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Falcons pay Devonta Freeman, will this have an effect on Le’Veon Bell?

Today the Atlanta Falcons extended Devonta Freeman to the tune of five years, $41.25 million with a $15 signing bonus and $22 million guaranteed. With the extension numbers Freeman will be the highest paid running back at $8.25, he also has $1.8 million due from his rookie deal.

Freeman is a two-time Pro Bowl running back who posted back to back 1,000 yard seasons on the ground. Last year he ran for 1,079 yards, 462 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns (11 rushing).

I know people are asking what does Freeman have to do with Le’Veon Bell? With the Pittsburgh Steelers fighting with Bell to set up a new contract, they will likely use Freeman’s deal as a base. Right now they have a franchise tag on him for $12.12 million, but Bell rightfully wants a long term deal and he wants to get paid. Now the question is how much more will Bell get than Freeman? I don’t have the answer to that, but know he wants to get paid like a receiver or close to it because his dual threat ability. Will it be $9, $10, $11 million or more a year?

I vlogged about the Bell situation less than two weeks ago, so when I saw Freeman get the deal I revisited the situation. Freeman is a real good running back, but we all know right now Bell is the best back in the NFL. I know we can argue four or five others, but minus trouble or injuries he is the man and the Steelers are going to have to cut the check or lose him sooner than later.

Dear NFL, It’s Time to Allow The Players to Use Marijuana

As the dog days of summer continue on through their late stages, the anticipation for the upcoming season is at its highest level. With training camp already started, fans around the world have begun to tune in to national coverage to try to get the inside scoop. This past off season has brought no shortage of what could be considered, the biggest “marijuana comedy movie” hashed out in real life. No pun intended.

LeVeon Bell, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was allegedly absent from one or more drug tests in the previous few months, causing the league to potentially suspend the all-pro half back for the first four games at the start of the 2016 year. If convicted and forced to sit out, Bell will have now missed the first few games of the season for the third time in his four-year career. A staggering 17 games, equivalent to an entire season.

Several other names along with Bell have been suspended already, while others have checked themselves into rehab. Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith have both recently been admitted to rehabilitation centres to undergo treatment for various reasons. News of Aldon’s sober stint comes on the heels of a rather unique social media upload of a person, presumed to be Smith, hosting a fire up session which entailed audio of him smoking a joint. All the while denying the public would recognize his voice, until suddenly his name is spoken and the audio ends. Though innocence is guaranteed until proven guilty, in this instance the facts are woven with guilt.

The underlying issue in all of these cloudy situations, again, pun not intended. Is the fact that now more than ever, professional athletes, and NFL players in particular, are veering away from a liquor fused lifestyle in favor of a marijuana induced mind state keeping them calm and pain-free with much less health hazards. Sure they get a little lazy but so does Eddie Lacy after a few Mcdoubles so who’s to judge?

The pressure put on by media and fans is life changing, comparing closely to the expectations assigned by the organization and coaching staff, even their fellow teammates. Some players use marijuana as an escape from all that, no different than a blue collared worker coming home to spark one up forgetting his worries of the daily stress and struggle.

Sadly the NFL doesn’t look too kindly upon this matter, becoming very stubborn and dangerous for one’s career when confronted with these types of problems. Instead of focusing on the PEDs,(Professional body enhancements) the silent assassin, building them into super genetic freaks only to find those same human monsters in a hospital bed not too long after their first rotation of steroids. Now I’m no doctor but it’s a pretty fair assumption that these injuries correlating with PED use is no coincidence. The examples are plenty and would take much too long to list but they are there and there are many of them.

It’s a tough situation no matter what your personal stance is on marijuana, whether it be for medical or recreational purposes. The way I see it, and as a matter of fact as the majority of North America sees it, as long as it’s in moderation, it should be considered the same as alcohol. Placing it on the legal to consume list for athletes all around the professional sports world. It is their bodies and ultimately their health and career they put on the line every day, why not allow them to choose what they put in it, especially something so harmless.

So Stephen A. Smith, Mike Mayock and the rest of the anti-reefer movement in the NFL, I’ll be perfectly blunt when I say, it could be worse so let the players have their “weeeed!!”

Pun so proudly intended.

Saved by the Bell: Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat the San Diego Chargers in Dramatic Fashion

The Pittsburgh Steelers were in dire need of a victory prior to tonight’s game. The Steelers defeated the San Diego Chargers tonight on Monday Night Football. The game was a little sluggish at first, but the suspense in the 4th quarter made the game entertaining. Mike Vick led the Steelers down the field in clutch fashion after struggling for majority of the game. Le’Veon Bell, who is arguably the best running back in the NFL won the game with a gutsy wildcat call. Coach Mike Tomlin received a lot of criticism from last week’s game against Baltimore, and tonight he showed the marbles by going for the win instead of settling for overtime. Below, is the video of Bell winning the game for the Steelers. 

NFL Report: Christmas in July

It’s so close I can smell it! The longest wait in all of professional sports, the NFL offseason, has almost reached its conclusion. With what started as an exciting, eventful spring, quickly turned to a lacklustre, dull summer. With the NFL taking a backseat to much more crowd pleasing stories and social media trends these past few months, I feel a brief recap is in order, followed by an 8 part series in the coming weeks before opening kickoff consisting of what I predict will happen this upcoming season. Enjoy.

After a controversy ridden playoffs, culminating with a questionable play call which resulted in the villainous New England Patriots winning their 4th Vince Lombardi trophy, the 30 remaining teams outside the Super Bowl 49 festivities exited the metaphorical gate with ferociousness. The Seahawks weren’t far behind, trading for red zone threat, Jimmy Graham and resigning corner stone, Marshawn Lynch, further deepening their Offensive core complimenting an already lethal defense. One team that also made some waves but did it on and around Draft Day was in my opinion, the Cleveland Browns. Snagging Dwayne Bowe, Brian Hartline, Randy Starks, Donte Whitner and even making the bold move of switching Terrelle Pryor to WR, should all result in a Browns playoff push, dependant on the QB carousel. Mix that with the kind of draft they had and you have a recipe for major success.
On the subject of the Draft, it should be noted that most teams had very competitive results. Each team had their strengths and weaknesses coming into the offseason and on paper it seems the management and coaching from almost every team did exactly what needed to be done. From Baltimore’s fulfillment of their ever absence WR core, to the Jets’ absolute cleanup of defensive studs, to Oakland whom landed a future pro bowler in Amari Cooper and added three workhorse linebackers. Though much can be made of draft rankings and projections of rookies, one can not properly gauge how well a team will do based on the players they selected in the draft.
One situation that can not be overlooked in this article is the rapidly increasing player suspensions that all take effect on the first week of the regular season. High profile names such as LeVeon Bell and Antonio Gates will be sitting the first few games out due to substance abuse violations, the most shocking name on the list of offenders though, the “DeflateGate” ringleader, Tom Brady. The Pats gunslinger will have to sit the first four games of the regular season, a daunting scenario Belichick and Co, would rather not endure to start the year, especially after the loss of a corner stone on defense, Darrelle Revis.
In other news, Ray Rice is still in search of a team to call home. While many teams would be the perfect suitor for the RB, none have pulled the trigger on a deal with him yet. In Denver, Peyton Manning made the decision to return for one final year, a sure fire way to boost his teammates coming into the 2015 season. Could the Broncos have a storybook ending to Peyton’s career? A la Ray Lewis? Numerous trades were made which will ultimately change the landscape of many divisions. Ndamukong Suh landed in Miami while Haloti Ngata filled the gap left by Suhs’ absence in Detroit. Drama ridden Brandon Marshall took his services to The New York Jets, a move that no one really saw coming. Leaving the Windy City is one thing, to go to the mediocre Jets is another.
All in all, it’s shaping up to be an ultra intense 2015 season. With so many alterations to franchises the stage is set for an unpredictable five months of football. This was just a minuscule preview, stay tuned for an in depth look into the 8 divisions and the predictions I have for each squadron.