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Vlog 4: Summer ’17 has been terrible for the Cleveland Cavaliers

I have a few vlogs already prerecorded that I numbered on the video like a rookie and this one will be out of order, but with how hot these Kyrie Irving trade talks are I had to give my two cents. So check my video out and meet me in the comments if you have thoughts about Cavaliers.

If the 49ers land Revis, we could be in a time machine

DarrelleRevis1The rumor mill has been cooking up the last few weeks and you know what that normally intels, mass rumors that make no sense and some that you hope happen for good or bad. Word on the street is the 49ers have been asking the Jets about injured star CB Darrelle Revis. Which makes some sense figuring all the picks the 9ers have for this years draft.

I will be the first to say that with all of the free agents at the cornerback position it could make this deal less likely to happen. We also know about his money demands but we won’t go into detail about that.

Fellow 9ers fans remember the last superstar CB they made a play for? Yep,”Primetime” Deion Sanders. “Primetime” didn’t get acquired via trade but it still was a huge impact move even it was for only one year. When they acquired the Hall of Fame  CB the won their last Super Bowl something the current 9ers team were so close to capturing last year.

If the 9ers pull the trigger even if it’s for one year will the 9ers fans get a repeat performance? How much do you give up for Revis? Does his ACL injury scare you? Do we play hardball because the Jets are openly trying to trade him? Or do we say *uck it and just try to sign one of this proven pros that are a plenty in the free agent pool?

If it does happen 9ers fans like myself will be ecstatic and ready to compare the 2013 team to the 94 even if it makes sense or not. We know Revis Island isn’t Primetime but in 2013 I wouldn’t complain if he put on a 9ers uniform. Bring Revis to San Fran so we can have shades of a shutdown CB.

Revis come to Death Row, I mean the 49ers!!!