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Vlog 4: Summer ’17 has been terrible for the Cleveland Cavaliers

I have a few vlogs already prerecorded that I numbered on the video like a rookie and this one will be out of order, but with how hot these Kyrie Irving trade talks are I had to give my two cents. So check my video out and meet me in the comments if you have thoughts about Cavaliers.

Video: Kyrie Irving goes crazy for 42 points in Game 4 of the ECF against the Celtics

If you didn’t see the game yesterday, just know that Kyrie Irving put the team on his back when LeBron James picked up 4 fouls in the first half. Irving finished the game with 42 points and gave the Celtics whatever they wanted. If the Celtics could’ve prevented Irving from going crazy they might’ve won Game 4, but since they couldn’t we have a masterpiece of 42 points to talk about check out the highlights below.

The NBA Playoffs have been predictable, for the Cavs and Warriors

So at the beginning of the season everyone thought Golden State and Cleveland were on a collision course to playing in the NBA Finals for three seasons in a row. With the Cavs being in the weak Eastern Conference and being the place that LeBron James calls home you had to agree they were the favorites in the East. In the West the Warriors added Kevin Durant to the same team that has Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. Seems like a video game right?

The Cavs played like crap in the second half of the season, but we all knew that was because of injury, rest and inserting new pieces to the equation. Kevin Love was out for a few months due to injury as well as J.R. Smith, they had to incorporate new members Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, Derrick Williams and Andrew Bogut (Bogut only got to play a few minutes before suffering a season ending injury). They even allowed the Celtics to claim the number one seed in the East, but it hasn’t mattered because they have swept the Pacers and Raptors. They will face the winner of the Wizards-Celtics matchup that is currently 3-2 Celtics, but will make easy work with whichever teams survives their current series. So, unless something crazy happens this season the Cavs will be going to the finals.

In the West, the Warriors have had a good season, they dealt with Kevin Durant escaping a season ending knee injury. They struggled for a hand full of games to adapt without KD, but once they found stride it was the worst thing that could’ve happened to the league because now they remember how to play without KD on the floor. (Losing Harrison Barnes and adding Durant isn’t fair) JaVale McGee has been very solid off the bench, something before the season nobody predicted. Like the Cavs, the Warriors have swept the Trail Blazers and Jazz and are waiting on the winner of the Spurs-Rockets series that the Spurs are currently up 3-2. I personally think the Rockets would be a more interesting matchup for the Warriors because of their style of play, but even with that said I couldn’t see it going past five games.

So like most predicted before the season, the Cavs and Warriors will be facing each other for the third time in a row in the NBA Finals. The question is who gets the tie breaker? The series is knotted at one. Can the Cavs handle the all-star studded Warriors? Of is LeBron and his all-star crew kryptonite for Golden State? In June we will find out because neither the Wizards, Celtics, Spurs nor Rockets can stop this third NBA Finals matchup. The writing is on the wall pleighboi.

Ankle Insurance: Kyrie Irving claims Splash Brothers

The Cavaliers were down 2-0 coming into this game and one of the questions facing them was is Kyrie Irving going to show up. Well in game three he showed up and showed out to claim the all star back court of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s ankles in the same quarter. On top of that he made both shots after tying both of their shoes.

The Cavs won last night and check out the plays I’m talking about.

He’s Back: The Return of Kyrie Irving

On Sunday December 20th 2015 Kyrie Irving made his debut this short NBA season vs the lowly Philadelphia 76ers who at the time were 1-28. I probably shouldn’t shout that too loud as I’m a Lakers fan and that solo victory came against Kobe an co. That’s another discussion this one is in regards to the return of the Cleveland Cavaliers all star often injured starting point guard. Many feel had it not been for the injury bug attacking Cleveland last year, King James would have 3 chips instead of two.

By now everyone is familiar with the chatter surrounding the 2014/2015 NBA playoffs. Kevin Love sustained a shoulder injury in the first round of the playoffs vs the feisty Boston Celtics. Fast forward the Cavaliers first NBA finals appearance since 2007. Game one, despite 23 points from Kyrie Irving and a great defensive play on the regular season MVP Steph Curry to force overtime, the cavaliers lost. Even tougher than the 0-1 deficit was the fact Kyrie wouldn’t play the rest of the series with a fractured knee cap. Kyrie has a history of weird injuries ranging from toes to wrist but this one came at a most inopportune time.

The eventual loss to the Warriors (with good reason fair or not to the champs) brought allot of “what ifs” from nba fans especially from Northeast Ohio. What if Kyrie or Kevin were healthy? What if even one of those players was able to help Lebron out in the finals? With Lebron going all “super saiyan” in the finals even a sub par performance from either guy could’ve drastically changed things. We will never know. We will however get to see if Kyrie can alter things this season.

Currently averaging 13ppg with restricted minutes Cleveland has a certain swagger as of late, almost as if the season has just began in their eyes. The handles do appear to still be on ice and you can attribute the low field goal percentage to the limited minutes and rust. Everything seems to be falling into place with plenty of time to get their chemistry back for a deep playoff run. Fingers crossed we get a healthy Uncle drew throughout the playoffs!

Cleveland can be proud of the Cavs

Last summer when LeBron James *that little kids voice from the internet* decided to bring his talents back home expectations on the lowly Cavs began to instantly skyrocket. It makes sense right? When you acquire the best player in the game you start to become a factor in the landscape of the NBA and your local fans that “hated” LeBron instantly start to love him again and start to expect a winner.

The Cavs had a rookie coach that was picked before LeBron decided to make that jump back to Northeast Ohio, so that dynamic was still to be seen. David Blatt was brought in to grown with a rising star, LeBron, I mean Kyrie Irving, but the rope that he would’ve had before LeBron decided to come home was instantly shortened. Blatt has done a good job being that LeBron runs the team, but this isn’t what this post is about we will visit that another day.

The Cavs went on to draft Andrew Wiggins with the first pick, but after a month traded him and Anthony Bennett to the Timberwolves for power forward Kevin Love. All seemed to be going great for the city of Cleveland and the Cavs then the season started and they didn’t seem to have a cohesion everybody expected. “Cavs” fans started to dog the team via social media and the media were starting to the doubt the talent of this team. Would it work this year? Could LeBron be patient with Irving, Waiters, Love and Thompson?

When defensive anchor Anderson Varaejo was lost for the season the Cavs got very small in the middle and everyone knew if they were going to make a run this year they needed to make a change. Before the trade deadline the Cavs made two huge moves that saved their season hindsight 20/20 trading for J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Timofey Mozgov (in separate trades).  They got rid of talented guard Dion Waiters, but it seemed to work for the best.

Fast forward to the playoffs the Cavs were the 2 seed out East and lined up for an overmatched up and coming Boston Celtics team. They swept the Celtics, but during the sweep they had a major casualty, they lost Kevin Love for the rest of the playoffs within a torn shoulder. #CavsNation can all thank Kelly Olynyk for that.

With doubt seeping in, they handled the Chicago Bulls with ease, but in that series had a less than 100% Kyrie Irving who gutted out a few games.

The Cavs handled the Hawks easily, but they are very dinged up, it’s a known fact that Kyrie Irving won’t be close to 100% the rest of this playoff run and who is 100% healthy as a team at this point in the season?

This team has shown the grit of the hard working city it represents on a night in and night out basis. Will the Cavs win a championship this year? I’m not going to touch that right now, but the City of Cleveland can be proud of the Cavs.

Note: Kyrie is out for the playoffs.

Breaking News: Kyrie Irving out for 3-4 months with fractured knee cap

The Cleveland Cavaliers just got the worst news of the playoffs as Point Guard Kyrie Irving is out for the NBA Finals with a fractured left knee cap. Irving will be out 3-4 months.

The Cavs task will be a lot harder without Irving in the mix especially with Kevin Love already out for the playoffs.

What will James be able to do without his two main stars in the NBA Finals?

It’s looking like the Warriors will be winning the title this year.

NBA Finals Preview: Cavs/Warriors

Every year when the calendar flips to June, it is synonymous with the beginning of the NBA Finals, the conclusion of the NBA season. More often than not, this last series of games provides us with epic and unforgettable moments that are forever etched into NBA history. This year provides one of the most intriguing matchups in some time, as the Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors will matchup against the Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Warriors are a fan favorite, as budding star and MVP PG Stephen Curry has captivated the hearts and minds of the league with every deep three and Riley Curry press conference. Accompanied by defensive stalwart F Draymond Green and “Splash Brother” G Klay Thompson, Curry and Co. earned the league’s best record at 67-15 and have rolled through both the regular and postseason playing their high-tempo brand of offense.

lebron and andreOn the other hand, the Cavaliers are led by F LeBron James, who is making his 5th straight NBA Finals appearance. James’ right hand man is G Kyrie Irving, who is a tremendous scorer. After that, the Cavs’ rotation is filled out by many quality role players, such as “3 and D” players G Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith. The Cavaliers’ road to the finals was a tad more difficult, as many of the players on the roster had been together less than a year, and took much of the season to gel together and find their rhythm. The team also took a big hit when F Kevin Love was injured and ruled out for the playoffs following a first-round victory against the Boston Celtics. Nevertheless, the Cavaliers found their footing and won 53 games in the regular season, and are coming off a 4-0 sweep of the 1st seed Atlanta Hawks as they enter the Finals.

There are a number of intriguing matchups created when these two teams take the floor. Curry has been on fire in the playoffs, averaging 29.2 PPG, and it will be interesting to see if the below-average defense of Kyrie Irving will even be able to slow him down. There is a possibility that James may have to step up and cover the much smaller Curry in a pivotal late-game situation. Another thing to keep an eye on is how Thompson plays, especially early in the series, as he is recovering from “concussion-like symptoms.” He would most likely be guarded by a combination of Shumpert and Smith, with Shumpert being the much more superior defender.

For the majority of the series, I would expect LeBron to be on Draymond Green defensively. To me, Green is a poor man’s LeBron. Their size match up and skill sets make for the perfect clash for each team, but as I said previously, I could see a situation where James comes off Green defensively to take Curry in a late-game moment. Outside of consistent C Andrew Bogut, the Warriors have been using a rotation of Fs David Lee, Marreese Speights (injured in the playoffs, possible return for Finals) and C Festus Ezeli at the big man spots. Their play has surprised me during these playoffs, but the same can be said for the Cavaliers’ big men. When Love when down, the team knew someone had to step up to replace his production, and F Tristan Thompson and C Timofey Mozgov have stepped up their respective games. Thompson is almost averaging a double-double, at 9.4 PPG and 9.9 RPG, with Mozgov throwing down 9.1 PPG and 7.2 RPG so far these playoffs. Both players have shown improvement over their regular season performances, and it will be imperative that this play continues for the Cavs to have any chance in the Finals.

Overall, I believe this could be one of the best NBA Finals in the past decade. I fully expect this series to go seven games, with Cleveland winning the necessary last game on the road to clinch the city’s first title since 1964. I believe Curry will average slightly lower points than he has the entire playoffs, facing a now stingy Cavs’ defense, with Thompson only being average in the wake of Shumpert’s defensive efforts. I would expect James to stifle Green for most of the series, as I believe that LeBron is a faster, better version of Green.

However, the Finals will come down to three main factors. First, how each team’s respective depth and bench play throughout the series will be a large determinant of the outcome. Overall, I like the Warriors depth better than the Cavaliers, but in a series like this, coaches will often stick with an 8-9 man rotation, meaning that depth is not as important as it is in the regular season. The second factor is how each team’s big men will play. I never thought I would believe in Thompson and Mozgov, but I can see them slowing down Bogut offensively, and competing for rebounds against the Warrior’s big men. With James averaging 10.4 RPG so far this playoffs, the Cavaliers should continue to benefit from his larger-than-life play. The final and most important determining factor of the NBA Finals comes down to one matchup: LeBron vs. Steph Curry.

As we all know, LeBron has been in nearly clutch moment there is to be in on the biggest stage. This is Curry’s first go-around deep in the playoffs, let alone an NBA Finals appearance, and it is a lot to expect him to out-perform the game’s best player on the biggest stage. I’m betting that his shooting luck finally runs out. With LeBron this close to his ultimate goal with Cleveland, I can’t see him letting this opportunity slipping away.

Expect this to be a knock-em-down, drag-it-out series with both close games throughout. All in all, I expect LeBron and the Cavs to walk away the ’14-’15 NBA Champions.