uscIn the changing landscape of collegiate athletics there is a lot of discussion about the treatment and dedication to the student-athlete experience. Recently, the O’Bannon vs. NCAA case has brought about a lot of controversial conversation around the amateur status, marketability and likeness of student-athlete welfare.

In light of that, USC has decided to take the lead and offer four-year scholarships for student-athletes who participate in football and men’s and women’s hoops. Typically, Division I programs offer a year-to- year renewable scholarships. The new system will go into effect July 1, 2014. This shows that the president and athletic director for the Trojans are working to increase graduation rates and invest in the long-term future of the young men and men who commit to USC.  Pat Haden, the athletic director at USC, said “In taking this action, USC hopes to help lead the effort to refocus on student-athlete welfare on and off the field.” I will be curious to see how this effects recruiting for these three programs. Will prospective student athletes lean towards a program that offers more stability?