• Front Office weekly rundown: 5/4/12

    May 4 • MLB, NBA, NFL • 331 Views

    With so much going on in the sports world lately it made me think I should start a weekly post to roundup all of the impactful things that happened during the current week. Today’s post will be the first of this weekly installment, bare with me I’ll try to be consistent as possible.

    Last weekend the NBA PLAYOFFS started and by Saturday night two key clogs on two different teams tore their ACL both in the same knee. The two players were Iman Shumpert and Derrick Rose. The Knick and Bulls miss both players dearly, we all know Rose was the centerpiece in Chicago.

    The Clippers came back from being down 27 points in the 2nd half to stun the Grizzlies in game 1 of the series. I personally think the Griz will still win the series but it was an amazing comeback to witness first hand.

    Andrew Bynum of the Lakers had a triple double 10,13 and 10 in-game 1 vs the Nuggets. First Lakers to get a triple double in the playoffs since Magic Johnson in 91.

    The Butler Bulldogs are leaving the Horizon league to join the Atlantic 10 in all sports starting 2013-14.

    Last years Defensive Player of the Year DE/LB Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles tendon playing recreational ball. The Suggs lost is a big for the Ravens and great for the other teams in the AFC North. We at The Front Office wish you a speedy recovery T Sizzle.

    The saddest news of the roundup is we lost an All time great in Junior Seau. He reportedly took his own life, we at The Front Office send our prayers out to his friends and family.

    The Celtics Rajon Rondo got suspended one game for chest bumping a referee during the game he missed the Hawks Josh Smith sprained his knee (jumpers knee) and is currently doubtful for game 3. Amare Stoudemire of the Knicks after losing to the Heat took a double L as he messed his hand up punching through glass. I blame the braids for his injury, cloudy judgement maybe?

    Angels Pitcher Jered Weaver threw a no-hitter on Wednesday. His 2nd no-hitter of his career. No hitters are a big deal so give that man props.

    Conference USA will add North Texas, Louisiana Tech and Florida International .

    Roger “Ironfist” Goodell threw the hammer down on a few Saints players for their part in the bounty situation. Jonathan Vilma is out for the season, Anthony Hargrove (Packers) is out for 8 games, Will Smith is out for 4 games and Scott Fujita (Browns) is out for 3 games. These players will be without pay during the games they are suspended.

    Yankees closer Mariano Rivera tore his ACL in warm ups. Rivera is 42 years of age this could put his career in jeopardy. He is the all time saves leader in MLB history.

    The Kentucky Wildcats and Indiana Hoosiers ended their home and home series because UK wanted to play at a neutral site. After the Watford shot last year Coach Crean might have Coach Cal scared huh? Please get this game back on the schedule guys with the talent at both schools the fans are the ones missing out.

    San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich won Coach of the Year, New York Knicks Center Tyson Chandler won Defensive Player of the Year and Dallas Mavericks Guard Jason Kidd won the Sportsmanship Award.

    That’s it for this weeks rundown, I know we missed a few things but this week has been a sprint. Drop a line and let us know how you feel about some of the things that happened this week in the world of sports.

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  • Does the Media Undervalue Floyd Mayweather’s Greatness?

    May 4 • Boxing • 292 Views

    We all know that Floyd is brash, arrogant, and all of the above, but you cannot discredit what he does in the ring. Being undefeated in anything is admirable. From being undefeated in paper football to being the 1972 Miami Dolphins being undefeated takes focus, hard work, determination, luck, and skill.

    Floyd faces Miguel Cotto this weekend in a highly anticipated fight. No, this is not the fight that America wanted, but it will be cool to see Floyd go for his 43rd win. The world wanted to see Floyd lose to Manny Pacquiao, but Miguel Cotto can be America’s hero if he defeats Mayweather this upcoming Saturday.

    In my opinion I feel that the media does not give Floyd his credit for being one of greatest fighter’s of all time. His personality may turn people off, but Floyd the boxer is perfect. His record may be 42-0, but his greatness is beyond the numbers.  Mayweather has fought all of the top fighters in various weight classes to show that he is not afraid of a challenge. Popular boxing names such as Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Arturo Gatti, Juan Marquez, and Zab Judah all have fallen victim to Mayweather.

    It’s no argument that the media is blind when it comes to “Money” Mayweather. You can blame it on his diamonds or his personality, but they are blind to the fact that we have had a chance to watch one of the greatest fighter’s in boxing history. Long term success is rare in boxing in this day and age. Floyd has been at the top of his game for a little over 15 years starting when he won the Bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics.

    No matter what the outcome of the fight is this Saturday I would like to see the appreciation of Floyd Mayweather the boxer rather than focusing on the persona of Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

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  • Making a MVP case for Tony Parker

    May 3 • NBA • 310 Views

    Today we are going to make a case for The San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker to win the MVP award this season. If you watch any sports show the only people  the analyst are talking about are LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Rightfully so these two players should get a lot of attention and defiantly should be in the running but the forgotten guy in this race is Parker.

    Everybody respects Parker, the man was the MVP of the Finals ask LeBron, he’s been an All-Star and an integral part on his French national team, but I don’t think anybody has ever looked at Parker as a MVP type player. So if you were one of the people who didn’t give Parker his proper props, this year if you have watched him he had to change your mind. (Points to self)

    During the lockout shortened season the Spurs tied the Bulls for the best record in the NBA at 50-16. The key reason for their great record is Parker. I know people will say he has Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili but if you do your research you will understand even more why Parker should be the MVP. Duncan is now 36 years of age, still a threat but he has seen his better days and Manu is 34 years of age himself and only played 33 games this year due to injury. Before the season started if you told anybody that Manu would only play half of the games in the Spurs would have the best record, everybody would call you crazy.

    His stats this year 18.3 ppg, 7.7 apg (A career high), 48% from the floor, 1.0 spg and 80% at the line. Coach Pop turned the keys to the car over to Parker and he did a great job at driving the whip. Parker did a great job at making a lot of non household names very affective weapons this year. He has been shredding defenses like a gensu, picking and choosing his spots when to attack the rim, get others involved or display his much improved jump shot. Without Parker the Spurs wouldn’t have the best record in the NBA point-blank. So when you think about the other MVP candidates James and Durant mainly if they were hurt do you think their team would still be a threat? I believe so because they both have two other stars (Wade and Bosh, Westbrook and Harden) respectively. With that said the voters should have no choice but to give Parker the award but it probably won’t happen.

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  • Is RGIII Set Up For Failure with the Washington Redskins?

    May 2 • NFL • 289 Views

    Robert Griffin III is in line to resurrect a franchise that has not been relevant for quite sometime. Griffin may not have the pressure in replacing a legend in Peyton Manning like fellow rookie Andrew Luck, but he is now the commander and chief for a franchise that is in dire need of winning.

    The Washington Redskins made a few playoff appearances in the mid-to late 2000’s with former head coach Joe Gibbs, but it was nothing to brag about. Joe Gibbs left the franchise and Shanahan was brought in to take the Redskins to the next step. After hiring former Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan the Redskins have been on a downward spiral. I am still scratching my head why the Redskins went after Shanahan. When Daniel Snyder is the owner of your ballclub there will be more than a few head-scratching decisions.

    To me Shanahan has been overrated outside of the John Elway and Terrell Davis era. For someone that has not been relevant since 1998 a lot is being placed on Shanahan to turn RGIII into a force to be reckoned with. I will say that Shanahan has a good track record with mobile quarterbacks.

    Steve Young, Jake Plummer, and John Elway have played well under Coach Shanahan. With all of the guys mentioned above they had the supporting cast for them to succeed.

    The new look Washington Redskins are not equipped with enough weapons to set off airport security so it will be hard to gauge the success of RGIII right off the bat. I feel bad for RGIII only because the Redskins spent a boat load of money on Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan to be his targets for years to come.

    Garcon and Morgan are solid receivers, but they may turn into what Alvin Harper was to the Buccaneers in the mid 1990’s rather than turning into formidable receivers. I feel that the front office is already off to a bad start for not placing enough playmakers around RGIII. An aging Santana Moss and Chris Cooley may be helpful, but who’s to say that they will remain on the roster by the opening game.

    One of few bright spots is Tight End Fred Davis, but he is not locked in for a multi-year deal meaning that he can leave after his one year contract is up.

    The combination of Daniel Snyder and Mike Shanahan is frightening when it comes to the future of RGIII. I hope that RGIII can ball out on the field to make up for the blemishes by his Pinky and the Brain like front office and coaching staff that he has.

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  • Will Rondo get suspended after bumping ref?

    Apr 30 • NBA • 206 Views

    During a tight game between the Hawks and Celtics, during a loose ball a foul was called on the C’s. Honestly it should have been a jump ball by the referee thought otherwise and Rajon Rondo thought it should have been a jump ball also. While voicing his displeasure he tripped and chest bumped the ref. Do you think it was on purpose? He was immediately ejected from a game that the C’s had a shot to win and now maybe facing a suspension by the league. How many games do you think he will get? Let us know.

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  • Rose’s injury opens up the Eastern Conference for two teams

    Apr 30 • NBA • 287 Views

    Yesterday reigning MVP Derrick Rose was doing work as usual at the tune of 23, 9 and 9. When with 1 minute and 1o seconds left he drove to the hole after performing a lateral hop step he fell to the ground holding his knee. Seeing this injury was sad because of the type of player and person Rose is. With that injury the Bulls who had a great chance at making in to the NBA Finals within a matter of moments saw their chances blow away like a paper the Chicago wind.

    As unfortunate as the Rose injury was for the Bulls it was a shot in the arm for two teams. The two teams which it gives more NBA Finals hope to are the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The Heat already had very strong hopes but with Rose out of the way it makes their path a little bit easier. In for the Celtics with Rose gone they have more of a chance to make it past the 2nd round, which if both teams win they will meet.

    Some people are questioning Coach Thibs for having Rose in the game but it wasn’t his fault it happened it was really a freak accident, we would like to wish Rose good luck on his recovery the playoffs and your Bulls team will miss you.

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  • Nike dropping the Penny V’s

    Apr 27 • Goods • 5943 Views

    With the recent success of the re-release of the foamposites and other signature Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway shoes Nike has decided to drop the Nike Air Penny V. The colorways we have pictures for are the Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins and Phoenix Suns. I’m still torn on if I like the shoe at all, I do know I’m not feeling the Phoenix style ones at all. Saying I don’t know if I like hurts because there has never been a style of Penny’s that I’ve disliked. Check the pictures below and let us know if you are feeling the new Penny’s!!

    There is no set date for the release of the Air Penny V’s all we know is it will be in the fall of 2012.

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  • Did Metta World Peace Deserve a Seven Game Suspension?

    Apr 26 • NBA • 210 Views

    It was judgment day for Metta World Peace a.k.a. Ron Artest after hitting James Harden with the “Peoples Elbow” during a battle for Western Conference Supremacy against the OKC Thunder. MWP was suspended for 7 games which means that he will probably miss the first round of the playoffs.

    Personally I think the suspension was a bit much, but with his history we all knew a hefty suspension would be coming. Oklahoma City Thunder’s James Harden received a concussion from the blow that made the incident a major headliner with the combination of who committed the act.

    In the past few seasons MWP has been a model citizen. Being awarded J. Walter Kennedy NBA Citizenship award last season was a great accomplishment for World Peace given his history. There were many people complaining that MWP should be suspended for the playoffs and etc. The elbow to Hardens head was blatant to the viewer, but World Peace claims that it was not intentional.

    We all know dude is deranged so I don’t know whether to believe him or not. It does suck to see a double standard when it comes to MWP. For example Kevin Love stepped on Luis Scola’s face, but only faced a two game suspension. Commissioner Stern had no choice to give MWP a heavy punishment due to his bad history. Seven games is a very long suspension especially at this point of the season.

    I do agree that MWP should have been suspended for the elbow, but seven games may be a bit much. A four to five game suspension may have been ideal, but we are talking about the artist formerly known as Ron Artest who has a rap sheet of being a “bad boy” in the NBA.

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  • General Manager for the NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns

    Apr 25 • NFL • 424 Views

    Last year I played the GM for the SF 49ers, I didn’t do a bad job in my opinion so I’m back to do the same with the Browns. In their 2011 campaign the Browns finished with a record of 4-12, it would be easy to say the Browns suck but to be quite honest they are not as bad is their record would state, there were many games they had a shot to win. With that said this is why I wanted to be their GM for the draft. This Browns team are a good draft away from making some noise in the AFC North.

    Currently the Browns have 13 picks in this years draft. Let’s check the Browns draft position in each round: 1st(4)(22), 2nd(37), 3rd(67), 4th(100)(118), 5th(139,160), 6th(204)(205) and 7th(211)(245)(247).

    The Browns have a lot of holes, mainly playmakers on offense need the biggest plug, let’s go through there main needs:

    1.) Running Back– With former Madden 12 cover boy Peyton Hillis in Kansas City, not much more I need to say. I know Hardesty has potential but he isn’t good enough to not make a draft or two at the position.

    2.) Wide Receiver– Last year they drafted Greg Little which was a move in the right direction but you need more than him on the outside. At least two picks should be used for this position.

    3.) Offensive Line– With Tackle Joe Thomas and C Alex Mack being the only lineman that are above par, all other lineman positions should be addressed hopefully the other tackle within the 1st 2 rounds.

    4.)Quarterback– A lot of people don’t like Colt but I think you can’t judge him with the team of playmakers he had around him. Browns higher-ups don’t touch Tannehill in the 1st round, wait until the 4th or 5th round to make that move because you have other needs greater than the QB position.

    5.) Safety– T.J. Ward was hurt a lot last year, he is a solid player but they need somebody to build with him on the other side of the field. Safety isn’t loaded this year but they might can find somebody who can make a difference.

    Let’s go over how I would attack the Browns needs if I was in the war room:

    Round 1:(2 picks) I have been flip-flopping on the 1st pick but I would go for a running back if Trent Richardson is available, if not I take the best WR available if Blackmon is still available. At worst the USC Tackle falls to them at this pick. The 2nd pick I would grab the best tackle available if any I have graded high enough were still able at worst I’d take the best WR available. So after my ramble I’d go RB then OT in a perfect world.

    Round 2: I’m picking the best WR available.

    Round 3: The best offensive lineman available. If no lineman fits your needs go with the best safety.

    Round 4: (2 picks) A QB to add depth and potential at the position. 2nd pick I would go with another WR. The more playmakers the better.

    Round 5: (2 picks) The best offensive lineman available(if a guard is picked earlier then we will roll with a tackle for this pick). The 2nd pick I’d roll with a safety.

    Round 6: (2 picks) I’d roll with a OLB and CB to add depth to an already solid defense.

    Round 7: (3 picks) I’d take a guard , tackle and another Safety. The lineman will help with depth and the safety at worse may improve special teams.

    The Browns play in the AFC North arguably the toughest division in the AFC Conference, so nothing is a guarantee but a good draft here will allow them to make some noise. Playmakers on offense are a must because their defense is already good enough to win games. Browns fans keep your fingers crossed April 26th might be the start of a positive future.

    Let us know where you think the Browns need help.

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