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Week 1 in the NFL was about the Tight Ends

As I’ve grown up I’ve seen the tight end position evolve to a position that was mainly used as an extra linemen (exceptions were made for some but you get the point) to now they are matchup problems for almost every defense.

Three tight ends stole the show during the first week in the NFL:

gronkowskiRob Gronkowski, New England Patriots- Gronkowski went crazy on the Steelers secondary for the tune of 5 receptions, 98 yards and 3 touchdowns. We know “Gronk” is the best tight end in the league just in case you forgot he reminded everyone on Thursday night.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs- Kelce is a young gun who on Sunday torched the Texans secondary for 6 catches, 106 yards and 2 touchdowns. With the addition of Jeremy Maclin, Kelce becomes even more of a matchup problem for opposing defenses.

tylereifertTyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals- Finally healthy in his 3rd season Eifert was able to show the world why the Bengals drafted him in the first round in 2013. Eifert caught 9 passes for 104 yards and 2 touchdowns.

A few others played well also at the tight end position, but these are the three who stood out week 1 in my humble opinion. I have Kelce in one of my fantasy football leagues and started him so he helped ya boy” out a lot and he’s a former Bearcats. I have Eifert in one of my leagues also, but I started Kyle Rudolph over him last week, Rudolph is solid, but that was a big time fail by the president (I’m the president, if you don’t get the joke).

Beast Mode x Gronk x Conan x Mortal Kombat X

Hey I’m late to see this video judge me if you want, but it’s ok. Shoutout to my dog Sean for posting the link to the video in our group so now I can share it with the masses.

Marshawn Lynch, Rob Gronkowski and Conan O’Brien play Mortal Kombat X it looks like on the XBox One and pure hilarity ensues. I thought the whole skit was hilarious.

Check out the video.

The Patriot Way claims Logan Mankins

Tuesday the New England Patriots traded Pro Bowl offensive guard Logan Mankins to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for tight end Tim Wright and a 4th round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Mankins is 32 years of age, but as of now the Buccaneers seemed to have come up. Wright had a solid rookie year and gives the Pats another starting level tight end to pair with the oft injured Rob Gronkowski.

A couple of questions here: What does this say about the Pats trust in Gronkowski’s health? And haven’t we seen this movie before? The Pats didn’t resign Wes Welker a few years ago, traded Randy Moss, didn’t resign Aqib Talib, traded Richard Seymour, didn’t resign Brandon Lloyd and many more moves that I don’t feel like researching.

The one constant is Tom Brady, but the Patriot Way doesn’t seem to favor Tom’s favorite players. Now they take his pro bowl guard a few weeks before season starts, sheesh with friends like this who needs enemy’s.

When a 6x Pro Bowl guard gets traded you know one thing and one thing only, if your name isn’t Tom Brady you might not want to purchase a house in Foxborough.

Big trouble in Patriotland

If you know me, I take little digs here and there on the Pats but in this post I’ll not going to be bias because what has happened in the last few weeks were out of their control. So, Patriot Nation I’m giving you a G pass this time, just this time, count this as an aberration.

When the off season began one position besides quarterback that everyone and their momma thought was stable was tight end. Who could blame every one for their assumptions? The statement, “Nothing is guaranteed” couldn’t be more true in context of this situation.

aaron and robRob Gronkowski has been battling injuries (arm and back) and the surprise of the off season Aaron Hernandez has had a surprise run with the law that may be putting his life as a free man in jeopardy. We knew about the Gronk situation but this Hernandez (released) situation is out of the blue and right now football is an after thought because he hasn’t been cleared of murder accusations. Two top tier TE’s being out quickly turns a strength into a weakness.

wes, lloydWith the recent events a lot of moves that the Pats made this off season seem to be coming back to bite them in the ass. They chose not to resign their top two receivers, Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd, Lloyd was released when he didn’t want to restructure his last year of his contract. To replace Welker they signed Danny Amendola who is a bigger lesser version of Welker. Danny has big shoes to fill because counting on him for a whole season is like trying to avoid taxes with a 9 to 5 job. Take a minute to think about that one. Welker and Amendola even went to same college but the Pats will be wishing they had Welker with all of the things that have transpired recently.

Without his star TE’s and blanket target gone who will the great Tom Brady throw the ball to? Himself? Me? Ochocinco? I kid, I kid but this is a serious question who will they throw the ball to if their gamebreaking TE’s aren’t there to shake the game up?

The Patriot Way is the way of live we can’t argue that but Brady is older he can’t be Superman forever. Maybe they will lean more or their run game this year? If not, Ballard and Fells.. cough cough maybe even a Tebow sighting? Get ready Patriots fans it should be an interesting year.