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Audio: Shaq disses LaVar Ball over Jay-Z beat

LaVar Ball and Shaq have had a few jabs for each other in the following months. We all know LaVar to be a media lighting rod, whenever a mic in his face (pause) he is liable to say anything and mostly he does that.

Shaq said he should charge less than $495 to make it affordable for the kids, like his Shaq shoes that are in Wal-Mart and LaVar of course clapped back saying something to the tune of you got shoes there, I don’t have to.

LaVar was asked if he and LaMelo could beat Shaq and Shareef and of course he gave us some headline material and now we have the Shaq diss track.

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Ballin’ Like Dad: Shareef O’Neal Looks To Follow In His Father’s Footsteps

Shareef O’Neal may not be a household name yet, but he will be a household name before you know it. O’Neal stands 6’8 and has a vastly different game than his father Shaquille O’Neal. The younger O’Neal has a versatile game and has the ability to play inside and outside. He lacks the pure strength that his father played with, but the athleticism, footwork, and dominance is all there. Following the gargantuan size 22 shoe that the elder O’Neal wears may be close to impossible, but the younger O’Neal will be in line to create his own basketball legacy if he keeps it up.

Check out the video below. 

H/T @Hoopmixtape for the footage.