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This was a great week to be named Cameron in the NFL

While everybody either praised or dogged the Cam Newton deal another (Cam)eron got a nice check also. Defensive End Cameron Jordan was drafted the same year as Newton and received a five year extension as well. It might be a good time to file for a name change if you are in the NFL and cash in on the Cameron sweepstakes.

The New Orleans Saints gave Jordan a five year up to $60 million extension with $33.8 guaranteed and $27 million due in the first two years. If Jordan balls out during the first three years of his contract he may be in line for another nice pay day.

Jordan has had 29.0 sacks in his four year careers, 28.0 of them have been in the last three years, highlighted by his 12.5 in the 2013 season that landed him in the Pro Bowl.

Word on the street is the Pittsburgh Steelers may have to use the Jordan deal as an outline on how they are going to have to pay Defensive End Cameron Heyward soon. I don’t know if I label Jordan an elite defensive end, but that’s not the point get that money Cameron get that money.

P.S. file for that name changed fellas its good money in the move. (lol)

NFL Fantasy Football: Week 3 Sleepers

Last week was a dud all around for my sleepers for week 2 of the NFL season. Despite a rough week I am still feeling confident with my selections. Well — here they are….

Mohamed Sanu, Cincinnati Bengals, WR- With A.J. Green fighting the injury bug, and after having a stellar week 2 I feel that Mohamed Sanu is on par for another stellar performance. Sanu will have ample opportunities to make plays, and it should be expected that he cashes in on the opportunities. The Bengals are looking like the best team in the AFC, and Dalton has done a pretty good job getting the ball to his arsenal of playmakers. Keep your eye on Sanu.

Santonio Homes, Chicago Bears, WR– All eyes will be on Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery in a Monday Night Football game against the New York Jets, but I feel that Santonio Holmes can sneak in and have a good game. Holmes is building up a rapport with QB Jay Cutler, and with Holmes playing against his former team I expect him to be featured a lot. It also doesn’t help that the Jets gave up 346 yards passing last week, so Jay Cutler should be licking his chops. It hasn’t been “Tone time” in a while, but Monday could be the day.

Knile Davis, Kansas City Chiefs, RB– With Jamaal Charles out due to injury Knile Davis will be expected to carry the load. Davis has proven that he can hold the backfield down by himself, and with the Chiefs in a must win situation I see him having a big game against the Miami Dolphins.

New Orleans Saints Defense/ST– The Saints are sitting at 0-2, but they have a favorable match up against the Minnesota Vikings. Last week the Adrian Peterson-less Vikings looked bad, and QB Matt Cassell was in a giving mood by throwing 4 INTS. I think Rob Ryan and his troops have a big day, and keep an eye on the Saints return play as well.

Jimmy Graham’s new deal sets barometer for elite tight ends

Jimmy GrahamOn Tuesday the Saints beat the 4 pm deadline and gave star tight end Jimmy Graham a long-term deal. For those that haven’t been following the saga knows the Saints hit Graham with the franchise tag, in turn Graham went to court to try to get paid more like a receiver than a tight end because of his versatility and ultimately Tuesday shows that Graham and the Saints have met a common ground.

Graham is receiving (see what I did there?) a four-year $40 million deal with $21 million guaranteed, for those who pay attention to NFL contracts know it all about that guaranteed (GTD for short) money.

With injuries derailing Rob Gronkowski, Graham is the clear cut best tight end in the NFL. Their are a few tight ends who are close, but Graham is the man as of now. This new deal will be the high point for those top notch tight ends (points to Vernon Davis and whoever else is looking for a new deal).

Graham is now the highest paid tight end in NFL history. This is a receivers league so it is a high possibility he will see all of his $40 million.

The Saints are known for drawn out negations, go ask Drew Brees he knows all about it, but in turn I bet Brees is the happiest quarterback in the league right now, knowing that his top target is signed for four more years.

Jimmy got cash, Jimmy got, Jimmy got cash!!! The homies over at TFON ain’t mad at your come up, keep ballin’ homie!



Drew Brees joins the 50k club

Drew-BreesOn Sunday Night Football, the New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees joined the 50,000 yard club. He joined the club against the Carolina Panthers a division rival.

Brees joins the likes of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino and John Elway. That is a hell of a club to join salute to Brees for the accomplishment.

The thirteen year veteran is currently at 50,026 yards in counting.

Brees is giving the 6’1” and under club a lot to brag about, I wonder how high he will finish on this list when it’s all said and done.


NFL Week 6: Games of the Week


Last week I finally went undefeated in my selections. I want to keep the trend going so whatever method that crossed my mind last week I’m sticking to it. This week has a lot of crucial games that can make or break a lot of teams. Take a look at our selections to see if you agree.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

My main man Terrelle Pryor has the Raiders playing some pretty good ball this far. Pryor gives them a dual threat option that gives defensive coordinators headaches. On the other hand the Chiefs are undefeated, and is looking like a legit contender thus far. I’m taking a big risk this week, and I’m going to roll with the Raiders in a close one.

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots

The Pats are coming off of a loss, and they have lucked out in many games this season. The Saints are looking like the Saints of old under head coach Sean Payton. It will be a great match up between two of the best quarterbacks on the game. The Patriots may be at home, but I have them losing to the Saints , due to the inability of being able to stop Jimmy Graham.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

The NFC East is so terrible right now that anything can happen at this point. Last week Dallas proved that they can score with the best of them, but they also proved that they have a Swiss cheese defense. I think with RGIII and the Redskins coming off of the bye week means they are well rested, and they will likely add some new wrinkles to an offense that has been starting slow as of late. If Monte Kiffin allows teams to score almost as much as his age, then we have a problem Cowboys fans. I think it’s time for RGIII to have his breakout game and he will lead the Redskins to victory.

NFL Week 5: Games of the Week

Okay, the football Gods have not been to kind to me as of late. I had another sub par week winning only one game last week. Now that I am 5-6 on the season something has to shake.  Check out our selections for the top games of the week, feel free to drop a line.

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

This is a game will be a tough test for both teams. The Bears are coming off of a loss, and the Saints look like the best team in the NFC. At this point it’s hard to bet against Drew Brees. I think the Saints win in a close one.

Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham

Final Score: 24 Saints 20 Bears

Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts

The Seahawks are looking legit as usual, and the Colts are playing lights out as well.  Last week the Texans tricked off the game and the Seahawks won the game after a slow start. The Colts are flying under the radar, and Andrew Luck looks better by the week. This showdown between Luck, and Wilson will be epic, but I think the Seahawks will fall short against the Colts.



Final Score: 23 Colts Seahawks 17

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys

Peyton Manning is on video game status right now. At this point I don’t think an explanation is needed. I have the Broncos winning big against the Cowboys.


Final Score: 35 Broncos 17 Cowboys

NFL Week 4: Games of the Week

Im sitting here right now getting gray hair watching my Niners vs the Rams as of now.  Last week was a bad one for me. My crystal ball was a little off and I was 1-2 on my predictions making me 5-4 for the season.  I hope that this week goes a little better for the kid.  Check out our selections, and feel free to drop us a line.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

The battle of the Ohio river will be rocking this weekend. Both teams are coming of of signature wins, and will look to improve their record in the AFC North. I think the Browns found a little magic last week with Josh Gordon and Brian Hoyer, but I don’t think it will be enough to beat the Bengals. I am not a fan of Andy Dalton, but I do believe in the Bengals D. I have the Bengals cruising to victory.

Final Score: 21 Bengals 10 Browns


NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins


Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

The NFC North seems to be up for grabs, and the winner of the game will be the leader of the division through week 4. The Bears have won a few heart breaking games, and the Lions have looked solid as well. I believe that the Bears are for real under the new regime that Marc Trestman has brought in. I feel that Megatron & Co. will have a rough week even though they have home field advantage.  Bears win in a great game.

Final Score: 28 Chicago 21 Detroit

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints (Monday Night Football)

Both teams have been rolling, and are off to a 3-0 start. Tannehill is looking better by the game, and the Dolphins defense is playing solid as well. The Saints on the other hand have been flying under the radar and Drew Brees is being Drew Brees. I know for a fact that the Mercedes Benz Superdome will be rocking, and the hostile environment may be a bit much for the young Dolphins. The game will be entertaining, but the Saints will be a bit much.

Final Score:  34 Saints 17 Dolphins