Moyer’s fountain of youth

Since I was a young buck collecting baseball cards I remember Jamie Moyer playing for the Mariners. He was on a dope team that had my favorite player Ken Griffey, Jr , Randy Johnson and  Edgar Martinez, just to name a few people. I didn’t know what year he was in nor did I know how many years he had been playing. All that mattered back then was he was on Griffey’s team.

Fast forward almost twenty years later Moyer is still pitching in the majors, which is amazing in itself. Never known for amazing stuff aka not a power pitcher, he is still using his craftiness to get hitters out.

On Tuesday Moyer became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to ever record a win, not only did he get the win he went 7 innings to accomplish the goal. Moyer is now 49 years young, a lot of early 20’s pitchers struggle to win even with god given great abilities, which makes his feat even more amazing.

Moyer has been pitching in the majors for over a span of 25 years, he sat out last year. Playing for the Cubs, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners, Phillies and Rockies. Over the 25 year span he has racked up over 250 wins (268 to be exact).

Who knows how Moyer will finish the season with his current team the Colorado Rockies, but right now whatever he is drinking must have came from the fountain of youth, because hes channeling his skills from years past.

Who is the “Key” to the Bulls playoff run?

The Chicago Bulls are in line to be the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference for second year in a row. The Bulls have been battling injuries from reigning MVP Derrick Rose and his sidekick Loul Deng but they still have a 46-15 record during the lockout shorten season. In one word Coach Thibs is a beast.

During the lockout shorten off-season the Bulls made one major move, that was signing former Detroit Piston Guard Richard “RIP” Hamilton. Even with Hamilton being a little long in the tooth this was a major improvement over last years starting shooting guard Keith Bogans. Much respect to the Bulls for making the Eastern Conference Finals with Bogans as a starter, I bet that was harder than it looked.

Hamilton has battled a lot of injuries this year hisself, which is the main reason he is only averaging 11.5 ppg this year, lowest since his rookie year. He has only played 23 games and counting. RIP is known as a great off the ball scorer which will come in handy during playoff time.

The Bulls have a solid team, if everybody is reasonably healthy during the playoffs, Hamilton will be the key to get them over the hump. RIP has been to the promise land before, which may help the Bulls.

The Bulls lost to the Heat in 5 games last year in the ECF partly because they had no help in the backcourt for Rose so the Heat were able to switch defenders at will on Rose. Why? Because nobody cares what Bogans or Brewer is doing on offense and if you want to play Korver at 2 guard they just abuse him on defense. This year if whoever has to play the Bulls won’t be able to tee off on the Rose because RIP will be in the fold relieving some of the pressure.

Is Brandon Weeden Worth the Risk?

The former Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback may be the third most polished quarterback behind Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but he has one knock on him that he cannot shake away. That one cloud is hovering over Weeden’s draft stock is his age.

Many people say “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number”, but in this case drafting a 28 year old quarterback may be risky business. One point that favors Weeden is that the shelf life on a quarterback is longer than most positions in the NFL, but coming into the league at almost 30 draws several red flags. At Oklahoma State University Weeden put up godly numbers against a pretty high level of competition. Weeden matches all of the measurables across the board of an ideal quarterback, but at the end of the day he is an elder statesmen entering the draft.

Drafting Weeden in the first round may not be wise, but he could be a steal in the later rounds. With the rule changes to protect the quarterback the NFL the career expectancy of a NFL quarterback may be even longer.

A team will take a chance on Weeden, because his skill is too much to shy away from. If I am a GM I would not take a chance on him unless it is in the third round or lower. It may sound idiotic, but there are many reasons why I would stay away from him. Not all rookie quarterbacks are as fortunate as Cam Newton and Andy Dalton who looked the part as a NFL quarterback day one stepping on the football field.

For many quarterbacks it can take two to three years for them to develop. With Weeden coming from a spread offense he will have to operate under a traditional setting which can put a cog in his development. Sitting Weeden for two to three years would put him at age 31. Being 31 years of age is not old in real life, but in the game of football that’s when players begin to look over their shoulders.  Yes, you have guys like Kurt Warner and Jeff Garcia who got on board late and had pretty good careers, but with these guys they were a low risk high reward, because they went undrafted and were picked up via free agency. It will be interesting on draft day to see where Weeden ends up. Some team may take him high, but others will be cautious. It’s too bad Weeden can’t pull a Danny Almonte if so he would have zero worries.

A Rod ties the great Ken Griffey Jr.

On Friday April 13th 2012, wow on Friday the 13th Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez tied Ken Griffey Jr. on the all time home run list, hitting his 630th home run that afternoon.  His long ball off of the Angles Ervin Santana places A-Rod in a tie for fifth place overall on the list. A-Rod is 36 years of age and barring any major injury to slow him down he really has a legitimate shot at passing Barry Bonds on the time list and becoming the new home run leader. We have some people who don’t like him and others that do, because he got caught using steroids, I’m a fan of him, if you use steroids that’s on you in my opinion, plus I feel steroids saved baseball anyways which I wrote about last year. The crazy thing about this is we may get lucky enough to see two people break the home run in our lifetime.

Good luck A-Rod keep chugging along!

Say it ain’t so Skip!

Earlier this year Ron did a post calling Skip Bayless a diabolical hater, which most would agree with. (Points to myself)

We all know Skip feels himself a little bit too much but his recent Grammy nomination, increased press, exc., exc. has gone to his head so much he lied about his own sports history. Everybody goes on random Twitter rants where you might say some questionable things it’s almost human nature, but as a part of the media we should not lie about our sports past or anybody else’s matter of fact. I mean if you weren’t a star you weren’t a star it is a part of life everybody can’t be Jordan or most of would be. Skip went on to call himself Pistol Pete esqe during his rant and said his coach didn’t like him because shot too much. All this sounded cool but we found out from multiple sources it was a haux. Skip averaged a whopping 1.4 ppg on a team he allegedly led to the state title in Oklahoma, his senior year.

Skip’s H.S. Info. and twitter rant s/o to blacksportsonline for the information

On First Take former NBA player and current journalist Jalen Rose, did his research and called out Skip on national tv. Some people think it was wrong, some don’t. I feel you shouldn’t lie about your sports past because there is always somebody who can verify the truth. Jalen called him out so Skip has to lay in the bed he made. Check out the priceless face Skip makes as Jalen calls him out on First Take.

Skip’s breakdown of his tweets..

Just keep it real with us “Water Pistol” Pete that’s all we ask. Lol

Let’s just say it, Marvin Williams is a bust!

The term “bust” can be used so loosely nowadays, it’s the nature of the new media but sometimes you can’t help but to agree.

A lot of factors come into play when determining who is a bust or not. What round did he get picked? What selection was he? Who got picked after him? Who got picked before him? Did the team have a dire need for him? And last but not least is producing?

With all of those questions it brings me to the curious case of Marvin Williams. Marvin was a big time high school recruit who went to UNC for one year then declared for the draft. While at UNC he was their 6th man on the National Title team as a freshman. As the 6th man he averaged 11.3 ppg and 6.6 rpg, real good numbers for a kid who didn’t even start. With the flashes showed at UNC, he was guaranteed a lottery pick. Why wouldn’t draft a kid who stands 6’9″ weighs 230 lbs plus and seems do a little bit of everything well?

With teams in love with Marvin he was taken 2nd in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks a team who didn’t have a dire need for a small forward, figured his talent was too great to pass up. With that move in hindsight the Hawks passed up on:

  • Deron Williams
  • Chris Paul
  • Andrew Bynum
  • Danny Granger
  • David Lee
  • Monta Ellis

Just to name a few.

Marvin has been a solid player don’t get me wrong but nobody drafts you number two overall just to be a role player and the players that the Hawks passed up to get him are ridiculous. Just think if the Hawks would have drafted D. Will, CP3, Bynum or even Monta how different the dynamic of the team would be?

The sad thing about calling Marvin a bust is I like him as a player but this is his 7th season in the league and he hasn’t shown anything that would lead me to believe he will be a star anytime soon. His career averages are 11.7 ppg and 5.3 rpg which won’t set the world on fire for sure. Williams has never averaged over 15 ppg in his NBA career. Williams is a solid defender who can score a little bit but I bet the Hawks management wish they could push the reset button on the draft. The bad news for the Hawks is there is no reset button in real life so they are stuck with mistake of picking Marvin over franchise changing point guards which they really needed at the time.

How ever you chop it up Marvin is a bust, I just hope he is smart enough to stack all that cheese he has made, will be making in the future and doesn’t pull an Antonie Walker or Eddy Curry.

Check out the 2005 NBA Draft!

Is the Point Guard Position Ruined ?

In the past five years the point guard position has been changed drastically. In the NBA the point guard is normally an extension of the Head Coach who leads his teammates and places them in the best position so that they can succeed.

Watching the NBA in this day and age it can be painful at times to see point guard play. I know every point guard can’t be Magic Johnson, John Stockton, or Isiah Thomas, but it I feel that the younger players have lost the idea of how to play the point guard position. Derrick Rose who was the NBA MVP in the 2011 season is a great talent, but his point guard abilities are not the best. Rose is notorious for shooting low percentages for example in his most recent game against the New York Knicks Rose shot 8-26. I know the Bulls are not the most talented team, but come on now.

Everybody talks about the new found hybrid point guard with guys such as Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and John Wall. The hybrid point guard is blessed with abnormal athleticism for a point guard, but they seem to lack the gusto and basketball IQ of a true point guard.

With all due respect to Derrick Rose, but I hate when people say that Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the NBA. I know the NBA is a “what have you done for me lately kind of league”, but how could somebody say that when Chris Paul and Deron Williams are still playing at a high level. Rose, Westbrook, and Wall should really try to implement better point guard play into their repertoire. With Paul and Williams they pick and chose when to score while they are still involving their teammates. With the young bucks its like “imma get mines first and then I may let you get the ball”. It is funny to see how Carlos Boozer plays like Horace Grant with D. Rose and when he was playing with D. Will Boozer was one of the top power forwards in the game. Rose is a great player, but I don’t feel like he is a great point guard. The same also goes for Russell Westbrook.

This season it was great to see Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio breed new life into the point guard position. By both players being pass first players it is great to see them achieve success while playing the point guard position in traditional fashion. I hope this can be a trend to come, but with the fascination of the “hybrid” point guard I doubt that it will.

Ankle Insurance: Ty Lawson Breaks off Ryan Anderson

Shoutout to the boy Ty Lawson. Lawson has been having a great season and he has been the best player on the Denver Nuggets this season. I had to say a five second prayer for Ryan Anderson’s ankles. Anderson looked as if he as was dancing at a Bar Mitzvah after Lawson broke him off. Check it out I am pretty sure you will watch it more than once!

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