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Can the Bengals get over the hump this season?

To be honest the Cincinnati Bengals have one of the most talented teams in the NFL top to bottom at every position (except one) and they have been to the playoffs the last four seasons. They have been the model of consistency or mediocrity depending on how you look at it because they haven’t won when it counted most.

On the flip side is every year they have had Andy Dalton the Bengals have made the playoffs, but also every year they haven’t won a game in the playoffs either. Coach Marvin Lewis has yet to win a playoff game during his 13 year tenure with the club and yet he still is employed (I promise he has dirt on the owner nobody can tell me differently). Lewis is a solid coach, but this year for him and his quarterback could be do or die for both of them especially for the head coach if they make the playoffs this town won’t be happy with a one game exit Paul Brown Stadium might implode with the anger that would surface.

Andy Dalton isn’t an elite quarterback, but he isn’t terrible either, if good Andy shows up in the playoffs the Bengals can beat anybody, but if bad Andy appears the Bengals can lose to anybody also. The good thing for the Bengals right now is that all of his weapons are currently healthy, I know that could change in the future, but with Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert and A.J. Green back in the fold it should make “The Red Rifles” job that much easier. Plus the two headed monster in the backfield that is Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard they can control the ground game also.

The Bengals have a very deep defense in all phrases. Vontaze Burfict is out for the first six weeks, but that should help the linebacking core in the long run. Will Dre Kirkpatrick be able to continue on his late season run to be a staple in the back end of the defense? With Geno Atkins back at 100% and reacquiring Michael Johnson the defensive line should apply a lot more pressure this year.

Can the Bengals turn the corner? They have the talent to do so, but if they don’t make any noise in the playoffs this team or at least this coaching staff could get blown up. I think they can be a 9 or 10 game winner this year because they have a hard schedule. Will they be able to make the playoffs for the fifth time in as many years? Only time will tell, because Cincy has some antsy fans.