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Martellus Bennett goes at Fox Sports 1, Jason Whitlock for LeBron vandalism comments

We all know what happened to LeBron James, Los Angeles home this week and it wasn’t a pretty thing, matter of fact it was a hateful thing that seems in the shadows of America. Maybe it isn’t in the shadows for some, but for those that try to mask it this situation stays in the shadows.

Jason Whitlock (whom I personally don’t like his views) had an egregious view about LeBron’s home getting vandalized and put him another others on a pedestal and pretty much tried to separate himself from other African American people, which at the end of the day is stupid. If LeBron can become victim of racial slurs and or racism what about the regular folks like me? It is a no brainer it can happen and has happened throughout my lifetime.

Fast forward to Friday and Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett who has been one to never hold his tongue lashed out on social media against Fox Sports One worker Jason Whitlock and he had a lot of great points.

Check out what started the conversation:

Check out the twitter rant from Bennett:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, I know I agree with Bennett and Whitlock seems to have lost touch with the common people.

Why did LaVar Ball go off on Kristine Leahy?

Well yesterday LaVar Ball went off on Fox Sports analysis Kristine Leahy on Colin Cowherd’s show, at first glance it may look like LaVar was being extra, but after doing some research it seems like he had a leg to stand on as Leahy and colleague Jason Whitlock went in on Ball and his brand on a recent show.

Ball said only thing Whitlock can comment on is donuts. Love him or hate him he is a media lighting bolt and every time we talk about him it is helping his brand if you like it or not.

Check out both clips and let us know your thoughts!