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Video: Peyton Manning takes a dig at Kevin Durant

We all know Kevin Durant dipped on the Thunder to play for the Warriors after his team was up 3-1 and loss, but he got his ring and NBA Finals MVP. During the ESPY’s Peyton Manning made a joke about Durant wanting to playing soccer because the team was so dominate and Durant didn’t seem to like the joke and Manning even got Russell Westbrook involved. I can’t even front it was funny, if you haven’t seen it check it out.

Kevin Durant’s post NBA Finals, Nike Commercial

Last summer Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors and this summer it panned out for KD as he received his first NBA Title and first NBA Finals MVP. His partnership with the Warriors was looked at under a tight microscope because in 2016 his Thunder team had these Warriors down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals in turn to lose. After the Warriors won they lost the Finals to the Cavs after being up 3-1, a lot of circumstances happened for the Cavs to make history, but it happened. After KD held it down in the finals Nike had a commercial ready to go for arguably the best player on the planet, I said arguably.

KD averaged 35.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.0 steals, 1.6 blocks on 55.6% from the field, 47.4% from three and 92.7% from the line during five games in the finals.

LeBron and KD have a rap song together?

With the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors playing in their third straight finals and Kevin Durant now forming a super team with the Warriors a snippet of a LeBron and KD song has been released. Yes, it is a rap song and yes, they say it is from 2011, so whoever (I don’t feel like researching) released it must want some attention?

If you haven’t heard this intro check it out.

Do you think LeBron and KD make a “What A Time To Be Alive” or “Watch The Throne”? hahaha I kid!

The NBA Playoffs have been predictable, for the Cavs and Warriors

So at the beginning of the season everyone thought Golden State and Cleveland were on a collision course to playing in the NBA Finals for three seasons in a row. With the Cavs being in the weak Eastern Conference and being the place that LeBron James calls home you had to agree they were the favorites in the East. In the West the Warriors added Kevin Durant to the same team that has Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Seems like a video game right?

The Cavs played like crap in the second half of the season, but we all knew that was because of injury, rest and inserting new pieces to the equation. Kevin Love was out for a few months due to injury as well as J.R. Smith, they had to incorporate new members Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, Derrick Williams and Andrew Bogut (Bogut only got to play a few minutes before suffering a season ending injury). They even allowed the Celtics to claim the number one seed in the East, but it hasn’t mattered because they have swept the Pacers and Raptors. They will face the winner of the Wizards-Celtics matchup that is currently 3-2 Celtics, but will make easy work with whichever teams survives their current series. So, unless something crazy happens this season the Cavs will be going to the finals.

In the West, the Warriors have had a good season, they dealt with Kevin Durant escaping a season ending knee injury. They struggled for a hand full of games to adapt without KD, but once they found stride it was the worst thing that could’ve happened to the league because now they remember how to play without KD on the floor. (Losing Harrison Barnes and adding Durant isn’t fair) JaVale McGee has been very solid off the bench, something before the season nobody predicted. Like the Cavs, the Warriors have swept the Trail Blazers and Jazz and are waiting on the winner of the Spurs-Rockets series that the Spurs are currently up 3-2. I personally think the Rockets would be a more interesting matchup for the Warriors because of their style of play, but even with that said I couldn’t see it going past five games.

So like most predicted before the season, the Cavs and Warriors will be facing each other for the third time in a row in the NBA Finals. The question is who gets the tie breaker? The series is knotted at one. Can the Cavs handle the all-star studded Warriors? Of is LeBron and his all-star crew kryptonite for Golden State? In June we will find out because neither the Wizards, Celtics, Spurs nor Rockets can stop this third NBA Finals matchup. The writing is on the wall pleighboi.

With the Addition of Kevin Durant, The Splash Family Looks to Dominate the NBA

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 24 hours, you are aware that Kevin Wayne Durant no longer plays for the Oklahoma Thunder. Kev and Russy will no longer be the focal point of the high powered Thunder offense and in the running for top duo in the game.

Initially most NBA circles and fans alike felt Durant was Batman and Westbrook was Robin who should at times defer, but it became increasingly clear that they had a team with two Batman’s. The two led the charge vs. the defending champion Golden State Warriors in this year 2016 Western Conference Finals. The Thunder handling the heavily favored San Antonio Spurs in just six games they jumped out to an early 3-1 lead in the series against the two-time back to back league MVP Steph Curry and 73-9 Warriors. As impressive as they looked with that early lead we all watched them crumble just as stunningly eventually losing the series in seven games. One of the biggest playoff collapses ever or so we thought until the finals began.

In an epic twist Mr. Durant has decided to take his talents to the Bay area. Yes, I know how I worded the last sentence and yes I meant it in a “Lebron like” way. For the last two years we’ve all known Kevin would be a free agent come Summer Sixteen *Drake voice* and the possible destinations for him. We heard chatter of him going home and playing for Washington, or New York with Melo, maybe even the Lakers (I had my fingers crossed for that one). Most felt the best destination for him was to stay exactly where he was, after all nowhere else could offer more money or a better roster. That all means nothing now as Durant has joined the best regular season team of all-time, making them on paper the best NBA team ever. With plenty of work left to be done to actually prove that, I can’t wait for the season to begin. It does not matter what we feel as fans, he did what was best for him. LeBron’s departure and slight fall from grace definitely helped Kevin’s be received better.

Picture Curry bringing the ball up the court, lob to Draymond who kicks it out to Klay who swings to a wide open Durant, and bang he hits the open three-pointer. Family pictures may have a different look to them, but this picture of the splash family will be as photogenic as one has ever seen.

The decision LeBron made has created a clearer path for Kevin

I haven’t pinned much on the NBA lately, being busy with my Scout duties, #GoBearcats. I’ve seen a few things I wanted to talk about, but didn’t have the time to do good research to jot down my thoughts in an educated manner. Well today I felt like putting my two cents in on the Kevin Durant sweepstakes situation.

First to get what Kevin Durant is going through we need to rewind back to win LeBron James was a free agent back in 2010. I’ll never forget where I was at when LeBron took his talents to South Beach, I was visiting my auntie Karen in San Diego planning how I was going to propose to the love of my life. July 8, 2010 will never be forgotten by me for numerous reasons, for one it’s my wife’s birthday, it the decision date and it was the day I got engaged.

Now that I’m done with my backstory, Durant’s situation is a lot different from James’ situation in 2010 mainly because James was an adopted Cleveland kid, Akron is damn near like a Cleveland suburb no matter how you cut it, so his ties to the Cavs run deep at least to a fan and geographical aspect. For Durant he doesn’t have that tie to the Thunder, but it is a mid-market team like the Cavs. He also has Russell Westbrook who is a free agent after the 2016-17 season also and they have an organization that has done a better job at getting players around KD than the Cavs did with LBJ the first time around. Durant is a Maryland kid and thoughts were that the Wizards were trying to make a push, but that seems to be a pipe dream for Wiz fans.

The U.S. men's Olympic basketball team player Kevin Durant speaks to reporters during a news conference Monday, June 27, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
The U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team player Kevin Durant speaks to reporters during a news conference Monday, June 27, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

From the outside looking in it seems that the Warriors are major players, Spurs and of course the Thunder. I feel like the Thunder have the upper hand, with the recent trade for Victor Oladipo it makes them even more potent, but if KD knows Westbrook is leaving after the season is up then you have to think why not join the Warriors who have Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry locked up for years to come.

If Durant leaves will there be backlash? Yes, but it won’t be the same level experienced by James in 2010 so with that being said KD needs to call Bron in say thanks. No matter his decision I don’t think jerseys will be burned in OKC, but only time will tell what KD will do.

Finally, The NBA Playoffs Can Officially Begin

Finally we have big money on the line. No disrespect to the other teams who participated in the first couple rounds of the NBA playoffs, but we are about where we thought we would be when the season began. Four teams now remain, in the eastern conference we have the number one seed Cleveland vs. Toronto and in the western conference we have number one seed Golden State vs. Oklahoma.

The two best teams in the East and two of the top 3 out West as Oklahoma shocked many beating the San Antonio Spurs in six games. Oklahoma has been a contender for years, so it’s not crazy that a team with two top 5 players advanced to the conference finals.
Kyle Lowry has had an amazing season and DeRozan has taken his game to another level as well, but barring anything drastic like an injury the Cavs will have them seeing views of the six rather quickly. Of course I was going to work a Drake reference in there. Cleveland is undefeated so far in this years playoffs as LeBron is in self proclaimed “Zero dark thirty 23 activated” mode and they look like what we all thought the big 3 in Cleveland could be. If Toronto wins one game in this series it would come as a big surprise.
The real drama is going to take place some miles away from the north and Midwest out in California and Oklahoma. Three of the top 5 basketball players in the world will face off as back to back (Drake voice) MVP Steph Curry leads statistically the best regular season team ever vs. triple double threat Russell Westbrook and former MVP Kevin Durant.

The Warriors dominated all season going a record 73-9 while the Thunder at 55-27 were very good but struggled to close out teams in the fourth quarter. All of that means nothing now. We finally have Westbrook head to head with Curry.

Point guard 1a vs. 1b you pick the order. This has the potential to be one of the most exciting series in the history of the league. Don’t touch that dial.

The 2015-2016 NBA Superlatives

The NBA season has kicked off, and the excitement is in the air. Last season, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors were the darlings of the NBA and took home the NBA title. Players such as Anthony Davis, James Harden, and the aforementioned Curry had breakout seasons. players such as Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and LeBron James handled business as usual. This season will have many intriguing story lines. Will this be the Oklahoma City Thunder’s last run? Will Anthony Davis break out to win the MVP award? Can the Cleveland Cavaliers remain healthy enough to win the title? These are all valid questions that basketball fans will be asking all season long. With that said, here is a list of the 2015-2016 NBA Superlatives.

Most Likely to win the NBA Championship: San Antonio Spurs
Most Likely to Win MVP: Russell Westbrook
Most Likely to win Most Improved Player: Elfrid Payton
Most Like to Win Coach of the Year: Jason Kidd
Most Likely to win 6th Man of the year: Isaiah Thomas
Most Likely to win Defensive Player of the Year: Kawhi Leonard
Most Likely to win Rookie of the Year: Emmanuel Muiduay/Jahlil Okafor
Most Likely to be Traded By the Traded Deadline: Any member of the Boston Celtics Front court
Most Likely to fall in love with an Instagram “Model”: Devin Booker
Most Likely to miss shoot-around due to partying: Lance Stephenson
Most Likely to slide in some DM’s: J.R. Smith
Most Likely to end up on a wrong end of a Vine: Brandon Knight
Most Likely to fight a head coach: Matt Barnes
Most Likely to get mentioned in a rap song: LeBron James
Most Likely to get yelled at by Kobe Bryant: Julius Randle
Most Likely to get Future to perform at Halftime: Memphis Grizzlies
Most Likely to hold Matt Barnes Back during a fight: Tony Allen
Most Likely to be seen on Instagram with Young Thug: O.J. Mayo
Most Likely to receive the most Twitter Slander: Tristan Thompson
Most Likely teams to breakout: Utah Jazz/Orlando Magic

Watch: Stephen A. Smith Warns Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith have been taking shots at each other as of late. I don’t really watch First Take, but it was hard to ignore yesterday’s rant from Stephen A. Smith. Smith’s credibility was questioned by Kevin Durant, and Smith didn’t appreciate it at all. Check out the video below and see Stephen A. Smith send shots towards KD as if he is Suge Knight.