• 2012-13 College Basketball Preview #17 Texas Longhorns

    May 18 • NCAA • 346 Views

    #17 Texas Longhorns


    Texas finished at 20-14(9-9) with a loss in the east 2nd round to Cincinnati.


    J’Covan Brown 20.1pts 3.4reb 3.8ast


    Jonathan Holmes 7.1pts 4.8reb .5ast
    Myck Kabongo 9.6pts 3reb 5.2ast
    Julien Lewis 7.8pts 3.6reb .8ast
    Sheldon McClellan 11.3pts 3.3reb .6ast


    Cameron Ridley C 6’10” 230lbs


    The Longhorns return a talented foursome of sophomores lead by Kabongo. Last year Brown was the do it all player for Texas and this year Kabongo will have to step into that leadership role. He was highly recruited last season and this season should be one of the best point guards in the country. Lewis and McClellan give them the firepower needed on the wings while Holmes looks to continue to improve inside with help from one of the top recruits at center in Ridley. The Longhorns will compete for a conference championship but might be a year away from national championship contender.

    #18 San Diego St. Aztecs

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  • Does Donovan McNabb Deserve Another Shot?

    May 17 • NFL • 295 Views

    In recent news there have been reports stating that Donovan McNabb is making an attempt to end his NFL Football Career on a better note. McNabb has lost weight and has hired a quarterback coach to get his mechanics in order. In McNabb’s last stint with the Minnesota Vikings he looked and played as if he was eating too many bowls of Campbell’s Chunky Soup rather than looking the former All-Pro Quarterback that we were used to seeing.

    It is hard for me to see McNabb holding a clipboard behind a young quarterback so that takes several teams off of his potential list. The Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals may be two realistic options for McNabb. These are two teams who are solid in most areas that also have questions about their quarterbacks. Bringing in McNabb to either one of the teams would be harmless, because it would not be rattling the confidence of a young quarterback.  Though the Cards are paying Kevin Kolb a hefty salary he really did not perform on the field last season, but he was rewarded a roster bonus this off-season so that will ensure some security.

    A lot can happen between now and the opening day of football season. The injury bug may bite really hard on a few teams and McNabb may receive a few calls.

    McNabb may be up in age, but there are several success stories of players who have rejuvenated themselves after a bad outing as a player. Randall Cunningham with the Minnesota Vikings and Kurt Warner with the Arizona Cardinals come to mind. Not saying that McNabb can have an off the charts run as those two did, but I feel that he can go out in better fashion.

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  • True Freshman wins the MAC Championship 110m hurdles

    May 17 • Other • 345 Views

    Over the weekend my homeboy B shot me a text that stated “Jay(His brother) won the MAC Championship with a 14.30 his fastest time, which was also in the top ten at Miami of Ohio All time.” I could hear the excited me through the text, so when I checked the race out I could totally understand why he was happy.

    JaShawn Combs won the MAC Championship in the 110 meter hurdles at Central Michigan. JaShawn won with a personal best time of 14.30 seconds.

    JaShawn Combs is a freshman from Dayton, Ohio. JaShawn graduation from Stivers High School. You know I have to show Ohio and my city some love.

    Check out the race. (He is third from the bottom.)

    JaShawn is only a freshman, so we wish him the best for the three years he has left in eligibility.

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  • Will the real Pau Gasol stand up?

    May 16 • NBA • 257 Views

    To quote the great Marshall Mathers aka Eminem “Will the real slim shady please stand up, please stand up?” Just insert Lakers Power Forward Pau Gasol’s name in there.

    Gasol is one of the most skilled big men in the league nobody can deny that but with great power comes great responsibility, *a Peter Parker quote. With his skill set he should be more assertive on both sides of the court but most of the time he fades away like Kobe on the baseline.

    When Gasol is on his game he can score on the post with either hand, shoot the face up jay, hit 3’s if needed, pass with the best of them , even lead the break and control the glass. Which is what the Lakers need if they are going to get to their 4th NBA finals in the last 5 years.

    When Gasol is off his game he becomes passive to a fault and allows smaller , more rugged players push him around.

    Case in point is game 6 against the Nuggets he had a 3 point and 3 rebound game off of 1 of 10 shooting with 6’6″ Kenneth Faried guarding him most of the game. Which just can’t happen. Game 7 Pau played much better (23 points, 17 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 blocks) which was a key reason they won the game.

    Gasol had a great streak when he arrived to the Lakers where he always played great in the playoffs until he ran into KG in the finals in ’08. We questioned his toughness and he came back with avengence in ’09 and ’10 during the back to back title run. Gasol even faced his own demon as he out played KG in the 2010 finals.

    After the 2011 season we all thought Gasol would not play as soft as he did once before and then the 2011 playoffs happen where he let Dirk lock him up as the Lakers got swept. Yes he let Dirk lock him up he mind was all over the place because of rumors of his personal life but still that’s no excuse just ask Kobe.

    The Lakers are legitimate title contenders but if Gasol doesn’t play with fire every game from here on out it could make their goal a lot harder than it already is. Which Gasol will show up is a question that Laker fans will ask before each game. Which is sad because if the bad Gasol shows up after the season the Lakers might not have another ring and he might have another team.

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  • 2012-13 College Basketball Preview #18 San Diego St. Aztecs

    May 16 • NCAA • 232 Views

    #18 San Diego St. Aztecs


    The Aztecs finished 26-8(10-4) with a loss in the Midwest 2nd round to NC St.


    None for the Aztecs


    Jamaal Franklin 17.4pts 7.9reb 1.5ast
    Chase Tapley 15.8pts 4.3reb 2.3ast
    Xavier Thames 10.1pts 3.2reb 4.1ast


    Winston Shepard SF/PF 6’8″ 205lbs
    J.J. O’Brien (Transfer from Utah) 6.4pts 5.5reb 1.2ast
    Dwayne Polee (Transfer from St. John) 4.4pts 2.5reb


    Steve Fisher has made the Aztecs a serious program and one of the most consistent out west in the last five years. This year should be another good year with the return of their talented trio from last season in Franklin, Tapley,and Thames. The Aztecs add a top 100 recruit along with two talented sophomore transfers in O’Brien and Polee and the future looks very bright. The future is now in San Diego with a team that could very well be a surprise Final Four member.

    #19 Gonzaga Bulldogs

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  • The Atlanta Hawks need to have a fire sale

    May 15 • NBA • 348 Views

    The Atlanta Hawks is the team you try your best to like but they always disappoint you. With the talent the Hawks have assembled you would think they would be a legitimate contender in the east but that isn’t the case. Each year you think next year will be the year the Hawks will turn that corner but you never see them cut the wheel. This team is good enough to consistently get 4th or 5th seeds in the playoffs every year but if this franchise wants to cut the wheel it must blow this team up like Ray Lewis reading a dive play.

    Fresh off of losing a 6 game series to the Celtics which they had home court advantage, Rondo was suspended for a game and Pierce had a bum knee. The Hawks losing is what we all expected.

    Two years ago the organization had a chance to start the path of redemption when their star player Joe Johnson was a free agent. The Hawks organization was faced with a major decision let their best player walk for free or overpay their best player! What did the organization do? Overpay their best player, in the amount of 119 million dollars over 6 years. If your Joe you take the money I understand that wholeheartedly but the organization just locked themselves in a mediocre team for the next 6 years, well 4 year since he’s played out two of the years.

    Besides being locked in for the Johnson contract the Hawks have a lot of the same pieces which is why the puzzle doesn’t fit. Josh Smith the athletic forward is playing the 4 spot when his style fits more of a 3 skill set minus the 3 point marksmanship. Al Horford who I believe is the best big man on the team is playing the 5 when he is clearly a 4. I already talked about my man Marvin Williams in a post a few weeks ago, he’s a 3 in he’s playing the right position but just imagine them having a star PG (Paul or Williams) besides him, this might be a different post.

    The Hawks did draft Jeff Teague a few years back a promising young PG. Which is a step in the right direction. I personally think Teague and Horford if they can play him at the 4 and get a real 5 aka center on the team to help them. These two players would be who I build my team around in a perfect world.

    The problem they will have completing the task is Johnson will be Damn near impossible to trade with 4 years left on his max deal. The only person you can trade that has value is Josh Smith. Smith is very versatile but we all know this team is just a solid team that will never turn the corner. With Smith gone the Hawks will be forced to play Horford at the 4, which instantly will make them a little better.

    Because of Smith’s talent it will be hard for the Hawks to pull the trigger but sometimes less is more. Also, Smith only has one more year left on his contract so after the 2012-13 the Hawks will be at another crossroads. Will they continue to pay him top dollar or let him go for nothing if they want to improve they must trade him for valuable pieces.

    The Hawks must make a move to shake things up so they can take the next step. We all know where this current team is headed, its like a broken record that only repeats the same part over and over and over again. The sad thing is maybe the moves in the past might have too much control over the future than the organization had hoped for.

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  • 2012-13 College Basketball Preview #19 Gonzaga Bulldogs

    May 15 • NCAA • 207 Views

    #19 Gonzaga Bulldogs

    The Bulldogs finished the season at 26-7(13-3) and lost in the east 3rd round to Ohio St.


    Robert Sacre 11.6pts 6.3reb .7ast


    Elias Harris 13.1pts 8.5reb 1.2ast
    Gary Bell 10.4pts 2.5reb 2ast
    Kevin Pangos 13.6ast 2.7reb 3.4ast


    The Bulldogs return almost their entire team from last season minus Sacre. Harris had a lot of offers to play overseas and decided to fulfill his commitment to Gonzaga and lead them to their first Final Four. Last years talented freshmen backcourt of Pangos and Bell return to help the cause. A fast improving Sam Dower returns in the middle to give the Bulldogs another talented team for Mark Few to try to win his first NCAA Championship.

    #20 Marquette Golden Eagles

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  • 2012-13 College Basketball Preview #20 Marquette Golden Eagles

    May 14 • NCAA • 226 Views

    #20 Marquette Golden Eagles


    The Golden Eagles Finished last season at 26-9(13-3) and lost to Florida in the West Regional semis.


    Darius Johnson-Odom 18.3pts 3.5reb 2.7ast
    Jae Crowder 17.5pts 8.4reb 2.1ast


    Vander Blue 8.4pts 4.5reb 2.6ast
    Todd Mayo 7.9pts 2.7reb 1.2ast
    Davante Gardner 9.5pts 5.2reb .7ast


    Steve Taylor SF 6’7 175lbs
    Trent Lockett (Transfer) 13pts 5.8reb 2.2ast


    The Golden Eagles will have to deal with the lost of Big East player of the year Jae Crowder, but back to back top recruits in Blue and Mayo look to step up in new leadership roles. Add the top 100 recruit Taylor and transfer Lockett, who was Arizona St. leading scorer last season, and the Golden Eagles should be primed for another big season in the Big East. The continued improvement of Gardner inside will go along way in MU run at a conference championship.

    #21 Memphis Tigers

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  • Front Office weekly rundown: 5/11/12

    May 11 • MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL • 279 Views

    We are back for the second installment of the weekly rundown. I don’t think this week was as busy as last week but check out a few things we highlighted that you might have missed.


    New York Knicks Guard Baron Davis dislocated his knee cap and will be out at least 12 months. Honestly one of the worst injuries I have seen. Livingston and Davis have to be right there. We wish him a full recovery. This was a big loss during Game 4 for the Knicks with two other Guards out already.

    Oklahoma City Thunder Center hurt his hip during the Game 4 against Dallas.

    Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah injured his ankle during Game 3. It was another big loss for the already Rose-less Bulls.

    Atlanta Hawks Center Al Horford returned to action during Game 4. That was the only thing good that happened that game for the Hawks as the Celtics killed them.

    Oklahoma City Thunder Guard James Harden won the Sixth Man of the Year Award.


    Miami Dolphins OLB/DE Cameron Wake got an 4 year 49 million dollar extension with 20 million guaranteed.

    Pittsburgh Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger graduated from Miami of Ohio during the weekend. Congrats to him don’t get to hear about too many athletes graduating after leaving school early.


    Xavier Guard Mark Lyons transferred to Arizona. Will be eligible to play during the 2012-13 season because he graduated from Xavier during the spring.

    Arizona St. Guard Trent Lockett is transferring to Marquette. Lockett transferred to be closer to family as one of his relatives is very sick.

    Ohio St. Guard Jordan Sibert is transferring to Dayton. Sibert is a Ohio product so I had to show him love.

    Wake Forest Guard Tony Chennault is transferring to Villanova.

    Bob Bowlsby is the new commissioner of the Big 12 Conference.

    Big East commissioner John Marinatto resigns

    Conference USA added Charlotte and UT-San Antonio. Now they have 13 teams. Charlotte will have an eligible NCAA D-1 team starting the 2015 season.


    Los Angeles Angels 1B Albert Pujols hit is 1st home run of the season. Now that he has gotten this out-of-the-way the normal terrorism of pitchers should incur anytime soon.

    Washington Nationals RF Jayson Werth broke his wrist will be out for at least 12 weeks.

    Milwaukee Brewers SS Alex Gonzalez is out for the season with an ACL tear.

    Philadelphia Phillies P Cole Hamels is suspended 5 games for hitting Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on purpose. 5 games for a pitcher is nothing he will only miss one start but he will lose a lot in-game pay. Telling the truth isn’t always good Cole? It made your pockets a lil’ lighter.

    San Francisco Giants P Guillermo Mota was suspended for 100 games after testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. This is the 2nd time Mota has gotten caught taking enhancement drugs which is the reason he got stuck for 100 games. I know he is saying what about Braun?

    Josh Hamilton went home run derby during a game this week as he hit 4 of them in one game. Rangers y’all might want to pay this man right now.

    Let us know how you feel about the events that have happened this week. We will be back next week.

    Previous Rundown : 5/4/12

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  • 2012-13 College Basketball Preview #21 Memphis Tigers

    May 11 • NCAA • 207 Views

    #21 Memphis Tigers


    The Tigers finished last season at 26-9(13-3) and lost in the west 2nd round to St.Louis.


    Will Barton 18pts 2.2reb 3.8ast
    Wesley Witherspoon 7.2pts 3.7reb 1.1ast

    Joe Jackson 11pts 2.2reb 3.8ast
    Adonis Thomas 8.8pts 3.2reb .8ast
    Tarik Black 10.7pts 4.9reb .2ast

    Shaq Goodwin 6’8″ 245lbs PF

    The Tigers should once again be the cream of the crop in C-USA Lead at point by Jackson who will be one of the best pgs in the country. Jackson will get a lot of help from last seasons big recruit Thomas who should have a big breakout season. Black will be the force inside with help from freshman Goodwin. The Tigers should win a conference title and be a legitimate sweet sixteen team.

    #22 Baylor Bears

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