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Vlog 11: White NFL players join movement

Michael Bennett made the statement that white players needed to join the movement and during the last week they have done it. Justin Britt (Seahawks), Derek Carr (Raiders), Chris Long (Eagles), Seth DeValve (Browns) and others have some solidarity backing their brothers.

Check out the newest vlog.

Ryan Clark calls Trent Richardson the worst running back ever!

It was all good just a few years ago for Trent Richardson. He went from 3rd pick in the 1st round of the 2012 draft by the Cleveland Browns to recently cut by the Oakland Raiders. As Clark said, “the Raiders gave Richardson 600k just to go home.”

Clark called Richardson, “The worst running back in history.” He also went back to say he thought coming into the NFL that Richardson would be good, but it didn’t workout that way. I know I thought he was going to be done, but I was wrong. He is going to be a trivia question very soon.

Check out the words of Ryan Clark on First Take.

Watch: Trent Richardson show off his lack of vision in the preseason

When Trent Richardson was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns a few years back I personally thought it was a great pick, but hindsight 20/20 that pick is on the road to “bustville” and with his new team he’s showing off some skills that got the former top prospect traded.

Hey Oakland Raiders fans check out Trent Richardson in a nutshell in the video below. I know I’m late, but this video is too funny not to post on the site.

Top 5 Destinations for Jim Harbaugh to Coach Next Season

Despite three straight trips to the NFC Championship game and one Super Bowl appearance, rumors continue to swirl regarding San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s eventual departure.

Talk of a divorce started this past summer when whispers of a rare head coach trade involving the Cleveland Browns surfaced. Harbaugh and the Niners denied the reports, but comments from Browns owner Jimmy Haslam only added fuel to the fire.

Since then, some have been counting the days until the end of the 2014 NFL season, pointing to a volatile relationship between Harbaugh and San Francisco’s front office. In fact, FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer has said he “doesn’t see any way” Harbaugh is back with the team in 2015, “even if” they won the Super Bowl.

Whether Harbaugh is on his last leg in San Francisco or not remains to be determined, but if he is, it’s certainly worth wondering where he’d go after his exit.

Would the 49ers trade him, would he get axed and sign on with another NFL team or would he bolt for a return to the college scene? Let’s take a look at his five most likely destinations if he indeed leaves the 49ers in 2015:

Michigan Wolverines

Harbaugh played quarterback for the Wolverines in his college days, so he understandably has some very real ties to Ann Arbor. That doesn’t mean he’s a lock to return to the college game, though. He’s already put in his time working his way up through the ranks, and at 50 years old he may want to stick around to match his brother John and get his first Super Bowl. However, if he did bolt for the college scene again, the Wolverines have to be the frontrunner for his services.

Cleveland Browns

If Harbaugh is back on the table, why not go back to where this whole mess began? Haslam clearly had interest in Harbaugh and trade talks died down. That doesn’t mean the Browns wouldn’t ditch current head coach Mike Pettine, as Harbaugh is arguably a better coaching talent and in just three years as an NFL coach has reached three conference title games. That kind of experience is nothing to sniff at. Even Pettine would have to understand to a certain degree.

It sounds interesting enough, but it’s not likely. Pettine appears to be in control and as dysfunctional as Cleveland has been throughout their history, it seems like they finally have their heads on straight. Firing their head coach for the fourth time in four years would be beyond reckless.

St. Louis Rams

This is the revenge factor. If the Niners flat out fire Harbaugh and the Rams think Jeff Fisher has taken them as far as he can, they could see Harbaugh as the guy to get the job done. Harbaugh, in turn, could see a quality Rams defense and an offense with potential. More importantly, he’d get to battle the 49ers twice a year and show them how big of a mistake they made by letting him walk.

Dallas Cowboys

These other options above are more dramatic than realistic, but the Cowboys could be a team Harbaugh actually sees as a good fit. Dallas has turned it on this year and could be legit, but if they crumble like they seemingly always do, it could be the end of head coach Jason Garrett. Owner Jerry Jones has been loyal to Garrett thus far, but he also hasn’t had much of a choice with a weak crop of head coaches year in and year out. This summer could be different if Harbaugh is given his walking papers.

Unlike the first three options, the Cowboys would give Harbaugh a potentially elite offense and he could get to work on their middling defense. After seeing how quickly he turned a bad San Francisco team around just a few years ago, it’d be very interesting to see what he could do with Tony Romo and the ‘Boys.

Chicago Bears

Marc Trestman has proven to be a sound offensive mind and a quarterback whisperer, but he might not have what it takes to be an NFL head coach. That realization could have the Bears looking for a new leader for the second time in the past three years, and that could potentially be Harbaugh. Like Dallas, they have a long way to go on defense, but they have all the parts of a successful offense. Harbaugh could do wonders with this unit if the interest is mutual.

There are a few others teams that could express interest, as Marvin Lewis could finally be on the hot seat in Cincinnati if the Bengals don’t finally win a playoff game, while teams like the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and others could very well be looking at a change up top. One way or another, it sounds like Harbaugh is done in San Francisco after this season and where he winds up coaching in 2015 will be one of the hottest stories to follow in the off-season.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Ron, the lead editor of FantasyFootballOverdose.Com – great source of football news and rumors. You can follow @NFLRankings via Twitter or via Google+ for more updates.


The Oakland Raiders Bite the Dust Again

I seriously believe that the Oakland Raiders are really cursed. I don’t know if the curse began when Barrett Robbins went missing before Super Bowl XXXVII or it began when Jerry Rice grew braids ( I kid), but whatever the curse is has a strong hold on the Raiders. The Silver and Black Raidizz (Chris Berman voice) are currently sitting 0-4, and are on the hunt again for a head coach. Dennis Allen was recently fired after an eleven hour flight from London. Under Allen, he went 8-22 in his short tenure. Allen, who was previously a successful defensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos and a top-notch assistant coach with the New Orleans Saints was expected to bring a new sense of urgency to the organization.

The Raiders are one of few organizations that takes chances on younger coaches that have minimal head coaching experience. It worked well doing it with John Madden and John Gruden, but the experiment has failed miserably with Tom Cable and now Dennis Allen. The Raiders have to start over AGAIN as an organization, and it may have to start from the top. During the late 2000’s the team was falling apart under the legendary Al Davis, and it has only became worse since his death in 2011. The team is ran by his son Mark Davis, and unlike his father he has yet to find success in his early years running the team. 

When looking at the Raiders roster, Davis has put together some quality pieces, and even spent a hefty amount of money during free agency, but that can’t override the curse that is being held over the Oakland Raiders. I don’t know why, but I felt that this year could be a decent year for the Raiders, but so far I am wrong. With drafting Khalil Mack and Derek Carr, and signing quality veterans like Lamarr Woodley, Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Tuck, and James Jones the Raiders seemed to be headed out of obscurity. It’s only four games into the season, and a lot can change, but being the gambler that I am–I expect the Raiders to only become worse.

Something has to shake in the Bay Area. The Raiders have one of the best fan bases in all of sports, and year after year they have to deal with the somber Raiders. Change is needed: quick, fast, and in a hurry, but I am afraid to say that the Raiders hex will make them continue to bite the dust. 

Cowboys and Raiders fight during scrimmage

The Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders had a scrimmage/practice, which has been common practice lately to give training camp some fresh blood. Teams get tired of practicing against their own and you can tell by the video the Cowboys and Raiders were tired of hitting their teammates.

Cornerback Morris Claiborne caught tight end Mychal Rivera slipping on the flat and lowered the boom. After hitting Rivera, Mo stepped over him and hit a Ric Flair like strut. After hitting the strut other Raider teammates came over and that’s when the brawl ensued. It looked like a 50 car pile up on the highway. A Raider fan stuck a cornerback B.W. Webb with a helmet causing Webb to fire off on the fan which I totally understand on Webb’s behave.

I don’t think anybody got hurt so it’s all good, but fans need to chill watch the game, heckle, but don’t try to physically harm you don’t want a guy that trains to shed 300 pound men coming for you.

Watch the brawl man isn’t it good to goo have football back?

3 Reasons Nnamdi Asomugha has won at life

kerry_washington_nnamdi_asomugha_togetherFor the people who feel sad that former All Pro Corner Nnamdi Asomugha was released by the San Francisco 49ers recently, I’m here to cheer up Nnamdi fans.

This guy used to be in the top cornerback discussion year in and year out, but over the last few years that has changed. Nnamdi is still a winner out in these streets, don’t let the media fool you.

3 Reasons:

1.        Nnamdi got paid at least $25 million for 2 subpar years in Philadelphia.

2.        He married Scandal star Kerry Washington within the last year.

3.        He put a kid in Scandal star Kerry Washington.

Salute to Nnamdi. Man, I’m not mad at him at all. He got hurt this year and was released by the 49ers, but do you think he gives two fucks? No and NO why would he? He goes home to Kerry and he’s known to be an intelligent guy who just netted over $25 million within the last 3 years.

I wish I were good enough in sports to pull off the Nnamdi plan. Who could be mad at this?

The Matt Flynn Effect

Matt Flynn was released this week by the Oakland Raiders. This comes as a surprise being that the Raiders traded for the Quarterback this off season with plans of him being the starting QB. It seems harsh, but don’t be sad for Matt because his pockets have been laced salute to him for that.

Flynn turned a Week 16, 6 Touchdown game versus the Lions in 2011 into mad cash. He pretty much Rob Johnson/Kevin Kolb’d the game. Being a free agent during the off season after such an impressive performance made a few teams want to open up their pocket book. I guess teams were thinking the Packers didn’t miss a beat with Flynn out there being that Rodgers was resting for the playoffs, but they also forgot to factor in who they were playing and if they had anything to play for. Nonetheless, Flynn capitalized on his opportunity.

Flynn SeattleIn 2012, the Seattle Seahawks cashed out Flynn giving him a 3-year 26 million dollar contract with 10 million guaranteed. With the financial backing it seemed that Flynn would be the man in Seattle only to be beaten out by their 3rd round pick Russell Wilson. Seattle lost out on the cash, but it seemed to work out long term for their franchise at the QB position. Wilson will be carrying the flag in Seattle for years to come and the ‘Hawks can thank Flynn for that right?

flynn raidersIn the 2013 off season Flynn seemed to be given another life as the Raiders traded their 5th round pick of the 2014 draft to the Seahawks for him. After acquiring him it seemed once again that Flynn had landed a starting job, however, Terrelle Pryor had other plans. Once again he was in a battle with an athletic QB who could make plays with his feet and arm. This time Flynn didn’t even make it through the season as the Raiders cut him after Week 5. Similar to Seattle, it seems that the people of the Bay Area have a solid QB who can lead them into the future. I know Pryor is happy for the chance to compete against the kick starter known as Matt Flynn.

Even after only playing one game the last 2 years Flynn has pocketed 14.5 million dollars from his two previous teams. Which isn’t bad at all for a guy who tricked general managers after having a once in a lifetime game.

Don’t frown on Flynn because what his last two stops have shown is he can help solidify careers. Teams with QB questions should come running his way to hand him some money.  It seemed to benefit the Seahawks and Raiders.  Who will now sign Flynn to catapult the next QB?

Think about it, it really is a Flynn Effect!!!

Note: The Buffalo Bills signed Matt Flynn on Monday.  This is good news for Manuel and Lewis. Flynn is the rights of passage QB.

NFL Week 6: Games of the Week


Last week I finally went undefeated in my selections. I want to keep the trend going so whatever method that crossed my mind last week I’m sticking to it. This week has a lot of crucial games that can make or break a lot of teams. Take a look at our selections to see if you agree.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

My main man Terrelle Pryor has the Raiders playing some pretty good ball this far. Pryor gives them a dual threat option that gives defensive coordinators headaches. On the other hand the Chiefs are undefeated, and is looking like a legit contender thus far. I’m taking a big risk this week, and I’m going to roll with the Raiders in a close one.

New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots

The Pats are coming off of a loss, and they have lucked out in many games this season. The Saints are looking like the Saints of old under head coach Sean Payton. It will be a great match up between two of the best quarterbacks on the game. The Patriots may be at home, but I have them losing to the Saints , due to the inability of being able to stop Jimmy Graham.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

The NFC East is so terrible right now that anything can happen at this point. Last week Dallas proved that they can score with the best of them, but they also proved that they have a Swiss cheese defense. I think with RGIII and the Redskins coming off of the bye week means they are well rested, and they will likely add some new wrinkles to an offense that has been starting slow as of late. If Monte Kiffin allows teams to score almost as much as his age, then we have a problem Cowboys fans. I think it’s time for RGIII to have his breakout game and he will lead the Redskins to victory.

Terrelle Pryor is proving the doubters wrong

Terrelle-PryorAs a big Ohio State fan, the hype that followed him into college was tremendous. Before the unstorybook ending Pryor was the man in Columbus leading them to a few BCS Bowls, we won’t go into that story but we all have heard about it.

Pryor now in his 3rd year in the NFL is starting for the Oakland Raiders and I have been able to watch them play on TV twice this year already and what I have seen has been highly impressive. Some of the plays Pryor is making on the field he couldn’t make while he was under center in Columbus his accuracy has been tremendous, it’s great to see how a person needed to work on certain things to be successful on the big stage in the person do the necessary things to get it done. He’s always had the arm strength but you never knew where the ball would go his footwork is a thousand times better and he’s still a major threat to make something happen with is legs.

Pryor has started 4 of 5 games missing one due to a concussion suffered on Monday Night Football vs the Broncos. His current stats: 845 yards passing. 68.3% completion %, 4 TD’s and only 2 Int’s, while also having 229 yards on the ground.

Coach Allen seems to be getting more answers than questions concerning the play of his QB, pretty good for a person outsiders thought would be switching to receiver or tight end for his best chance of playing.

From the looks of things Oakland has finally found a Quarterback.