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Falcons pay Devonta Freeman, will this have an effect on Le’Veon Bell?

Today the Atlanta Falcons extended Devonta Freeman to the tune of five years, $41.25 million with a $15 signing bonus and $22 million guaranteed. With the extension numbers Freeman will be the highest paid running back at $8.25, he also has $1.8 million due from his rookie deal.

Freeman is a two-time Pro Bowl running back who posted back to back 1,000 yard seasons on the ground. Last year he ran for 1,079 yards, 462 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns (11 rushing).

I know people are asking what does Freeman have to do with Le’Veon Bell? With the Pittsburgh Steelers fighting with Bell to set up a new contract, they will likely use Freeman’s deal as a base. Right now they have a franchise tag on him for $12.12 million, but Bell rightfully wants a long term deal and he wants to get paid. Now the question is how much more will Bell get than Freeman? I don’t have the answer to that, but know he wants to get paid like a receiver or close to it because his dual threat ability. Will it be $9, $10, $11 million or more a year?

I vlogged about the Bell situation less than two weeks ago, so when I saw Freeman get the deal I revisited the situation. Freeman is a real good running back, but we all know right now Bell is the best back in the NFL. I know we can argue four or five others, but minus trouble or injuries he is the man and the Steelers are going to have to cut the check or lose him sooner than later.

The Atlanta Falcons “did the Julio”

For those that don’t listen to rap music you might not be getting the reference.  Young Scooter’s Streets Lottery featured a song called “Julio” featuring Future highlighting the Falcons success and giving props to the receivers mainly Julio Jones. If you haven’t heard the song click the embedded link.

“You out of bounds, I’m touching down like Julio.”

After a quick history lesson, the Falcons extended Jones to a five year $71.25 million deal with $47 million guaranteed. We knew the deal would get done soon because of the recent deals by Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas setting the bar for elite receivers. Jones is a monster on the field when he’s healthy he’s arguably top 5 just depending on the criteria. A happy Julio will mean happy Falcons fans.

“I made a million dollars due to Arthur Blank” -Future. Julio’s new deal he can insert millions into the Future line.

3 NFL teams that need to go all in to draft Melvin Gordon

Wisconsin Badgers running back Melvin Gordon is entering the 2015 draft and with the state of how the NFL is devaluing running backs he is bound to be a mid to late 1st round pick when in the past he would be a for sure top 5 pick. If you got the pleasure of watching Gordon this year you saw he did a lot good with a team that couldn’t throw the ball much in a flag football setting let alone in a real game. That fact alone makes it amazing how good he was able to be with everyone keying on him every play.

Gordon was a Heisman finalist this season and ran for over 2,000 yards…2,587 to be exact with 32 touchdowns total. This kid is a threat to go to house whenever he touches the ball and there are a few teams that need to trade assets to draft this kid.

I narrowed it down to 3 teams, but I could make the list a lot higher.

Indianapolis Colts- I mean this team traded for Trent Richardson in 2013 and they feel like they were set up. Boom Herron is their best back so you know Andrew Luck would love a big play back to help. I can’t remember the last time they had a thousand yard back, maybe it was Joseph Addai?

Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons haven’t been right since Michael
The Burner” Turner hit the running back wall. Stephen Jackson is getting up there in age and has been hit with the injury bug as of late. With those receivers it would be tough to load the box up on Gordon.

Minnesota Vikings- Now don’t fight me for this, but with how much Adrian Peterson is owed and his current legal situation it makes the Vikings a legit place for him to land. Teddy Bridgewater and Melvin Gordon would make a nice one-two punch for years to come.

Whomever picks Gordon will have a steal, but these three teams would be smart to invest whatever assets they have to pick him. I honestly think he could push some teams over the hump. If I’m wrong y’all can holla at me in a few years, I’m not too big to admit it.


Devin Hester passes Deion Sanders in the house Deion built

As a youngster I vividly remember Neon Deion “Primetime” Sanders doing his thing in the Georgia Dome. Deion made it cool to dance on the way to the end zone. Man childhood memories.

Thursday night Devin Hester broke Deion’s record in Deion’s house. He even did the Deion dance on the way to the end zone while you guessed it Deion was in attendance. Deion had 19 return touchdowns now Devin has 20.

Check out the video. I was going to post this Thursday, but I’ve been a busy cat this weekend.

Navarro Bowman pick six shuts down Candlestick Park the right way

What a way to close down Candlestick Park. The last regular season game to be played there was on Monday Night football. The 49ers still have some hope to play a playoff game there also, but they need some help. One thing the 34-24 victory over the Falcons did is clinch a playoff berth.

Candlestick went out in style as they brought back all the greats from the football and baseball side who played there. Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Willie Mays were in attendance just to name a few.

With the 49ers up 27-24 the Falcons executed a great onside kick that Bowman let get under him and was recovered by Snelling. With the momentum in the Falcons favor all signed pointed to at least the Falcons tying the game. What happened next will always be talked about amongst 49ers fans, I know it was a regular season game, but I don’t care, Brock jumped the route, knocked the ball up and Bowman grabbed it with one hand and ran 89 yards for the game clinching pick six. I was hype, but I had to control my excitement because I was the only one up.

Hell of a way to shut down Candlestick Park, this play just adds to the dope memories.

Check out the link below.

NFL Week 3: Games of the Week

The Eagles and Chiefs are kicking off our football week. Like last week there will be many marquee match ups. Last week I was 2-1 on my selections (4-2 on the year). I am going for the undefeated mark this week, but we shall see. Check out our selections, and feel free to drop us a line. 

Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins

Joe Philbin has the Dolphins playing excellent ball so far this season. The Falcons are coming off of a win, but lost Kroy Biermann and Stephen Jackson to injury.  I think that the Dolphins pass rush will bother Matt Ryan without him having a consistent running game. I’m going to roll will Tannehill and the gang in a close one.

Final Score:   27 Dolphins 24 Falcons

Ryan Tannehill, Brian Hartline, Jonathan Martin

Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles (Thursday Night Football)

This will be an emotional matchup with Andy Reid making his first appearance in the city of Brotherly Love since being fired last season. Former Eagle Donovan McNabb will also be getting inducted into the ring of honor. All in all I think it’ll be a great game. I think that the Chiefs defense is stout, but the Eagles offense may be a little too potent. I see Shady McCoy having a huge game as well. Eagles cruise to victory.

Final Score:  31 Eagles 17 Chiefs

Michael Vick, Andy Reid

Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Both teams are coming off of victories, and will look to continue the trend. The Bengals defense looks stout as usual, but Andy Dalton’s errant throws may cost him this week against the Pack.  The Packers Offensive line will have their hands full, but when No. 12 is back there at QB it is hard to bet against him. Pack win in a competitive contest.

Final Score: 28 Packers 21 Bengals


2013 NFL Playoffs: NFC and AFC Championship Game Picks

There are four teams remaining after a long grueling NFL season. At this point of the season coaches are exhausted, and players are nursing injuries. All of that goes out of the window when trying to achieve the ultimate goal to reach and win the Super Bowl.  Here are our selections for the teams who will make it to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Feel free to comment on our selections!

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons, 3:00pm, ET

colinKBoth teams played extremely well last week in their respective divisional match ups. Colin Kaepernick’s video game like numbers, and Matty Ice’s first playoff victory dominated the headlines last weekend. Atlanta Falcons have the home field advantage, but they may be at a disadvantage against the 49ers.  The Georgia Dome is a fast track and players such as Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, and Randy Moss could take advantage of playing in the dome. The Falcons struggled mightily against dual threat quarterbacks this season, and  Kaepernick possess the ability to do damage on the ground and in the air. On the Falcons end they have a potent offense, and will look to attack with Tony Gonzales, Roddy White, and Julio Jones in the passing game. It will be a lot harder for the Falcons to go up and down the field against the 49ers due to them having a stout defense. It will be a great game at the start, but I think that the 49ers defense will make the “Dirty Birds” one-dimensional forcing Matt Ryan to beat them through the air. I know it is a homer pick, but my Niners will be heading to New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots, 6:30pm, ET

Tom+Brady+Joe+Flacco+AFC+Championship+BaltimoreBoth teams won their game in different fashions. Tom Brady & the Pats dominated the Houston Texans, and The Baltimore Ravens won a double overtime thriller against the Denver Broncos. Tom Brady looked sharp as usual, and the Patriot running game has the ability to take over games as well. The Ravens are fueling off of the inspiration of Ray Lewis, who is set to retire at the end of the season. The Ravens are fighting to win the big one so they can send Ray off into the sunset. With Jim Caldwell calling plays the Ravens have been more balanced than usual. Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin are getting the touches that they should have been getting years ago.  It is hard to bet against Brady, but something in me feels like the Ravens will not let No. 52 down. Ravens win in a tight game in Foxboro.

2013 NFL Playoffs: AFC and NFC Divisional Picks

Another football weekend is upon us, and there are eight teams awaiting their destiny to see if they can make it to the next round of the playoffs. Last week there were some surprises, and the same is expected in this week’s match ups  Please feel free to express your opinion about our choices for games of the week.

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots, 4:30pm ET SUN

In the first match up between these teams the Patriots made the Texans look like a junior varsity squad. I think the Pats will show some rust due to having time off, but will have enough fire power to beat the Texans. The Texans looked so-so against the Bengals, and if it weren’t fo a few errant passes from Andy Dalton we wouldn’t even be talking about the Texans. At the end there will be too much Brady and the Pats will cruse to a victory.

 Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers , 8:00pm ET SAT

In a week one match up my Niners cruised to a victory against the Pack, but both teams look a lot different since that match up. Colin Kaepernick is the starting quarterback for the Niners after Alex Smith lost his job in the middle of the season. Kaepernick provides the big play ability that was lacking while Smith was in the quarterback position. On the Packers side they have an improved running game and defense, and they still have Aaron Rodgers with an arsenal of weapons. Wide receivers James Jones and Randall Cobb are new weapons that are being used more than they were used in the earlier part of the season. As a Niner fan I am worried about facing the Pack, but the end of the day I think the 49ers will make the Packers a one-dimensional team forcing Aaron Rodgers to do it all by himself against a top flight defense.

Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos,  4:30pm ET SAT

This will be the last game where wRay Lewise will see Ray Lewis go against Peyton Manning in any type of game. This will be a chess match up between two masterminds. Peyton has been in MVP form, and will look to continue his strong play in the playoffs. The Ravens balled out against the Colts, but it wasn’t in convincing fashion. Andrew Luck made a lot of mistakes that Peyton will capitalize on. It is hard to win in the Mile High city due to the altitude as well as the atmosphere. I think Joe Flacco will play like the Flacco we all know, and I expect Peyton & Co. to take care of the Ravens.

Seattle Seahawks @Atlanta Falcons @ 1:00 PM, ET SUN

Trusting the Atlanta Falcons is like trusting a man without a mustache being sponsored by Buick. The Atlanta Falcons may be the home team, but I don’t see them doing well. I don’t know if I am drinking the haterade, but with the way that the Seahawks are playing it will be interesting to see how things will fare in Atlanta. Marshawn Lynch and the running game will be a little too much for the Atlanta Falcons D. By using the running game as a weapon it will keep the Falcons high-powered offense on the sideline. Seahawks by seven.