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Under Armour’s : Big Push

The athletic apparel company Under Armour is making a huge push to touch all facets of athletes lives.  Nothing is more apparent of this than there new deal with Notre Dame for ten years worth $90 million dollars.  This effectively makes it the largest shoe and apparel deal in college history.  Not to mention the rumors a few weeks ago that the Baltimore based company offered Kevin Durant between $265 and $285 million dollars over 10 years to jump ship from Nike.  The company has maintained it’s on course to hit 3 billion dollars in revenues this year.  That’s a remarkably fast jump when you take into account how young the company is.  If they are able to land a star with his potential marketability, competitors Nike, Adidas etc.. will have to hit the drawing board on how to compete in a new era.

Kevin Hart stars in Madden 15 commercial

Madden 15 comes out August 26th and a new interesting commercial has been released starring comedian Kevin Hart.

Dave Franco, Damian Lillard, Colin Kaepernick, Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman and a few others made cameos.

“Madden season” is the theme and check out the extended commercial if you haven’t seen it already.


Patrick Willis and Vic Fangio star in Duracell commercial

I just saw this on the 49ers website. Duracell featured the 9ers Inside linebacker Patrick Willis and Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio to show of their Duracell Quantum battery. I haven’t seen this commercial on tv yet maybe it’s not going to air in the Midwest until football season starts? Or it’s a regional commercial? But it’s good to see my boy Willis get some love.

Also it shows them playing the Seahawks and it looks like he’s about to smoke Russell Wilson at the goaline and I’m totally cool with that.

Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Ring

The Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII champions received their rings this week. They went all out, it’s a beautiful white gold ring that was made by Tiffany & Co. The ring has a lot of different features and elements to it.  My favorite part of the ring is the emerald eye. Check out some photos that I pulled from the Seahawks twitter account (@Seahawks).







Do you like the design of the ring?




Adidas unveil “Made In March” unis

Adidas has been making march madness(NIT) uniforms the last few years. Some have been good, some have been bad, but they have been consistent.

This year they laced 10 teams with new uniforms. Four teams will get sleeved uniforms, those four teams are Baylor, Cincinnati, Louisville and UCLA. Six teams will get sleeveless uniforms, those six teams are Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Teams will be debuting these new uniforms this week. How do you like the new look? I personally like most of the sleeveless unis and if the sleeved unis were sleeveless I would like most of them too.

Cincinnati Bearcats get new helmets for Belk Bowl

I was checking out and saw once again my Bearcats have been laced with new helmets. December 28th versus North Carolina in the Belk Bowl the Bearcats will be rocking red chrome helmets.

These helmets are dope, if you think differently I can’t trust your helmet judgement.

Checkout the helmet pics.

Nike unveils Kobe IX’s

With Kobe Bryant close to making his season debut Nike unveiled the shoes he will be rocking this year. The Kobe IX’s will be his first high top sneaker Nike has created for him since the Kobe III’s. The Kobe IV’s were mid cuts for those checking my shoe game knowledge.

The IX’s are damn near boxer style sneakers. It has a reminders of his Achilles surgery which gives the shoe its own personal touch.

I personally like them and I might pony up the money ($225 dollars) to cop a size 12 on February 8th, 2014. Aye, Nike feel free to send your boy a pair.

Check out a few views of the sneakers.

Buckeyes rocking new uniforms versus the team up North

The Buckeyes are going to wear all white “rivalry” uniforms versus “The Team Up North” aka Michigan, November 30th when they travel up to Ann Arbor.

Nike shows the Buckeyes love and as a fan I’m not mad at all.

Shoutout to my homie Mark, for posting the link by Buckeye Empire.

Check out the uniforms.

Adidas spotlights sleeved jerseys on Christmas Day

Adidas is trying their best to push the sleeved jerseys on the masses. This Christmas all ten teams will be wearing them during their NBA Showcase.

This is a smart ploy by Adidas and the NBA to get great exposure for these uniforms.

I’ll be the first to tell you that these jerseys suck, they look like some practice tees.

The Bulls, Nets, Thunder, Knicks, Heat, Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, Clippers and Warriors are teams who will rock the sleeved jerseys on Christmas.

Basketball on Christmas Day is starting to become America’s favorite pastime, if not America’s its mines during the Christmas holiday. ESPN and ABC will be televising all of the games starting at Noon.

The lineup:

Bulls vs. Nets, ESPN, Noon

Thunder vs. Knicks, ABC, 2:30 PM

Heat vs. Lakers, ABC, 5 PM

Rockets vs. Spurs, ESPN, 8 PM

Clippers vs Warriors, ESPN, 10:30 PM