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Vlog 20: Niners land Garoppolo and Brown heads to the Seahawks

The San Francisco 49ers landed their franchise quarterback? They traded for Jimmy Garoppolo sending the New England Patriots a 2nd round pick in the 2018 draft.

The Houston Texans traded offensive tackle Duane Brown to the Seattle Seahawks for cornerback Jeremy Lane, a 5th round pick in the 2018 draft and a 2nd round pick in the 2019 draft.

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Vlog 13: Hopkins and Stafford get new deals and Haden gets a new home

De’Andre Hopkins signed a five year, $81 million extension with $49 million guaranteed last week, I guess that holdout helped last season.

Matthew Stafford signed a five year, $135 million extension making him the highest paid player in the NFL. $95 million is guaranteed and he received a $50 million signing bonus.

Joe Haden was released by the Cleveland Browns and signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Haden signed a three year deal for $27 million.

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Watch: The Colts display terrible defense on a Brian Hoyer Hail Mary attempt

Right before halftime the Indianapolis whole secondary said f**k trying to cover the Houston Texans receivers as they let Jaelen Strong catch a 42 yard touchdown with about five Colts around him. Kudos to Brian Hoyer for giving his receiver a chance for the ball and Strong for making the play, but the Colts need to slap themselves for allowing this play. Even though they won they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this.

I would post the Brian Hoyer final drive interception, but I’ll spare Texans fans of their inept quarterback play.

It was all good just a week ago, now Mallett is starting for Hoyer

It was all just a week ago, inserts Jay-Z and Too Short’s classic verses in to this post, watch the video very dope classic song.

Brian Hoyer was the man for the Texans Week 1, but after a so-so performance Bill O’Brien has turned the keys over to Ryan Mallett. It seems like everywhere Hoyer goes he’s one shaky performance from getting benched. Against the Chiefs he threw for 236 yards (on 18 of 34) and a touchdown, but he had an interception and a fumble and his team was getting blasted so the infusion of Mallett last week seemed to spark the Texans offense as he led them to two touchdown drives.

Mallett threw for 98 yards and a touchdown on 8 of 13 passes in mop up duty. During training camp Mallett and Hoyer were battling for the starting position and weeks after being named the backup, now he’s the starter. Mallett has always been known for his talent, but the big question was his preparation off the field.

Is this good that O’Brien pulled Hoyer this fast? If Mallett struggles will he have a quick hook also? Is anybody safe behind center in Houston? Will they be drafted a quarterback in the first round in the 2016 NFL draft? These are questions that will be answered as the game is being played.

Remember for Brian Hoyer it was all good just a week ago “and that’s when the relationship strayed.”


Injury to Arian Foster opens up the door for Pierre Thomas in Houston

Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster injured his groin at the start of training camp. Foster will need surgery to repair his groin and will be out at least 8 weeks during the regular season. The Texans are place their star back on the short-term injured reserve which will allow him to play starting around mid-season if he is ready to go.

Since the 2010 season Foster has been one of the best running backs in the NFL, the only thing that has held him back is injury which has reared its ugly head the last few years for Foster. Last year he missed 3 games due to injury and still ran for over 1200 yards.

pierre thomasThe Texans will miss the dual threat running back, but one man’s injury becomes another’s opportunity. Pierre Thomas was able to capitalize on the void during his workout on Wednesday. The 30-year-old Thomas spent the last 8 years in New Orleans. He is a dual threat also, while not at the caliber of Foster, he is a nice option without the services of their star back. It’s cool to see a veteran running back get a change to help a team. Especially at this stage in his career after you turn 28 years of age it’s hard to find work for running backs especially how teams have marginalized a lot of the roles in the back field.

Thomas may not be the starter, but he should be able to help the running back by committee strive until Foster is ready to take over his every down duties.

Note Seems like the deal that was on the table for Thomas has been withdrawn.

The Forbidden NFL MVP Award

Throughout the history of the illustrious MVP award, handed out since 1957, the offense has practically monopolized the honor. Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackle Alan Page, Washington Redskins Placekicker Mark Moseley and New York Giants Hall of Fame Linebacker Lawrence Taylor are the only non-offense players to win the MVP, this year could be another page in history as phenom J.J. Watt has made quite the case for his first, of what could be many, top dog awards.

In what some are calling the greatest performance by a defensive end in the history of the NFL, it’s hard not to have J.J. with the most votes come Award Night. Yes Aaron Rodgers played like a modern day gladiator after his famous “relax” comment earlier in the season, Tom Brady is playing as if he found the fountain of youth and Those “boys” in Dallas are recreating 90’s Magic in Texas, it’s just if you classify the MVP as the most valuable, does Houston even win one game with no Watt in the lineup? Let’s run through some theories here.
In Tom Brady’s “glory years” teams could do little to stop the Field General. Becoming a modern dynasty the Patriots won The Super Bowl multiple times and competed for the prize almost every year come February under a complete and balanced system, ran by Bill Belichick and executed by Brady and Co. When Tom went down against KC in the season opener back in 2008, Matt Cassel stepped in and still led New England to an 11-5 record. Almost as if Tom wasn’t injured after all.  Last season in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers was shelved by a collabone break leaving the 3 backups to share play calling duties for 7 long weeks. Although they struggled early they eventually led the team to the final and deciding game, winning two nail biters to keep the cheese heads in the playoff race. The point is teams make systems around quarterbacks and even high powered running backs and wide receivers leaving wiggle room for 2nd strings and “next-ups” to step in and succeed. With no J.J. in the Houston Defense they have no one that can step in and be that much of a game changer that he is.
Back to back seasons with 20+ sacks, a first in NFL history, 5 touchdowns with 2 on offense,a ferociousness matched by few across the league, heart of a lion, all from a budding 25 year old who can only get better with time. With journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm mixed with the nagging injuries of Andre Johnson and Jadeveon Clowney, one can correctly assume that the Texan team that finished with a winning record of 9-7, nearly clinching a playoff spot, would be competing for the #1 draft pick in the spring. Teams across the league have made it known that they base most of the gameplan around #99. Though some analysts will say he gets single blocks the majority of the time, it’s ludicrous to believe he isn’t the most dangerous player on the field come game days. He is a leader, a men amongst boys and plays with fire every time the ball is snapped. He demonstrates abilities and attributes found in each athlete to ever wear the MVP crown, offense or not.
When Alan Page won the prestigious award back in 1977, most analysts were children, teenagers or like myself, pre conceived. From what is known and documented he dominated quarterbacks and played the defensive tackle position better than anyone either living or dead… Until now. Watt put out the most memorable performance on Defense ever witnessed this year, and alone. With no star nose tackle, no outstanding cornerbacks, no partner in crime on the line to strike fear in opponents. The days of a helmet less Brian Cushing have been replaced with the era of the Bloody Watt Face, a staple in his young career. Not since Lawrence Taylor or Ray Lewis have we seen the heart and determination he exudes. His legacy will be everlasting, his stats and sacks plenty. The Super Bowl may be out of reach for now, that MVP award shouldn’t be.
Don’t get it twisted, as mentioned prior Aaron Rodgers has proven he is the ultimate in the quarterback role, he does it every season and with such ease. Going down with injuries coming back and not missing a step. Tom Brady is rejuvenated and firing on all cylinders in the Belichick offense. Tony Romo has broke the December curse for himself, Demarco Murray broke two things, his hand and The Cowboys rushing yards record. All the usual suspects have came out to play, though none have truly separated themselves from the pack. This is the main reason J.J. should be solidified as the #1 vote.
He will continue to astound many and put up stats that for most will be unattainable. History will one day be made again when this small town kid from Waukesha, Wisconsin will someday reign as the MVP, it just fails to be known when this day will come.

Andre Johnson wants a Quarterback

Andre.JohnsonOn the outside looking in, you can make some good observations. I could be wrong, I could be right, but the current hold out by Texans star receiver Andre Johnson has nothing to do with money. Money isn’t the problem, but there is a big elephant in the room. What is that elephant? Take a step back, it is who is under center. Yes, you got it. A Quarterback.

Andre is tired of losing and he’s getting older so he just wants a stable and steady quarterback. When he looks at the current stable of signal callers he thinks about giving them the Courtland Finnegan treatment. We’ve seen Andre get mad,  so those Quarterbacks wouldn’t want that treatment.

He’s played with the like of David Carr, Matt Schaub, me, you and he still puts up ridiculous numbers, but everyman has a breaking point and it seems Andre has reached his.

Schaub was rightfully traded this off season to the Raiders. The Texans had the first pick in the draft and rightfully took Jadeveon Clowney, but didn’t make a play for a QB until the 4th round. Yes, the 4th round and they drafted Pittsburgh QB Tom Savage. Have you guys seen Savage play? I know he has a big arm, but that’s about it. He could prove me wrong, but if I were a betting man I’d have very little stock in Savage being a serviceable QB. I bet once Andre saw that he probably got even more pissed as the Texans could’ve made a play for a QB earlier or tried to make a deal for a solid veteran. With Savage, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum the main signal callers and a possible rebuilding project ahead of the Texans Andre doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Andre has a big cap hit if he’s traded or released, which is very highly unlikely to happen, but if they want to make Andre a happy camper they need to make a play for a solid quarterback or one of these guys have to step up to the plate.

Texans brass get this man a quarterback he deserves it.