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USF Hoping Woulard Gets Eligibility for Much-Needed Depth

Hey USF fans, you guys have a very talented quarterback coming to Tampa and his name is Asiantii Woulard. Woulard, the former 4-star recruit from Winter Park, Florida was originally a member of the UCLA Bruins – staying in LA for the last two years.

Woulard was an Elite 11 quarterback and even won the competition when he was a part of the selection grouping.

During his time at UCLA he didn’t see any action, but I wouldn’t use that as an indictment of Woulard because he was behind current NFLer Brett Hundley.

The Bulls and their fans should be excited; Woulard is a dual threat with more potential than any quarterback that has ever enrolled at the school (sorry B.J. Daniels).


Season right around the corner! Too excited to rock the Green & Gold, uniform combos! #USF pic.twitter.com/lTNHAeMwiD

— Asiantii Woulard (@Asiantii4) July 27, 2015

Per CollegeFootballTalk: Woulard is trying to obtain a waiver to play this year, per a situation with family.

Depending on how serious his family’s situation is will affect his availability for the 2015 season, without knowing the details I will say Woulard will be in uniform for the start of the 2016 season and behind center for the first game of his Bulls career.

Woulard will have two years of eligibility left whenever he starts his Bulls career and for that reason alone Bulls fans need to be excited.

2014 Week 13: College Football games of the Week

Last week was pretty exciting Melvin Gordon broke the single game rushing record in three quarters, tallying 408 yards on 25 carries. Talking about doing work! Ohio State kept rolling as they beat Minnesota on the road, Florida State came from behind once again to be Miami on the road, Alabama knocked off Mississippi State at home and Notre Dame lost a heartbreaker to Northwestern at home. The sad thing about the Notre Dame loss is the world will be exposed to Mike Golic, Kim K’esqe pics soon because of the bet made on Mike and Mike during the week.

The teams currently in the four team playoff are: Alabama, Mississippi State, Florida State and Oregon.

Check out which games you should be watching this weekend.

Thursday 11/20

#12 Kansas State @ West Virginia, FOX Sports 1, 7 PM

Saturday 11/22

#25 Minnesota @ #23 Nebraska, ESPN, Noon

#15 Arizona @ #17 Utah, ESPN, 3:30 PM

#24 Louisville @ Notre Dame, NBC, 3:30 PM

#19 USC @ #9 UCLA, ABC, 8 PM

This week’s bevy of games really don’t pose much of a threat for the teams lobbying for a big bowl or the ones fighting for the four team playoff, but in football this is why you play the game. Let us know which games you will be watching this weekend. Until next week, PEACE!

2014 Week 10: College Football games of the Week

Last week was a down week for College Football, but I told you guys that. OSU, Auburn and Mississippi State all struggled, but got the dub. The first college playoff ranking came out this week so that’s a historic moment.

This week has some bigger games on tap and the one everyone in their momma will be watching will be Auburn/Ole Miss. That game will give a SEC team two losses there is no way around it. The sneaky good game for the weekend is TCU/West Virginia, don’t sleep on that game.

Here are the games you should be watching this weekend. We even have a good game for tonight.

Thursday 10/30

#2 Florida State @ #25 Louisville, ESPN, 7:30 PM

Saturday 11/1

#7 TCU @ #20 West Virginia, ABC/ESPN 2, 3:30 PM

#3 Auburn @ #4 Ole Miss, ESPN, 7 PM

#12 Arizona @ #22 UCLA, ESPN, 10:30 PM

#17 Utah @ # 14 Arizona State, FOX Sports 1, 11 PM

Which games will you guys be watching? These are the games my TV will be fixed to. I may watch some others, but these are our headliners. Drop a line in our comment box. Until next week, PEACE!!

2014 Week 7: College Football games of the Week

I wrote a peace that highlighted all the craziness from last week. If you didn’t read please feel free to click the link in the last sentence. This week is lining up to be another important week in college football. Teams that I counted out shocked the world (word to Ed The Sports Fan), so this week I will shut up and just highlight the games you should watch.

Check out the games we picked for you guys to watch this weekend.

Saturday 10/11

#13 Georgia @ #23 Missouri, CBS, Noon

#2 Auburn @ #3 Mississippi State, CBS, 3:30 PM

#9 TCU @ #5 Baylor, ABC/ESPN 2, 3:30 PM

#12 Oregon @ #18 UCLA, FOX, 3:30 PM

#3 Ole Miss @ #14 Texas A&M, ESPN, 9 PM

Which games will you be watching this weekend? Let us know in the comment box. Until next week, PEACE!!!

2014 Week 3: College Football games of the week

All I’m going to say is last week was terrible for the Big Ten aka the Midwest. *Walks away*

This week we have a few games you should watch.

Saturday 9/13

#6 Georgia @ #24 South Carolina, CBS, 3:30 PM- Georgia has Todd Gurley and that’s all you really need to know. South Carolina will be in trouble just because of the pure fact that Gurley ain’t for games and he’s coming for them. Can South Carolina pull of the upset?

Tennessee @ #4 Oklahoma, ABC, 8 PM- OU’s Trevor Knight has been on fire since the bowl game last year and I’m pretty sure the Vols will be in trouble. The Sooners are known for dropping a game or two they should win will the Vols be able to take advantage?

#12 UCLA vs Texas, FOX, 8 PM- UCLA has been less than impressive so far this season will Hundley get on track. Will Texas get back on track? This game should be interesting just because of the shear fact who knows what will happen.

This week is a light on the top games, but every week some games surprise you. What games will you be watching? Until next week, PEACE!


Adidas unveil “Made In March” unis

Adidas has been making march madness(NIT) uniforms the last few years. Some have been good, some have been bad, but they have been consistent.

This year they laced 10 teams with new uniforms. Four teams will get sleeved uniforms, those four teams are Baylor, Cincinnati, Louisville and UCLA. Six teams will get sleeveless uniforms, those six teams are Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Teams will be debuting these new uniforms this week. How do you like the new look? I personally like most of the sleeveless unis and if the sleeved unis were sleeveless I would like most of them too.

2013 Week 9: College Football games of the Week

After last week two things are relevant: Jameis Winston is a legit Heisman candidate and Tajh Boyd lost himself a lot of money with that performance at home against Florida State. The game that we all billed as the possible game of the year was a shellacking, massacre in Death Valley. Ohio State stayed steady with a victory over Iowa and the Bearcats won during homecoming weekend. I know that last piece doesn’t affect the football landscape like that, but I don’t care, I don’t care. UCLA bombed out against Stanford. Overall a lot of good football was played, but a few of the games we picked let us down (J. Cole voice).

Check out the games we think you should watch this weekend.

Tennessee @ #1 Alabama, CBS, 3:30 PM- Tennessee has been shocking people and taking them to the brink the last few weeks. Will they be able to scare or beat Bama?  Any given Saturday who knows? I’m still taking Bama but I’d be happy with the Vols victory, say that 2xs fast.

#10 Texas Tech @ #15 Oklahoma, FOX, 3:30 PM- Tech may be the surprise team of college football so far. Oklahoma has been underwhelming this year but with it being a Big 12 game this will be a coin flip. I don’t know who to roll with. No matter what it is a game between two top 15 teams.

Marcus+Mariota#12 UCLA @ #3 Oregon, ESPN, 7 PM- UCLA just lost to Stanford and they have no time to mope as they head to Oregon. Oregon has been scoring like a fast break offense. Will Oregon be able to keep rollin’ and keep building steam for the Marcus Mariota Heisman bangwagon? After how UCLA played last week I’m putting my money on Oregon.

#21 South Carolina @ #5 Missouri, ESPN 2, 7 PM– Man the Tigers have jumped 20 spots in two weeks, I may be the only person not on this bandwagon but a win vs the Gamecocks would do wonders to keep the momentum rolling. I think SC beats Mizzou.

Penn St @ #4 Ohio St, ABC, 8 PM- Penn St. fresh off knocking off undefeated Michigan, can they do the same to OSU? The Buckeyes have the longest winning streak in the land, each game Miller looks a little bit better from his knee injury should be able to cut up the Nittany Lions d all day. Will Hackenberg be able to make the same plays he did the last week? I got OSU in a rout.

These are the games we are rolling with this weekend let us know what games you will be watching. Until next weekend, PEACE!!!

Stanford’s Kodi Whitfield makes dope one handed catch

Stanford’s Kodi Whitfield might have made the coldest one handed catch I’ve seen in a long time. Not only did he catch if for a touchdown but he also smoked double coverage at the same time.  The only catch I can think compares to this one is a Brandon Lloyd catch he had with the 49ers back in the day.

This was a nasty grab make sure you check out this play.