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Vlog 20: Niners land Garoppolo and Brown heads to the Seahawks

The San Francisco 49ers landed their franchise quarterback? They traded for Jimmy Garoppolo sending the New England Patriots a 2nd round pick in the 2018 draft.

The Houston Texans traded offensive tackle Duane Brown to the Seattle Seahawks for cornerback Jeremy Lane, a 5th round pick in the 2018 draft and a 2nd round pick in the 2019 draft.

Check out my thoughts on the two trades.

Vlog 11: White NFL players join movement

Michael Bennett made the statement that white players needed to join the movement and during the last week they have done it. Justin Britt (Seahawks), Derek Carr (Raiders), Chris Long (Eagles), Seth DeValve (Browns) and others have some solidarity backing their brothers.

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Vlog 9: Michael Bennett makes loud statement

If you have been following the site you know I’m pro Colin Kaepernick and I’m personally cool with that Kaep is bringing light to situations that need more attention. In the first preseason game of the season Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett followed suite using his platform to bring light to social injustice by sitting for the National Anthem.

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Video: Seahawks Jimmy Graham makes dope one hand catch

The Seattle Seahawks “Superstar” Jimmy Graham, flashed some greatness on Monday Night Football. Graham made a nice one-handed grab and hurdled a Buffalo Bills defensive back like he was in the 11o meters in the Olympics. Both separate plays, but it was good to see Graham who was arguably the best tight end in the NFL to be back on top of his game.

Check out his one-handed catch.

Watch: Kam Chancellor seals Seahawks win with strip of Calvin Johnson

I’m pretty sure the Michael Jordan cry face will be used for the great Calvin Johnson while at the goal line he was stripped by Kam Chancellor. With the strip Kam sealed the win for the Seahawks and showed the world why he is worth the money he was holding out for (He didn’t get it, but you get the point).

Lions fans, man I have no words. Seahawks win 13-10.

Hey Seahawks, It might be wise to feature Jimmy Graham

I’ll be the first to say I hate developed a deep hate for the Seahawks being that I’m a 49ers fan and that’s natural, but I’m also a realist. Covering sports you have to compartmentalize things, you can’t let the hate get in the way of the root of the problem exc. Exc.

With that being said when the Seahawks traded with the Saints to bring on Jimmy Graham I thought to myself man this isn’t good. Who doesn’t fear the second best tight end in the league and being on a team with one of the best secondary’s can make him the best at times.

The Seahawks gave up a 1st round pick and starting center Max Unger for Superstar Jimmy Graham (do your googles on that one folks). During the last four years Graham has averaged 89 catches 1099 yards and 12 touchdowns per season. That’s a heck of an average yet, it seems the Seahawks have brought in Graham to be a decoy or blocking tight end.

During the first two games Graham only has 7 catches for 65 yards and a touchdown. Looks like more of a Heath Miller stat line than a Graham stat line. Are Bevell and Wilson on Molly together? Is it the Ciara curse (lol)? I know the Seahawks aren’t use to having a go to receiver (Golden Tate, wasn’t a number one and Percy Harvin stayed hurt), but when you have a matchup problem like Graham you have to force feed him the ball. With Marshawn Lynch in the backfield it should make getting the ball to Graham should be easy with a little creativity.

You made it to the Super Bowl with me playing receiver don’t be dumb and neglect your new weapon because of past success. In the words of Ronnie Hampston #FreeJimmyGraham and as 49ers fans we thank you for not using him correctly.

Note: I know they could/should fix this soon, but we just have to wait and see.


Seahawks give four year extensions to Wilson and Wagner

The last few days have been busy for the Seattle Seahawks front office members (no pun intended) they had two key players still locked in on the last year of their rookie contracts. Both players where criminally underpaid in the old contract, but after the last few days you can’t call either underpaid anymore at least for the near future.

On Friday quarterback Russell Wilson was blessed with a four year (extension) $87.5 million deal with $60 million guaranteed and a $31million signing bonus. This deal puts Wilson in the top tier (of pay) of signal callers. The Seahawks won’t have to worry about Wilson flirting with free agency now or franchise tagging him because of this deal it won’t be the a little over a million dollars he was due this year, but it keeps your franchise quarterback happy. I just hope the Ciara curse doesn’t strike on ole’ Russ.

On Sunday middle linebacker Bobby Wagner was compensated with a four year (extension) $43 million with $22 million guaranteed. This deal like Wilson gives him more than his less than a million dollars he was going to earn this year. Wagner is now the highest paid inside/middle linebacker in the NFL.

This weekend has been good to the two Seahawks stars. These deals will make it a lot easier to breathe next off season for the Seahawks as they can concentrate on other deals. Now will they make Kam Chancellor happy before the season starts?

With Jimmy Graham, The Seattle Seahawks Are the Most Dangerous Team in the NFL

The Seattle Seahawks were one yard from winning back-to-back Super Bowls, and from the looks of the off-season it is highly possible for them to make another run at the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. In recent news the Seahawks re-signed Marshawn Lynch for a one-year deal worth $11 million dollars. Now that the mid is back selling in Seattle it almost at least guarantees them a spot in the playoffs. Yesterday, the Seahawks traded for All-Pro tight end Jimmy Graham. With Graham in the fold it gives the Seahawks the ability to become more versatile in the passing game, which could alleviate the pressure off of the running game to carry the offense.

It’s no secret that the Seahawks success on the offensive side of the ball is based on the success of Marshawn Lynch. When Lynch is running at a high level, the passing opens up, and Russell Wilson is able to do magic with the read-option game. With an already potent defense, the Seahawks just became even more of a problem to deal with. Tight Ends are often known as the safety blankets for quarterbacks, and with Russell Wilson he hasn’t had in his short career. In this year’s Super Bowl, Wilson threw twenty-one passes in the game, and not one was thrown to a tight end. It makes a difference when a team has a productive tight end. When looking at a team like the New England Patriots having a top-tier tight end hides the fact that you do not need an elite wide receiver to play at a high level. The tight end position is so valuable, and having a player of Jimmy Graham’s magnitude will only make Russell Wilson more of a complete quarterback.

Wilson, who is already regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the game will become more polished throwing to someone as talented as Graham. The Seahawks made the Super Bowl this past season with a mediocre receiving core, which is a testament of how good Russell Wilson is. To be honest, Wilson had a decent regular season by throwing standards by completing 63% percent of his passes to go along with 20 touchdowns and close to 3500 yards. To compare Wilson’s stats to the league average at the quarterback position, he is below par in all of those areas. The running element makes Wilson as dynamic as he is. Adding Graham will allow Wilson to save his body and run less, and his passing stats across the board will rise.

The Seahawks defense is known as one of the best if not the best defense in the NFL, and it looks like the offense is gearing up enough fire power so that the defense can rest as well. It pains me to say this, but the Seahawks are here to stay, and by adding Jimmy Graham to the team it has officially made them the most complete and dangerous team in the NFL.

5 plays that decided Super Bowl XLIX

Well football is over and the last game will go down as a classic. The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champions as they knocked off the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Arizona. I think the Patriots should send Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell flowers and candy for the late Christmas present at the end of the game.

I’m going to highlight 5 plays that decided the Super Bowl XLIX.

5. Jeremy Lane’s first quarter interception of Tom Brady- The play kept the score 0-0, but during the return Lane injured his arm and wasn’t able to return. Causing Tharold Simon to get all of the nickle corner snaps and was picked on like the dirty kid in elementary.

4. Patriots defense holds the Seahawks to a field goal early in the 3rd quarter- The stand the Patriots made kept the game within striking distance as the Seahawks only went up 17-14 when they had a shot to go up 21-14. This was huge as they ended up winning by 4 points.

3. Jermaine Kearse makes Antonio Freeman-like catch- Russell Wilson hooked up with Jermaine Kearse for a 33 yard pass that was more luck than skill, but it put the Seahawks inside the 10 yard line with 1:06 to go in the game.

2. Malcolm Butler fourth quarter inception of Russell Wilson- Great play by Butler as he cut off Ricardo Lockette on a slant, but Carroll and Bevell know they should’ve ran Beast Mode from the 1 yard line. You run Beast Mode four times in a row in that situation. DUMBEST PLAY CALL IN FOOTBALL HISTORY!!

1. Michael Bennett jumping offsides with 20 seconds left and New England on their own 1- Honestly the game was probably over, but the Patriots might’ve had to take the safety. With that being said the Seahawks had a slight chance to get the ball back and they blew that by jumping offsides.

I know Seahawk fans will be sick all off-season and rightfully so. What were Carroll and Bevell thinking? Why didn’t Wilson call an audible? lol Will Tom Brady send a thank you card to Wilson? Hmm, I don’t know, but I would if I was Tom.

Super Bowl XLIX: Looking at two of the top corners?

For us hardcore football fans we only have one game left for the 2014-15 season. How ironic is that the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots face off for a chance to be named the best NFL team this season?

Both teams got here different ways, the Patriots used a chameleon style offense and a strong defense to get to big game, while the Seahawks used a power run game and a strong defense to make it to Arizona. While everyone will talk about Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski (rightfully so), I wanted to talk about arguably the best two cornerbacks in the game facing off Sunday.

The two corners I’m talking about, drumroll please, Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman. These two are always the spearhead of a yearly question, who is the best corner in the NFL? We all have our opinions as I do mines, but what we can’t argue is these two are definitely elite corners no matter where you rank them. Will this game prove who the best is? I don’t think it will because of the receivers these two will be covering for their time on the field.

Revis will be matched up with either Doug Baldwin or Jermaine Kearse, which honestly will be easy work for Revis. The only way either of these two will make an explosive play on Revis is if Wilson finds a way to buy a lot of time with his scrambling ability and that still doesn’t mean either one of these two will make it happen against Revis. We saw the pedestrian numbers the Seahawks receivers put up against the Packers secondary and they can’t touch Revis and Browner, so unless Bevell has something up his sleeve I don’t see much happening on Revis Island.

SeahawksRichardShermanAs for Sherman, he has a slightly tougher task, but they don’t have anybody who will scare Sherman or the Seahawks cover 3 defense. They have Gronkowski, but that will be for Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor to take care of. Sherman will deal with Brandon LaFell, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. These three are better than his counterparts, but that’s not saying much. LaFell is the big play receiver, while Edelman and Amedola are the short to intermediate guys. This bodes well for Sherman and the rest of the legion of boom.

We know Revis is at his best in man coverage, we know Sherman is a playmaker in Cover 3, but what Super Bowl XLIX won’t settle for us is who is the best corner why? Look at who they will be covering for that answer. Now if we want to look at their entire season that’s a different story and something we can cover another day.