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Vlog 7: Jay Cutler to the Dolphins, should Kaepernick fans be mad about this signing?

The Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury which will likely keep him out for the season. The Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to a one year, $10 million deal with incentives.

I wanted to dig into this move, check out my latest vlog.

The Deterioration of the NFL Draft Class of 2012

The 2012 NFL draft featured some of the most promising stars to come in and join the league in a long time. The headliners from this class were Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III and fellow quarterback Andrew Luck who was taken with the first pick by the Colts to replace who many feel is the best quarterback ever. The draft featured another Heisman finalist in Alabama running back Trent Richardson and other college stars such as Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill and Justin Blackmon. The surprise in the draft came with the drop Russell Wilson took. He ended up going in the 3rd round at number 75. One super bowl victory and two appearances later here we are.

With respect to the experts there is no way to fully predict how a guy’s career is going to turn out. So saying who should have been taken where remains hindsight 20/20. What we can discuss is the progress since the praise. Trent Richardson in his short career played for 3 teams before exiting the NFL all together. He put up a decent season early in Cleveland but was way too inconsistent after that year. Many of the other men mentioned earlier showed flashes at times but haven’t been able to put up solid numbers.

Robert Griffin III probably had the largest fall from grace. He won the NFL offensive rookie of the year award and led Washington to the playoffs. Not only has he not returned to the playoffs, he no longer even starts for his team. Andrew Luck has been to three pro bowls but only this year has come under fire for his play more specifically turnovers. He has always had a turnover issue but the colts are losing in a bad division and recently fired its offensive coordinator.

Even Russell Wilson coming off a second straight super bowl appearance is playing average at best and his teams stands at 4-4. In this new age have we reached a point where even players who have proven themselves at the highest level have an even shorter leash than we thought? Is it time to trade Griffin and Tannehill? Will Luck take some heat for his turnovers? That remains to be seen, but we do know that the 2012 draft class is in trouble.

The Miami Dolphins just can’t get right

If you ever watched the movie “Life” you will understand my reference and if you haven’t seen it I suggest you find what outlet has the movie via DVD, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, the library or many outer countless places. I say that to say this, the Miami Dolphins can’t get right boss.

This week the underachieving Dolphins fired head coach Joe Philbin a guy I thought from seeing on Hard Knocks wouldn’t succeed. Just research the Ochocinco a.k.a. Chad Johnson situation you will understand why I didn’t think he couldn’t be a leader of men. The Dolphins are 1-3 this season and a total record of 24-28 with Joe in charge. If you do your research you will see a guy whose team had two seasons where they faded during the December playoff push.

During every off season the Dolphins seem to make a splash by cutting a big check, but they never seem to get the most out of the talent they sign. One off season it was wide receiver Mike Wallace, who now is with the Vikings, this off season it was extending so-so quarterback Ryan Tannehill and writing a big check to defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Who signs Suh and refuses to use him like the Lions did so they could get the best out of their return? Yes, points to the Dolphins only the Dolphins can slow down one of the best defensive lineman we have seen in our history.

Dennis Hickey (present) and Jeff Ireland (former) seem to be clueless as general managers. I guess they think just throwing a lot of money at somebody and not putting them in a system that caters to their skill set is a great way to get a good return on a major investment.

Let’s not forget the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito incident. I mean Philbin is kind of like a running joke when you think about it.

The Dolphins suck to put it bluntly and they can think their three headed monster (add the owner also) for the situation they have been in for the past four years.

Dan Marino isn’t walking through that door, Don Shula isn’t walking through that door so Dolphins fans it may get worse before it gets better.

NFL Sleepers: The Miami Dolphins Look to Take Over The AFC East

There are many sleeper teams in the NFL, and the Miami Dolphins are a team that  people need keep an eye on. After going 8-8 last season, it is expected for the Dolphins to improve as a team. When teams normally hit the 8-8 mark, they normally take the next step if they keep their roster in tact. In the case of the Dolphins they have added to an already solid team. With the addition of Ndamukong Suh, Greg Jennings, and a host of other players the Dolphins are looking playoff bound. Ryan Tannehill, who is one of the most underrated quarterbacks has quietly improved on a yearly basis. Last season, Tannehill threw for over 4,000 yards to go along with 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Tannehill is arguably one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the NFL, but he doesn’t get credit for it. Tannehill is also great at his decision making and making the big play as well.

Tannehill put up impressive numbers with so-so weapons. With the addition of Greg Jennings and with Jarvis Landry going into his second season the Dolphins have a potent attack on the outside. It also helps that Charles Clay is one of the best swiss-army knife players in all of football. Running back Lamar Miller will look to build upon his 1,000 yard season and he is expected to run behind the potent offensive line anchored by Mike Pouncey.

As of now the AFC East have many question marks at the quarterback position. With Tom Brady’s suspension in limbo, and quarterback problems in New York and Buffalo gives the Dolphins an advantage with the stability that Tannehill has. It’s obvious that Brady is the best quarterback in the division, but if he misses four games things could get dicey in New England with an unproven Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback.

All of the teams in the AFC East have pretty potent defenses, but the Dolphins are on par with the Patriots to have both a quality offense and defense.  Teams will have to deal with the nightmare of facing Suh and Cameron Wake each and every Sunday. No other team in the division has that potent of a DT and DE combo to go with the offense that can score points.  It will be interesting to see how things shape up this season. If I had to place a wager on a team taking the next step, it would be the Miami Dolphins.

Did the Dolphins overpay Ryan Tannehill?

While everybody and their momma was worried about “Deflate Gate” another team in the AFC East made some noise. The Miami Dolphins went ahead and cashed out quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The Fins/Phins whatever you want to call them are known for opening up the check book to keep or acquire talent so far it hasn’t amounted to much by 8-8 seasons. Did you feel the dig there?

Tannehill was the third quarterback in that 2012 NFL Draft class that had Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III go one/two respectively. A few weeks ago Tannehill signed a six year $96 million extension to stay planted as the quarterback of the now in Miami, but when you break down the details everything isn’t as clear as it seems on the surface. Of the six years only the first two are guaranteed and after the two years are up, he basically is on a year to year deal that the Dolphins can get from under before “said” deadline each year. So after the initial shock of why in the hell would they give him all this money went away I think this is a very smart deal. They took a page out of the Cincinnati Bengals playbook in the way they handled Andy Dalton. The going rate for a solid quarterback is between $14-$17 million a year, so if he takes the next step they have a steal, if he regresses in a few years they can get him out of town without a penalty, sounds like a win-win for the team in Miami.

Did the Dolphins overpay? Honestly no because they can get out of their mistake within a reasonable amount of time. Now it’s time for Tannehill to improve on his 23-25 record during his NFL career, “mo money, mo problems” to quote the great B.I.G.

4 Fantasy Football Sleepers: 2014 Edition

We are back for our annual top 4 fantasy sleepers post. This year my homie Mr. Ross helped me pick the four. Last year I didn’t do so hot, Jordan Cameron did well though, but everyone else still stayed semi sleep.

Check out who we picked this year.

tannehillRyan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins- Tannehill is in his 3rd year and this is normally the year fringe quarterbacks make a jump to fantasy stardom. Tannehill threw for a shade under 4,000 yards last year and I expect him to clear that benchmark this season. He threw for 24 touchdowns, but had 17 interceptions along with 6 fumbles, which can make you scratch your head, but with the line influx last year who can blame him for having a ton of turnovers. He will be a steal as a 2nd quarterback if you draft a shaky number 1. He may because a solid fantasy starter this year so keep your eyes pilled.

Andre EllingtonAndre Ellington, RB, Arizona Cardinals- Ellington is a dual threat back who received split time with Rashard Mendenhall still was able to have over 1,000 combined yards for the season. With Mendenhall out of the picture I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellington jumps to a must start weekly player. I’m banking on him to increase his total yards to the 1,600-1,700 area. This guy might save your team.

cordarrelle pattersonCordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota Vikings- Patterson has speed to burn and in his 2nd year I expect him to make a major jump. During his rookie season he has 45 catches, 469 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns with Matt Cassel, Josh Freeman and Christian Ponder throwing him the ball. This year it will be Cassel and Teddy Bridgewater so I personally year he will be in the 70-80 catch, 900-1100 yard and 7-9 touchdown range. I think Patterson will be a strong #2 option.

KELCETravis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs- Kelce was on the IR for the whole season last year. So he has no stats to compare, so this is a win-win for me lol. He’s currently #2 on the depth chart behind Anthony Fasano, which I see changing in the near future. Kelce has been tearing it up during the preseason showing a great blend of size and speed. He’s also a UC grad and an Ohio native so that gives him bonus points this way. I won’t make a stat prediction, but he will be a strong #2 option with #1 potential by the end of the season.

These are our picks. Let me know who you think is a sleeper in the comment box.

2012 Week 9: NFL Games of the Week

The San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs start off a great week for NFL matchups. This week like the weeks before will feature many marquee match-ups.  We hope you enjoy our selections. Please feel free to express your opinion about our choices for games of the week.


Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts, 1:00PM, ET 

Both teams are led by two rookie quarterbacks in Ryan Tannehill and Andrew Luck. Both teams are playing better than expected and are looking forward to taking the next step towards a playoff berth. All eyes will be on Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill. It is rare to see two rookie quarterbacks in a head to head matchup with so many implications this early into the season. Will there be a rivalry developed between both players and both teams similar to Peyton Manning’s Colts and Tom Brady’s Patriots? We shall see how things will shake up for their careers, but in this contest I am going with the Dolphins. With the Dolphins stout defense and solid running game it will be too much to overcome for Luck and the Colts. 

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants, 4:25PM, ET 

Both quarterbacks were drafted in the 2004 draft, and both Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger have two super bowl rings. The Steelers are hot, and look to continue the trend by beating the Giants. The Giants have been playing great football, but with so many distractions due to Hurricane Sandy I think they will fall short against the Steelers in a defensive game. 

Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons, 8:20PM, ET (Sunday Night Football)

The Falcons are flying high, and the Cowboys are playing their usual brand of inconsistent football. This game is crucial for the Cowboys. If the Cowboys fall to 3-5 they will be on their way out of playoff contention after a few more losses. It’s hard to trust Tony Romo to win this ball game, but it may be a trap game for the Falcons. Somehow Tony Romo will mess the game up and hand it to the dirty birds. Falcons win a close one. 

Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints, 8:30PM, ET, (Monday Night Football)

Michael Vick needs to save his job, season, and Andy Reid’s job, and Drew Brees needs to save the Saints Season. Both defenses are not that great, but something tells me Andy Reid will finally use LeSean McCoy the way he is supposed to be used. By running McCoy it will keep Brees off the field which means that he won’t have too many chances attacking Nnamdi Asomugha & Co. I know it’s close to impossible to win playing against the Saints while they are at home, but the defense is so bad I don’t see them winning.  Eagles win, and are finally headed in the right direction.