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Kobe Bryant and Jalen Rose have a new commercial highlighting 81 point night

A few months ago Kobe Bryant joined ESPN’s NBA countdown with Jalen Rose and twitter became a blaze because of the history between Bryant and Rose. We all know Rose was apart of the Toronto Raptors when Kobe torched them for 81 points and this new commercial is poking at that.

Check out the commercial embedded in Darren Rovell’s tweet.

Watch: Stephen A. Smith Warns Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith have been taking shots at each other as of late. I don’t really watch First Take, but it was hard to ignore yesterday’s rant from Stephen A. Smith. Smith’s credibility was questioned by Kevin Durant, and Smith didn’t appreciate it at all. Check out the video below and see Stephen A. Smith send shots towards KD as if he is Suge Knight. 

Watch: Jalen and Jacoby’s First ESPN Radio Show

To some people this is new news, but for faithful Grantland fans like myself have been a fan of the Jalen and Jacoby podcast for a very long time. David Jacoby and Jalen Rose have been tearing up Youtube and the airways with their Grantland podcast over the past few years. Though, the podcast is missing the podfather in Bill Simmons, Jalen and Jacoby continued their success in his absence. Jalen and Jacoby established a huge fan base, and the fans have been clamoring for more. With that said, Monday through Friday at 7pm-9pm, Jalen and Jacoby get to GIVE THE PEOPLE…WHAT THEY WANT. Congrats to Jalen and Jacoby on the new endeavor. Check out the show below.

When keeping it real goes wrong: Britt McHenry Edition

Recently video has popped up with ESPN reporter Britt McHenry verbally laying into a parking/towing attendant over her car being towed. Social media blew up once the video went viral and after watching it I understand why.

McHenry whom is an attractive lady who works for ESPN and has higher education felt that was a reason to lay into the parking attendant because of her unfortunate situation. I mean who is happy when their car is towed? Nobody, but it isn’t the fact that she wasn’t happy that makes you think twice is it the way she lashed out a women/fellow human being just doing their job.

Who is McHenry to degrade a person just trying to earn an honest buck because she’s on TV and probably doing pretty well for herself? To call the person fat, toothless, disrespect their job without the person doing anything personally degrading to McHenry was wrong.

On the outside McHenry looks nice and sweet, but on the inside there is some deep rooted anger or privilege. Nobody is perfect don’t get me wrong, but this version of keeping it real defiantly went wrong and McHenry needs to take a step down from that high and mighty pedestal and look herself in the mirror. Because you don’t know what cards are in your deck, you may turn fat and ugly or be a parking attendant (no disrespect). Maybe she won’t, but still treat others with respect you never know their back story.


NFLPA wants eligibility granted for Adrian Peterson

An ESPN report says that the NFL Players’ association sent a letter to the commissioner’s office on Friday, asking for the league to reinstate Minnesota Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson, who completed his legal proceedings by agreeing to a plea deal on Nov. 4. The letter states that Peterson has fulfilled the terms he agreed to when being placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List.

While I fully expect Peterson to play again in the NFL, it will be interesting to see whether it will happen or not this season. It has been rumored that commissioner Roger Goodell will look to discipline Peterson further, in an attempt to keep the NFL’s public image as “squeaky-clean” as possible. While Peterson has fulfilled his obligations, the final say is in Goodell’s hands.

From a football standpoint, I believe the Vikings will choose to keep Peterson, and embrace him when he suits up in the purple and gold again. He’s obviously a once-in-a-generation talent, and simply cannot be replaced on the field. For the Vikings, who are currently 4-5, and are sitting in third place in the NFC North, Peterson would be a tremendous help. The team is currently starting rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater, and is still in contention for a playoff spot in the NFC. Peterson would help take pressure off of Bridgewater, and make teams have to account for the Vikings’ passing and running attacks.

A late season addition of Peterson could be the deciding factor as to whether or not the Vikings are able to make an end-of-the-season run, and secure a playoff spot. It will be interesting to see how this scenario plays out, but I think it’s safe to say that the situation will be heavily focused on by the public, which will make the NFL concentrate on making the right decision for the image of the league.



NBA Free Agency: The Sources Have Taken Over


This free agency period has been very entertaining to say the least. With Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James dominating the free agent headlines there has been a lot of speculation where they will end up.
All reports have mentioned “sources” that have shared information with some of sports most reputable reporters. The “sources” have been front and center, and have taken the spotlight during free agency.

Chris Broussard, Brian Windhorst, David Aldridge, Chris Sheridan and Adrian Wojnarowski have been keeping the basketball world afloat during this free agency period. A lot of people give Chris Broussard a hard time (including myself), but he works for ESPN for a reason.

Many people wonder if the “sources” are real, but I am sure that some of the reports aren’t coming from left field. I understand that guys like Broussard and Windhorst want to leak information by the minute, but if something goes wrong it looks bad. In the grand scheme of things it looks masterful making the right guess when trying to predict where the big stars will go during free agency, so I get trying to prove to the sports world that they have some Nastradamus in them.

I am sure that Broussard has more insight than most, but it looks bad when someone reaches. A tweet from Michael Wallace from ESPN Miami even raised concern about the sports reporter/free agent melee. During the last big free agent period in 2010 LeBron James stole the spotlight with the The Decision, this time around it goes to the “sources” of free agency.


I understand wanting to break the biggest sports story of the year, in reporting where LeBron James will land, but it looks like a crapshoot more than anything. I respect the aforementioned guys for what they do in their profession, and I am pretty sure that it is a whirlwind as of now when it comes to free agency.

We may not know where Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James will end up, but we can say that the “sources” have taken over free agency.

DeSean Jackson interview with Stephen A. Smith

I know I’m late, but the way ESPN broke this interview made everyone want to pull their hair out.

It sucks the way media and fans have jumped on DeSean after accusations he’s a gang member by the folks on NJ.com . The story was released and Jackson was also by the Eagles within days of the story. So now DeSean has to answer a lot questions because of the situation.

The Redskins signed the Pro Bowl receiver to a three year $24 million deal.

I’m getting long winded and I may save my rant for another article. Check out the interview on aired on ESPN a week ago.

Future Phenom: Meet Thon Maker

Thon Maker is one of top high school basketball players in the 2016 Class. Maker is a once in a lifetime talent. Standing at 7’1 Maker has the ability to dribble, shoot, and move like a guard. Maker has inside game as well and has the ability to use either hand, and has the footwork to operate in the paint. Scouts are comparing Maker to a hybrid of Kevin Durant/Kevin Garnett. If this seems too far fetched check out the video below.

S/O to my guy @CityLeagueHoops for the footage.