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Audio: Shaq disses LaVar Ball over Jay-Z beat

LaVar Ball and Shaq have had a few jabs for each other in the following months. We all know LaVar to be a media lighting rod, whenever a mic in his face (pause) he is liable to say anything and mostly he does that.

Shaq said he should charge less than $495 to make it affordable for the kids, like his Shaq shoes that are in Wal-Mart and LaVar of course clapped back saying something to the tune of you got shoes there, I don’t have to.

LaVar was asked if he and LaMelo could beat Shaq and Shareef and of course he gave us some headline material and now we have the Shaq diss track.

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Shaq and Charles Barkley get into a verbal tussle live on TNT after Cavs/Celtics Game 4

After the Cavaliers handled business at home against the Celtics, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley got into a verbal war. Well the whole crew jokes a ton, but at times Shaq and Chuck go toe to toe, it seems out of the two Shaq can’t take a joke as well as the others and it started when Chuck said the show would be better without him during halftime. In the postgame game Chuck said Shaq rode a lot of coattails to get his championship rings after Shaq said Chuck can’t comment on the situation because he had only been to one NBA Final.

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The Inside the NBA Crew reacts to Donald Trump becoming President

I’m sorry, I was a day late in a dollar short in posting this, but I finally found the full segment. The Inside the NBA crew did a great job at capturing their thoughts on Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

If you haven’t watched make sure you check out the link below and feel free to meet us in the comment section with your thoughts.

Shaq Week: The Shaq and Kobe Show

Shaq and Kobe will go down as one of the better duos in NBA History. To some, they were the most dominant duo ever, but many will say they only won three championships together. Championships are close to impossible to win, and Shaq and Kobe went 3-1 in NBA Finals during their run of dominance. The duo ended their run prematurely due to the front office wanting to go in a different direction, and at the time the city of Los Angeles wasn’t big enough for the both of them. In this day and age of over analyzing of sports people rarely appreciate greatness. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to relive some of the greatest moments on the court by Shaq and Kobe.

Shaq Week: The Dynamic Duo of Shaq and Penny

The duo of Shaq and Penny started off in the movie Blue Chips with Butch McCray and Neon Boudeaux. While on set for the movie, Shaq was mesmerized by Hardaway and wanted the Magic to draft Hardaway in the 1993 NBA Draft. The Magic ended up drafting Chris Webber, but he was traded to the Golden State for Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. 

With Shaq and Penny as the cornerstones of the Orlando Magic, it created instant success. Both players were barely over 20 years of age, but they played mature well beyond their years. The two of them never won a NBA title, but they left many memorable moments on the hardwood. Check out the video below.

Shaq Week: The Early Days Of Superman

Since it’s #ShaqWeek, we at The Front Office News wanted to pay homage to the man they once called Superman on the basketball court. Shaquille O’Neal was arguably the most dominant player to have ever graced the NBA.  We’ll start off with the early years of Shaq as a member of the Orlando Magic and as the week progresses, we’ll show more footage of Shaq during his illustrious career. Check out the video below.

Audio: The Big Podcast with Shaq featuring Kobe Bryant

First off I want to say I finally found audio after hearing about the podcast for days now. The sad thing is I haven’t listened to it fully yet so I don’t have a good quotes. I still need to find out if Kobe said Dwight Howard made him appreciate Shaq (feel free to confirm in our comments).

For Lakers fans and Lakers haters I’m pretty sure you want to listen to this link.

I plan on listening later on today.

Ballin’ Like Dad: Shareef O’Neal Looks To Follow In His Father’s Footsteps

Shareef O’Neal may not be a household name yet, but he will be a household name before you know it. O’Neal stands 6’8 and has a vastly different game than his father Shaquille O’Neal. The younger O’Neal has a versatile game and has the ability to play inside and outside. He lacks the pure strength that his father played with, but the athleticism, footwork, and dominance is all there. Following the gargantuan size 22 shoe that the elder O’Neal wears may be close to impossible, but the younger O’Neal will be in line to create his own basketball legacy if he keeps it up.

Check out the video below. 

H/T @Hoopmixtape for the footage. 

Top 10 NBA Free Agent Moves of All Time

NBA free agency is going strong and everyday a player either signs to stay with his current team or leaves for different opportunities. While we wait for the bigger fish to decide what they are doing I thought I would look back at the 10 biggest free agent signings in NBA history. This is a list of players who changed teams not chose not to stay with their current team.

10. Tom Chambers- (Seattle Super Sonics to Phoenix Suns) I have Tom Chambers at ten manly because it just felt right to start the list with the first unrestricted free agent. In 1988 Tom left the Seattle Super Sonics for the Phoenix Suns. In Phoenix Tom helped the Suns to five straight Western Conference Finals and One NBA Finals. He played in three all-star games and led the team in scoring for the first three years.

9. Dwight Howard – (Los Angeles Lakers to Houston Rockets)Howard makes the list because of his name and status. Seeing how this move is only a year old there is still time to create a legacy in Houston.

8. Ray Allen – (Boston Celtics to Miami Heat) When Ray signed with Miami in 2012 he was clearly was at the end of his career, but Miami thought that he could help win them another championship. He sure enough did that with his clutch three in game six of the finals against the San Antonio Spurs that not only saved their season, but propelled them to a game seven victory.

7. Chris Bosh – (Toronto Raptors to Miami Heat) This move was technically a sign a trade, but in free agency it’s the same thing as just outright signing with another team. The move is usually made to try to help the team losing the player get something in return while it gives the out going player a chance to get more money. Anyways, Bosh might be known as the third wheel of the big 3, but he has been just as important as anybody else in Miami going to four straight finals and wining two.

6. Robert Horry- (Los Angeles Lakers to San Antonio Spurs) By the time Horry had joined the Spurs he had already won five championship and the Spurs had already won two. So their partnership was more about the rich getting richer and Horry was a key member to two more Spurs Championships.

5. Gilbert Arenas- (Golden State to Washington Wizards) During his Wizards run Arenas became one of the big names of the league by becoming one of the top scorers and making three all-star games. The biggest reason why Arenas makes the list because he is responsible for the “Arenas Rule

It’s the current rule that allows the home team the ability to pay its free agents more than anyone else.

4.Tracy McGrady-(Toronto Raptors to Orlando Magic) McGrady makes the list not so much for how he helped his next team, but more so how he helped his self. During his run in Orlando, McGrady became one of the best players in the league. He went to multiple all-star games, won a scoring title, and made all NBA first team twice. The knock on McGrady was his inability to get out the first round of the playoffs, but that was never because of him.

3. Chauncey Billups (Minnesota Timberwolves to Detroit Pistons) Before signing with the Pistons many considered Billups to be a bust. Who would have thought he would go from bust to potential hall of famer? In Detroit, Billups went to five straight conference finals, two NBA a finals, and wining one championship. He was name finals MVP, played in five all-star games and made 3 all nba teams. He was also named to two all defensive teams as well.

lebron2. LeBron James- (Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat) This was another sign and trade, but LeBron had already decided to take his talents to South Beach. In his four years with the Heat LeBron has risen to become the best player in the league. He has four finals appearances, while wining two. He’s won two MVPs during the regular season and finals and all of the stats speak for themselves. LeBron still has a chance to build upon this resume or he could make the list twice if he signs somewhere else.

shaq-west1. Shaquille O’Neal-(Orlando Magic to Los Angeles Lakers) The biggest free agent signee both figuratively and literally. Shaq became arguably the best big man ever while playing with the Lakers. He was responsible for bringing “showtime” back to LA. While there he played in four NBA Finals and wining three. He was finals MVP three times and league MVP once. He played in the all-star game every year and even became a Hollywood star by acting in movies. This is probably the most productive free agent deal for all parties included because everybody won, including the fans.

So that’s my list. If you don’t agree or feel some one was left off, drop a line in the comments section below and let me know.