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    The Unexpected Metoric Rise From Antonio Brown

    Oct 13 • NFL • 60 Views

    Antonio Brown is arguably the best receiver in that National football league. Entering his 7th season in the league all of which he spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers since being drafted in 2010, you have to wonder how many teams, scouts and personnel cringe knowing they passed on him? Since coming into the NFL, Brown has posted three consecutive seasons going for over 1,500 yards and appears to be headed for another with the start he has had so far.

    It may come as a surprise, but business has not always been boomin’ for No. 84. Mr. Brown was drafted 195th in the sixth round. There were 21 receivers drafted before him and with the exception of Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant maybe all were mistakes. Of course no one really knows how these players are going to progress and turn out but that doesn’t stop the casual fan from wondering how all of these teams could have got it wrong or made the same mistake?

    Was it a slower 40 yard dash time then needed or small hands? Maybe it was a character issue stemming from college or smaller stature in the wake of everybody looking for the next Calvin Johnson? Whatever the case may be, Antonio has proven his value in this league.

    Pittsburgh is currently looking like true contenders to win the Super Bowl this year with Antonio being their biggest threat. An amazing a player passed on by most can dominate the league at his position while also providing some action returning punts and kick offs.

    The best way to exhibit revenge is to have success. With that said, he’s doing just that. Going forward, continue to make them pay Mr. Brown, I’m sure the other teams in the NFL regret their decision.

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    Despite Adversity The Minnesota Vikings Are Getting It Done

    Oct 12 • NFL • 74 Views

    The Minnesota Vikings entered into the 2016 season with high hopes. Coming off a season in which they won their division in 2015, and suffered a tough playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks the Vikings had Super Bowl hopes this year. Still stings thinking “what if” as the Vikings held a 9-0 lead going into the fourth quarter eventually losing 10-9.

    Let us not forget Blair Walsh’s 27 chip shot field goal miss with only 22 seconds left in the game. Despite the heartbreaking loss the team appeared to be moving in the right direction. Sports and injuries go hand and hand but nobody could’ve predicted how hard the injury bug would hit the Vikings.

    A little over a week and a half before the 2016 season was set to begin the Vikings starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down with a season ending leg injury. Initial reports were that it was a non contact injury and also that it was so severe he could have lost his leg.

    Absolutely a freak injury no one planned for. Desperate for someone to replace Bridgewater this season the Vikings traded for now journey man Sam Bradford who has some success in the league but so far an underwhelming career surrounding the hype that followed the number one draft pick coming out of college. While continuing the trend, superstar Adrian Peterson went down in week two of the season with a season ending leg injury. With Peterson has been the leader of the Vikings since arriving in Minnesota a decade ago, it was expected that it would be a huge drop off.

    To recap the Vikings lost their promising young quarterback, best player and running back yet through the 1st quarter of the season and they are currently unbeaten. With a suffocating defense, a few young receivers, and Bradford under center, the Vikings are getting it done.

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    St. Louis Blues Are Under New Managment

    Oct 12 • Other • 95 Views

    Guest post by: Josh Fletcher

    For years and years, the St. Louis Blues belonged to David Backes and Alex Steen. The pair played atop St. Louis lines for more than seven seasons. As goalie controversies floated through town and Vladimir Tarasenko emerged, Backes and Steen remained. Now, the pairing no longer remains. Backes has moved onto the Boston Bruins, and Steen will possibly be entering the 2016-17 season on the bench as he recovers from a shoulder injury.

    The Blues, who were tied for fourth in the league in goals allowed last season and had the third-best penalty kill, now belong to a different group. That would be the defensemen. Led by Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk, St. Louis has powerful and fearsome defensemen across multiple lines. The foursome of Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Jay Bouwmeester and Colton Parayko were the top four skaters on the team in terms of time on ice. They were also the heart and soul of what the Blues excelled at.

    Bouwmeester is the elder statesman of the group at 32 years old. He has been a Blue for three and a half seasons after playing years in Florida and then Calgary. Bouwmeester is a good shot-blocker but otherwise doesn’t fill up stat sheets. He hasn’t approached double-digit goals in a year in close to a decade. But that isn’t really his game. His game is more nebulous, which is why it wasn’t a popular decision when he was added to Team Canada for the World Cup of Hockey over the likes of Kris Letang, P.K Subban and Mark Giordano. Bouwmeester is “out there to prevent goals, not to create them.”

    He joined on Team Canada one of his Blues teammates, Pietrangelo. Pietrangelo is just 26 years old but he is already one of the leaders in St. Louis. He was named team captain earlier this offseason. The decision to place the defenseman in that role over Steen perhaps speaks to the identity shift from forward to defense that the outside sees as well.

    In five full NHL seasons (with one cut short by lockout), Pietrangelo has topped 35 points and 160 shots on goal each year. He is on the ice a lot yet stays out of the penalty box for the most part. He will not be replacing Backes in that regard but is one of the best defenseman in the league in most other aspects, including puck possession.

    One of the team’s alternate captains this year is Pietrangelo’s running mate, Shattenkirk. At 27 years old, he is also a relatively young guy despite his experience. Shattenkirk is developing into a bigger goal scorer; he has tallied 32 total goals the past three years even though he missed a chunk of the 2014-15 season. He is also elite in puck possession, grading out even better than Pietrangelo in metrics like Corsi and Fenwick. Because of his expiring contract, there were trade rumors surrounding Shattenkirk this offseason. However, he has reportedly put that behind him and is ready to resume a leadership role alongside Pietrangelo. The possibility of a contract extension or trade still remains, and one of the reasons is because St. Louis has Colton Parayko on the cheap to perhaps take his place.

    Parayko isn’t there yet, but there is a scenario where he could become the best defenseman of the bunch. He is just 23 years old and entering his second season in the NHL. As a rookie, he didn’t play as heavy of a minutes load as his three teammates, but Parayko was a physical force both in appearance and action. He racked up hits, blocks and shots with great speed on the ice while standing 6’6” tall. Assuming his game takes a jump in his sophomore season, there is no telling how imposing and flat-out good he will be. And he may only be the team’s fourth-best defenseman this coming season.


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  • The race to finish above the red line is almost over.

    2016 MLS Playoffs Prediction

    Oct 4 • MLS, Other • 94 Views

    Although we still have a little bit of time until everything is said and done, the 2016 MLS playoffs are right around the corner and the battle to finish above the infamous “red line” continues. Toronto FC, New York City FC & the New York Red Bulls have already qualified from the East. At the other end, FC Dallas is the only team that has a place locked down so far.

    MLS is the league of unpredictability, therefore, I’m just going to pick 3 teams who have qualified or think are going to qualify, to ultimately win the championship (crossing my fingers for the Union).

    1.) FC Dallas

    I truly think these guys have the potential to win the treble – the first in MLS history. With 15 wins, eight ties and eight loses, the supporter’s shield is theirs.

    “El Pescadito” Ruiz bringing heavy MLS and international experience can only add depth to the young roster.

    With two of the best center backs in the league in front of him and a 21-year-old central midfield pair that covers as much ground as anyone in the league, Chris Seitz has a front row view of one of the most smothering defensive units in the league. He showed once again on Saturday night, that when offenses do manage to slip through, he’s up to the task.

    With the shutout, Seitz vaulted a handful of goalkeepers to move into fourth in goals against average behind only Zac MacMath, David Bingham and Clint Irwin. He trails only Bingham among goalkeepers with at least 20 appearances this season.

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    5 Tips To Help Women Survive The NFL Season

    Sep 8 • NFL • 185 Views

    Written By: LeRon Crowder/@LeRonCrowd

    Madden just hit the shelves. Do you know what that means ladies? Yep, it’s that time of year again. The NFL is BACK.

    Do you want your man home a little more than usual? Buy him Madden. Make your relationship stronger.

    Okay, now back to the topic at hand.

    The smell of pigskin and jerseys seem to be circulating through your heating and cooling system, as it should be. Top 3 things your man dedicated to happens on Sundays. A GREAT man Dedicated to his bible app, NFL Channels, & Sunday dinners. Don’t try to slither your way into the equation with womanly needs I less they contribute to manly wants during Sunday’s viewings. Sundays are the time of year when it is “Do it yourself” days from 12:00pm -12:00am.

    Do you see your window of opportunity?

    Ladies, here are the top 5 tips to help you survive the NFL season with your significant other.

    5. Complete Household Duties Early- You’ve had from wake up call to noon to get what you needed to be done from us. Don’t insult us by asking us to complete manual labor while Shannon Sharpe stutters out the most important Keys to the game. Yes, Pregame counts too! Foreplay counts for y’all right?

    4. Develop a Football Spirit- It’s a bonus to have a favorite team you actually follow. No man wants to hear why you watch football, other than a players ratings on Madden not matching the actual player’s abilities. The “I love the way he looks In a Uniform” will get you on #TeamMiMiFaust faster than a Tom Brady No-Huddle. Bet with your man. Make the game interesting. Something you both will like. 😉

    3. Don’t Interrupt the Game- DON’T EVER DO THIS! This should be number 1. Even during commercial breaks, it’s not the time to talk. Oh, and don’t insult us with sex. In a committed relationship, sex is going be there whenever. We aren’t missing anything.

    Unless you can be Karrine Steffans and get it done before the first Ford Truck commercial done. Leave us alone, or you won’t be mad that I finish during a 30-second timeout. We can pencil something in then or at halftime. MAYBE halftime, because we want to see what’s going on around the league.

    2.Control the Environment- I have a daughter. Chances are there are kids around. If not, God blessed your Sunday mornings. Kids running amuck in the asylum only makes it tough to focus on your favorite football team. Restore some order in the home, and put the kids on a schedule. There is nothing worse than loud kids and toys being thrown at the flat screen because their home training is inactive.

    1. Don’t Mock a Team’s Loss- This time of year, we will trade YOU for a win. Don’t think it’s sweet just because the game’s over. We lose, your responsibility as a partner in the relationship goes up. You will be awakened at midnight for “special attention” to lessen the sting of his spirit being decimated. Don’t fight it. Just keep the love canal ready for dives.

    You follow these rules, your relationship will barely change and make it stronger through the tumultuous winter.

    Remember, get lonely and ready for some Football.

    Until next time, This ain’t a Sub-blog. Let the @’s land where they may be.

    God Bless you all!

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    The Appreciation of The Men’s USA Basketball Team

    Aug 19 • NBA, Other • 205 Views

    The United States Men’s Olympic Basketball team has done exactly what is expected of them so far during the tournament and exhibition games, and that is win. Some wins may have resulted into a few scary moments as was seen versus Serbia and Australia, and other wins Team USA looked as if they were a well-oiled machine. To no surprise that is a reoccurring theme in the modern day Olympics. USA dominated in 1996 and again in 2000. Something in 2004 changed what we are seeing today.

    In 2004 in Athens, Greece USA received a wake up call. We were once again informed that we could no longer just compile players who didn’t fit a team game a few weeks after the NBA finals and send them to the games without a plan. It’s difficult to imagine now, but a team featuring prime Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, Amar’e Stoudemire and young stars Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and some guy named Lebron James had a disappointing performance in the games and took home the bronze medal. The US lost to Puerto Rico, Lithuania and Argentina (the most ever by a US basketball team).

    I’m aware it’s unrealistic to think that other countries that focus on competing in these games year round are not capable of producing the same level of talent as the US. With basketball being invented in the US, one of the four major sports in the US and the NBA being the most competitive basketball league in the world it is realistic to think we should be the team favored to win each year. Despite the criticism surrounding this year’s team, they were still viewed as a favorite.

    With 7 of the top players in the league absent (Westbrook, Harden, Curry, James, Davis, Leonard, Paul) the US has still managed to dominate all exhibition games and to win all games in pool play during the Olympics. The result’s may not be Dream-team like, but the reality of a winning Gold Medal is still forthcoming despite a large amount of criticism.

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    Chelsea VS West Ham Recap: What We Learned From Conte

    Aug 18 • Other • 177 Views

    With the third day of the English Premier League wrapped up, Chelsea fans saw a glimpse of what Conte may have to offer this upcoming season.

    Goals from Eden Hazard’s penalty and Diego Costa’s 89th minute rocket were enough to get the Blues past West Ham United 2-1 and here’s three things we observed.

    1.) N’Golo Kante

    From Leicester City to Chelsea, I think anyone would find the immense pressure hard to live up too. But let me tell you, I finally saw first hand why this man had been regarded so highly. Kante showed up to play on Wednesday and no doubt was a huge help for the team. Throughout world football, a strong defensive midfielder is found at the core of each squad. Although given a yellow card very early on in the game, he was a non-stop engine and kept winning balls for Chelsea during the duration of the match.

    2.) Conte’s Tactics

    Chelsea has been traditionally seen playing with a 4-2-3-1, and that was the formation which ultimately won them the Premiership. Although, today showed the Italian lay out a 4-1-4-1 format. I was skeptical at first… but N’Golo Kante showed he could in fact protect the back four by himself and let Matic push up the field. It seemed to me that Matic was used to pressure higher up the field, and Kante pressured right in the middle of the pitch. This kept West Ham with very limited opportunities. At the very end, we even saw a 4-2-4 formation, which fundamentally led to Batshuayi linking up with Costa, supported by Moses and Pedro on the wings – deadly.

    3.) Regaining Their Pride

    Today I saw glimpses of the old Oscar, the old Hazard, and the old Terry; could the players finally be out of their funk? Oscar was chosen to start in front of Cesc Fabregas. I wont look too much into that decision but I thought Oscar had himself a good day. The Brazilian was heavily involved in all areas of the pitch and even (surprisingly) went into challenges with heart. Hazard was an outlet on the wing all game and even came close to scoring in the first half before his PK. The back line was superb and you really cant complain when you have such experience in Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic. It seemed, for the first time in a while, that the team might just be getting their mojo back.


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  • NBA-Fashion

    In The Modern NBA, Should You Even Buy Your Favorite Players Jersey?

    Aug 18 • Business, NBA • 214 Views


    As a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s, you always knew the investment to purchase an NBA player’s jersey was a sound one because you could most likely count on that player being with his current team for years to come.  In other words, you knew you would get to wear it to many games over the years before that player retires and it becomes time for another jersey.

    With the retirement of Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan’s stepping down from his role as the permanent San Antonio Spurs ambassador this summer, the idea that you can purchase the jersey of your favorite player, knowing that it would be his actual jersey for years to come has pretty much ended.  Bryant and Duncan are the last two superstar players that I can remember being with their team for an entire career.

    Over the years, we have seen these All-Star players leave from time to time.  Karl Malone and Gary Payton left Utah Jazz and Seattle Supersonics respectively and unsuccessfully tried to grab that elusive title with the Lakers.  Charles Barkley did the same thing, leaving the Philadelphia 76ers for the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets before finally calling it a career, without a ring.  But for the most part, the stars stayed with their teams.

    Magic, Bird, Ewing, Worthy, Jordan (yes, he played a couple of seasons for the Wizards, but that wasn’t about winning a title) all stayed with their teams.  Through winning seasons, losing ones and even the ones that saw them come oh so close to that ring and just fall short, they stayed.  They didn’t complain, they didn’t call their buddies and try to form a secret pact in the middle of the night to join up with a certain team, dominate the league and steal a ring or two.

    So why did these players, along with Bryant and Duncan stay with their teams until the end?  One word, loyalty.  They were loyal to the organization that gave them their shot and they were loyal to the fans who helped them become the stars that they were.  But the 80s and 90s, and what was left in the 2000s, is long gone.  Today, players chase rings and money trying to be better than Jordan, Magic and Bird instead of just being the best player they can be.

    It started with the Big Three in Miami and has continued since then.  Even though LeBron James went back to Cleveland, other stars continue to chase championships with teams who didn’t draft them.  Kevin Durant left OKC for the Golden State Warriors and Al Horford decided that the Celtics gave him the best chance of winning and bolted to Atlanta at the same time that Dwight Howard arrived with the hope that his fourth team will be the one he lands a ring with.

    While the product may not be diminished, the spirit of the league may be.  Fans no longer have “their” guy who sheds blood, sweat and tears with them, goes through the highs and lows they do as they attempt to bring a championship to a city.  Arenas still sell out, jerseys still fly off shelves, but Bryant and Duncan not only ended an era, they also took that last bit of emotional connection between team and fans with them.

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    Who else Can Win NBA Rookie Of The Year?

    Aug 15 • NBA • 215 Views

    Ben Simmons, the number one overall pick, is the obvious front-runner for the rookie of the year award. During summer league, Simmons showed flashes of his brilliant talent, mostly as a gifted passer with vision that you simply cannot teach. Simmons is oozing with talent yet he remains far from a finished product. His lack of an outside shot could cause him problems once the real games begin. Teams in the summer league already started to sag off of him, forcing him to get rid of the ball or take the jump shot, which he was hesitant to do.

    Second overall pick Brandon Ingram could challenge Simmons for rookie of the year, but there are also a few other players drafted in the first round that could surprise some people. I believe there are a trio of guards drafted in the top 10 that have a chance to surpass Simmons and Ingram to take home the trophy.

    Buddy Hield

    Buddy Hield struggled with his shot during summer league, going 5/20 and 7/20 in back to back games at one point. He could not find his touch from three-point range, a touch he displayed regularly for Oklahoma last year. Hield, the sixth overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans, may have struggled with his shot, but what he did show was a willingness to continue firing. Hield should have plenty of opportunity to let it fly for the Pelicans this season, as the loss of Eric Gordon opens up room for playing time at the shooting guard position. He showed in college last season that he has the ability to become a big time scorer at the next level as well. When Hield regains his shooting touch, he could challenge for the ROY as a key contributor for the Pelicans.


    Kris Dunn

    Kris Dunn was selected fifth overall to the Minnesota Timberwolves. He is the latest addition to a very talented young core. Dunn, Wiggins, and Towns could make one of the best trios in the league for years to come. Dunn was known as a very solid defensive player coming out of college, which was the main reason he was drafted by the T-Wolves and ex Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau. It did not take long for Dunn to show that he is also a very capable scorer, as he scored 27 points in his summer league debut. Dunn should be a very good two-way player right away and will challenge Simmons and others for ROY.


    Jamal Murray

    Jamal Murray averaged 20 points per game as a true freshman at the University of Kentucky. He was selected 7th overall in the NBA draft by the Denver Nuggets. If his college coach’s view is any indication, Murray will become a great NBA player as well. Of course Calipari is biased, but he lobbied for Murray to go No. 1 overall and believes he could also average 20 points in the NBA. Murray is a pure scorer and should put up points right away for the Nuggets. It would be no surprise to see Murray as the top rookie scorer next year, earning him a solid chance of becoming the ROY.

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    How Durant’s Move To The Warriors Impacts The 2017 MVP Race

    Aug 4 • NBA • 283 Views

    The Golden State Warriors landed the biggest off-season prize in Kevin Durant; making their team significantly better. But what impact will the addition have on the other Warriors star, Stephen Curry, when it comes to personal accolades? Curry is the two time reigning league MVP, and became the first player to win the award unanimously last year. He will likely start next season as the MVP favorite once again, but the arrival of Durant could put a damper on any hopes for a third consecutive trophy.

    Durant, a former MVP himself, may have also taken himself out of the conservation by joining Curry and the Warriors.  When two of the top 3 players in the world team up, they likely cancel each other out when it comes to MVP voting.  With the Warriors duo likely being phased out of the equation, the door opens for a few potential first-time MVP’s.

    Durant’s old running mate Russell Westbrook will be fueled by his departure and may just be the likeliest candidate to take home the trophy. Westbrook put up monster numbers alongside Durant, and without him, the ball will be in his hands at all times. He went on a triple-double tear last season and he will surely put up the type of numbers worthy of the trophy. The only question for Westbrook is if he is able to keep the Thunder competitive in the West.

    If the Thunder hang around the middle of the playoff pack and Westbrook’s numbers see an increase from last season, he will likely finish the year as the newest MVP. But the middle to lower tier team status could really hurt his chances.

    Another Western Conference star that could see a rise in the MVP rankings this year is Kawhi Leonard. While the Spurs have realistically been Leonard’s team for the past few seasons, Tim Duncan’s retirement this offseaon makes it completely official. Leonard is one of the best players on both sides of the floor and will get serious MVP consideration if his offensive numbers continue on their recent ascension for the Spurs. If San Antonio can keep pace with the Warriors, Leonard’s chances will remain very competitive.

    Rounding out the top 3 potential MVP candidates for next season is 4 time MVP LeBron James. James and the Cavaliers figure to be at the top of the Eastern Conference once again. If the team can play a little more consistent next season, James will be right in the MVP conversation as always. After bringing home a title for Cleveland, the pressure is off and the Durant signing should provide all of the motivation needed to push for another deep run. James’ numbers are consistent across the board from year to year. If he can get the Cavaliers somewhere around the 60-win mark he will have a great shot at winning his 5th MVP award.  Although it seems doubtful, even if the Cavs were too slip and not finish atop the East, James’ pedigree ensures that if he performs well, he will be in the conversation.

    These three superstars seem most likely to take home the honors in 2017, but don’t count out the holders of the trophy of the past season just yet.  Remember when Lebron teamed up with perennial All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh everyone said he would surely never win the MVP award again.  Those critics were very wrong, James won the MVP 2 of the 4 years he was in Miami and came in second and third in voting the other two years.  We’ll truly have to wait and see how this plays out.

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