2012-13 College Basketball Preview #11 Missouri Tigers

#11 Missouri Tigers


The Tigers finished the season 30-5(14-4} with a loss to Norfolk St. in 2nd round.


Marcus Denmon 17.7pts 5reb 2.1ast
Kim English 14.5pts 4.2reb 1.6ast


Mike Dixon 13.5pts 1.8reb 3.3ast
Phil Pressey 10.3pts 6.4ast 2.1ast
Laurence Bowers (10-11) 11.6pts 6.1reb 1.4ast


Keion Bell (Peperdine 10-11) 18.9pts 4.1reb 2.4ast
Alex Oriakhi (UCONN) 6.7pts 4.8reb 1.3blk
Jabari Brown SG/SF 6’5″ 205lbs


The Tigers lose their top two scores from a team that had one of Missouri best seasons in a while and they might be better this season. The Tigers return probably the nations best 6th man in Dixon, the nations best pg that nobody knows about in Pressey,and an inside presence in Bowers that missed all of the 2011-12 season. They add three talented transfers to help with their losses. Bell was arguably Pepperdines best player. He’s a senior who should make an immediate impact. They add another senior in Oriakhi who was the starting center for a Connecticut National Championship team in 2011. The last addition is a transfer from (Brown)Oregon who was a High School All American in 2011 and transferred after only two games. He should be eligible to play come December and is known as a big time scorer. Next season the Tigers make a change to the SEC and should compete for a conference title in their first season. If all the new pieces come together than they could be a Final Four team.

#12 Kansas Jayhawks

Conspiracy Theory: Starring NBA Commissioner David Stern

Like most commissioners in professional sports they are normally in the midst of facing controversial issues. NBA Commissioner David Stern is no stranger to controversy. From his controversial stance in the NBA lockout to the almost trade with Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Lakers.

David Stern strikes again!! In the NBA Draft Lottery the Hornets were awarded the top pick in the 2012 Draft. Winning the draft lottery is based of percentages, but in this case it seems a little fishy. I say this because, Stern who is the commissioner of the NBA was once in control of the New Orleans Hornets due to them not having an owner. Now that Stern is not control he is still in the middle of controversy.

I don’t know if Stern had on his lucky “Blue Suede Shoes”, but the outcome of this fiasco will ignite some type of controversy. Lakers fans were pissed at Stern for not letting them acquire Chris Paul and this will only add to his list of haters.

Many suspected that the Charlotte Bobcats would win the lottery, but they are now expected to pick No.2. NBA experts are suspecting that former Kentucky Wildcat Anthony Davis will be the top selection in the 2012 Draft. Davis is not Tim Duncan, but he will help improve a franchise in many areas.

The Hornets are not a large market team so they could use some buzz. Drafting Anthony will be the perfect recipe.

Stern has been praised as professional sports best commissioner, but with these last few blemishes he may be looked at in different fashion. Whenever Stern is asked about the draft lottery he will obviously dismiss any conspiracies dealing with the lottery process. No matter what comes out of his mouth we all know that actions speak louder than words. With Stern’s last few actions we see that it is in his best interest to take care of the team in the Bayou!

Front Office weekly rundown 6/1/12

We are back for other week of the rundown. A few things took place it’s been a busy week in baseball. Check out what been going on in the world of sports.


Former Detroit Tiger and Chicago White Sox DH/OF Magglio Ordonez retired.

The Texas Rangers signed P Roy Oswalt for a 1 year minor league deal, if Oswalt is pitching for the big league club by July 1st he will be scheduled to make 4 million dollars with a chance to get incentives.

Cleveland Indians DH Travis Hafner is out 4-6 weeks after having surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee.

Philadelphia Phillies P Roy Halladay was placed on the 15 day DL with sore right shoulder.

Los Angeles Dodgers OF Matt Kemp reinjured his left hamstring on Wednesday. It may be hurt worst than the previous injury. Dodger fans are holding their breath right now because hamstring injuries can linger all year.

Milwaukee Brewers C Jonathan Lucroy broke his hand when his wife dropped luggage on it while he was searching under a bed for a sock. Lucroy will be out at least 6 weeks. He was having an All Star year for the Brewers.

On Tuesday Cincinnati Reds 3B Todd Frazier saved a person in a Pittsburgh restaurant from choking on a piece of steak with a Heimlich maneuver. After doing that he raked a double and a triple for 2 rbi’s versus the Pirates.


The Miami Dolphins will be showcased on the HBO’s Hard Knocks series. I don’t think many people are interested in seeing the fins unless you’re a fins fan or females in their crush over Reggie Bush.

Nick Fairley received a DUI in his hometown, his second arrest during this off-season. Ironfist Goddell will be handing Mr. Fairley a suspension soon.

Terrell Owens who was a player/owner(30%) of the IFL team the Allen Wranglers was released. There is some disputes that Owens didn’t meet all the stipulations of the contract. We all know how this will end.

Brian Banks who was recently cleared of a false rape charge will be trying out for a few NFL teams. Good luck to Mr. Banks, I hope he sticks on to somebodies team. Ms. Gibson should pay for falsely accusing a Mr. Banks, that accusation cost him 6 years of his life he can’t get back. I’ll stop because this is a sensitive subject for me, so I’ll close the ramble with this I’ll pray for both of them.

The NFL will keep the Pro Bowl for the 2013 season.


Over the Memorial Day weekend Paul Williams was paralyzed after getting into a motorcycle accident. Williams was heading over his brother’s house to get ready for his other brother’s wedding. Williams is paralyzed from the waist down. He was a very entertaining boxer in one of my current favorites. We at The Front Office send up prayers from Mr. Williams, keep fighting champ.


The New Orleans Hornets won the NBA Lottery on Wednesday night. What they will receive with that first pick will be Kentucky Wildcats C Anthony Davis. Stern better be on the lookout for MJ that’s all I’m going to say.


Connecticut Huskies Forward Roscoe Smith is transferring to UNLV.

Alcorn St. hired Jay Hopson who will be the first non-African American head coach of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Hopson was the defensive Coordinator for Memphis.

This weeks addition of the weekly rundown is over. Feel free to tell us who you feel about this weeks news. Until next week, PEACE!

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Is Ty Lawson ready to take that next step?

Playing the Lakers during a playoff series is almost like a Point Guard coming out party. It’s like saying look at me america I can ball too. Last year Chris Paul let everybody know his knee was still cool against LA and this year it was 3rd year PG Ty Lawson that said NBA y’all need to take notice.

Tywon “Ty” Lawson has always played at a high level on all levels, in H.S. he was a McDonald’s All American, at North Carolina he led them to a National Championship and in the NBA is he on the brink of being All Star caliber Point Guard?

During his first 3 years he has improved PPG, APG, SPG and FT%. Playing in Denver he doesn’t get much love from the media because they rather talk about Jeremy Lin but during the playoffs he was a key reason the Nuggets pushed the Lakers to a 7 game series. Even with a couple of so so games early on in the series during the 7 games Lawson averaged 19 ppg, 6 apg and shot 51% from the field. The kid was like a one man fast break when he pushed the rock after a make or miss, if he wasn’t creating for himself he was getting his teammates easy shots. Lawson showed off his jumpshot, a knack to get to the hole in take contact, in ability to get his teammates involved on offensive end and the energy to be disruptive on the defensive end by ball pressure or jumping the passing lanes.

The Lakers always let Point Guards get off on them but if the law of averages are right Lawson will come back better next year. If that happens Ty might deserve some All Star votes and might be standing on the best PG’s porches asking can he come into a few houses.

2012-13 College Basketball Preview #12 Kansas Jayhawks

#12 Kansas Jayhawks


The Jayhawks finished the season at 32-7(16-2) and loss to Kentucky in the National Championship.


Thomas Robinson 17.7pts 11.9reb 1.8ast
Tyshawn Taylor 16.6pts 2.3reb 4.8ast


Elijah Johnson 10.2pts 3.2reb 3.5ast
Travis Releford 8.5pts 4.2reb 1.8ast
Jeff Withey 9pts 6.3reb 3.6blk


Perry Ellis PF 6’8″ 220
Ben McLemore SF 6’5″ 185lbs


The Jayhawks were expected to have a down season last season and they made it to the finals. I was reluctant to put ’em at 12 because they lost so much by losing Robinson and Taylor that it’s hard to put them any higher. I expect Johnson to have a break out season and lead the Jayhawks. Withey will continue his defensive domination of the tournament but has to improve his low post game if the Jayhawks want to win another Big 12 championship. Ellis looks to replace Robinson at the four but it will be impossible for the freshman to duplicate the season Robinson had. McLemore had some problems last year and had to miss the whole season but he is ready to make an immediate impact and will be the major difference in the Jayhawks coming close to last season.

#13 The Ohio State Buckeyes

2012-13 College Basketball Preview #13 The Ohio State Buckeyes

#13 The Ohio State Buckeyes


The Buckeyes finished the season at 31-8(13-5) with a loss to Kansas in The Final Four.

Jared Sullinger 17.5pts 9.2reb 1.2ast
William Buford 14.5pts 5reb 2.7ast


DeShaun Thomas 15.9pts 5.4reb .9ast
Aaron Craft 8.8pts 3.2reb 4.6ast
Amir Williams 1.7pts 2.1reb .8blk


Amedeo Della Valle SG 6’4″ 180


The Buckeyes take a big hit with the loss of Sullinger and Buford but Thomas will do everything to pick up the scoring slack. Thomas has never seen a shot that he didn’t like and I wouldn’t be surprised if he lead the Big Ten in scoring. Craft is one of the best defenders in the country but will have to do more on offense for the Buckeyes to be successful. With all that being said the ultimate measure of their success will lie in the hands of seldom used sophomore Williams. Williams came in as a McDonald’s All American and his growth in his 2nd year could be what Buckeyes need to return the to the Final Four.

#14 Syracuse Orange

Does McCoy’s new contract extension mean that Rice and Forte are going to get paid?

Last week the Philadelphia Eagles broke bread with their stud running back LeSean McCoy. McCoy got his pockets laced with a 5 year, 45 million dollar extension, with 20.8 million guaranteed. The guaranteed money is the most important number for any NFL player we all know how shiesty owners in the league are. Congrats on McCoy for gaining more financial stability for him and his family. What does this new deal for McCoy mean for Ray Rice and Matt Forte?

Rice and Forte both have been franchised tagged by their respective teams (Ravens and Bears), which shows respect to the player that they are that good where you don’t want to let them go for nothing. The tag only lasts for one year(7.72 million), while the money is guaranteed it doesn’t give the player long-term security that they play so hard for.

Ray Rice who is the main piece to the Ravens offense the last few years, will use McCoy’s contract as a starting point for his new deal. With how important Rice is to the offense, he has very firm legs to stand on to at least get the same type of deal or better. Rice is a threat running the ball, catching out of the backfield and great in pass protection. He also has been very durable. (No missed games since his rookie year) If you compare his numbers to McCoy’s rushing and receiving they are better. I bet Rice is telling the Ravens management to show him the money, in the Ravens should.

Matt Forte is the main piece for the Chicago Bears the last few years, and will also use McCoy’s contract as a starting point for his new deal. A few off-season moves may prevent the Bears from being the team that gives Forte the cash he desires. Brandon Marshall a star receiver was brought in to help the offense and former Oakland Raider running back Michael Bush was signed to a 4 year deal. Bush is no slouch so with him in the fold the Bears will probably be a lot less likely to cut a long-term check to Forte. Forte is a threat on anywhere on the field. Forte’s numbers are slightly less than McCoy’s on a yearly overall. The sad thing about the Forte situation is he will get the raw end of the deal after how hard he has worked for the Bears. He will go to management saying show him the money but it will likely be another team that does after this year is over because a lot of his bargaining power was taken away with the Bush signing.

Both of these players can thank McCoy for signing this contract because it will be both a great starting base to get their new deals. They both may get more or a little less but the McCoy deal means a lot for both players pockets.

Front Office weekly rundown: 5/25/12

We are back for this weeks rundown. This week a lot of awards were passed out in the NBA check out who was honored for their hard year of work. Also, check out the rest of the rundown but it’s the NBA playoffs right now so they have a lot more going on this week.


2011-12 All Rookie 1st Team

Kyrie Irving , Guard, Cleveland
Ricky Rubio, Guard, Minnesota
Kenneth Faried, Forward, Denver
Klay Thompson, Guard, Golden State
Iman Shumpert, Guard, New York
Kawhi Leonard, Forward, San Antonio
Brandon Knight, Guard, Detroit

All Rookie 2nd Team

Chandler Parson, Forward, Houston
Isaiah Thomas, Guard, Sacramento
MarShon Brooks, Guard, New Jersey
Derrick Williams, Forward, Minnesota
Tristan Thompson, Forward, Cleveland

2011-12 NBA All Defensive 1st Team

LeBron James, Forward, Miami
Serge Ibaka, Forward, Oklahoma City
Dwight Howard, Center, Orlando
Chris Paul, Guard, LA Clippers
Tony Allen, Guard, Memphis

All Defensive 2nd Team

Kevin Garnett, Forward, Boston
Loul Deng, Forward, Chicago
Tyson Chandler, Center, New York
Raking Rondo, Guard, Boston
Kobe Bryant, Guard, LA Lakers

*How is the Defensive Player of the Year on the 2nd team? C’Mon NBA do better please.

2011-12 All NBA 1st Team

LeBron James, Forward, Miami

Kevin Durant, Forward, Oklahoma City

Dwight Howard, Center, Orlando

Kobe Bryant, Guard, LA Lakers

Chris Paul, Guard, LA Clippers

All NBA 2nd Team

Kevin Love, Forward, Minnesota

Blake Griffin, Forward, LA Clippers

Andrew Bynum, Center, LA Lakers

Tony Parker, Guard, San Antonio

Russell Westbrook, Guard, Oklahoma City

All NBA 3rd Team

Carmelo Anthony, Forward, New York

Dirk Nowitzki, Forward, Dallas

Tyson Chandler, Center, New York

Dwyane Wade, Guard, Miami

Rajon Rondo, Guard, Boston

Miami Heat players PF Udonis Haslem (1 Game) and Center Dexter Pittman (3 Games) were both suspended for separate actions in Game 5 versus the Pacers.

Boston Celtics Guard Avery Bradley may be out the rest of the playoffs with a bad shoulder.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign TE Dallas Clark. After that signing they traded TE Kellen Winslow to the Seattle Seahawks for a 7th rd pick in 2013 that could turn into a 6th rd pick.

Cincinnati Bengals LB Dontay Moch and New York Giants RB Andre Brown are suspended 4 games for violation of the NFL’s policy against banned substances.

Green Bay Packers WR Donald Driver won “Dancing With The Stars”. I know it was this season, I hope I’m not super late on this news if I am forgive me.

San Francisco 49ers extend P Any Lee contract 6 years. I’ve never heard a punter getting a 6 year deal, congrats to him. I know he is one of the best in the league, side note it pays to be a good kicker nowadays huh?

Chicago Bears WR Johnny Knox may miss the whole 2012 season so he can recover fully from an injury suffered late in last years season. Know had a fractured vertebra.

Denver Broncos trade DB Cassius Vaughn to the Indianapolis Colts for FB Chris Gronkowski. The brother of Rob Gronkowski.

New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks fractured the fifth metatarsal in his right foot at OTA’s on Thursday. Nicks will be out at least 12 weeks.

NFLPA is collusion against the NFL for the 2010 year. That year was suppose to be a uncapped year and two teams have been penalized for moves they did financially under that uncapped year.


St. Louis Cardinals 1B Lance Berkman to have surgery today on his torn ACL. Berkman will be out the rest of the 2012 season.


The Big East will change their tournament format in the 2013-14 season. 18 teams will be in the conference on the basketball side so they will incorporate two play in games.

LSU DB Ronnie Vinson is transferring to Southeastern Louisiana.

We are done with another week of the rundown. Feel free to let us know how you feel about what went down this week. Until next week, PEACE!

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2012-13 College Basketball Preview #14 Syracuse Orange

#14 Syracuse Orange


The Orange finished last season at 34-3(17-1) with a lost in the East Regional to Ohio St.


Scoop Jardine 8.9pts 2.4reb 4.9ast
Kris Joseph 13.4pts 4.7reb 1.5ast
Dion Waiters 12.6pts 2.3reb 2.5ast


C.J. Fair 8.5pts 5.4reb .9ast
Brandon Triche 9.4pts 2.5reb 2.6ast
Rakeem Christmas 2.8pts 2.9reb .8blk


Dajuan Coleman C 6’9″ 275lbs


The Orange lose a lot (players) but like always they don’t rebuild they reload. Triche is the Orange most experienced player and will lead a young talented team. Fair might be the Orange most talented and will be asked to do a lot on the offensive end. Christmas is a sophomore who came in highly recruited and will have a chance to show what he got inside with Fab Melo moving on. Christmas gets some help from the talented big man Coleman who is a very big man but very athletic with good feet. Coleman’s impact on the team will go along way in the overall success.

#15 Michigan State Spartans

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