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Vlog 13: Hopkins and Stafford get new deals and Haden gets a new home

De’Andre Hopkins signed a five year, $81 million extension with $49 million guaranteed last week, I guess that holdout helped last season.

Matthew Stafford signed a five year, $135 million extension making him the highest paid player in the NFL. $95 million is guaranteed and he received a $50 million signing bonus.

Joe Haden was released by the Cleveland Browns and signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Haden signed a three year deal for $27 million.

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Cleveland Browns lockdown Joe Haden

hadenYou see what I did with the title of this article? A week after Richard Sherman got the brinks truck backed into his house another cornerback got a hefty truck backed into his estate. That corner is Joe Haden, man it pays to be a cornerback nowadays, check Sherman, Talib and Haden’s deals just to name a few.

Haden received a five year $68 million extension with a possible $45 million guaranteed, $23 million is fully guaranteed I don’t know the stipulations for Haden to get that other $22 million guaranteed.

Haden has been one of the bright spots for the Browns since his arrival in 2010. Arguably the best corner in the NFL he is now being paid as such. The Browns are smart for locking down this good cover corner. Now only if the Browns brass can make Josh Gordon put the cannabis down they would be in business.

Haden will be an anchor in the Browns secondary for years to come and Browns fans can’t be mad at that.

Hey, Joe feel free to donate some of that signing bonus to The Front Office News, help some cool homies pay some bills lol.