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First Dez Bryant, Now Tony Romo, who is going to keep the Cowboys offense afloat?

Injuries are a part of football, just like heat is a part of an Ohio summer and this year has been no different. During preseason starting corner back Orlando Scandrick was lost for the season with a torn ACL. The defense was able to rally around a big loss with others stepping up.

First week of the season they lost star receiver Dez Bryant with a broken foot for at first believed to be 4-8 weeks, now 10-12 weeks, but in reality he might be gone for the season just ask Julio Jones who had a similar injury in recent years and missed the season afterwards. Dez is the emotional leader of the team and a threat anytime he’s on the field.

That’s a big blow right? Now during week two they lose quarterback Tony Romo with a broken clavicle for 8-12 weeks. We bag on Romo all the time because of his past failures, but honestly he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the game and with the new style of offense they run it really keeps Romo from having to do everything himself.

The Cowboys are 2-0 and even though I despise them I kind of, slightly feel sorry for them. I mean they are about to start Brandon Weeden for at least 2 months. Think about that, it kind of makes me laugh (inserts Weeden video).I know he led you guys on a game winning drive last week, but don’t drink the kool-aid Jim Jones I mean Jerry Jones is trying to feed you. Weeden is who we think he is in the famous words of Denny Green.

How will they replace or ease the pain of not having Dez Bryant? It will be a joint effort between Terrence Williams, Devin Street and Gavin Escobar. We all know that Jason Witten if healthy will be the go to receiver now so the others around him have to step up. With that offensive line will be the backbone of the offense and should allow the running backs whomever it is some daylight. Unless Weeden goes pure Weeden then you might see 8-9 men boxes on a normal basis.

If the Cowboys can play .500 ball while Romo is out they will have a fighting chance on making the playoffs this year. Let’s see how this plays out.

Note: They traded for Matt Cassel (inserts jokes).


Jerry Jones opens up the check book for Tyron Smith

Wednesday Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave star left tackle Tyron Smith a nice eight year extension worth $98 million in new money, a $10 million signing bonus with $40 million guaranteed.

Smith is one of the best offensive tackles in the game so it’s smart to lock him up for another eight years making it a total of ten because he has a remaining two years left on his current contract. Smith is only 23 years of age currently. Tony Romo won’t have to worry about his backside for the remainder of his career.

Smith got paid major coin, but tackles are hot commodities in the NFL so it all evens out, now let’s see how much Dez Bryant receives from Mr. Jones in the near future.

Jerry’s World: Lee out, McClain in

nfl_a_mcclain01jr_576x324The Dallas Cowboys traded for Rolando “Retired 2x” McClain a few weeks ago. The deal was with the Baltimore Ravens, the Ravens received a 6th round 2015 pick from the Cowboys while they shipped McClain and a 7th round 2015 pick.

First off I have a few questions didn’t McClain just retire again in April? I know the Cowboys were thin at linebacker, was he the first guy on the list? McClain has retired two times already, will he retire again? McClain was an all-world linebacker at Alabama and had a few solid seasons with the Oakland Raiders. He had a few run-ins with the law and upon his arrival to the Ravens he decided to walk away from football. McClain took a year off and then decided to comeback in the midst of the comeback he walked away from the game again. Which now brings us to him being traded to the Cowboys, how did Jerry work this one out? I guess it can’t hurt, right?

The reason the Cowboys were in the market for a new inside linebacker is because during early training camp star linebacker Sean Lee tore his ACL. Lee when healthy is the best player on the Cowboys defense and without him last year the season spiraled out of control. Lee is known for being hurt more than being on the field. If he could get a few years of clean health the Cowboys would be set in good business, but injuries and Sean Lee are damn near go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Welp, we always know Jerry Jones will keep it interesting down at “Jerry’s World”. Will his McClain reclamation project work? Who will Jerry bring in next? I’m no Cowboys’ fan, but I will be paying attention.

Rob got a raw deal

robryanAfter Black Monday was over we thought the Cowboys were keeping all of their captains (the coaches) in the same position. We know Jerry Jones is about his money but that’s besides the point in this article. We also know that Captain Jerry will do whatever he damn well pleases even if its not for the betterment of the team. S/o to my boy Ron for already saying Jerry is his own worse enemy.  He has the shoot first ask questions last mentality. Which is cool until you kill one of your good soldiers. Something Jerry has been known to do just ask Jimmy Johnson.

During his 2nd season as the DC for the Cowboys Rob Ryan did a solid job on improving the defense. The Cowboys were not a top 10 defense either year but this year the Boys had a lot of injuries to battle through. They lost both ILBs Sean Lee and Bruce Carter for the year, Pro Bowler NT Jay Ratliff was in and out of the lineup with injuries, the last part of the season sack master DeMarcus Ware was playing with one arm, Ratliff’s backup was inactive Josh Brent because of the tragic situation that left linebacker Jerry Brown dead(R.I.P. to Mr. Brown) and countless other injuries. That is a lot to deal with during one season, I know its a part of football but damn you lose the whole inside of your defense it makes it hard to do your job effectively, I don’t care who you are.

Rob was a guy who said what he wanted with the camera around very similiar to his brother Rex. Which in hindsight was probably his undoing because of the bull headed Jones. The only reason I believe Rob was handed his walking papers is because he probably spoke his mind to Captain Jerry at the end of the season when he was asked any direction questions. I’m not saying he had Jimmy success but I believe it is similar to that situation because of Rob’s personality. At the end of the day Rob being fired was a mistake by Jerry.

Good luck to Rob Ryan in his future endeavors. I’m pretty sure somebody will take a chance on him in the near future.

Jerry Jones is the Cowboys Downfall

This isn’t news to anyone, but we all know that Jerry Jones needs to fire himself. Jerry Jones is the most famous sports owner in the world. Jones took over the Dallas Cowboys in the 1980’s and won three Super Bowls in the 1990’s. Since then Jerry Jones and his Cowboys have been a side show more than a top team. Jones is the ring leader of the circus, and things will not improve until he is out of his position. When you are the owner, general manager, and president you have only yourself to listen too. Somebody has to get Jones out of his position or things will only become worse in Dallas.

Jones recently stated that he will remain as the Cowboys general manager, which gives Cowboys fans bad news for seasons to come. Jones ran off Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells which were his two best coaches under his tenure. I would have mentioned Barry Switzer, but he won with Johnson’s players. Jones is an ego maniac, and feels as if he can try to make this team a Super Bowl contender. Jones’s best years as an owner was when Jimmy Johnson handled all of the personnel moves. That was many many moons ago, and Jason Garrett will never have the power that Jimmy Johnson had.

The Cowboys will always be considered paper champions until Jones takes a step back. What he fails to realize that he is the problem. If only having five winning seasons during the past sixteen years isn’t a wakeup call I am afraid that he will never smell the roses.