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Vlog 21: Benjamin to the Bills and Ajayi to the Eagles

The Carolina Panthers traded wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills for a 3rd and 7th round pick in the 2018 draft.

I personally didn’t think the Panthers would be dealers before the deadline, but what do I know.

Check out my thoughts on the trade.

Vlog 11: White NFL players join movement

Michael Bennett made the statement that white players needed to join the movement and during the last week they have done it. Justin Britt (Seahawks), Derek Carr (Raiders), Chris Long (Eagles), Seth DeValve (Browns) and others have some solidarity backing their brothers.

Check out the newest vlog.

Who does Sam Bradford think he is?

Call me a Sam Bradford basher if you want to, but I’m just a realist it’s my opinion so there’s that. If you haven’t been paying attention the Philadelphia Eagles resigned Sam Bradford this offseason to a two year $36 million deal with over $20 million guaranteed. When I first saw this deal I thought to myself what molly have the Eagles been on? Are they on that Lilly (watch the movie Dope if you don’t get the reference)?

The deal shocked people so much that even Matt Flynn one of the O.G.’s of the I don’t deserve this much money in deal tweeted out wow that’s a lot of money. He even said I know I got a couple of nice deals a.k.a. he knows he didn’t live up to them, but at the end of the day get paid. With that being said we are still going to critique.

First off when he resigned with the Eagles to a two year deal did he think he was set as the quarterback of the future? He has made a gang of money since he was drafted and do you think injuries or not if he was a franchise quarterback the St. Louis (LA) Rams trade him for Nick Foles? If you don’t have the answer I’m going to tell you no, nobody is trading a franchise quarterback in a quarterback driven league. For him to sign the deal and try to force himself out of town because the Eagles gave up the farm to draft a young quarterback is like he signed that contract with Stevie Wonder’s vision. Or he made the move knowing nobody else would be stupid enough to give him that kind of money and he would have more leverage to get out, but wrong? Who wants an overpaid, often injured quarterback? Apparently the Eagles, but it doesn’t seem like anybody around the league would be willing to trade for Bradford at that cap number.

Bradford needs to be happy teams keep overpaying him and collect a check, some people will cape for him and say he never had this or that, but at the end of the day he is a marginal quarterback at best and we know that, the Eagles know that hell even Sam knows that deep down in his heart and nothing is wrong with that, but when you think you have this great trade market you need to reevaluate everything especially yourself. You aren’t the kid coming out of Oklahoma that had huge potential, you are the current retread quarterback that has had numerous knee injuries over the back several years. Look yourself in the mirror and keep cashing those checks because you are very lucky.



Cleveland Browns trade out of 2nd spot

When the St. Louis Los Angeles Rams traded with the Tennessee Titans I told my friend the Browns should do the same if they were smart. I personally didn’t think they would because hey they are the Cleveland Browns, but too my surprise they listened to me (lol) and traded back.

With Hue Jackson on board and the signing of Robert Griffin the Browns have hope at the quarterback position for the first time in a long time so why draft a quarterback 2nd? If Jackson can make Dalton a good quarterback I don’t see why he can’t make Griffin good again and that’s no slight to Dalton we just all know Griffin was only slightly rated below Andrew Luck coming out, but many have seemed to forget that.

Trade Breakdown

Cleveland Browns get:

1st round pick (8th)

3rd round pick (77th)

4th round pick (100th)

1st round pick 2017

2nd round pick 2018

Philadelphia Eagles get:

1st round pick (2nd)

4th round pick 2017

The Eagles are lined up to get Carson Wentz with the second pick, I guess when you have Sam Bradford as your quarterback you have to gamble. They are giving up a lot for this kid so they better hope he pans out.


Watch: Jordan Matthews TD Catch Clinches Victory for the Philadelphia Eagles

Jordan Matthews has had a case of the dropsies this season. Last night, he came up big for the Philadelphia Eagles when it mattered most. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles went tit-for-tat, but the Eagles came out on top. With a Cowboys loss, it put them at 2-6, which means the chances of making the playoffs are very slim. The Eagles are 4-4 and are a game behind the New York Giants for first place in the division. A lot can happen between now and the end of the season, and division lead could change at any time. The Eagles are slowly putting things together, and that should worry everyone in the NFC East. If you didn’t see Jordan Matthews’ walk-off touchdown, check out the video below.

Was Terrell Suggs hit on Sam Bradford dirty?

So earlier in the week I saw social media abuzz because of the play Terrell Suggs made on Sam Bradford. From initial comments I thought this play was one of the worst in NFL history, but after doing my own research I came to find out that everybody needs to get their panties out of a bunch because it was just a normal play.

Look at the play below.

Personally this is only a conversation because Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford has two torn ACL’s on his hospital record. Suggs didn’t even lower the boom or tackle with malicious intent. Players calling Suggs dirty are tripping “points to Jason “Bigen” Peters”, I respect the fact that most are trying to stand up for their quarterback, but at the same point if Connor Barwin pulled the same play on Joe Flacco nobody would’ve tripped on that play in my opinion.

The risk you take by running the read option is getting your quarterback hit more than usual; you can’t get mad at the defensive players trying to prevent you from using that play that has multiple options. Personally you shouldn’t be doing many plays that look similar to the read option with Sam Bradford anyway we all know his history and if decides to keep it how many yards will he pick up anyway?

Not dirty the end. Meet us in the comment box if you agree or disagree thanks.

Tebow to the Eagles: It Makes Sense

Frankly, I don’t know why anyone is surprised that QB Tim Tebow came to a contract agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday. Head coach Chip Kelly, who is continuing what has been an interesting off season to say the least, had brought Tebow into Philadelphia for a workout a little less than a month ago. While it was reported that the Eagles were biding their time until they found a trade for QB Matt Barkley, I believe that Kelly signed Tebow because he knows he will need another quarterback, but doesn’t know which one he’s moving yet.

Besides need, I find Tebow to be a fit for what Kelly wants to do. He is a football player, extremely multidimensional in the way that he can be used as a runner, receiver, and yes quarterback. While everyone knows that Tebow doesn’t have the best arm in NFL history, I believe his arm strength and accuracy are enough to complete many of the quick routes in Kelly’s offense. The main point of the offense is to move the ball down the field quickly, both via the run and pass, but only taking shots deep down field every once in a while, which is something Kelly could afford to do with Tebow.

In terms of mobility, Tebow would represent the best moving quarterback Kelly has had under center since taking over the Eagles two seasons ago. While Kelly has been quoted saying that mobility in a quarterback doesn’t matter to him as much in the NFL, you can’t deny that Tebow running the QB option is more attractive than QB Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, or Sam Bradford.

However, I think that the biggest reason Kelly signed Tebow is the fact that he is a model citizen, team player, workout warrior, and someone who will buy into the system. Tebow’s last reported measurables had him listed at 6’3″, 245 lbs., or the size of a small linebacker by NFL standards. If you’re quarterback is built like a truck and can lift with some of the strongest guys on your team, don’t you think it will motivate the team to become more fit in general? It’s a possibility, but maybe a long shot in a league like the NFL.

Overall, I don’t believe Tebow will be the starter, or even play a huge role in the offense. At most, I could see him getting around 5 snaps per game, lining up anywhere from receiver to tight end, running back and quarterback. His versatility makes him useful and dangerous, especially on a one year deal. Of course, Tebow attracts a media circus wherever he goes, but don’t you think that could be useful to take some of the attention and pressure of a young quarterback? (like, Marcus Mariota perhaps?)

Tebow can prove to be useful on and off the field for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, and has another chance to prove he can play in the NFL.

Maxwell and Thurmond reunite in Philadelphia

If there are pair of players who know what it feels like to be the “other” corner next to Richard Sherman it would be Byron Maxwell and Walter Thurmond.  Both players flourished at being on the other side of Sherman and both have left to get from under the shadows of the LOB secondary.

Thurmond was a free agent in the spring of 2014 and signed with the New York Giants. His year was riddled with a season ending injury and he wasn’t able to capitalize on his one year deal with the Giants.

Maxwell was the beneficiary of the Thurmond leaving and became free agent this winter/spring. The Seahawks wanted to keep him, but knew the price was too steep which how much they have locked in with the other LOB members.

After it was all said and done Thurmond and Maxwell are teammates again as they both signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Thurmond signed a one year deal with the Eagles with hopes of hitting it big in 2016’s free agency market something he tried last year, but failed because of an injury. Maxwell got cashed out to the tune of $63 million over six years with $25 million guaranteed. He may be a little overpaid in my opinion, but young brother get that money. Hopefully the reunion will bode well for both players, they both are trying to prove they can fly (no pun intended) without the LOB behind them to cover up mistakes.

If Thurmond plays well he could position himself to get a nice contract next year and if Maxwell plays well he can prove he wasn’t a product of the system. We will see if these two add some stability to the Eagles weak cornerback situation, only time will tell.

Is Chip Kelly Becoming too Arrogant?

Just last week I told Philadelphia Eagles fans to trust Chip Kelly’s system, but with the latest roster moves I don’t know what is going on in Philadelphia. Since trading LeSean McCoy, the Eagles missed out on signing Frank Gore, let Jeremy Maclin walk via free agency, cut Pro Bowler Trent Cole, and traded Nick Foles for the often injured Sam Bradford. It is has been said over and over, that Kelly’s system is based on the quarterback and the offensive line. Kelly believes that if you are stable at those positions then everyone else can be plugged in simultaneously.

The problem is that the Eagles have Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford at quarterback. Sanchez showed flashes of being a capable quarterback last season, and Sam Bradford hasn’t been the same since his rookie season. Bradford has been injured year after year, and when he’s been on the field he’s been average at best.

With the trade of Nick Foles it shows that Chip Kelly wants his players hand-picked, and it also shows a little bit of arrogance that he can win with any quarterback. Since coming to Philadelphia, Kelly is now on to his fourth quarterback in three seasons. Kelly has been tabbed as a football genius by many people, but it seems as if he is taking that title to the head. I have a feeling that Kelly isn’t done working his hand, and it will be quite the roller-coaster ride for the Philadelphia Ducks– I mean, Eagles fans to stomach. Rumors have surfaced that DeMarco Murray could land with the Eagles, but I wouldn’t bet on it as of yet. It would make sense and it would be a perfect fit, but we thought the same thing with Frank Gore, and then he bolted to Indianapolis.

There are still several months in the off-season, so that means Kelly has more time to construct more moves to suit his roster the way he wants it to be. As I mentioned before, last week–I said to trust Chip Kelly, but I think his arrogance is getting in the way at the moment. There is nothing wrong with being confident, but when you cross the line of being arrogant bad things tend to happen. The jury is out on the roster decisions that Kelly is making, and all I can do is to offer some Pepto Bismol to Eagles fan for the uneasy ride of the off-season.