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Watch: Tyrod Taylor x Toyota Camry commercial

I was watching TV and noticed Toyota Camry commercial and noticed Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Taylor was a former backup for the Baltimore Ravens and got a shot to start last year for the Bills. It was pretty cool to see him get some national exposure.

I wonder if they gave him loaded Camry? Check out the commercial.

Ryan, Taylor experience is starting off well in Buffalo

During the offseason the Buffalo Bills made a few changes they fired Doug Marrone, starting quarterback Kyle Orton retired again. The Bills brass knew Orton wasn’t the quarterback of the future, but that left doubt under center. The Marrone experience didn’t leave Bills fans thinking that Marv Levy was back in new form that’s for sure.

Fast forward, they have brought defensive mastermind Rex Ryan to be the head coach, so that gives the Bills some stability especially in the AFC East, as Ryan knows what he has to do to turn a team around and navigate through New England. The former Jets coach seemed like an odd hire from the outside looking in being that the Bills had a good defense, but seemed to need offensive help.

Tyrod Taylor was brought in to compete for a starting position, but he wasn’t even the key addition behind center, that was Matt Cassel who the Bills received via trade from the Minnesota Vikings. Taylor who was a Raven last year came to Buffalo just for a chance to play. Being in Baltimore the only way he was going to play meaningful minutes is if Joe Flacco got hurt and you can’t wish injury on any man so he did what was right to have a chance to see more playing time. After one week in the NFL season it seems that Taylor has made the correct decision to bolt to Buffalo. Taylor got soak game up on the Ravens bench for four years, now he’s running the Bills offense. He is an unknown, but has a strong arm and can take off when the play breaks down; if you followed Tyrod when he was at Virginia Tech you saw a skill set that had a chance to be productive in the NFL.

The Bills will play smash mouth football, but there will be games that Taylor has to make critical plays and if he do that or exceed expectation the Bills could be very dangerous. During his first game he went 14 of 19 for 175 yards 1 touchdown no interceptions and 45 yards on the ground. The key to that stat line is the efficiency and no turnovers.

I know it has only been one week, but I salute Ryan on giving Taylor a shot because we all know who Matt Cassel is and E.J. Manuel hasn’t panned out. Taylor is a wildcard, but sometimes you need a good wildcard to be successful.