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Can Carmelo Anthony rebuild in OKC? 

It just did not work in New York. Fun while it lasted I guess. Flashes of Kristaps Porzingis being great in the future, (Jeremy Lin) Lin-sanity, brief appearances in the playoffs after a long drought, but I think even Carmelo Anthony would admit this is not the legacy he wanted to leave in New York. I for one am excited on what is to come for “hoodie Melo”. He’s definitely has got some bulletin board material to motivate the next chapter of his career.

Last season Carmelo and other NBA stars see LeBron James went back and forth with then Knicks president Phil Jackson. Jackson at one point even saying Melo should probably continue elsewhere. The Knicks again had a terrible season in which they missed the playoffs and Carmelo had one of the worst statistical seasons of his career. Melo had one of the lowest outputs ever offensively which had some fans of the NBA questioning his value since scoring is his best attribute and felt he never expanded his game to involving his teammates and playing defense. He was also blatantly not on the Knicks radar for building for the future. Then ESPN drops its players ranking where he’s disrespectfully listed as the 64th best player in the NBA just behind rookie Lonzo Ball who hasn’t played a game yet and I’m a Laker fan but be serious. Have you seen the footage of him giving all the stars in the league work this summer all while wearing a hoodie?

Fast forward to this summer post Phil Jackson being fired and we see a whirlwind of trades happening throughout the NBA. Paul George setting up shop in Oklahoma, Chris Paul joining Harden in Houston and Jimmy Buckets (Butler) taking his talents to Minnesota. Stars all around the league changing the dynamic powers of the NBA. All except the one we thought would for sure be traded. Yesterday news broke that Carmelo added teams to a list he would accept a trade to. Last week we received confirmation he’ll be heading to Oklahoma to join Russell Westbrook and George creating another super team if those exist (see Cavs, Warriors finals back and forth lol). Let the fireworks begin.

NY Knicks Rookie Kristaps Porzingis Has Taken the NBA By Storm

I can safely say that nobody saw this coming, at least not this early. With the fourth pick in the 2015 NBA draft the New York Knicks selected a nineteen year old kid named Kristaps Prozingis from Latvia.

He wasn’t very well known especially by those in the U.S. and there wasn’t huge hype surrounding him like the college stars who had been locks to be selected months prior to the draft. The Knicks organization hasn’t been relevant since the late 90’s when I was rocking braids (like Kristaps surprisingly) asking my mom to buy me Jordans.

Naturally fans showed their distaste for the pick. Boo’s came from the Barclays center in Brooklyn as well as from all corners of the world. Seriously what were they thinking? With an aging superstar coming off injury, a new coach and one of the worst seasons in organization history in the books (17-65) the Knicks needed a sure thing not a project that would take years for results.
Fast forward to early

December 2015 and the Knicks while not quite on par to catch the golden state warriors, are having early success that most NBA fans didn’t anticipate. A few roster changes here and there, noteworthy signing of defensive center Robin Lopez, the biggest story though, has been the production from Rookie Kristaps. Currently he is averaging 14 ppg, 9 rebs and 1 asst. Very impressive numbers from a player most deemed “too weak” especially lacking upper body strength. Not only is it the numbers but how he’s getting them. Tip-in dunks, turn around fade away jumpers, he’s not only good but exciting to watch.

He also possesses immediate star qualities. He’s relatable, social media savvy and interacts with fans. His adjustment to US culture seems immediate, almost no accent can be detected in his speech, he listens to hip hop and rocked braids mimicking Allen Iverson as a child. The future seems to be bright for the Knicks and there young star who has the basketball world shocked right now.