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Tom Brady to grace the cover of Madden 18

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The New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady will be gracing the cover of Madden 18 for the famed EA Sports series. Brady is fresh off winning his fifth Super Bowl. His teammate Rob Gronkowski graced the cover last season and didn’t escape the “Madden Curse” will Brady?

The release date for Madden 18 is August 25th, but there are other ways to get the game earlier this year the Forbes article that is embedded has more detail on that information.

3 Bold Predictions for the NFL 2016 season

With training camp set to begin within the next week or so, I figured what better time than now for me to make my 3 bold predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Now anyone and there dog can throw something out that they’ve heard around the league and brag they are correct come January, the real test of psychic abilities is to travel far beyond the perimeters of the metaphorical “box” and have those be correct. Here is my best attempt at just that.

Joe Flacco hits a stat line of 44Tds, 4000+ Yards and a trip to the playoffs

While some may say the postseason berth alone is a bold prediction, I laugh in the face of critics. Call it a homer pick, the truth is in the stats laid out in this paragraph and my previous article. I won’t go into the 2012 Super Bowl run, those reasons are known and I’ve written about this numerous times, no need to beat a dead horse. All I will say is, look at the previous seasons pace, which was headed towards a 4000+ yard season, all without Joe for the better part of 2015 and lacking any credible WRs. Add to the mix for the upcoming year, a vengeful Mike Wallace, a redemption seeking Breshad Perriman, two solid rookies in Chris Moore and Keenan Reynolds and the ever dangerous, Steve Smith Sr. All this making Mr. Joe Flacco locked and loaded for another spectacular run. Mark it!

Pittsburgh Steelers fail to crack the top 5 in offensive rankings

Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers

At the surface of this prediction, one would dare to say it isn’t bold to state a team misses out of a top 5 ranking. In this case it is. Heralded by many to have the most potent and deadly offense in the entire NFL, the Steelers are aiming for the top ranked team on one side of the ball. Leveon Bell will be back healthy for week 1, as will Big Ben. Antonio Brown will be poised for another gigantic season in yards and Tds, and the main cog in the OL, Maurkice Pouncey, should be ready to lead that line to greatness come September. Seems easy right? Wrong! The offseason saw the Pittsburgh organization lose two massive puzzle pieces to their previous success. Heath Miller went on to retirement while Martavius Bryant learned he will be sitting on the sidelines with a year long suspension. Although it does take more than two players to make a championship roster, it could take two players to break one. Big Ben found solace in Miller for the past several seasons, using him as his trusty safety blanket. Whenever he encountered trouble a check down to Heath would be the solution. This time around they look to former Charger, LaDarius Green. While never having an opportunity to shine in San Diego playing behind veteran, Antonio Gates, one is to wonder if the comfort level will even be somewhat existent between Ben and his new tight end. Also losing your second best WR who made some incredible catches to win games, for not one game, but the entire year is incredibly tough. The onus will be put on AB and Bell to carry the load, potentially causing the major health hazards in the RB to flare up, and causing an easy irritable AB to combust within himself. The end result? A rather mediocre showing, possibly 7th ranking. Oakland, Jacksonville, Green Bay, Arizona, Baltimore and the Vikings, are all on my list of teams to finish higher than the aforementioned Steelers.

The New England Patriots will NOT win division year thus causing them to miss the payoffs entirely

tombradySince 1999, the AFC playoffs have witnessed Tom Brady or Peyton Manning run rampant through teams cementing their legacies along the way. After Peyton announced his retirement following his magical SuperBowl win, the last hope left of this immaculate streak continuing would be #12 in New England. With the earth shaking suspension being upheld for the deflate-gate incident two playoffs ago, The Mighty Pats will be without their saviour for 4 rather decisive games to begin the 2016 campaign. Out of those four opponents they face only one beatable team in the Miami Dolphins, the other 3? Defensive juggernauts, Houston, Arizona and division rival Buffalo. All with legitimate shots of burying the Patriots chances of regaining their division dominance and their playoff predictability. They will in my mind, go 1-3/ 0-4 ultimately leaving them on the outside looking in come postseason time. The team to dethrone the Belichick led organization and take the AFC East? The New York Football Jets!

So in conclusion, call it crazy, clueless, confident or a bit of all of them, the fact of the matter is, these are my Bold Predictions made to envoke friendly debate and discussion among football fans. Have some bold predictions of your own? Leave them in the comments or hit me on Twitter!


Tom Brady joins the 400 passing touchdowns club

On Sunday afternoon the great Tom Brady joined the 400 touchdown club and it was on a 2 yard pass to Danny Amendola. With the rocky offseason behind Brady he’s been putting in work this year.

I could throw some slander shots in there, but that would be an act of a pure hater being that is a great feat.

Check out the play that got Brady on the 400 list.

NFL: 2015 Predictions AFC East

In this 8 part series I will be compiling my thoughts and predictions for each division in the NFL as they embark on their 2015 seasons. This article will focus solely on the AFC East, the home of the current SuperBowl Champs, the New England Patriots. Let’s begin.

tombradyWhen the confetti fell last February and the Pats were living on cloud 9, a horrible storm was brewing inside the metaphorical cumulus. “DeflateGate” as it is widely known, was the catalyst in a downward spiral of a summer. Knowing Tom Brady and potentially Bill Belichick could be in trouble, names started dropping from the roster, some on their own accord. Revis made his rapid return to The Jets, surprise breakout star Kyle Arrington was released along with veteran Brandon Spikes, to mention a few. Not much was brought in to replace these missing links to success for the team, that mixed with Tom Brady sitting the first four games is a disaster in the making for these defending champions. However, the last Patriots team to play more than back to back games without #12 was the 2008 squad that went 11-5 without their leader playing the entire season. A good omen perhaps?

ryan tannehillA few weeks back an article was published stating that brain trust from Harvard University have placed the Seahawks and The Miami Dolphins as this years final. Though I can see the accuracy of this prediction based solely on the defensive juggernauts they have in the backfield. The truth is that Ryan Tannehill just can’t win those crucial games. He’s the Matt Ryan of the AFC. Outstanding in regular season match ups, posting earth shattering numbers more than not. Therefore, the pressure on the Miami offense equipped with Tannehill’s arm, fail to gain any traction resulting in them being outside looking in come playoff time. The key factor in if the Dolphin’s sink or swim, will be the addition of heavily scrutinized, Ndamukong Suh. After setting sails to the sunny beaches of Florida, it’s truly time to see if Suh is the terror on the field he can be, without the cheap shots and dirty plays. Some believe this is the Dolphin’s best chance to win a few playoff games in a very long time.
NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York JetsBack in 2013, a gigantic news story broke out of The Jets locker room. The all star Darrelle Revis, was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and all fingers pointed to loud mouth Rex Ryan as the ultimate reason for his departure. Heated words were thrown from both camps and everyone believed the bridge back to MetLife was not only burnt but engulfed in flames. Albeit when word broke of Revis returning to his rookie team, shock was not a word that crossed many minds. With no more Rex at the helm, it was a clean slate for Darrelle. Two other superstar athletes that signed contracts with the Football Jets were Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall. If Geno Smith can prove doubters wrong and not lose his starting gig yet again, the targets he had to choose from are plenty. He will have a solid defense behind him so the proverbial ball is in Mr.Smiths court.
Four. The most hated number in Bills history. Four times has Buffalo made it to the big dance, only to be rejected like a high school senior. Forget the fact that team led by Jim Kelly did it in four consecutive years, some clubs haven’t even experienced a Super Bowl date. For the first time in  years, this lowly bitter cold franchise will attempt to bring home the first Lombardi trophy for the city, stomping out the history of losses in the finals. Ranked in the top 3 defenses in the league, Buffalo has the secondary to do some serious damage. Their second week will be the most important game of the season as they look to expose a Brady-less squad against New England. Although the questions still surround their offense, LeSean McCoy and Percy Harvin are enormous additions to a feeble offensive attack.
Final predictions are as follows:
Buffalo        12-4
Pats             11-5
Miami         9-7
Jets              9-7

NFL Report: Christmas in July

It’s so close I can smell it! The longest wait in all of professional sports, the NFL offseason, has almost reached its conclusion. With what started as an exciting, eventful spring, quickly turned to a lacklustre, dull summer. With the NFL taking a backseat to much more crowd pleasing stories and social media trends these past few months, I feel a brief recap is in order, followed by an 8 part series in the coming weeks before opening kickoff consisting of what I predict will happen this upcoming season. Enjoy.

After a controversy ridden playoffs, culminating with a questionable play call which resulted in the villainous New England Patriots winning their 4th Vince Lombardi trophy, the 30 remaining teams outside the Super Bowl 49 festivities exited the metaphorical gate with ferociousness. The Seahawks weren’t far behind, trading for red zone threat, Jimmy Graham and resigning corner stone, Marshawn Lynch, further deepening their Offensive core complimenting an already lethal defense. One team that also made some waves but did it on and around Draft Day was in my opinion, the Cleveland Browns. Snagging Dwayne Bowe, Brian Hartline, Randy Starks, Donte Whitner and even making the bold move of switching Terrelle Pryor to WR, should all result in a Browns playoff push, dependant on the QB carousel. Mix that with the kind of draft they had and you have a recipe for major success.
On the subject of the Draft, it should be noted that most teams had very competitive results. Each team had their strengths and weaknesses coming into the offseason and on paper it seems the management and coaching from almost every team did exactly what needed to be done. From Baltimore’s fulfillment of their ever absence WR core, to the Jets’ absolute cleanup of defensive studs, to Oakland whom landed a future pro bowler in Amari Cooper and added three workhorse linebackers. Though much can be made of draft rankings and projections of rookies, one can not properly gauge how well a team will do based on the players they selected in the draft.
One situation that can not be overlooked in this article is the rapidly increasing player suspensions that all take effect on the first week of the regular season. High profile names such as LeVeon Bell and Antonio Gates will be sitting the first few games out due to substance abuse violations, the most shocking name on the list of offenders though, the “DeflateGate” ringleader, Tom Brady. The Pats gunslinger will have to sit the first four games of the regular season, a daunting scenario Belichick and Co, would rather not endure to start the year, especially after the loss of a corner stone on defense, Darrelle Revis.
In other news, Ray Rice is still in search of a team to call home. While many teams would be the perfect suitor for the RB, none have pulled the trigger on a deal with him yet. In Denver, Peyton Manning made the decision to return for one final year, a sure fire way to boost his teammates coming into the 2015 season. Could the Broncos have a storybook ending to Peyton’s career? A la Ray Lewis? Numerous trades were made which will ultimately change the landscape of many divisions. Ndamukong Suh landed in Miami while Haloti Ngata filled the gap left by Suhs’ absence in Detroit. Drama ridden Brandon Marshall took his services to The New York Jets, a move that no one really saw coming. Leaving the Windy City is one thing, to go to the mediocre Jets is another.
All in all, it’s shaping up to be an ultra intense 2015 season. With so many alterations to franchises the stage is set for an unpredictable five months of football. This was just a minuscule preview, stay tuned for an in depth look into the 8 divisions and the predictions I have for each squadron.

Do You Agree with Tom Brady’s Suspension?

Since the Wells report surfaced Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been under intense scrutiny after the findings in the Deflategate scandal. Yesterday, it was announced that Brady was suspended for the first four games of the upcoming NFL season after the role he played in the Deflategate scandal. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell surprised some by intervening as soon as he did, and some may feel like he was too harsh for Brady. Brady’s suspension is equivalent to someone getting caught with PED’s. In a sense Brady’s act of cheating can be similar to PED usage, since it gave him a competitive advantage on the football field. It’s been stated that Brady and his camp will appeal the suspension, but I feel that the chances of him getting his suspension reduced is slim to none. To some the suspension was leniant in comparing it to the history of other scandals in the NFL and giving the fact that the Patriots have been involved with scandals before– especially Tom Brady. 

If this was a first time offense for Brady it may be plausible, but in this case this is Brady’s second time in the principals office. I think the biggest lash for Brady was the lack of accountability in this scandal. If Brady would have been up front about what happened he may have received a slap on the wrist, but instead he hid behind his support group and the organization. With anyone in the position of power they always want their workers to be accountable, and in this case– Brady wasn’t up front with commissioner Goodell.

Brady will miss four games against the Steelers, Bills, Jaguars, and Cowboys. He will make his season debut against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in week 5, from that point forward the Pats have a decent schedule, but it will be an uphill battle for them to make the playoffs. There is still a lot of time to determine what happens in the Deflategate scandal. Did Roger Goodell get it right, or is Brady’s suspension too harsh?

Is Tom Brady’s Legacy Tarnished? 

Tom Brady won his fourth Super Bowl this past NFL season. With Brady winning title number four it placed him in conversation as one of the best quarterbacks if not the best to ever play the game of football. Brady, who was a sixth-round draft pick in the 2000 NFL Draft wasn’t regarded as a top-tier prospect as six quarterbacks were selected in front of him. Fast forwarding to the year 2015, Brady has every accolade imaginable on the NFL level and is on the back end of such an illustrious career. In regards to Brady’s career, there comes question if his legacy should be tarnished with the recent findings in Deflate gate and Spygate in the early 2000’s. Brady, who denied any wrong doing in both occurrences is now under a lot of scrutiny due to him likely knowing about Deflategate. 

It’s sort of ironic that Brady has won championships while being tied to some type of scandal. In the dynasty days in the 2000’s the Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 the organization was fined $250,000, and they lost a first-round draft pick. It will be interesting how they will get reprimanded this time around, given the fact that commissioner Goodell served them the punishments for Spygate. Commissioner Goodell is in a tough position as he looks at the major players in the case of Deflategate. With Tom Brady being one of the main culprits it should almost be a given that he should face some type of penalty. 

I know the air pressure of a football doesn’t seem like much, but as former NFL Quarterback Mark Brunnell mentioned, it gives the quarterback a huge advantage (see the video below).

Gaining a competitive advantage in sports is a common thing. Baseball players have been busted for PED’s as well as players from other sports. Tom Brady made a mistake about not coming clean from the initial investigation now he’s in deep water with the Wells report confirming his role in Deflategate. With Roger Goodell, honesty and accountability is important. For example, Michael Vick wasn’t up front about his role in his controversial scandal and it ended up backfiring on him. 

As a fan of the NFL it’s tough for me to celebrate Brady’s accolades without acknowledge him being tied into one too many controversies. Iconic superstars such as Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens have tarnished their legacies due to them gaining a competitive advantage in their respective sports, but can the same be said for Tom Brady? Air pressure and the video taping of videos may seem harmless compared to steroids, but when you are the only person under the microscope for committing the act it shines a dark cloud over the great things Brady has done. 
Four Super Bowls, three Super Bowl MVP, two MVP’s and and ten Pro Bowl selections are about as it good as it gets when it comes to accomplishments, but some accomplishments may come with an asterisk next to them. Is Tom Brady’s legacy tarnished by the recent events or is it just another obstacle in Brady’s career that he has to overcome?

Modern Day GOAT Final Rankings!

The confetti has flown, the trophy hoisted high and in my opinion the modern day GOAT has officially been crowned.

Tom Brady cemented his legacy with a 4th Super Bowl ring, a feat very rarely reached by any other quarterback let alone any NFL athlete. All of this with no Steel Curtain as his defense, no hall of fame WR( IE; Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann etc) and no star RB, (IE; Marshall Faulk, Emmit Smith etc.) Although he did have arguably the smartest coach choosing the calls, one cannot deny the greatness Brady exudes.

Rankings are based on Regular season play, postseason wins/stats and most importantly the ability to win CLUTCH games. My final standings for the modern day GOAT, the QBs in order that I would choose as my starter come September 2015 are as follows;

5) Joe Flacco

A former first round pick, Joe has solidified himself as the #1 guy in Baltimore for years to come. A proven playoff performer, his name is in good company alongside the likes of Joe Montana for most Tds in the postseason with no interceptions. “Clutch” should be his middle name as the 7th year quarterback has won numerous games in January, most being road victories. Inconsistent regular seasons though keep him ranked at 5 for me. If he produces in the following years and brings another Lombardi back to Baltimore than he jumps up the rankings, until than he is a perfect fit where he is.

Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts4) Andrew Luck

Though he has made early exits from the postseason in his rather young career, he still is a solid #4 on my list.

Similar to Tom Brady’s tenure, Luck has had little to no help in the run game and WR core. An over the hill Reggie Wayne is not someone who can help propel a quarterback to star status, 5-6 years ago it’d make an enormous impact on Luck’s stats and legacy. Regardless of the names or lack thereof to throw to, Andrew has quietly reserved a spot high on many quarterback ranking lists across the country. Give that man more that TY Hilton to target, a half decent Running Back and he definitely moves up the list.

rodgers3) Aaron Rodgers

Playing on an injured calf basically the entire season and playoffs, Rodgers posted ridiculous numbers and brought his team to the conference finals. After questionable calls towards the end of the game, the injury seemed to have caught up to him, bringing him down to 3rd place on my list. Having two outrageous WR’s plus a hard nosed RB in Lacy, Rodgers and crew should have easily won the conference and subsequently the league. What stands out most to me is the calm and collected aura #12 for the Packers displays game in, game out. A changing of targets in this upcoming offseason leaves many to wonder if Aaron Rodgers will continue his torrid abuse of DBs or slide into a Peyton Manning-esque downfall.

2) Russell Wilson

This 26 year old star athlete from Virginia made everyone including myself, place him in the top 3 overall this season. He holds down the second spot due to his uncanny ability to straight up win games. The comeback against the Packers in the aforementioned conference showdown was a prime example of what this superstar can do. Not only did he become the youngest QB to start back to back SuperBowls, he also has a staggering 10-1 record vs elite play callers with a ring, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning among his casualties for those who don’t know. With “pedestrian” WR’s, Wilson and Lynch split most of the offensive playbook throughout the year causing chaos for opposing defenses. Accomplishing so much in such little time creates immense positivity in the Seahawks organization and fanbase alike. Wilson will continue to excel and will no doubt be top of the food chain for the rest of his career.

1) Tom Brady

Last but not least is the man I would choose to lead my team come fall of 2015, Mr. Tom Brady.  Like most QBs of my generation, Tom has played most of his career with different WRs every season. The day of having a super duo such as Montana/Rice Peyton/Harrison+Wayne and even Brees/Graham are few and far between. Brady has an astonishing 392 touchdown passes in the regular season, placing 5th all time. The number of receivers who have caught a touchdown pass is over 50, a stat no other quarterback can claim. With little to no help anywhere else on the team minus the creative genius that is Bill Belichick, Brady has most certainly solidified his spot atop my rankings board. I’m a firm believer that if you place any of the elite WR’s (Dez Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall) on this Patriots squad, Tom wins back to back rings and surpasses Joe Montana with ease. You can’t compare eras, but you also can’t deny greatness, something Tom Brady is full of.

So there you have it, after much deliberation and careful thoughts my list is complete. Many will argue my opinions and it is greatly appreciated, that’s why I write these articles. To discuss the great game that is football.

Until next year, or next article I bid farewell!

5 plays that decided Super Bowl XLIX

Well football is over and the last game will go down as a classic. The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champions as they knocked off the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Arizona. I think the Patriots should send Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell flowers and candy for the late Christmas present at the end of the game.

I’m going to highlight 5 plays that decided the Super Bowl XLIX.

5. Jeremy Lane’s first quarter interception of Tom Brady- The play kept the score 0-0, but during the return Lane injured his arm and wasn’t able to return. Causing Tharold Simon to get all of the nickle corner snaps and was picked on like the dirty kid in elementary.

4. Patriots defense holds the Seahawks to a field goal early in the 3rd quarter- The stand the Patriots made kept the game within striking distance as the Seahawks only went up 17-14 when they had a shot to go up 21-14. This was huge as they ended up winning by 4 points.

3. Jermaine Kearse makes Antonio Freeman-like catch- Russell Wilson hooked up with Jermaine Kearse for a 33 yard pass that was more luck than skill, but it put the Seahawks inside the 10 yard line with 1:06 to go in the game.

2. Malcolm Butler fourth quarter inception of Russell Wilson- Great play by Butler as he cut off Ricardo Lockette on a slant, but Carroll and Bevell know they should’ve ran Beast Mode from the 1 yard line. You run Beast Mode four times in a row in that situation. DUMBEST PLAY CALL IN FOOTBALL HISTORY!!

1. Michael Bennett jumping offsides with 20 seconds left and New England on their own 1- Honestly the game was probably over, but the Patriots might’ve had to take the safety. With that being said the Seahawks had a slight chance to get the ball back and they blew that by jumping offsides.

I know Seahawk fans will be sick all off-season and rightfully so. What were Carroll and Bevell thinking? Why didn’t Wilson call an audible? lol Will Tom Brady send a thank you card to Wilson? Hmm, I don’t know, but I would if I was Tom.