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Vlog 7: Jay Cutler to the Dolphins, should Kaepernick fans be mad about this signing?

The Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury which will likely keep him out for the season. The Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to a one year, $10 million deal with incentives.

I wanted to dig into this move, check out my latest vlog.

The Bears Need To Break Up

What a mess. What a mess.

That’s the best way to describe the 2014 Chicago Bears. After suffering a 31-15 loss at home to the lowly New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, the Bears are faced with the blunt reality. QB Jay Cutler is not fit to be the leader of this football team. Head Coach Marc Trestman looks lost, and isn’t even helping the offense perform despite being known as an offensive coach. Finally, the Bears’ defense, which is historically known for being an intense, tough group, is one of the worst in the NFL, and can stop no one.

Yes, Trestman is only in his second season, and inherited a roster of aging veterans such as retired LB Brian Urlacher, and currently injured stars CB Charles Tillman and LB Lance Briggs. Both of those players may have very well played their last game for Chicago, as the team is most likely looking to turn the page. Yet, with all of the turmoil and dysfunction that the Bears have displayed, how could the Bears possibly believe that Trestman is the man to turn this team around? I don’t believe he is, and I’m pretty sure the Bears are realizing this as well. Here’s my take on what the Bears should do to improve:

First, the Bears need to dismiss Trestman and his staff. Some coaches are great coordinators in the NFL, but not good head coaches. Trestman appears to fit that mold. If I’m Chicago, I’d pursue the big-name coaches on the market, such as Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, and even San Francisco 49ers’ coach Jim Harbaugh. After that, it begins the search through the different coordinators who are awaiting their chance at a head coaching job. Arizona’s Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles and Denver’s Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase fit the profile, and are definitely possibilities to get the job. Former head coaches Jack Del Rio and Jim Schwartz could also get a look, as both of their defensive units have been outstanding this season.

Next, the Bears need to reshape this roster, not only by talent, but by personality as well. There have been too many butting heads throughout the organization during the course of this season. I would cut high-priced veterans, like Tillman and Briggs, and even try to move TE Martellus Bennett, who has had his problems with the team, and is overpaid based on his production. Unfortunately, the biggest contract problem the Bears have is Cutler, who is making the most on the team, but playing like he’s a backup. Until Cutlers’ guaranteed money on his deal runs out, the Bears are stuck with him.

So, what would I do while I was stuck with Cutler? I’d build a team around him that’s not necessarily for him. For example, in this year’s draft, I would aim to select UCLA QB Brett Hundley in the 2nd or 3rd round to be Cutler’s replacement, and let him sit and watch Cutler for the first season. With my other picks and moves in free agency, I would try to improve both the offensive and defensive lines, as well as the defense as a whole. All in all, these moves are for the future of the Bears, and not necessarily for Cutler to succeed with at the moment. That’s why building a championship caliber football team is a process.

Quite frankly, there is no easy fix for these lowly Chicago Bears. With their hands tied by financial commitments and contractual obligations, Chicago is facing a lengthy rebuild that could take years before the Bears are competitive in the NFC North again.

Jay Cutler is Proving That He is Becoming Jeff George 2.0

When looking at the prototypical quarterback you can look at Jay Cutler and say that he has all of the physical attributes to be one of the greats at the position. From a throwing stand point Cutler can make every throw. He has great mobility and arguably the strongest arm in the league. Football fans saw this in another player many years ago, and his name was Jeff George. George passed the eye test and he had all the physical gifts a quarterback could have minus not having the best leadership abilities. The same could be said for Cutler. Cutler can throw a 60 yard touchdown on the rope, but like George his leadership and lack of accountability takes over what he could become on the field.

George went on to have a productive career in the NFL, but not to the magnitude that many people expected him to be being the No.1 overall draft pick in the 1990 NFL Draft. George was never nominated to any pro bowls nor was he ever regarded as a winning quarterback. The quarterback position is the toughest to play in all of sports, and when things don’t go well they shoulder all of the blame.  Quarterbacks are always the face of the franchise, and most of the time they are the team’s “rah-rah” guy to get things going when things aren’t going as smooth. This coincides with Cutler and George had/have personalities that doesn’t mesh well with being a quarterback.

We see how Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning lead their teams, and though it may not all be the same method, it works. Yelling at players doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a great leader, but body language and how players respond to you and around says something about the type of leader you are. For some reason this is something that Cutler hasn’t mastered in his 8th year in the NFL.

Whether it has been with the Chicago Bears or the Denver Broncos it seemed as if Cutler can’t put it all together. Since being in Chicago, Cutler has a full arsenal of talent with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett. In Cutler’s defense the Bears defense is one of the worst in the NFL, and when they were a top-ten defense the Bears were one game from playing in the Super Bowl. It is easy to gush over the talent of Cutler, but something isn’t adding up. In 1990’s Jeff George played with great talent, but he could never take the team to the next level. When looking at the two quarterbacks it’s quite eerie how similar they are.

Jeff George’s Career Numbers

TD-INT: 154-113

Passing Yards: 27,601

QB Rating: 80.4


Jay Cutler’s Career Numbers

TD-INT: 183-130

Passing Yards: 27,557

QB Rating: 85.3

George turned out to be a journeyman in the NFL instead of being a franchise quarterback which was expected to happen drafting him out of college. In 1994 June Jones was appointed to be the head coach for Jeff George to take his game to the next level. Jones ran a run and shoot offense that suited George’s skill set, but it never reached any major success. At the time it seemed as if George would be a member of the Atlanta Falcons until he retired, but it didn’t go that way. Like George, Cutler was assigned the quarterback whisperer in Marc Trestman who’s had a documented track record with helping develop quarterbacks. This seemed like the ideal hire, but it appears that he could be on his way out-of-town after the end of the season. Teams attempted to put the proper people around George and Cutler whether if it was players or coaches, but for some reason nothing clicked.

All in all it isn’t bad to be Jeff George, but it isn’t a good thing either. George was expected be the next great quarterback, but things didn’t go as planned. Jay Cutler didn’t have the expectations that George did, but his raw talent made people think how great he could have been. There is time for Cutler to become the quarterback that many adored him to be, but until then he can be called the second coming of Jeff George.







Trestman put the Bears playoff hopes in jeopardy

trestman cutler mccownLast Sunday the Bears head coach Marc Trestman may have put their playoff chances in jeopardy by playing Jay Cutler after he suffered a high ankle sprain. During the 2nd half of the Lions game he could barely spin the ball, as he short hopped a few throws and we all know that’s not Jay Cutler. The Bears lost the game 19-21, in the NFL all games are important. McCown was able to able aid the comeback.

Cutler had a groin tear that was suppose to keep him out 4 weeks but he came back after missing only 3 weeks, 2 games played. For the people that question Cutler’s heart (points to oneself) he played the entire 2nd half with a high ankle sprain. Cutler can’t get a clean bill of health this year, which is sad because it’s his contract year.

I don’t know if the groin injury caused anything to happen to his ankle probably not but with how good McCown has been playing when he hurt his ankle Trestman should’ve pulled his star QB so he was out of harm’s way. Who knows if he hurt his ankle more by playing? What we do know is Cutler is out for this week’s game versus the Ravens. With Cut dog out means the Bears could be in trouble for a post season berth for the 2nd year in a row.

Trestman pulled a Shanahan on a smaller scale see RGIII. Can McCown, a career journeymen continue his hot play or will the loss of Cutler be the doom of the Bears this year? If Trestman is without Cutler for too long he can only blame himself.

Bears fans how much do you trust McCown? With 7 games left he may be the pilot for the majority of them. Think about that a second!!!

What We Learned During Week 2 of the NFL Season

This week did not disappoint with great games across the board. There were a lot of high and lows during the football week. Take a look at what we learned this week. Some things are new, and some are the obvious. Enjoy!

The San Francisco 49ers are LEGIT– Sorry for the homer pick, but the Niners looks like the class of the NFL. The Defense is superb, and the offense is efficient. Things will only continue to get better as the team will add Brandon Jacobs,  Teddy Ginn, and LaMichael James to an already potent offense.

Patience is Virtue– High school teammates Reggie Bush and Alex Smith are making the naysayers be quiet. Bush and Smith were criticized heavily due to their lack of production on the field. Being drafted No.1 (Smith) and No.2 (Bush) respectively people expected superstar results instantly. A change of scenery has helped Bush flourish, and the arrival of Jim Harbaugh has turned Alex Smith to one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the NFL.  It looks like the two players are living up to their draft status after all.

C.J. Spiller is here to stay– C.J. Spiller has taken full advantage of Fred Jackson’s injury and will likely remain as the starting running back when Jackson returns. Spiller is leading the NFL with 292 yards, and is averaging over 10 yards per carry which is insane.  Since Spiller has become the focal point of the offense opposing defenses will look to stop him. Can he keep up his strong play?

Michael Vick has the clutch gene– Yes Michael Vick turned the ball over quite a bit for the second week in a row, but like in Cleveland when the game was on the line No. 7 delivered. If the Eagles can fix their turnover issues they will be a force to be reckoned with.

The Cleveland Rookies are not that shabby– Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson flashed their potential against the Bengals. Though they took a lost Richardson and Weeden played at a very high level. This should give Cleveland fans something to be excited about in the future.

Andrew Luck is the real Deal– Andrew Luck had the rookie blues last week, but in his first victory of the season Luck looked great and orchestrated the Colts down the field to lead them to the game winning field goal. Luck may not ever be as good as Manning, but he will be a damn good quarterback.

The Return of the Choppa City Juke– The best touchdown dance ever besides “The Deion” graced our television screens this past Sunday. Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Jacoby Jones delivered the dance in perfect fashion.  With the Jacksonville Jaguars eliminating touchdown dances, and the uncertainty of how Chris Johnson would come back I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t see it. S/O to Jacoby Jones for handling that for me! lol.

Jay Cutler is still a brat– I feel Cutler’s pain, but you cannot air your teammates out to dry like that. The Quarterback is supposed to be a position that is an extension of the head coach, and his behavior on the sideline was uncalled for.

The Replacement Referees SUCK– No explanation needed.