he was 25, and he knows that the regular season doesn’t crown anyone.  Wade may clock in when wants to during the regular season, but when April comes he knows that it’s time to chase another ring, and I am pretty sure that he will be more than ready when the time comes.




Heat Three-Peat, or Nah?


One, Two, Three,…and counting

By: Ronnie Hamp

The Miami Heat are looking to three peat this upcoming season. The
Heat have been to the last three NBA finals which is a remarkable
feat. The Heatles last title run brought many challenges, but, they
hoisted up the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the season. Since
then several teams have tried to catch up with the Heat to take the
throne from them. Teams such as the Pacers, Spurs, Nets, and Thunder
(with Westbrook) pose as real threats to the Heat, but when you have
the best player in the game playing with an even better supporting
cast it makes it a tough task to handle. When the Heat win title No. 3
the next question is that, Will the Big Three stick together to make
this dynasty official? The free agency period is a long time from now,
so until then lets enjoy the ride to #3.

No legit threat

Call me crazy, but I feel that there is no legit threat to dethrone
the Heat. In the Eastern Conference, the Pacers improved in all areas,
but they failed to add a point guard which could have changed my mind
a bit. The Bulls are a tough team, but they peaked three years ago
when the Heat were in their first season, and they lost in the Eastern
Conference Finals 4-1. LeBron James is better, and the chemistry is on
another level, so I see it tough for the Bulls. Maybe GBE can help?
The Brooklyn Nets may have the best starting lineup in the NBA on
paper, but that does not always translate to wins. I think Deron
Williams will play great under Jason Kidd, but I think Paul Pierces
psyche may be off by being in a different environment for the first
time in his career. In the West you have the Spurs, Grizzles, and
Thunder to worry about to a certain extent, but nothing to sweat over.
Even though the Spurs took the Heat to 7 games they are also a year
older. The Thunder will be up there, but the ghost of James Harden
will continue to haunt them. The Grizzlies are the same team as last
year, and they brought in Mike Miller for some shooting, but can they
muster enough offense to compete with the champs? I’d say no.

Role Players

I am not even going to mention Greg Oden, because there is a huge
unknown, but if he plays we already know what to expect with his
defense and rebounding. When Jordan won his titles he had role players
such as Kerr, Kukoc, Buchler, Bison Dele, Ron Harper, John Paxon, and
B.J. Armstrong. LeBron & Co. have a great stable of role players. Guys
like Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, UD, Birdman, Ray Allen, and Michael
Beasley are perfect compliments to the “Big Three”. If you can get
around 70 points from the “Big Three”, How hard is it to make up for
the rest? Role players like Chalmers, Beasley, and Allen can all erupt
for points very quickly when given the opportunites.

Coach Spo

Erik Spoelstra will never get credit for being a top tier coach.
LeBron has improved so much as a player while wearing a Heat uniform,
and Spo has some reason for that. I know that Spo has a team of stars,
but he is putting them in the best position to succeed as a team.
Spo’s unconvientional lineups will always throw opposing teams off,
and he isn’t afraid to challenge his stars. Phil Jackson has two hands
full of championship rings. Did he win any of those ring without Shaq,
Kobe,Pippen, or Jordan? My point exactly.


This is a team that knows what is at stake. There aren’t many players
that can say they’ve three-peat as a NBA Champion. With guys on the
roster having the taste of winning they will only get hungry for more.
The Heat players know that this may be the last time they all play
together this season due to players being able to opt out of the
contracts next season. With Pat Riley being at the helm of everything
he will let his coaches and players know what is at stake. Riley never
three peated as a coach or player, but he will get a legit chance to
this time in a front office position.

LeBron James

LBJ, LeBron, King James, or whatever you want to call him is head
above the rest of the NBA. I know guys like Kevin Durant, Melo, and
Derrick Rose are fan favorites, but at the end of the day they can’t
hold a candle to him. LeBron has quieted haters for the past two
seasons, and he will only continue to do so. The four-time MVP (should
be 5) is only 28 years of age, which means he has a lot of basketball
to play for the rest of his career. LeBron has aspirations of being
the best player that the game of basketball has ever seen, and the
only way to get close to that is to win championships. We all know
that Dwyane Wade is not the Wade of 2006 or 2009, but Wade has the
luxury to play second or third fiddle to LBJ. Chris Bosh is not an
intimidating force, but he will have his best season as a Heat Player.
LeBron is the center of everything for the Heat. The Heat goes as he
goes, and when LeBron gets a head start you can forget about it. When
LeBron said Not 1…Not 2…Not.3… and so on many people laughed,
but if LBJ keeps it up he may have the last laugh.


Not 5, not 6, just 2…
By: Derrick Bond

1. Lebron James is the best basketball player on planet earth. He was
not the best his rookie season in 2004. He was not the best in 2009
despite his commercials battling with Kobe Bryant. Right now however
in 2013 Lebron is by far the best player in the world on the best team
and Kevin Durant a dominant player in his own right is a distant
second. I’m aware of the off season acquisitions of Michael Beasley,
Greg Oden and Roger Mason. I’m aware the “Big Three” remains intact.
With that being said I’m going to give you the top five reasons why
the Miami Heat will not win the 2014 NBA title.

Will Dwayne Wade be healthy?

The last three seasons Wades health particularly his knee’s have been
a tremendous question mark. At stretches he looks like an average NBA
two guard compared to his top form in 2007. I think it’s safe to say
he is no longer a superstar because of his steady decline and
postseason disappearances. Oddly Wade has managed to return to
greatness at times during the last two postseasons but I don’t see it
happening this season.

The health and age of the backup singers

Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem and Dwayne
Wade who will be 32, are all in their mid 30’s not exactly the peak
age for playing basketball for another grueling 82 game schedule and
extended postseason. You can go ahead and add Greg Oden to this list
because of countless injuries his knee’s are about 214 years old. As
we saw in game 6, title number two does not happen without maybe the
clutchest shot in NBA history by role player Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Simply the odds

The “Heatles” have made the finals the last three seasons straight.
That’s right don’t forget about that shocking loss to Dallas. Only
three teams have made the finals four straight times in the history of
the NBA; The 1980’s legendary Lakers/Celtic teams and the Bill Russell
led Celtics from the late 50’s to mid 60’s. In the modern era there
seems to be too much competition to continue to rattle off
championships without other teams finding your kryptonite. After the
Shaq & Kobe three peat they failed to even make it out the second
round in the following season.


Sometimes it is impossible to find the motivation after
accomplishment. At times this past season before the epic Heat streak
took place, we saw a team that looked like it was going through the
motions. All teams face it even most super bowl winning teams fail to
make the playoffs in the next season. With the Lebron haters silenced,
D Wade winning his third ring and the experiment resulting in obvious
success are the Heat satisfied? Most recently we saw the Kobe/Phil/Pau
Lakers lose against the Celtics in “08” come back win it all in “09”
get revenge in “10” against the Celtics just to embarrass Phil Jackson
in his last season by losing it’s intensity and getting swept in the
2nd round of the “11’ playoffs.

Other Teams figure it out

The Brooklyn Nets are here! They added Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce
(Nemesis of Lebron in classic shootouts), AK47, and new head coach
Jason Kidd to team up with Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe
Johnson. They are stacked and with immediate chemistry could really
give the Heat trouble. The Indiana Pacers remain a constant threat
because of size, defense and emerging star Paul George. They now have
star shooter Danny Granger back to add to their offensive attack and
look as dangerous as ever. The Chicago Bulls may be the key to the
demise of the Heat. They always play the Heat tough and now they
finally have the last man not named Lebron to win an NBA MVP award on
their team. Welcome back Mr. Rose we missed you.