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Can Carmelo Anthony rebuild in OKC? 

It just did not work in New York. Fun while it lasted I guess. Flashes of Kristaps Porzingis being great in the future, (Jeremy Lin) Lin-sanity, brief appearances in the playoffs after a long drought, but I think even Carmelo Anthony would admit this is not the legacy he wanted to leave in New York. I for one am excited on what is to come for “hoodie Melo”. He’s definitely has got some bulletin board material to motivate the next chapter of his career.

Last season Carmelo and other NBA stars see LeBron James went back and forth with then Knicks president Phil Jackson. Jackson at one point even saying Melo should probably continue elsewhere. The Knicks again had a terrible season in which they missed the playoffs and Carmelo had one of the worst statistical seasons of his career. Melo had one of the lowest outputs ever offensively which had some fans of the NBA questioning his value since scoring is his best attribute and felt he never expanded his game to involving his teammates and playing defense. He was also blatantly not on the Knicks radar for building for the future. Then ESPN drops its players ranking where he’s disrespectfully listed as the 64th best player in the NBA just behind rookie Lonzo Ball who hasn’t played a game yet and I’m a Laker fan but be serious. Have you seen the footage of him giving all the stars in the league work this summer all while wearing a hoodie?

Fast forward to this summer post Phil Jackson being fired and we see a whirlwind of trades happening throughout the NBA. Paul George setting up shop in Oklahoma, Chris Paul joining Harden in Houston and Jimmy Buckets (Butler) taking his talents to Minnesota. Stars all around the league changing the dynamic powers of the NBA. All except the one we thought would for sure be traded. Yesterday news broke that Carmelo added teams to a list he would accept a trade to. Last week we received confirmation he’ll be heading to Oklahoma to join Russell Westbrook and George creating another super team if those exist (see Cavs, Warriors finals back and forth lol). Let the fireworks begin.

2014-2015 NBA Preview: The Indiana Pacers Should Tank For Draft Picks

The demise of the Indiana Pacers started with this photo: BhgP7dBCYAAPTQ0

From that point forward it has been all down hill. Paul George was lost for the year due to injury, Lance Stephenson left for Charlotte, and……the other three guys in the photo are still on the roster.

I know the days of tanking may be numbered, but until it is completely out of the NBA it’s definitely worth a try to land the top pick in this year’s draft. Last season, the Philadelphia 76ers tanked, and ended up with the No.3 selection, and they walked away with Joel Embiid out of Kansas. Now, the 76ers didn’t land Andrew Wiggins, but it’s safe to say when healthy Embiid was clearly the better player. Tanking has proved its worth in the NBA, and teams have benefited from throwing their season down the drain.

In 1997, the San Antonio Spurs tanked to get Tim Duncan after David Robinson was out for the remainder of that season. In the 2006-2007 season there were several teams who tanked to make a run at drafting Kevin Durant or Greg Oden as the number one selection, but there were other future All-Stars such as Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and quality players such as Mike Conley and Jeff Green that also made teams squander winning for the future.

With that said I feel that it would be worth the gamble for the Indiana Pacers to tank their season. When looking at their roster, they lost Paul George to injury, and Lance Stephenson to free agency. With their two best players from the last two seasons not on the court this year it gives Roy Hibbert and David West the keys to the team. We all know that Roy Hibbert had a terrible fall after the All-Star break, and his confidence was shook. David West will be David West, but what about everyone else? George Hill, Rodney Stuckey, C.J. Miles, Luis Scola, Ian Mahimi, and C.J. Watson are all mediocre role players, so that leaves David West as the catalyst for the team.

The Pacers lack trade assets outside of West, because players such as Hibbert and Hill are overpaid for their market value. With a season with nothing to gain I feel that it’s best to throw in the towel to help improve the roster for years to come. History shows that big name free agents always skip over Indiana, and they have to build their team through the draft. With prospects like Jahlil Okfaor, Emmanuel Mudiay, Cliff Alexander, and Kelly Oubre potentially on the board it makes perfect sense to throw away this season. Going from a legit title contender over the past three years to a bottom-feeder team may hurt the Pacers fans, but in the long run it could be beneficial. It will be a struggle to win for the Pacers if they attempt to compete on a nightly basis. For a team that had Paul George and Lance Stephenson they struggled mightily on the offensive end, and without them having to rely on Rodney Stuckey, Roy Hibbert, David West, and George Hill for offensive production will be similar to watching paint dry.

I know Larry Legend is one of the best in the business when it comes to orchestrating a team, and he may soon realize that tanking is the best way to save the Indiana Pacers for the future.

Prayers Up for Paul George

Last Friday just like most basketball fans, I was excited to see some mid summer hoops with some of the young NBA stars in the game. More specifically I was excited to see how Derrick Rose would look coming off not one but two season ending injuries. He looked great to say the least throwing down a two handed back scratching dunk with authority showing the bounce was back maybe better than ever. What really showed me he was back was the way he exploded to the hoop for an uncontested lay-up midway through the 1st quarter. It’s easy to forget how fast that guy actually is. As great as it was to finally see him on the court instead of on the sideline cheering teammates on and picking at his “Kobe fro” something terrible was right around the corner.

rose fariedAt the beginning of the 4th quarter Paul George rushed back on defense attempting to catch James Harden’s lay-up off the glass. His foot got caught beneath the stanchion that was clearly closer than usual compared with NBA arena goals. It mirrored the way top pick Nerlens Noel was injured in college a couple years ago. The injury was so gruesome that ESPN (notorious for replaying everything) would not replay the leg snapping. The way players reacted you could tell it was serious though, with multiple shots of Kevin Durant and Derrick holding their heads in disbelief and Kyrie Irving bursting into tears. The scrimmage was rightfully cancelled by coach K due to the circumstances. Next came millions of fans sending out prayers and well wishes for Paul. A couple days removed several doctors are saying that while this upcoming season is a wash for Paul, he can make a full recovery from the injury.

In the aftermath of this injury will we see more players decline playing in the summer games for fear of being injured? After all they are literally worth millions and have the potential to change markets i.e.: Cleveland. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has long said that he is not a fan of his players playing for those teams in the summer because of the potential for injury. You can’t fault him for wanting to protect his multimillion dollar investments. Paul is about to begin a five year $90 million deal and now a career and franchise has been drastically altered. This could have happened at anytime in any arena, but the fact is it happened where it did and now decisions will undoubtedly be made.


Watch: Kevin Durant vs James Harden vs Paul George in a Battle for the King of the Hill

Team USA basketball practices have been famous for quite sometime. I couldn’t Imagine watching best players in the world playing against each other on a day-to-day basis. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony may be absent from Team USA this summer, but the team is in good hands with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Paul George.

Durant, Harden, and George went at in a recent practice playing one-on-one in battle for the King of the Hill. If you’ve haven’t seen the video, be sure to check out the video below.

The Demise of Paul George


First off I would like to say that Paul George is one of the up and coming players in the NBA. George, who is in his fourth season has taken command of the Indiana Pacers and have become their best player. The All-Star out of Fresno State is one of the best two-way players, and his game will only continue to improve.

This season George came out swinging as a legit MVP candidate, but since 2014 hit things have been downhill. Teams during the second half of the season have played George a lot tougher, and his numbers are down all across the board. I feel that people anointed Paul George too fast after having a good outing in the playoffs last season. It’s great to see new talent flourish, but people have to pump the brakes.

There were several people calling George a better player than Carmelo Anthony, and even calling him a Top 5 player in the NBA. People fail to realize that Melo has been playing at the level he is playing at for 10 years not 18 months.

I’m not taking anything away from George but I think people got caught up in the hype and forget the body of work of some players.

It seems since Paul George’s baby/stripper fiasco hit the news things haven’t been so swell for him(link). It’s ironic that the stripper is from Miami. Now when George comes to Miami for the playoffs he will have more than LeBron James to worry about. That news broke on February 7, 2014, and look at the time line from that point forward.

February 15- George dresses up as Zorro.

Points per game and field goal percentages drop for the month of February.

March 4-9- The Pacers go on a four game losing streak, and George shoots 31.8% from the field, and averages 17.0 ppg.

March 5- Paul George scores 2 points against the Bobcats.

March 6- Paul George announces that he wants LeBron James to mentor him.

Paul George has 8 games during the month of March where he shot less than 38%.

George shoots 37% from the field, and 28% from three point land.

March 22- Rumors surface that George send nude photos to a homosexual male. (link)

March 24- Paul George denies the rumors of being catfished.

March 24- Paul George rocks a crazy leather outfit.
At one point of the season the Pacers appeared as if they were the top team in the NBA, but that is not the case anymore. There are several fingers to point to, but when you are the best on the team you have to take the blame.

There is a lot going on in Indianapolis, and the Pacers have the luxury of being in a smaller market so a lot of their issues are swept under the rug. The Pacers are still a tough team, and with a few minor tweaks, and some severe monitoring of Paul George things can get back on track.

Memo to basketball fans: Proceed with caution when calling George the next T-Mac or saying that he is better than Carmelo Anthony. George has to master his own faults before being placed on a pedestal.



Don’t Blame the Indiana Pacers Struggles on Evan Turner


The Indiana Pacers have lost four straight, and has not looked like the best team in the Eastern Conference that many people expected them to be. Newly acquired Evan Turner seems to be in line to be scapegoat for his new team.  The Pacers problems were there before Turner arrived. but they hid them very well.

Prior to Turner’s arrival the Pacers had issues on the offensive side of the ball.
The Pacers are a inept team on the offensive end. The Pacers average 98.6 points per game (20th in the NBA). With the pace that they play at isn’t a bad number, but comparing them to other championship caliber teams they don’t stack up well. Teams such as Miami, Oklahoma City, San Antonio , and the Los Angeles Clippers all are more efficient on the offensive side of the ball. The Pacers are second in the NBA with scoring defense, but it will be tough for them to score with the top teams in the NBA.  Without having a solid point guard the Pacers have had issues with turning the ball over at a high rate. Turner will be expected to share ball handling duties as he tries to find his niche with the Pacers.

When inserting a new piece to a team it’s always tough to work out the problems in the early stages. To some Evan Turner is a bust and is looked at as an inefficient player. I disagree with both and I feel that Turner is over scrutinized. With the route that the Pacers are going it will be easy to place the blame on Evan Turner.

All-Stars Roy Hibbert and Paul George haven’t played as great as they were in the early stages of the season. I don’t know if you want to blame Paul George’s and Hibbert’s decline in play on Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami or defenses catching up to their tendencies on the court. All in all I know that the responsibility of struggling should be shared collectively and not based on the acquisition of Evan Turner.

2013 Front Office top 10 Small Forwards

melo bron kdWith our Top 10 Centers and Power Forwards are in the books we are here to line up the Small Forwards. This is one of the most exciting positions to rank. Check out how the rankings went and let us know what you agree or disagree with.

Our contributors again are (Me, Ron, Martel, Nate, Tyler and Rohit). Tyler is a contributor over at FWO365 and Rohit is the EIC over at MettaChronicals. Check out their sites and show them some love we appreciate them helping us rank the players this year.

Note: We are putting the player name, team, points and what their rank was last year. (Maximum about of points that can be earned is 60)

10. Chandler Parsons, Houston Rockets, 10 pts (NR)- Chandler Parsons is one of my favorite players in the NBA so I may be a little biased. Parsons is a jack of all trades, and will only become a better player playing alongside James Harden and Dwight Howard. Parsons who in my opinion is the best bargain of the NBA. Parsons who makes a meager $850,000 has exceeded expectations since entering the NBA. People may not know too much about Parsons now, but the more the Rockets will be on national television they will see how nice Parsons is. Ron

9. Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets, 15 pts (4th)- Pierce is the og of his position.  Probably one of the best small forwards of all time, Pierce shows that he still has a lil something left in the tank.  He might not be able to dominate for a whole game any more but he still proves to be virtually unstoppable in spurts. Martel

8. Andre Iguodala, Golden State Warriors, 19 pts (7th)- On the offensive side of the ball Iguodala won’t have to do too much with the Splash Bros. (Curry and Klay), Barnes and David Lee. Where he’ll be counted on most is on defense, likely defending the opponents premier play maker. Nate

7. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs, 20 pts (NR)- Leonard made this list on the great playoffs he had this year. Leonard guarded the best player(s), rebounded the rock, hit timely shots and attacked the rim (ask Mike Miller). He posted multiple double double games in the NBA Finals If he rides the momentum of the playoffs into next season he may be a lot higher on the list next year. JT

6. Luol Deng, Chicago Bulls, 21 pts (8th)- I have a certain sense of empathy every time I see Luol Deng play. It could be the first minute of a game and I already feel bad for him. This has nothing to do with him as a player, but more about what the Chicago Bulls expected from his last season. He averaged 16.5 PPG and 6.5 RPG last season, essentially the same as his career numbers. And while those numbers might not scream the $14 million he’s set to make this upcoming year, just watching how hard he plays for a relentless coach like Thibodeau makes him worth the money.

Deng came into last season without a fully-healed left wrist (ligament). The long season took a toll on him as he had to burden more of the load with Rose out, leading to him falling sick in the playoffs and dealing with spinal tap complications (botched lumbar puncture). Deng averaged 39 mpg during the regular season, and almost 45 mpg in the five postseason games he played in. His minutes on the court are way too high and the main culprit for the late-season injury struggles. With Rose back and defenses focused on him, and guys like Butler and Noah continuing to improve, let’s hope that Thibodeau can finally give Deng a breather. Watching him do as much as he does for Chicago is tiring enough. Rohit

5. Rudy Gay, Toronto Raptors, 24 pts (5th)- Gay might be a little high on this list after his former team the Grizzlies made the Western Conference Finals after trading him mid season. He is one of the most talented at his position. There isn’t anything he can’t do well on the court but this season will mean a lot to him can he turn the Raptors around? If so he may have an argument to move up the list. JT

4. Paul George, Indiana Pacers, 35 pts (NR)- Paul George became a household name after having stellar playoffs. George, who is only 23 will only improve and will have a target on his back this upcoming season. Now that he is the best player on the Pacers we will see how he will handle the expectations of being the top dog on a top team in the NBA. Ron

3. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks, 50 pts (3rd)- Anthony Is the most versatile scorer in the league. He can score any where on the court with a deep arsenal of moves.  He won his first scoring title last season and he looks to be primed to add a few more.  He’s defense has improved and he’s become a better all around player and teammate. Martel

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder, 52 pts (2nd)- SniperJones35 was a monster last year, lighting up the court any and every which way. With a healthy return by Westbrook and the hopeful emergence of Jeremy Lamb as a solid contributor KD will carry the Thunder back to the top of the Western Conference. Nate

1. LeBron James, Miami Heat, 60 pts (1st)- Second year in a row being at the top of the list and second year in a row being an NBA Champion, just like he said, “He ain’t got no worries”. JT

Drop a line and give us some feedback.

From Vegas to Spain

This week USA Basketball has gathered in Las Vegas for a four day mini training camp to take a look at 28 of the best young talent America has to offer in preparation for Next summer’s World Cup in Spain. Coach K and the rest of his staff have to pick 12 players from a very deep pool that actually consist of almost 50 players including last summers gold medal winning team from the London Olympics. Anthony Davis is the only member from that team in Vegas this week.  Needless to say Coach K has a very difficult task on his hand but never fear, I’m here to help him make this decision by giving my thoughts on who next summer’s 12 should be.

Kevin+Durant+OlympicsKevin Durant– Durant isn’t a participant of the camp but decided to show up to Vegas to announce that he will play next summer and there is no way Coach K can tell KD no, so he is a lock.

Kevin Love– Love accompanied Durant and offered the same commitment so it’s safe to say he’s a lock.

Russell Westbrook– Durant also announced that he expects Westbrook to play if healthy and I would agree. He has to on a reserve role in the last two international competitions and he would have the chance to be one of the leaders in Spain. Don’t think he would pass on the opportunity.

James Harden– Durant said he expects Harden to commit to Spain as well and I believe he will. Last summer Harden played 11th man in London, next summer he probably would return to a familiar role as 6th man and key contributor. What a difference a year makes.

Derrick Rose– In an interview on Tuesday Coach K spoke on selecting a team out of the 28 at camp and he said that he also had to consider guys who are not at the camp but are apart of the pool. One of these guys is Rose. Coming off a knee injury Rose will look to return to the top of the league and if successful I could see him as the starting PG on next summer’s team with Westbrook next to him in the back court.

Stephen Curry– Curry is another one of those guys who isn’t at camp but is apart of the pool and his shooting would be needed in Spain. Curry’s recent rise in popularity makes him a must have for next summer.

Anthony Davis– With six spots given to people not at the camp Davis might be one of two locks at Vegas. He gained a lot of experience playing in the Olympics last year as a rookie and playing in next year’s World Cup would just be the next step in a plan to position Davis as America’s big man of the future.

IrvingUSAKyrie Irving– Irving is probably in the same position as Davis in that he is also probably a lock to make the team because it’s been widely expressed that Irving is the Future PG of the USA. This will be great preparation in his ascension to starting PG in 2020.

Paul George– Many people will agree that after James, Durant, and Anthony. Paul George is the next best small forward in the league. James and Anthony have both played in three Olympics and it might be time to pass the torch. George is there to grab it.

DeMarcus Cousins– It was made public that last summer Cousins had words with the head of USA basketball, Jerry Colangelo. Well Colangelo swallowed his pride and invited Cousins back to camp this summer. That says a lot for Cousin’s talent. Arguably the most talented big man in America, Cousins has a lot of maturing to do and if successful he could be a very valuable piece on next summer’s team.

Harrison Barnes– Barnes is very unselfish and sometimes passive. You will need this type of guy to be your 11th or 12th man. He also is very talented and versatile. Extremely athletic and can shoot from the outside well. He also played some power forward for Golden St. and can play that position well in international competition.

Kawhi Leonard– Leonard decided to sit out the camp due to playing a long season but he is still in the mix. Leonard’s value on the team could come as a designated defender. He has the ability to guard four different positions in international play. Coach K could call on Leonard to slow down any individual who gets a hot hand.

LeBron one ups Paul George in the clutch in Game 1 of the ECF

During the end of regulation with the Pacers down 3, Paul George a long 3 to force overtime in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. This 3 erased the lead and the previous mistakes that George had been making all night.

Check out the YOLO 3 he hit.

Not to be outdone by the young George, LeBron scored the game winning basket with his team being down 1 after George got fouled on a 3 point attempt by Wade. My question is why take out Hibbert? Because LeBron said, “Thanks for the early Christmas present” while he skated the lane for an easy game winning layup.

Check out the game winning layup.
Do you agree with having Hibbert out? Let us know how you felt about game 1!