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Reds Scooter Gennett hits four home runs in four at bats!

Ryan Joseph “Scooter” Gennett made history last night against the St. Louis Cardinals hitting four home runs in four consecutive at bats. Gennett is only the seventh player to produce such feet, joining Carlos Delgado, Mike Cameron, Rocky Colavito, Lou Gehrig, Mike Schmidt and Robert Lowe.

Gennett was born in Cincinnati and has been in the news a lot with the recent return of Brandon Phillips this past weekend because he wears the number 4 currently. He put on an unreal show to lead the Reds passed the Cards 13-1 with four home runs and 10 RBI’s check it out.

FOUR HOME RUNS. Have a game, Scooter Gennett! (via @mlb)

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S/O to my guy Jermar for sending me the link last night also.

Watch: Angels slugger Albert Pujols hits 600th home run 

The Los Angeles Angels slugger Albert Pujols joins the 600 home run club, he is the 9th player to hit 600 home runs and the 4th youngest player to join the club 37 years and 138 days old.

Check out the home run that put him in the record books.

Believeland: The Blessing and The Curse

By: Jasmine Lewis/@all_thatJas
There are no fans quite like diehard Cleveland fans. Now that may be the Northeast Ohio heritage coming out of me, but nothing and no one can convince me otherwise.

Got a problem… fight me! Now that, that’s out of the way, THERE ARE NO FANS QUITE LIKE DIEHARD CLEVELAND FANS. It takes a special kind of commitment, tenacity and resilience to allow yourself to be heartbroken year after year after year after year.

For much of our existence in the sports world, heartbreak has been our reality. We had the Cavs, our super annoyingly long-term relationship; we loved them, but it seemed the longer we were together, the further away the idea of a ring got. We had the Browns and Indians, our age-old marriage; we had our honeymoon phase, even our glory years if you will, but had no hopes of seeing a rekindle anytime soon.

And we had the Lake Erie Monsters; our new fling. It seemed fun but unsure if it was genuine and if anything would come of it. In a nutshell, if Cleveland sports were relationships, we would need counseling and plenty of it. As if we weren’t already in a perpetual state of hopelessness, ESPN broadcasted it to the entire world in the “30 for 30: Believeland”. The laughing stock of Ohio became the laughing stock of the country.

And then something amazing happened. 2016! There was an avalanche of blessings in Cleveland. Euclid native, Stipe Miocic became the UFC heavyweight champion. The record season holding, championship defending, first ever unanimous MVP having, Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead against none other than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After 46 years and the heartbreaking “Decision”, we finally got a chip. The Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup. We were at an all-time high, basking in the glory of successful sports stories. And then NFL season started. The Browns were being even more Brown-esque than usual. Started the season winless. (Still winless, btw.) We were willing to sacrifice them for the Cavs championship we won a few months prior.

But the Cleveland Indians… boy oh boy, did the Indians shock us all. October 19, we had a 3-1 lead against the Toronto Blue Jays and we showed Golden State what you do with a 3-1 lead. We closed it out to go onto the World Series. The only thing better than a Cavs championship is a Cavs championship and an Indians championship in the same year. So we watched… and we watched, after four games, we were up 3-1.

No sweat, we already proved we knew what to do with the 3-1 lead. But something happened. Those blessings dried up. I don’t know if it was karma for all of the 3-1 jokes we had made since June 19 or maybe the sports gods knew Cleveland would spontaneously combust if we got another chip this year, but we blew it.

We. Blew. It. We blew a 3-1 lead. The Cavs came back from a 3-1 lead and the Indians blew a 3-1 lead, in the same year. The pain was painful.

That’s obvious. But at least this year we got to experience more than pain, we experienced joy and then pain. We are coming for 2017 with everything we have.

No matter the outcome, any game, any sport, we won’t stop believing. We are believers and Cleveland is The Land we love. Believeland: the Blessing and the Curse.

Watch: Ken Griffey Jr. Ultimate Highlight Reel

Ken Griffey Jr. became the first No.1 overall selection to be inducted into baseball’s prestigious hall of fame. Griffey Jr. became a national fixture at a young age starring for the Seattle Mariners. He then played for his hometown team of the Cincinnati Reds where he continued his star-studded play before injured hampered him. Griffey also Chicago White Sox before going back to Seattle to close out his career. He ended his career with a heap of accolades and accomplishments, but none greater than his most recent one.

We at TFON wanted to pay homage to the legend. Congrats to “The Kid” on a story book career. 

Can Barry Bonds Translate in His New Role as a Coach?

Barry Bonds is arguably the best hitter of all time in the history of major league baseball. Even long before the days of Balco and HGH and the steroid era as a whole, Barry was a great hitter and well on his way to a hall of fame career. Also long before now Barry didn’t have a great relationship with media, teammates or even friends documented by many. It seemed either Bonds was largely misunderstood or he was understood for exactly who he was. A person who was incredible at baseball and not too good at being a “people person.”

So news a couple of days ago that Barry Bonds will now be a hitting coach for the Miami Marlins comes as a shocker but it shouldn’t. Why wouldn’t a team who struggled to hit the ball reach out to one of the best hitters ever for guidance. Surely anything he can offer to the young players and veterans would beneficial. I mean speaking from a mechanics standpoint Bonds was unmatched. The issue isn’t if Bonds is qualified to give instruction on something he did better than anybody or if he has the knowledge.

The question is does he have the patience or personality rather, to coach? Its interesting to think about whether a former superstar can develop a relationship to teach. Most stars figure out how to coexist with media and at Bonds peak nobody was worse at it. Even further than that can he give advice on things that came naturally to him? Could you imagine Michael Jordan explaining to a young basketball player how to be clutch? It remains to be seen if Bonds can translate his greatness on the field into instruction to others something he struggled with off the field.

Watch: Joey Bautista and the Bat Flip Heard Around the World

There may be a new Six God in Toronto. I’m sorry Drake, but Joey Bautista may have taken your title– well just for a short period of time. Bautista hit a huge three-run home run against the Texas Rangers.The Homer gave the Blue Jays a 6-3 lead and it sent the Rangers packing. The Blue Jays are now set up to face the KC Royals in the ALCS thanks to Bautista going yard. If you missed the epic bat flip, check out the video below. 

Watch: Bryce Harper and Johnathan Papelbon Fight in the Dugout

The Washington Nationals have been in a slump as of late, and when slumps tend to happen the frustration lets out. In the past ten games, the Nationals are 4-6, and they are out of playoff contention. Closer, Jonathan Papelon went Latrell Sprewell on the likely MVP in Bryce Harper in the dugout in yesterday’s baseball game. If you missed it, take a look at the video below.